15 Players Steph Curry Would NEVER Play With

Stephen Curry is the reigning NBA MVP and nearly guided his Golden State Warriors to consecutive NBA Championships. It wasn't meant to be, so now he has to restart on his quest to put the second title ring on his finger. Everything got a lot easier with the addition of Kevin Durant, as the Dubs have now formed arguably the greatest superteam in the history of the NBA.

This Warriors squad is coming off of the first 73-win season in NBA history, but you have to figure they'll improve on that number with the addition of Durant. You now have Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and, oh yeah, Durant. It's ridiculously unfair how much superstardom is on the floor at the same time.

We all know the players Curry has loved playing with, because his supporting cast is among the best ever. Now, he's playing with Durant. But there are some NBA players we know he would never want to play with, if given the choice.

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15 Tony Parker

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Parker has been one of the NBA's greatest players of this generation, winning four NBA championships with the San Antonio Spurs while reaching six All-Star games. He's averaged 16.6 points per game throughout his career, but his .327 three-point shooting percentage is definitely something that wouldn't slide with Curry.

Curry lives and dies by the three-pointer, and Parker does not. He relies more on setting up his guys for big plays and likes to attack the basket more than most point guards. If these two were on the same team, Curry would not like Parker's style of play at all.

Also consider the rivalry between the Spurs and Warriors. They're in each others way every season. There's simply no way these two would peacefully co-exist on the same team, even if they don't share the court together.

14 Joe Johnson

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time when Joe Johnson was one of the NBA's premier small forwards, but the 35-year-old is now on his last legs as a playmaker. Johnson is a seven-time All-Star and averaged a respectable 13.4 points per game with the Miami Heat last year. But there just isn't any reason to think these two would mesh well.

Johnson had an impressive .417 three-point shooting percentage with the Heat in 2015-16 after coming over from the Nets (Johnson now plays for the Jazz). But Johnson's slick three-point shooting would steal away Curry's thunder. The Warriors main offensive attack tactic is to give Curry the ball and sink the three-pointers. Maybe having Johnson and Curry would be great for the Warriors.

But do you think their franchise face would be willing to sacrifice three-pointers in exchange for Johnson? There's just no way.

13 Jeremy Lin

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Linsansity, Super Lintendo, you name it. Jeremy Lin had a brief stretch with the New York Knicks in 2012 where he was winning games late and standing out. He appeared to be a star, or so we thought. He was a short-term one-hit wonder. But for that, everyone wants to think of him as a big name. Lin is just a household name at this point.

The 6-feet-3 point guard played back with the Warriors in 2010-11, so that ship has long sailed. Lin is already on his fourth team dating back to 2014. He bounces around and around, and it seems like his name is used more for selling tickets.

Lin may be averaging double-digit points a game, but he's nothing special. Bringing him to Golden State would just steal unnecessary attention from Curry. That wouldn't slide with him.

12 Joakim Noah

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Joakim Noah isn't much of a scoring machine, but the man does play slick defence. He was the NBA's 2014 Defensive Player of the Year and a two-time NBA All-Defensive First Team member. Seeing that, he just wouldn't fit in well with the way Curry and the Warriors play.

Defence is good in basketball, but the sport places an emphasis on scoring points. Curry would be trying to sink three pointers while Noah would want to worry more about shutting down the opposition. You can't have these two playing on the same court. It's just setting up for disaster.

Noah also has a knack for trying to get in the opposition's head and face. He tries to rattle his opponents in hopes of forcing them into doing something stupid. The Warriors are a very disciplined team, so Noah isn't a fit with Curry.

11 Kyrie Irving

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving is a point guard, as is Curry. We wouldn't see these two on the court at the same time, but there's no questioning these two would get along as well as Donald Trump and Barack Obama during a meeting for coffee.

Irving is a stud at three-point shooting. Just see his game-winner against Warriors in the final moments of Game 7. That's one of the many clutch shots he's made. But despite that, he doesn't quite shoot the three-pointer like Curry. You can just imagine Curry trying to tell him to do nothing but shoot threes. Irving would tell him to stick to his own game. That could cause friction.

Also, Irving and Curry must feel a rivalry after their last two intense meetings in the NBA Finals. Hard to see how they could put things aside and play well on the same team together.

10 Kevin Love

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love has been able to succeed just about anywhere he's gone. He was the lone standout on a miserable Minnesota Timberwolves team from 2008-2014. He was a three-time All-Star and averaged 26.1 points per game in his final season there.

His two years with the Cleveland Cavaliers haven't been disasters, but his overall play has gone own. Love averaged 16.4 points a game in 2014-15 and followed it up with 16. He averaged no lower than 18.3 points a game in his final four seasons with the Timberwolves.

He was a disaster in the NBA Finals against Golden State, scoring just 18 total points in the final three games. Now imagine Love with a more star-studded Warriors team. Love has been good, not great in Cleveland. He and Curry would just ruin team chemistry if put on the court together.

9 Derrick Rose

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose's 2011 NBA MVP doesn't seem that long ago, depending on who you ask. D-Rose was supposed to be the Chicago Bulls icon that brought back the glory days that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen once produced. Rose never stayed healthy, and now he and Noah try to rekindle their old magic with the Knicks.

Rose hasn't been an All-Star since 2012, and it appears as though the 28-year-old will be nothing more than an above-average point guard at best. Now, if he comes to the Warriors, it would just be a massive disaster. Imagine Rose with Green, Durant, and Thompson. He'd go all-out to do everything in his power to be an MVP again, which would mean trying to make Curry the forgotten man in Golden State. You think that would sit well with Curry?

