15 Pictures Of La La That Will Have Carmelo Anthony Crawling Back

Professional athletes are some of the luckiest human beings in the entire world. They are exposed to so many unique, higher quality parts of life that the average man wishes he could sniff. One of these things include having the opportunity to date celebrities of all kinds. Some athletes choose to date other professional athletes, looking back to the power couple that was Nomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm. Some athletes choose to date movie stars or actresses. Some even choose to do neither option and choose to go with someone they know like a high school/college sweetheart. Unfortunately, professional athletes cannot escape the reality that some relationships just won't work out. One athlete that could not escape this reality is NBA All-Star small forward Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony has made quite the career for himself. He has spent time with the Denver Nuggets and is now set to start a new journey with the Oklahoma City Thunder after a tough final year in New York. LaLa Anthony is an accomplished actress. She has made her mark in films such as "Two Can Play That Game", and "Think Like A Man". They fell in love, got engaged in 2004 and finally decided to marry in 2010.

In 2017, they were having some troubles as typical problems arose for Carmelo with being an NBA player. He was accused of having relations with another woman to a point where they separated. Carmelo is probably regretting having the mother of his child wanting to not be with him anymore. But can a picture say 1,000 words Carmelo cannot say? These 15 photos will show how Carmelo will want to go back to La La in a heartbeat. Carmelo obviously loves La La otherwise they wouldn't have been together for over a decade. Without further adieu, here are 15 photos of La La that will have Carmelo Anthony crawling back.

15 Ooh La La, La La!

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To kick off the fabulous photos of La La Anthony, we start at number 15 with a very simple, yet very effective beach photo. Here she is in a blue bikini top and very interesting multi-colored bottom. La La Anthony has definitely made a name for herself in the acting industry. But she can also make a name for herself based on a photo like this. She shows off her toned legs as well as a confident smile, knowing she can get any guy she wants at any moment's notice. The small tattoo on the left leg is a nice, little touch for any guy that is really into tattoos. Maybe Carmelo Anthony liked that La La had a small tattoo that a lot of people probably don't know that she has. La La is a beautiful woman and this is the first of many photos that proves that. Hey Carmelo, any second thoughts to try to fix the marriage yet?

14 Mother's Day Without Her Man

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La La Anthony gives fans a sense of how she's doing without her husband in her life in this number 14 photo, which she posted on Mother's Day. She gives fans a little glimpse of glory for all of us to see. She also is rocking the sun glasses look along with a Kamali black studded one-piece. This isn't exactly a look that a lot of women can pull off, but La La does a great job of flawlessly making this look good. The beach and beach house located behind her shows just how much time she likes to flaunt around on the beach in her skimpy swimsuits: a lot.

With a woman who has so much tenacity and courageousness to show off her body, Carmelo Anthony would probably love to have a woman like that. Maybe, just maybe, the wheels are starting to turn a little bit for making a return to their marriage.

13 How Does This Look, Melo?

I love this gown @yousef_aljasmi THANK YOU #diamondball 💎💎💎

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Another photo of La La, another photo that makes the average fan drool and should make Carmelo want to come crawling back. The number 13 photo of La La displays her amazing sense of fashion as well. One of her most stunning assets is on display in this gown and she gives you a little glimpse of what's underneath. She doesn't look like she's too eager to have a man like Melo on her shoulder. This is a photo that can make any man cringe. La La has made many appearances as host for reunion shows such as "Flavor of Love".

The fans have to wonder what flavor of emotion Carmelo feels when he sees a photo like this. Regret? Jealousy? Maybe even a sliver of guilt? Only Carmelo knows the answer to that and the remaining photos might not help him if he wants to stay away for good.

