15 Recent NBA Memes That Are Absolutely Savage

The 2017-18 NBA season is right around the corner, and we could not be happier. Most people look at the summer time and just imagine how they’re going to enjoy going out with their friends, partying at the beach, going camping, and all of that kind of stuff. We, true NBA fans, on the other hand, usually spend our summers lying in bed, just waiting for that fated October night when summer is over, and we can finally enjoy some much-needed basketball action.

So guess what? The time has come, and the ball is about to get tossed. However, this summer was not as bad as many NBA fans were expecting. As a matter of fact, we got way more action than we were even hoping to get. Sure, before the circus began we got the news about Paul George, and we had some big-time rookies everyone wanted to watch in the summer league. There were a couple of free agents who created buzzes throughout the entirety of last season, but, at the end of the day, no one expected some of the major moves that ended up happening during the off-season.

Kyrie Irving getting traded, Isaiah Thomas joining forces with LeBron, Paul George going to OKC, Chris Paul moving to Houston, and the list goes on and on. Moves like these, as well as a few summer workout videos (you know which one we are talking about), kept us entertained until the beginning of the season and provided more than enough fuel for the meme machine to keep doing its magic. So here are 15 recent NBA memes that are absolutely savage.

15 Don’t do Russ Like That

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Russell Westbrook is a unique player. Seriously, it is not always that you find a guy who can average a triple-double throughout an entire season. But still, you can find Oklahoma City Thunder fans who are not all that happy with Westbrook. He is one of the best players in the league, and he is the reigning MVP for a reason, but he might also be the reason why OKC has yet to win an NBA title.

Seriously, just think back to when Kevin Durant was still wearing the blue jersey. How many times did the Thunder lose key games because Westbrook decided it was his time to shine and took some ridiculous shot while the best scorer in the league was open right next to him? Either way, he might be the triple-double King, but Westbrook does not even come close to measuring up to LeBron when the stats above are the subject.

14 That’s just cold

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Isaiah Thomas has been the talk of the league since last season. The first reason behind that is because he was the fundamental piece in helping the Celtics to the best record in the Eastern Conference during the regular season. The second and obvious reason is that this dude might just be one of the best little guys in the game. But while his play has gotten compliments from fans and critics alike, his size is something that the Internet never seems to get tired of making fun of.

You can count on your fingers how many days you have spent this summer without seeing some kind of meme making fun of Isaiah Thomas for being short. Still, this one is the perfect embodiment of all of the IT jokes.

13 The fate of a Celtic

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The world was taken by storm when Kyrie Irving decided to come out and say that he wanted out of Cleveland. Regardless of what opinion you have on the subject, no one can deny that this was undoubtedly the biggest news of the NBA off-season. When the initial hit from the news settled down, people got to start wondering what the Cavs would do and which teams could make moves to acquire the guy who might just be the best scoring point guard in the NBA today.

When push came to shove, the Celtics swung hard to left field and managed to get the home run by trading quite a lot of talent to get Kyrie on the roster. Whether they will have the last laugh or not, only time will tell, but what the majority of pundits and fans alike seem to believe is that Irving and Gordon Hayward just joined forces so they could lose to LeBron together.

12 The real deal

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We cannot even remember the last time Carmelo Anthony spent an entire season without hearing hateful words from critics and fans. They claim he doesn’t care about winning, or say that he’s a player who will never win a championship, some even say that he has been underperforming regardless of who is playing next to him or against him.

Well, it seems like Carmelo decided to show people he could still play basketball at the highest level this off-season. He did that with a workout video that has already become an NBA folk legend. Seriously, if you have not watched the "Melo in a hoodie" summer workout video, you don’t know what you are missing. You could have put Michael Jordan against that guy, and MJ would have lost. If the NBA allowed him to play wearing a hoodie, Melo would be MVP every season.

11 He knows daddy’s weakness

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If there is one guy in the NBA everyone seems to be sorry for, it is Derrick Rose. Rose was supposed to be the next big thing, and for some time he was the real deal. Do any of you remember how good D Rose was the year he won that MVP title? It was ridiculous.

Ever since his first knee injury, however, the guy we loved to watch in Chicago disappeared from the NBA. We can still catch a glimpse or two during the regular season when he slashes to the basket with glimmers of what Bulls fans had gotten used to watching earlier in his career. Either way, his kid seems to know exactly how to take daddy down. One kick to the knees and D Rose’s fate would be another season-ending injury.

