15 Pictures Of Michael Jordan Looking Like A Douchebag

Some love him and others hate him, but Michael Jordan is indisputably the greatest basketball player to ever grace the game. While he’ established himself as such a well known individual on the court, his personality off of it is what gets people talking. It isn’t exactly a secret, but Jordan is quite the competitive man. It’s what made him so great of a player. Most would’ve been content with the amount of talent Jordan had starting out, but MJ pushed himself further, striving to be better with every game, every year. But that same attitude – though desirable in an athlete – didn’t really translate to Jordan’s everyday life very well.

While we respect the individual, you won’t find many saying that Michael Jordan is the perfect man. His arrogant attitude and generally self-centered attitude has gained many critics over the years, and while you mostly get it through stories and such there are actually some pictures in which you can see some of that attitude shining through. Jordan loves to smoke cigars, as many successful, rich men do. But there’s something about the pairing that just seems to bring out the worst in Jordan visually. Let’s take a look at 15 pictures of Michael Jordan looking like a douchebag.

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15 Lookin’ Up

via complex.com

As great of a player as he was, Michael Jordan isn’t very well known for his consideration and kindness. Though it’s his competitive nature and attitude that made him such a great player, MJ has ticked a lot of people off in that time. He isn’t exactly the nicest guy you can find in the room. While we should separate the individual from the player, Jordan is such a big name in the world of sports it’s easy for us to just focus on the negatives that come with his character. Look at his face, it’s marked with arrogance – we know he’s achieved so much more than most, but his attitude can really rub you the wrong way if you aren’t willing to put up with it.

14 Hall of Fame

via libertatea.ro

Most of you will remember Michael Jordan’s 22 minute epic Hall of Fame speech, and for some, it’s one of the better Hall of Fame acceptance speeches made in sports history. But in a classic case of Jordan being Jordan, there were more than a few instances of arrogance throughout the speech. Now, this was his time in the sun, and after a long career and numerous milestones, it was perfectly within his rights to be at least a little self serving. But man, this guy has no middle ground at all does he? Look at the smug look on his face here. People are usually humble at these things but MJ looks like he’s never even tried his hand at humility.

13 Kicking it With Kwame

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After yet again coming out of retirement, Jordan moved on with his NBA career and began anew with the Washington Wizards while also serving as the team’s president. In 2001, the Wizards took a young man by the name of Kwame Brown with the first overall selection in the draft. As most of you already know, Brown didn’t have the best NBA career and was let go by the Wizards after four years. Apparently, Jordan liked to play mind games and verbally berate him. Brown looked up to Jordan, as many young men did, and considered him to be his idol. Jordan apparently played the part of the kind, supportive mentor before completely pulling the rug on him. Pictures like this give you a little bit of a glimpse into that situation.

12 Me, Me, Me

via livingcivil.com

We’re pretty used to seeing the “Diva” personality in sports today, mainly with basketball and football at specific positions. They’re generally thought of as distractions to their team’s seeing as they pretty much put themselves before anyone else. While they are typically incredibly talented, it’s this attitude that really hurts them, as it’s generally seen as quite the character flaw by many. Eventually, you kind of stop making excuses for these people and let whatever may be said, be said. Jordan is a prime example of this and probably one of the most well known “Divas” in sports. It just seems as though the guy has no one on the brain but himself and that can get pretty irritating and obnoxious at times.

11 Smile, Michael

via si.com

We’ll be seeing a few pictures from this very set every now and then throughout this list, so please ry and bear with it as they show off Jordan’s many negative aspects. This picture was obviously taken during the celebrations following the Bulls’ first 3-peat win, which saw Jordan cement himself as one of the All-Time NBA greats. But what followed was a succession of photos showing off the smugness that would draw the ire of fans everywhere over the years to come. The iconic Jordan-cigar look (one we’ll see a good deal of as we go through this list) makes an appearance here along with Jordan’s huge, laughing smile. Some would call this pure joy, but knowing him that’s probably not the whole story.

10 Of Course, Customized Plates

via estaticos.marca.com

The whole douche bag in a sports car trope is pretty overplayed, but it can still hold water every now and then. Jordan, being one of the richest athletes on the planet, is no doubt swimming in luxury and probably has a few more aside from the Ferrari you see here. One thing you’re sure to have noticed right off the bat is that he has some custom plates on there. While many famous athletes do this, it’s usually a sign that they aren’t exactly the most humble guys in the world. The thuggish looking security detail backing him up doesn’t do him that many favors either. All in all, this picture perfectly shows just how douche MJ can look at times.

