15 Pictures Of Lonzo Ball's Girlfriend Denise Garcia That Would Drive Him Crazy

Lonzo Ball has had somewhat of a rollercoaster start to his first rookie season in the NBA. The freshman maestro from UCLA has played in games where he almost ventured to capture a triple double, but unfortunately had other games where he shot the ball very poorly and didn't perform well at all. It is no secret many NBA players like John Wall, Patrick Beverley and many others have relished at the opportunity to face him because of his father Lavar Balls comments. It has been a difficult time for Ball to adjust to the NBA. The game is much faster than what he faced in college, and it is going to take some time for him to get that corkscrew of a shot down. We all know he is a more than capable passer, evident from his 7.9 APG at UCLA, but it is going to take some time for Ball to really develop as a complete NBA player.

However, Ball is not all out of luck during this rough start to the pros. He has a family who loves and supports him, and has an absolutely beautiful girlfriend in Denise Garcia. Although Ball likes to keep this relationship under the radar, it has been exposed and many people know about the relationship now. With these things in mind, this list takes a look at 15 pictures of Denise Garcia Lonzo Ball does not want you to see.

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15 It's Always Beach Season

Beachin spring season 😛

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

The two have been dating ever since they met in Chino Hills High School in South Carolina. The two shared a great love for athletics as Garcia was the soccer captain, and Lonzo Ball was the basketball star and future number one recruit. The two have continued their love for sports as Garcia is currently a midfielder for the UC Riverside soccer team, where she is studying to be a registered nurse anesthetist. And Lonzo Ball, as we all know, is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Denise graduated in 2014, while Lonzo graduated more recently in 2016. Garcia is 21 and Lonzo is just 19.

This picture was captured a year and a half ago with Denise on her knees by the beach. With her boyfriend finding a permanent home in L.A., that's good news for Garcia (and for us) as she'll have plenty of time to hang out near a beach.

14 With Some Friends

Issa vibe

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Garcia was a stud playing soccer. As I previously mentioned, Garcia was a four-year varsity soccer player at Chino Hills High School. She was a four year starter and team captain for the team from 2012-2014. Garcia helped her team advance to the CIF semi finals in 2012, and Quarterfinals in 2013, her team won the Sierra League Championships. She was also a two-time second team All-League, named first team All-League in 2013 and Second Team in 2011 and 2012, and named Defensive MVP in 2012. For club soccer, she competed with Glendora FC (2005-08), League Champions (2006-07, 2009), Legends FC (2009-11, 2013-14), and Fram FC (2011-12).

Lonzo wouldn’t want people to se this picture of her simply because well, look at how stunning Denise looks (not to mention she has some very lovely friends next to her).

13 Baby Got Back

D$ is so baaack

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Ah, the classic selfie. It’s become an art in today's world of modern technology and social media. Whether it be taking Snapchat of a moment shared between you and your friends, tagging people in a Facebook or Twitter post, or simply posing in front of a mirror. Here we see Garcia doing exactly that. She took this picture, dressed as if she was going out for a cocktail night with her girlfriends, looking fine as ever.

It is no secret there are atrocious comments on her pictures and the comment section, but attention seekers will always have that backlash, and why should she need attention? She posts this on Instagram saying, “D$ is so back.” It's no surprise then, that the comment section under this picture had endless amounts of men commenting on Garcia's 'back'.

12 An Adult Vacay

Decided to take an adult vacay😛🌴

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

This photo of Garcia and her friend was taken at the luxurious Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa located in Palm Desert. Garcia had attended Seattle University before moving on to UC Riverside, so perhaps a nice adult trip was necessary in between semesters for her— even though they are already in a very warm state.

Garcia currently has over 236,000 followers on Instagram, while following only 57— which is not surprising considering most of the comments on her comment section. And she doesn’t take many pictures with Ball on social media, which is surprising as well. Perhaps she just likes to take pictures with her girlfriends. Or maybe Ball just doesn’t like the extra publicity in that sense (he gets plenty from his father). Whatever the case may be, Garcia loves her vacations, even when the change of scenery or location may appear somewhat unnecessary.