8 James Harden

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

James Harden was once part of a dominant trio in Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Now, he's an overpaid and overrated member of the Houston Rockets, who thought he'd go from the third guy in OKC to THE GUY in Texas. That obviously hasn't turned out well in any way, shape or form.

If Harden were to join the Thunder, he would reform two-thirds of that dominant trio in Oklahoma City. But Westbrook and Curry are two different players. Harden has also changed his ways a lot in Houston. You notice he's trying to do it too much on his own. He was much more of a team player in Oklahoma City.

It's been five years since he last played with Durant. Bringing him back to the Warriors would be asking for disaster. You think he'd actually be a team player with Durant and Curry?

7 Paul Pierce

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Pierce is a washed-up and past-his-prime player at this point. He's still playing because he has a little bit of gas left, but not much. He's also just a big name that can mean a big paycheck. Oh, and he has the biggest mouth in the NBA. And his trash talk has proven to be extremely effective (see 2015 playoffs when his Washington Wizards faced the Toronto Raptors).

But 2008 aside, Pierce hasn't been able to back up his trash talk. Put him on Curry's team, and Pierce won't be able to shut his mouth. The Dubs are all about showing their talent instead of talking about it. Curry is also one of the most likeable players because of how he shows class and doesn't try to be a jerk. Pierce is nothing more than a cocky jerk. He would not fit with Curry. Period.

6 Carmelo Anthony

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony's loyalty to the New York Knicks needs to be admired, but it's clear he's there for one reason. He'd rather be the star in America's biggest city than to win championships. Curry has shown all he wants to do is win championships. Two star players, but there's just no way these two guys' views would be able to work on one team.

The small forward has averaged over 20 points a game in each season of his entire career. Melo has been a slick three-point shooter as well. He has shot .344 in his career from downtown. But again, he and Curry are so magnificent when it comes to shooting threes that it just would be too much for both of them to work together.

This goes back to the Warriors' idea of just having Curry drill threes. Melo would want to drill threes too. But these two guys together? No thanks. And again, Melo's ideas of trying to be the shining star on the team.

5 Dwyane Wade

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Dwayne Wade was one of the best players of this generation, but unfortunately his knees have given out and he's now on his last legs. Nevermind his resurgent 2015-16, he's going to have it tough in Chicago without Chris Bosh. Take a look at Wade, and it's clear to everyone that he and Curry are not going to last together.

Wade is a 12-time All-Star and three-time NBA Champion with the Miami Heat. It's easy to think his experience coupled with Curry would make them a better team, but you need to look a little more closely at the situation.

The former Heat star isn't so reliant on his threes, Curry is better off with his current core over Wade. The latter averaged just 19 points per game last season, tied for his worst since his second season. No point in putting Curry on this guy's team. It would just be a huge distraction to both.

4 Chris Bosh

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh was easily one of the NBA's most dominant forces during his days with the Toronto Raptors and during his time with the Miami Heat. But Bosh's scary blood clot injury has put his career on jeopardy. We sincerely hope he recovers and can come back. But even if healthy, Curry would not want to play with Bosh for many reasons.

Bosh has been a mastermind flopper for a lot of his career, and isn't much of a team player. Yeah, he flashed well with D-Wade and LeBron James in Miami, but none of those guys run the style of Curry. Plus, everyone remembers how much Bosh would habitually disappear during the NBA Finals. The man was never a money player when it counted most.

3 Blake Griffin

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

There's no sugercoating just how great Blake Griffin is. He's a five-time NBA All-Star and has averaged 21.5 points and 9.6 rebounds a game throughout his career. He and Chris Paul have made the Los Angeles Clippers more relevant than the Los Angeles Lakers, defying anything a basketball historian would have expected.

But there's a lot wrong with Griffin's personality. He's known for being brash and arrogant. He loves to get throw cheapshots and get away with it. He hit Chandler Parsons below the belt, he has gotten into scrums with people like Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green and has made so many other enemies in his NBA career.

Griffin is also reportedly on thin ice in Los Angeles, as he's clashed with management behind the scenes. He's a selfish player with a toxic attitude. That's not what Curry would want or need.

2 LeBron James

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It seems ludicrous to think that the NBA's two best players would refuse to play together, but at the same time, it's not. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal could only tolerate each other for so long. Kevin Durant reportedly had some tension with Russell Westbrook during their time in OKC.

Not all stars can play together, and Curry and LeBron James would not work as a tandem. You know Curry is all about thrilling the three-pointers. James is about playing at both ends of the court and shooting anywhere on the court while carrying a team all on his own.

Plus, Curry and LeBron are out to try to dent the other's legacy while making a name for themselves as the best player of their generation. LeBron and Curry may get along nicely as opponents, but there's no way it works on the same team.

1 Dwight Howard

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Most people will tell you that Kobe Bryant is an all-time great. Not quite Michael Jordan great, but better than LeBron James and Stephen Curry great. Not even the great Bryant could make Dwight Howard a superstar, though.

Just look at what happened to Howard. He was the face of the Orlando Magic franchise. Then he went to form a superteam with Bryant and Steve Nash in Los Angeles. He never gelled with the Lakers and refused a second opportunity to don the gold. He went to the Rockets and failed to gel with James Harden.

Howard has shown that he's really a star if he's the guy himself. But he hasn't been able to share the court with other stars. He's also very arrogant and wants to do it on his own. There's absolutely no way Curry would welcome him to Golden State.

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