15 Pictures Of Hannah Stocking That Will Make Klay Thompson Regret Cheating On Her

When the Golden State Warriors used the 11th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft to select Klay Thompson out of Washington State University, many people thought they were making a mistake. Thompson had become a reliable scorer in college and averaged more than 20 points a game during his junior season before he declared for the NBA draft. Nevertheless, during draft night, Warriors fans must have gotten a bitter taste in their mouths because, just one pick before they selected Thompson, the Milwaukee Bucks picked Jimmer Fredette. Now, don’t start cursing yet. While we know today who the better player out of that draft was, at the time, every single fan in the NBA wanted the kid out of BYU to play for their team.

For some fans, there were still more enticing prospects on the board when the Warriors picked Thompson. For example, the Morris brothers from the University of Kansas were still available. And while Thompson became a great NBA player, he is nowhere near as good as the guy selected with the 15th pick of that draft, a gentleman by the name of Kawhi Leonard.

But we’re not here to talk about what could or could not have happened during the 2011 Draft. We are here to talk about one of the biggest mistakes Klay Thompson ever made. That mistake was cheating on Hannah Stocking. Out of the many women we are sure an All-Star NBA player could have picked to start dating, it seems like Thompson lucked out and managed to allure one of the most beautiful Internet celebrities of our time. And if you don’t believe it, we have separated a list of 15 pictures that might just change your mind.

15 A Little Background

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Hannah Stocking is one of the most interesting Internet celebrities who has hit the mainstream over these past few years. She became quite known by the time she started dating Klay Thompson, but their relationship is far from the reason why she became famous. First and foremost, she is just stunning.

Hannah is one of those women who could literally stop traffic if she was waiting to cross a crosswalk. Since she was born and has lived most of her life in L.A., we are sure that it was more than a few times that people have stopped at the crosswalk in heavy L.A. traffic just to let this beauty cross the street. And if you have been to Los Angeles, you know very well that this is not something you see very often.

14 Heritage

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Another interesting fact about Hannah Stocking is her heritage. This was actually a question some of her fans posed to Hannah on Twitter a few years back. Everyone wanted to know what her heritage is. The one particular customer who finally got an answer had guessed Italian. However, it turns out that Hannah Stocking is nothing less than a melting pot of nationalities boiled down to one person. According to her answer to that fan, she is of Greek, Armenian, Hungarian, and Ukrainian descent. How crazy is that?

Usually when you ask people what their heritage is, they often just say something like Italian or Polish. But no, Ms. Stocking had a bunch of answers just waiting for someone to pop the question. Too bad all of these heritages did not seem enough for Klay Thompson.

13 Family

come here often

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We have already told you that Stocking was born in Los Angeles, California. But we had yet to tell you a little bit more about her family. She is the daughter of Holly and John Stocking, but unfortunately, we have no idea which one of her parents brings the most varied package of heritages to the melting pot that is their daughter. She also has a sister named Ruby. While she does talk a lot about her everyday life on social media and how she deals with being a celebrity all the time, we don’t know much about her family other than their names. We know that for a while Hannah and the family moved to Ashland, Oregon, because that is where she played a high school volleyball before becoming a collegiate level player.

12 The Warriors/Cavs Battle

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The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have gone back and forth in championship battles over these past few years, and believe it or not, basketball was not the only subject involved. So, by now we all know that Klay Thompson dated Hannah Stocking for a while. But did you know that before Klay and Hannah became a thing, she was supposedly going out with Mr. Kyrie Irving?

Talk about being a stone in someone’s shoe. Not only was Irving the number one pick of the draft in the same year Thompson was drafted, but he also dated the most beautiful girl Thompson ever went out with before the Warriors’ shooting guard did. Since the story of Hannah and Kyrie appeared right before the NBA Finals, she tried to deny it, but not many people bought it.

11 Instagram

it's all about the face you look 4 in a crowded room

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Hannah Stocking is a social media juggernaut. But among all of the accounts that she has, it is hard to compete with her Instagram greatness. Seriously, there is no other way of describing it other than greatness. This woman managed to amass the ridiculous figure of more than 9.5 million followers on Instagram. We are talking about her dating Klay Thompson, but when it comes to the social media game, Klay doesn’t even come close to kissing her feet. Don't believe it? Just go and check out their Instagram pages. The man doesn’t have half of the followers that she has. As of mid-November, Klay Thompson had a little over 4.2 million followers on Instagram. Now you do the math and see how close that is compared to Hannah’s 9.5 million.

10 Modeling

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Don’t get us wrong, Hannah is one of the funniest women on social media today. The vast majority of her videos gets the numbers they get because they are funny and entertaining. After all, there is no lack of beautiful women on social media. Nevertheless, her rise to stardom was undoubtedly catapulted by the fact that she is stunning. A testament to that is Hannah was actually a model before she took the leap into the social media business.

Most YouTubers and social media stars talk about how hard it was for them to get their first big video to go viral and things like that. Hannah did not have that problem. Her very first Vine was already enough to turn her into a social media star. It is not fair, but this is the way the news goes.

9 Music Star

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We have no idea how good Hannah actually is at playing musical instruments, but we can easily say that she hit a home run when she participated in the 2016 Blink-182 music video, “She Is Out Of Her Mind.”