11 The Sun Is Clearly Her Friend

Looking at competition like

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

It is no secret Garcia is absolutely stunning. From her beautiful hair, to toned physique she is a very beautiful woman. She is not the tallest person in the world standing at 5’5, so maybe Ball prefers shorter women. Garcia’s favorite sports include, soccer, basketball, and watching college and professional football.

This picture was taken with the caption, “Looking at competition like”. Perhaps she was going to a game or out with her friends, but interesting nonetheless. Obviously with this picture, we see some of Garcia's more delicate assets on display. At least for Ball's sake, it looks like it's a female friend in the shadow snapping a picture. Unsurprisingly, followers of Garcia were swooning in the comment section on the post.

10 On A Boat

Garcia has not only been the biggest cheerleader in Ball’s life by showing up to his basketball games, but she has also been featured in the Ball families featured television show, “Ball in the family”. I know what you’re thinking. Why create a family reality show when Ball already has a career in the pros, his own shoe, and their own brand? It doesn’t make much sense, but for Lavar Ball, it is clearly necessary. And Garcia has been a part of that show with the Ball family. Whether it be one on one interviews, or shooting hoops with Liangelo Balls girlfriend, she has been featured on the show numerous times.

Given that Lonzo's dad is such a polarizing figure, a lot of the hatred for his dad has trickled down on him, and haters tend to look for anything to poke at Lonzo. Then he can just show them who he's dating.

9 Keeping Under The Radar

It might seem shocking given his Father Lavar’s crazy and brash nature, but Ball prefers to keep his relationship with Garcia private. ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne shed some light on this and Lonzo’s personality saying, “He’s [Lonzo Ball] also quiet, except around his younger brothers or when he’s playing video games. He lets his girlfriend, Denise, make cute Instagram videos of them set to music. His favorite drink is Martinelli’s apple cider. His favorite rapper is Future. No, Lil Wayne. No, Lil Uzi Vert. He listens to all of them, constantly, busting out with a verse between sets of the pull-ups or shooting drills that LaVar orders.”

Ball wouldn’t want you to see this picture because it reminds him of that comment Shelburne mentioned. Although people like to compare Ball to players like Tim Duncan because of their quite; calm nature, it reminds Ball of his lack of aggression and other things he needs to improve on as he continues his NBA career. For these reasons, this makes the list.

8 Unfazed (By The Haters?)


A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

It is no secret Garcia has been a supporter in Ball's life the past few years. She has shown up to his basketball games and has been fully invested in him. She was with him for one of the most important nights of his life when he found out it was almost a foregone conclusion he was going to the LA Lakers. The Ball family was vocal from the very start for their desire to see Lonzo play near their home town, and Garcia was as we see in full support of this move and ready for the next chapter in this relationship.

Unfortunately, Lonzo has been shooting the ball very poorly from the field and has had a bad percentage from three as well. With his struggles as a rookie combined with the brash nature of his father, Lonzo must be getting trash talk thrown his way on the court all the time.

7 Creepers Shot

There's levels to this 👌🏼

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Garcia is the daughter of Gary and Patricia Garcia. She was born and raised in Southern California before attending Chino Hills High School and later on UC Riverside. She has a younger sister Dayna as well as a younger brother Gary. Her much enjoyed activities include going on runs, hikes and fun family vacations. She is also a lover of coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

Here we see Garcia and another teammate rocking the uniforms on the field entitled “There’s levels to this”. Just for the record, I love how unclear she is in titling some of these photos. Levels to what? Levels to your uniform?! Your team?! Nevertheless, Ball wouldn’t want you to see this picture of her because it clearly emphasizes, yup you guessed it, her backside. Ball may be having a rough start to the pros, but at least the assists will always be there for him.

