15 Pictures These Current NBA Players Don't Want You To See

We all take pictures at some point in our lifetime that we want to delete, but when you’re a professional basketball player and you play on national television every night, it’s very hard to get rid of any snapshot of you that you don’t want to see. Many times, these pictures are videos paused at the perfect spot that make some of these NBA players look really bad. And then other pictures were purposely taken to embarrass some of these players. For some odd reason, many NBA fans get amused by some of the most disturbing and weird pictures of current NBA players. It’s a popular thing in our society for the media to promote negativity, and that is almost what some of these pictures are doing.

Unfortunately, for many of these NBA players, these pictures will never go away. Some of these players are just too popular, and these pictures are too perfect to just let go. And also, many of these photographers that take pictures, really get no benefit out of taking down the picture. And if there is an incentive, these pictures have oftentimes spiraled across the Internet before the player was even able to check his phone. And just to warn you, some of these pictures will make you laugh, while others may gross you out.

20 Tony Parker Is A Bit Tipsy

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Luckily, this picture didn’t really go too far. From what it seems, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs went to an event, and maybe drank a bit too much. Now this is just an assumption, but by the looks of this picture, Parker doesn’t look all there. As much as you have to feel bad for Parker that these pictures got out, you always have to feel bad that these ladies didn’t get a quality photo with Tony Parker. It’s a big deal to meet a star like him, and to get a drunk picture of him like this, is just disappointing. Parker is kind of just hanging on, with his facial expressions all disoriented. Maybe instead of taking this picture with these ladies, he should have asked these ladies for some help leaving.

19 C'mon, J.R., Chug!

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Come on, J.R., at least be a little bit more discreet when you drink. Most NBA players are of legal drinking age, with the exception of some of the rookies that come into the league at the early ages of 19 or 20. Obviously, once you’re over 21 you can drink, but as a professional athlete, you usually want to be discrete about it. Not that there is anything wrong with drinking, but children look up to these players, and the parents of these children don’t want their kids following the lead of guys who visibly drink. Smith looks like a party animal taking the bottle to himself for whatever he’s drinking. He may not be the best role model as we have seen he has a criminal record, so maybe this isn’t the worst thing that we have seen him do.

18 Drunk Derrick Rose

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Everything that could possibly have ever gone wrong in Derrick Rose’s career, has gone wrong. Rose was drafted as the first overall draft pick of the 2008 NBA Draft. He started his career as one of the most phenomenal point guards in the game, and even won an MVP award, but is now at a point where he's a backup playing with LeBron James. Injuries have completely messed up Rose’s career, which has led to a constant decline throughout his career. He went from the star in Chicago, to hoping that he could turn things around in New York, to kind of just getting thrown on to the Cleveland Cavaliers to play as a bench player.

Well, besides just on the court, Rose is also not having the best luck. He was in the passenger seat for someone who got a DUI. Now everyone has their own opinions, but this doesn’t look good for Rose regardless, as he could have easily not gone into this car. In the picture Rose doesn’t look sober, and that is what may make this situation worse.

17 Woah, Dirk!

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Wow, who would ever think Dirk Nowitzki would be the type to get crazy when he’s not on the court. Sometimes you see players drinking or with a weird facial expression, but Dirk just beat everyone. In this picture, it seems that Dirk is starting to take his shirt off in public. When you start taking your clothes off while drinking, you know the night should be coming to an end. Well, it looks like Dirk’s night was just getting started. Dirk was done with the shirt, and ripping out the abs for the ladies. Only thing is that Dirk doesn’t really have abs. Dirk well full “dad body” on the people at this party, but at least it probably set up for a good laugh. But for a legend like Nowitzki, you don’t want a picture like this on the Internet.

16 Big Foot, Or Anthony Davis?

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This picture looks fine and all, until you look closer and further down the picture. This seems like a regular picture that even big companies like Nike and Adidas would use for advertisements, just with some edits. But this picture shows exactly how big Anthony Davis’ feet are. So many basketball players do in fact have big feet, but Davis’ feet are massive. And not only are they massive, but they look terrible. Feet are feet and they aren’t attractive, but Davis’ feet just look especially weird. For someone who has those big of feet, it’s probably not a proud picture to have posted all over the media. Now for NBA players, this picture probably doesn’t bother them because Davis isn’t the only one with big feet. But for us non-NBA players, it’s a bit disturbing.

15 Happy Halloween, John Wall!

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Halloween is the best time of year to get dressed up as something you’re not. The coolest costumes come out through the month of October, and a lot of NBA players decide to get into it. Besides just the Halloween festivities that they attend during the season, many of them also had Halloween costumes for the games surrounding Halloween, getting into the spirit early. While there were many cool costumes, there were also quite a few costumes that didn't look so cool.

One of the latter came from the star point guard of the Washington Wizards, John Wall. Wall wore a costume that is unexplainable, but looks like it could be a cheaper version of Chucky, of Child's Play fame. With all the weird outfit and wig, it’s just really hard to tell what he’s trying to get at. And if it is Chucky, well, he did a pretty bad job.

14 The Cheesiest Selfie Ever By Joakim Noah

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We all have a phase in our lives where we may take some odd pictures, but this selfie of Joakim Noah may be the weirdest. This picture almost makes him look like a kid the way he’s posing, or maybe that he’s trying to look like one. His facial expressions look so funny, that it’s hard to resist laughing every time you look at the picture. Maybe it’s just the fact that Noah is a funny-looking dude, or this picture is just a classic. The way he's wearing his hair also provides a chuckle, considering we’re so used to seeing him have his hair up when he plays ball. Or maybe it’s the gap between his two front teeth with the rest of the picture. Most NBA fans will agree; this is definitely one of the funniest pictures on this list.