12 Let's Go To the Pool!

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La La Anthony has proven so far that she can be beautiful just standing up in a bikini. But would fans be even more impressed if she was sitting down or maybe even striking a pose? She wants to make her case apparently with the number 12 picture. Here she is in a standard pink frilly bikini top with matching pink bottoms. She is sitting near the pool and even shows off a nice left foot tattoo that wasn't shown in the first three photos. It is clear that La La doesn't mind inking up her body with tattoos that must have some significant meaning to her. Her eyes and smile are a combination that would make any man melt and any girl be jealous. Carmelo Anthony would probably be jealous if any guy was fortunate enough to now have La La all to themselves with photos like these.

11 Want To Make Some Food?

Carmelo must have done something really unforgivable to separate from a woman of elegance and grace like La La. She continues to grace fans in photos with that elegance and grace in the number 11 photo. She dazzles the photo wearing a stunning black dress with a beautiful kitchen behind her. Imagine a scene where you're coming home and you have a woman like this waiting for you?

Carmelo really wanted to leave that when he had the opportunity every day to experience that? There has to be something wrong with his mindset if that is the case. La La is already smoking hot in this photo, but then to have her cooking too potentially; that is as good as winning an NBA Finals. Carmelo hasn't won a Finals yet to date, so maybe that is why he doesn't appreciate that taste of total victory in all aspects of life yet.

10 One-Pieces Look Good on Me Too!

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Two piece bathing suits are not the only type of swimsuit that women can look appealing in. With the right woman and right body, woman can pull off wearing one piece bathing suits without any difficulty. La La Anthony supports this claim with the number ten photo on the list. She wears a stunning, red one piece that shows off her curves. She also gives fans a tease with an absurd amount of cleavage. The one piece also shows a very small part of her sexy stomach. She once again shows a lot of confidence saying, "I know you'll want to get back with me Carmelo, it is just a matter of time!"

Anybody else in Carmelo's situation would have probably been flying or driving back to patch things up after picture number 15 or 14. Carmelo might not be flattered after six photos. But there are still nine more to go to prove that Carmelo should definitely be crawling back to La La.

9 I Think I Want To Lay Out Today

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A lot of people might think that one photo of La La is enough to prove she can rock the one piece with style. But for the sake of some negative pessimists that might think one photo is a fluke, we will give them another one piece photo. La La dazzles this picture coming into the number nine spot. She is in a black one piece, laying out on a chair; soaking up the sun on her already tan skin. What a sight this would be to come out to! Her long leg(s) really are shown on display as well as part of another tattoo that is slightly seen near the left ankle. Some people cannot pull off tattoos, but La La is doing a great job. She continuously shows that no guy should ever want to leave her in a million years. So why did Carmelo leave? Was it because he might have had rumors against him? Maybe. But a wife that can pull off looking incredible in a one piece as well as a two piece is extremely hard to find.

8 Want to Go Take A Shower, Honey?


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We don't know why La La is posing in a stunning white dress next to a shower and frankly, we don't care to know the context. All we know is that her curves fill out that dress beautifully and she looks like she's ready for another night on the town with no man by her side.

Besides doing the "Flavor of Love" reunion show, she also has done reunion shows for "I Love New York" as well. She kept the crowd on their feet during the whole reunion show. For somebody who has made frequent appearances on reunion shows, maybe Carmelo should make a reunion of their happy life as well with photos like this one. Keep doing your thing, La La! We appreciate it all!

7 Time to Show You What You Are Missing!

La Dolce Vita 🍭

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With every broken relationship, there are bound to be problems. When the relationship eventually ends, both sides want to show their former significant other what it is they missed out on. A loving relationship, full of gifts and happiness is essentially what everyone wants; and celebrities are not excluded from that. La La gives Carmelo a sense of what he had in the past with the number seven photo on this list.

The way this photo portrays itself, it shows off just how curvy and stunning La La Anthony really is. Her twins are pushed out and her derriere shows off very nicely for all to admire. Hopefully, Carmelo had fun with whatever woman caused their marriage to end. He definitely needs to crawl back to have any chance to reconcile with La La with beautiful photography like this.