9 On the Green

via goodpixcool.com

Aside from Basketball, Jordan really seems to love Golf. It’s one of his favourite pastimes and in retirement, he’s seen an increase in time spent on the green. This is where we see Jordan at his most relaxed and often at his most arrogant. Being the competitor he is, you know that the relaxing flow of the game isn’t going to affect him for very long before the old MJ comes out. Suffice to say, he probably wouldn’t have made it as a pro golfer. You get a lot of funny pictures like this that show Jordan when he’s really not at his best. Grimacing and pouting seem to be some of the most common things he does on the green.

8 Shades

via jesusshuttlesworth.tumblr.com

Man, what can make someone look like more of a douchebag than them wearing their sunglasses in doors? That look on his face isn’t really helping his case either. Maybe MJ is just naturally inclined to make himself look like the biggest POS you can possibly imagine. Maybe it’s all a part of his competitive nature, he wants you to hate him – he feeds off of it. But man, the guy just really looks like an ass is pictures like this. It looks like this is happening at some kind of press conference. Not only is he wearing his sunglasses indoors throughout the thing, but he’s also wearing a pair of headphones over his ears. Douchebag.

7 Temper Tantrum

via thesource.com

As we’ve said, Jordan can be very competitive. It’s what made him great in the first place and still continues to define him so many years later. Jordan’s temperament on the court however, was not always reflective of him at his best. As you’ve probably seen online, there are some pictures that perfectly capture these moments and showcase just how petty looking he could be during games. Of course, most see this as a kind of fire that Jordan had which made him a great player. And while that is true, you can find plenty of shots online which make him look like a kid throwing a tantrum. He was definitely a great player, but his character is something else entirely.

6 All Aboard

via SI.com

Man, Jordan loves himself some Miller Lite, doesn’t he? That and cigars seem to be his go to consumables for when he’s feeling especially douchey. You can just imagine how loud and obnoxious he was being when this photo was snapped, but MJ is MJ and people aren’t likely going to voice their displeasure with his attitude if they did have a problem. But man, those bus rides must’ve been crazy to be on. You have to wonder how such a high flying guy like Jordan was able to cope with such a pedestrian way of transportation. Then you see pictures like this and you get the idea that Jordan did everything in his power to spice things up.

5 Party Animal

via pinimg.com

Here’s another shot from that infamous 3-peat. We said that there would be a couple of pictures from this night on this list and so here it is. The celebrations no doubt got more than a little crazy, as it’s just not something you achieve every day. You could imagine that they cut loose a little bit and decided to party hard. MJ looks to have done his fare share of partying that night too, and here we see him once again, cigar in mouth with a pile of alcohol discarded next to him. MJ likes to keep it classy no doubt, as he’s mixing some Bud with what looks to be champagne. What a douchebag.

4 Shady Business

via proyecto365diasdebasket.wordpress.com

Well this time around, it’s not just MJ who’s looking like a complete tool. Everyone in this picture looks like an absolute douchebag. Maybe it’s the cigars. Cigars have the ability to make anyone smoking them look like a complete douche. And so now you have a room full of people smoking them and you start getting a feel of what these people are like. It looks like quite the party though. A big room, lots of people, champagne on ice, cigars and MJ shirtless with his check book whipped out for all too see. You can tell that he was there to impress in every possible way. But if this picture does anything it just makes him look all the more conceited.

3 A Cloud of Smoke

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Does he look intimidating? Stoic or perhaps even daunting in this picture? Nope, he just looks like a huge douchebag, blowing his smoke everywhere for all to see. What’s new? As we’ve said before, the golf course is where MJ looks his most arrogant now that his NBA career is over. With the book closed on the court, Jordan has taken to classing up the green in his later years. If you see him playing golf then you know about the puff of smoke and cigar that follow him around. You’d think that they were more important than the actual clubs with how frequently he’s smoking those things during the games. It’s not a good look for him.

2 Green Pastures

via golfdigest.com

Yet, here we are again, with another Jordan golf pic – cigar promptly in his mouth. You have to wonder, does he actually enjoy the sport? Does he like playing it, trying to improve like he did with basketball? Or is it perhaps that he just likes how he looks, Cigar in mouth and club in hand on the green? Seeing that it’s Michael Jordan we’re talking about, we’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But you still get the feeling he likes showing off on the golf course more than he actually likes being there. If one picture could perfectly sum up how douche MJ can look at times this is it.

1 All the Single Ladies

via stebok.net

Man, if there’s one picture on the internet of Jordan that just screams scumbag then this is it. Notice the cigar in his right hand, a trade mark of sorts for these kinds of Jordan shots. Two lucky fans seem to have gotten close enough to the former NBA star for him to have dropped his guard and got this neat littler shot out of it. We’re not sure if this was taken before the divorce or after it, but this kind of behaviour is what landed his wife the largest celebrity divorce in the first place. There were probably a few drinks going around, and let’s be honest – this doesn’t look like his proudest moment for sure. But regardless, he looks like a huge douchebag.

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