13 The Nose Pickers

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We're going to give you a bonus here of providing not one, but two pickers. And no, we're not talking about a pick n' roll or cherrypicking at the basket. Kevin Durant and LeBron James both have become the kings of nose-pickers. Both players were caught on camera on the bench, picking their nose while they weren’t playing. Chances are, these snapshots were quickly taken and it led to an embarrassing photo. Or maybe they were just really bored and looking for gold while their team put in some work on the basketball court. Both players love their image, and they would both love to take these pictures down and have this all forgotten about. But just like with any other stars of any major sport, there’s no getting out of any embarrassing photos that may have been taken.

12 Draymond Makes A Foul Move

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There are some things in this world that just aren’t right, and getting a man in his sweet spot is one of them. Now accidents happen, but this was no accident. Watching the play over and over again, it had to be intentional. Draymond Green plays the game of basketball dirty, so it’s not a surprise that Green would intentionally try and kick another player. There’s something between men called manhood, and your sweet spot is part of your manhood. If you ever try and harm someone by hurting them in this way, it is frowned upon, unless in a self defense situation.

Steven Adams would love to take away all these pictures as he didn’t just suffer a great deal of pain, but was embarrassed. Nobody wants to have pictures of them being kicked in the sweet spot all over the Internet.

11 When James Harden Is Drunk

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James Harden will never be able to live this down, as TMZ got a hold of him drunk. When drunk at 2AM, Harden talked very highly about Adidas, the company he currently works with. As Harden went into the car, he bragged about Adidas and how much money he will be making, and how Adidas will be “amazing.” It’s pretty funny how some of these athletes cannot control themselves, even when being interviewed by those who are going to blow up any embarrassing thing that will be posted to social media. Either Harden was really drunk, or this was meant to be a publicity stunt to help out Adidas, in a funny way. But if this was a serious matter, Harden could be pretty embarrassed to see it all over social media.

10 Lonzo Ball With His Father, LaVar Ball

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It’s really hard not to pick on Lonzo Ball, especially with the way his father LaVar acted throughout the offseason before his son even began his NBA career. Due to the way his father acts, it can really make any picture funny that involves LaVar and his son. LaVar Ball was the laughing stock of the offseason and the gong show has only continued into this season, with Lonzo struggling at times and LaVar's two younger sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo being pulled out of school to play in Lithuania.

This picture is an odd picture from when Lonzo Ball played back at UCLA. LaVar is kind of grabbing Lonzo by the neck, while Lonzo is sticking his tongue out like a puppy. LaVar then has a facial expression of being very relaxed and content. The picture is just very weird, yet comical to look at. If the media ever wants to get back at the Ball family, this is a good cover photo.

9 Gordon Hayward Injury

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Looking back at this picture has to give you the chills of this happening. During the 2017 offseason, the Boston Celtics signed guard/forward Gordon Hayward to a four-year deal worth $128 million. Well, things didn’t go too well for Hayward in the first game of his Celtics career. Hayward went up to the rim for an alley-oop that left him on the floor with his foot placed in a way that it shouldn’t have been. All the announcers went to confirm that his foot was broken, not even a minute after the injury occurred. It was one of the most gruesome injuries we have seen in all of sports in quite some time. It turns out that Hayward fractured his tibia, a terrible way to start the season.

Hayward probably wouldn’t want anyone to see this photo, as he probably wouldn’t want to see it himself. It’s highly disturbing, and would remind fans of the nightmare move that cost Hayward his season.

8 Chris Paul Getting His Ankles Broken

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Some pictures can be avoided by many people if they aren’t on the court, but once they’re on the court, they are there forever. Well, in a game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry put Chris Paul on ice skates. Curry had Paul tripping all the way backwards, which got posted all over social media. Chris Paul took it as a joke, but he would definitely love to not have these pictures of him getting crossed over all over the Internet. Many fans and media reporters actually made memes of this incident, and posted it online. Sometimes you have to get up and just continue playing, even if you were made a fool of yourself. At least it was by Steph Curry, who is one of the best ballhandlers in the game.




4 When Blake Accidentally Lands On Russell

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This picture could make so many people cringe in so many ways. For Russell Westbrook, he would be the one in this picture that would love to see this photo go away. Both Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook are some of the best competitors in the NBA, but in this picture, they may have gotten a little too close. Griffin seems like he's falling on Westbrook as his whole face is cringing while he heads towards the ground. Russell’s face says it all in this picture, as he doesn’t look too thrilled to have his opponent practically laying on top of him. The moment itself wasn’t terrible, it was really the picture that put this moment as a weird one, that both players would definitely love to take away from the media.


2 The Kiss

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Not that there's anything wrong with two guys kissing, but it was just hilarious to see this go down in the NBA Finals. During the 2017 NBA Finals, it seemed like David West and Tristan Thompson accidentally kissed each other while being in a dispute on the court. The pictures of this happening spread around social media like rapid fire, and it became one of the funniest pictures of this NBA Finals series. No one knows if West and Thompson were actually kissing each other, or if this picture was just dragged out to be more than what it was. But considering neither man is gay, they may not want these pictures all over the Internet. The picture may be one of the most embarrassing things ever, in both players’ careers.


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