6 Nighttime!

The fans have seen a lot of the front of La La Anthony's body so far. But what about The number six photo on this list proves she is the complete package. Not only does she have an amazing fashion sense, but she knows how to accentuate her assets. She pushes her hips to one side to make sure we can get a good idea of what she is packing behind her. She definitely knows how to show off what she has. Carmelo Anthony has definitely shot his fair share of shots over the years with the Nuggets and Knicks. He definitely shot his shot with La La which ended up in a great marriage. But now that it is in shambles, photos like this one in the water can show why Carmelo should crawl back. Maybe he is starting to come to his senses after seeing 10 glorious photos of his former lover.

5 Time to Cool Off!

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Things must have gotten to a boiling point between Carmelo and La La Anthony that both of them needed some alone time to cool off. Well, cooling off would be the right verb to describe what La La is doing in this particular picture. At number five, we see the beautiful La La floating on a hammock in a pool, because why the hell not? She deserves to relax and what's better than hanging on a hammock in a pool?

She really looks like she is having a difficult time without Carmelo in her life, right?...then again, maybe not. Her toned legs are once again shown on display and her butt pops out for all to admire. Carmelo has been known to hog the ball throughout his career. It is surprising that he did not want to hog La La all to himself for the rest of his life!

4 Hold On!

Slippery...excuse me...please me...believe me 💧

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The average man will always want a beautiful woman chasing after them. In the number four photo on the La La bring back Carmelo escapade, La La is seen emerging from stairs that lead to a body of water while wearing a stunning one-piece that once again, show off her ridiculous curves. Her long legs are cannot miss entertainment and the water is a nice view on the left side of the picture.

We don't get to see La La's back tattoos come out , but that's okay. Carmelo should be the one that is taking this picture, admiring what a beautiful woman he has in La La and doing his best Romeo impression to once again sweep the actress off her feet once again.

3 Look at the View!


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La La just cannot seem to disappoint when it comes to swimsuit choices. The number three photo for the La La list has to be the steamiest one to be seen yet. Here we see La La in a light, beige bikini looking off into the view of the ocean. Maybe she is wondering what goes on in the water around her. Could see be thinking of Carmelo and all of the good times? Very possible. Could she be thinking of a potential new man to love and cherish as long as she shall live? Maybe so. Whatever the case is, La La is looking incredible and ravishing for all fans to drool over. Fans will be daydreaming about La La in this photo, but could there be a possibility she is daydreaming about one of her friends back? Anything is possible in this world!

2 LaLa in a Red Dress

La vita e bella 🇮🇹

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For all of the talk of La La in yellow, some have to wonder what she might look like in the fierce color of red? Well, that question will be answered quickly with the number two picture in this. Another water scene takes place with La La standing eloquently near the edge of it, gazing like she doesn't have a single care in the world. Her legs are looking more slender and smooth. She has the look that continuously sends chills down your spine and makes Carmelo wishing he could see that smile everyday again. She knows she wants to go for a night out, but probably is wondering who will join her. Earth to Carmelo Anthony, this is probably the cue she is giving you to make an appearance. Crawl back and work things out, but if the first 14 photos didn't do that; maybe number one will put the icing on the La La coming back cake.

1 LaLa in Mellow Yellow

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Well, the first 14 photos were a sneak peek of what Carmelo should be crawling back to. Now, we present the number one photo that would be sure to send Carmelo back to La La in an instant hurry. The number one photo by the pool again, and in a yellow bikini again. But this photo puts it all together. She has the smile going that Carmelo once fell in love with throughout a majority of his NBA career. She has the nice breasts that show off nicely in her top. She shows how much work she puts into having a flat stomach as well as having long, slender, yet toned legs that few women have. If Carmelo cannot see the error of his ways after seeing this photo and the other 14, he will be living a lonely, sad rest of his life after basketball is over. This concludes the top 15 photos of La La Anthony that will (or should) have Carmelo Anthony crawling back to her.

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