Hannah participated in the music video alongside two other incredibly popular Instagram stars in Vale Genta and Lele Pons. If you haven’t watched the music video, it is quite entertaining as there are parts where the three ladies are supposedly running around naked after the Blink-182 guys. During an interview with Fox, Hannah and Vale explained that they were not actually running around naked in the streets of LA, but that it was the magic of blurring things and Hollywood doing their job. Nevertheless, they did say they got a lot of honks from passing cars while filming the video.

8 The Statement

started out with a kiss, how'd it end up like this?

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There have been a lot of times in which people have been embarrassed on social media. But it is rare when someone gets embarrassed on a worldwide scale. That usually happens when you cross a person who has a following that is as large as Hannah Stocking’s. Seriously, if you don’t want your reputation to be tainted, do not do something terrible to a person who has 9.5 million Instagram followers.

Well, this is what Klay Thompson apparently did. The story is that Hannah caught her man in bed, naked with a groupie. And usually there would be a backlash and regular anger thrown around, but apparently, Thompson started harassing her. And when that happened, Hannah didn’t think twice and posted about it on Twitter, tagging Thompson in the process. And the rest, as they say, is history.

7 A Little on Klay

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We have talked a lot about Hannah Stocking, but let’s delve a little bit more into the person and NBA player that is Klay Thompson. Sure, this guy was a dirtbag for what he was caught doing to the beautiful Instagram model, but Thompson is not all that bad, especially when we talk about basketball. At 27 years old, the man already has more accolades than most NBA players collect throughout their entire careers.

In seven years in the league, Thompson has been selected to the All-Star Game three times and the All-NBA Team two times. During his rookie campaign, he was also selected to the 2011-12 All-Rookie Team. But more than any of those individual awards, when you talk about Klay Thompson, you are talking about a man who has two NBA Championships under his belt.

6 Struggling, but Not Struggling

When life gives you lemons... juggle them in an underground water fortress 🍋

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During the 2016-17 season, there was a lot of talk around the Golden State Warriors’ team that the addition of Kevin Durant to the squad had taken a toll on Klay Thompson. Many of the people who watched a few select Warrior’s games, thought that Durant took the majority of the spotlight and Thompson didn’t even have a chance of showing the amazing basketball he had been playing before KD arrived in Oakland.

That, however, could not be further from the truth. Sure, KD does take a lot of shots while he is out on the floor, but statistics-wise, Thompson is still the same he was before Durant. Not even that. When you look at the stats, Klay shot the ball more in 2016-17 than he did the year before.

5 Breakup Rumors

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Now let’s go back to Hannah. The conclusion everyone made about the end of the Hannah Stocking-Klay Thompson relationship was that it ended because Thompson cheated on Hannah. That is the information that we have to work with. Nevertheless, there are people who believe other rumors. Some of these tales say that it was actually Thompson who left Stocking. Yeah, believe it or not, one of those rumors caught a lot of steam early in 2015. That rumor entailed a story in which Thompson had left Stocking in order to pursue a romantic relationship with Karrueche Tran.

If you don’t remember who Karrueche Tran is, let’s refresh your memory a little bit. She is an American actress and model who became famous after she spent some time as Chris Brown’s girlfriend.

4 Net Worth

baby, you are so money you don't even know it.

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It has been more than four years since Hannah Stocking posted that first Vine that immediately went viral and turned her into a social media star. So, one can imagine that by now she has amassed quite the respectable net worth among Internet stars. And, let’s just say that this is true. According to a few websites, Hannah’s net worth is somewhere around $500,000 by now.

In a world where celebrities get millions and millions of dollars, it might not seem like much, but you have to remember how these people live their lives. A lot of what Instagram and social media stars do is get free stuff. That means that they get to keep most of the money they make, so you can imagine how much she can enjoy those $500,000.

3 YouTube

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We have talked a lot about Hannah Stocking’s rise to stardom and how gigantic her social media platform is, with Instagram as the power horse behind it. But we had yet to talk a little more about her other social media endeavors on other platforms. One platform that she is putting a lot of work on over these past few years is her YouTube account. By now, you can usually watch a new video there every week, and most of those videos are hilarious. For example, not too long ago she released a video of her having her wisdom tooth removed, which is not something you see every day.

As of mid-November, her subscriber numbers were almost reaching the 2 million milestone, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw her surpassing that mark by the time 2017 is done.

2 Celebrity Friends

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One of the many perks of becoming Internet famous is that you get to meet a lot of celebrities. And unavoidably when you meet a lot of celebrities you get to be friends with a lot of celebrities. Hannah Stocking is no stranger to that. For example, we have already talked about how she dated a couple of NBA players. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most famously, she became friends with the renowned Brazilian singer, Anitta, when the singer went to Los Angeles not too long ago. She also has pictures with several other celebrities that she managed to meet because of her rise to stardom.

But more than anything else, it seems like she keeps true to her roots and hangs out a lot with other social media stars.

1 Comparisons

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When someone breaks up with a celebrity, or like in this case when two celebrities break up, it is unavoidable that the people around the world are going to keep comparing them to whomever they start dating afterward. That is just a fact of life that celebrities have to deal with and will have to deal with until they die or get married (that is if they don’t get divorced at some point). Hannah Stocking and Klay Thompson are no different. And since Klay is a multimillionaire NBA player, it is unavoidable that he is going to date some of the most beautiful women in the world, even after he got dumped by one of them.

So the jury is always going to be out, and every person is going to have a different opinion about who is better looking, but since the latest rumor is that he is dating fellow Instagram star Abigail Ratchford, we are sure the discussion between her and Hannah would be quite the controversial one.

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