6 Ball Being Compared To Jason Kidd As A 'Player'?


A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Denise Garcia has begun repping Big Baller Brand lately and honestly, we wish we could see more of her and less of Lavar Ball. Garcia is hanging out with some friends on the couch here and has the trademark BBB on her top.

Lonzo, despite his on-court shortcomings, has actually carried himself pretty well, managing to stay out of trouble on the court, despite his brother being arrested for shoplifting in China and his father continuing his media circus by feuding with President Trump. With all of that nonsense to worry about in the news, we can't really blame Lonzo for wanting to keep his relationship with Denise Garcia private. We commend Garcia for standing by her man even after meeting his crazy father!

5 Still Looking Good With A Walking Boot

Injuries or any kind of setback are a tough thing to deal with in any athlete's career. Whether it be something minor like a foot or ankle injury, or something more serious like a fibula or femur fracture, it is always a tough obstacle to bounce back from. This boot was placed on Garcia’s right leg to deal with a soccer related injury.

Although she seems to be rocking that boot in this picture quite well given the matching black dress and boot, and the comment section- Ball shouldn’t want you to see this picture because it was very likely the injury happened in one of her soccer games. Hopefully Ball won’t miss any games due to injury this year, but Garcia, however, did appear to miss some time.

4 Another Love (Sport) In Her Life?

Don't have to tell me twice 😏💙💛

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Garcia is a huge college football and NFL fan, but the fact that she is a Rams fan- surprising. On a side note, the Rams are actually no joke this year. One of the NFL’s best records this season at 7-3 and are surely ready to make a statement come playoff time this season. Here we see Garcia standing in front of a sign entitled “Suit up for Sunday” sponsored by Nike.

One has to wonder if Garcia is as big a football fan as she is a basketball fan. She's rocking a Rams jersey in this photo and with the team now in L.A, does that mean she'll want to spend more time at Rams games (they're looking pretty good) than the rebuilding Lakers? What if she becomes enthralled with Jared Goff?

3 No One Likes Their Prom Photos Popping Up

Prom was really two years ago🙈

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

The lovebirds didn’t only meet in Chino Hills High School, but they also went to the Junior Prom together. We see a moment captured with the two of them here. Garcia is wearing a nice dress, while Ball is rocking the red bow tie and tuxedo. It is unclear whether they had a Senior Prom at school, but the fact that they went to Junior Prom here makes the case pretty clear they were eventually going to be a couple.

Personally, I love how they are both clearly on their phones in this picture. Garcia is laughing- maybe at something funny her friend said, and Ball is looking as if something weird had just happened. Although they look good in this picture, both of those reasons being why he wouldn’t want you to see this picture of them.


As I previously mentioned, Garcia has been featured on “The Family Ball Show”. In one episode she was interviewed about her relationship with Lonzo Ball, and what that transition would be like for Ball going to the Lakers. She did not seem to voice much of a concern, however, for they would still be relatively close to each other given their new locations and new career opportunities.

In another one of “The Family Ball” episodes, Garcia was featured in a shooting contest with LiAngelo Ball's girlfriend, Isabella Morris. In the video both females were captured shooting just very poorly, like awful. When I say neither of them could hit the broad sign of a barn, I mean it and more.

Onto the picture though, it's definitely a prettier sight than watching Denise shoot.

1 On Vacation


A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Transitioning a relationship into a new chapter can indeed be somewhat difficult, but it seems like these two have been able to make it work for the time being. And they always have time for vacations, or as Garcia likes to call them, “baecations” in beautiful Hawaii. I feel like Lonzo could use another one of these, for he has been struggling thus far to his rookie season so far.

Here we see Ball rocking the new haircut and Garcia just looking absolutely gorgeous. Lonzo wouldn’t want you to see this picture of them because of, again, the comments. There are so many unnecessary, rude and inappropriate comments in this picture its just ridiculous. And thats why he wouldn’t want you to see it. So although this is a nice moment captured with these two, the comments unfortunately are the only taint to it.

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