10 JR Probz

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The trend over the summer was that the Isaiah Thomas-themed memes seemed to be getting more and more attention, so the people who make memes started to focus on them. And this happens every year. When some player is all people can talk about on the news, then everyone on social media just starts to follow that trend. Nevertheless, there is one guy who is always being featured on memes regardless of how well or bad he played the previous season.

J.R. Smith is a human highlight machine, not only on the court but also on the Internet. You seriously cannot get more entertaining than JR. He loves winning, he loves playing basketball, but above all, he loves having fun. And you’ll never see JR happier than when he is drinking Hennessy.

9 Poor Nets

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The only sports fans who don’t suffer are the bandwagoners. If you are a true sports fan, you have one team you love, and you always follow, regardless of how good or bad they are in any given season. As true sports fans, we believe bandwagoners should be banned from NBA discussions and everything that involves sports. Still, there are cases where the loyalty fans have to their teams turns out to be nothing more than just painful. In a league like the NBA with the draft system in place, everything is worked towards having constant shifts in power and always having teams fluctuating between being good or bad.

And then you have the Nets. We know “the process” might take a while, but seriously, what kind of process is going on in Brooklyn? Do they even have a future? D-LO? LOL

8 Poor Melo

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We talked about the new legend around the league that is Carmelo Anthony playing while wearing a hoodie. But even the hoodie cannot save Melo from one thing. He is still a New York Knick, and he is still going to be a New York Knick unless he decides to waive that no-trade clause and go to a team that actually has something the Knicks would want in a trade for him.

But as many specialists have said, as much as Melo seems distressed and says he wants to leave, he doesn't appear to be the kind of guy who would go all-in towards change. After all, if there is one thing he has been accused of and never really made an effort of rebutting were the claims he is happy to lose as long as he can cash huge paychecks.

7 The Hayward effect

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Growing up is part of being a human being. Everyone grows up at some point, and with that, your body changes and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, we all got that spiel at some point in our lives. The one thing they didn’t say, however, was how people could quickly change even after they become adults.

When Gordon Hayward arrived in the NBA as a young prospect for the Utah Jazz, everyone thought he looked like that goofy kid who was present in every single high school and college movie. You know, that kid who is always really nice and his mom cuts his hair, that kind of stuff?

Little did we know that a few years in Utah would be enough to turn Gordon Hayward into… Well… Today’s Gordon Hayward.

6 White walkers in 4

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If there is one thing that has kept some NBA fans sane throughout the whole summer was that even though they could not enjoy a great game of basketball every night, they could look forward to watching Game of Thrones every Sunday.

It is not the same. Still, it is something that could keep your mind from thinking about how Kyrie Irving and LeBron James are going to deal with the first time they face off against each other, or how Isaiah Thomas will be received in his return to Boston, and we are going on a tangent, sorry about that.

Back to the topic, a lot of NBA fans watch Game of Thrones, and since the show seems to be getting close to its “playoffs,” we would like to know who would you pick to take home the iron throne? White Walkers in four? Anyone?

5 Blake racking up them curses

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One of the big surprises this summer was how Blake Griffin decided to stay put in Los Angeles with the Clippers. A lot of people were banking on the idea that he would not pick up his player option and go to Oklahoma City, back to his home state to play alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Still, it seems like Blake is happy in L.A. and he does not want to leave.

There is just one little problem with Blake’s L.A. lifestyle that has Clippers fans climbing their walls and dreading what will happen next. Not only do they already have a curse to worry about, but there have been several reports around the tabloid spectrum that Blake Griffin has constantly been spotted with Kendall Jenner, who is technically a Kardashian. But who knows, maybe the Clipper curse and the Kardashian curse cancel each other out.

4 Classic J.R.

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We have already established that J.R. Smith is one, if not the, most entertaining player in the NBA away from the basketball court. This guy has done everything from spending a whole month without his shirt, to being featured in some of the most hilarious memes that have to do with the NBA. So what better than to mash together a JR Smith meme with the talk of the summer, which was the Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas trade between the Cavs and the Celtics.

The funny thing is that this could actually happen since J.R. might still be a little hung over from the off-season partying when IT actually shows up to practice. How many of you would doubt that this guy doesn’t even know the trade happened?


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Again, sorry but we cannot get away from the Isaiah Thomas talk. This guy has always been a good player, but since the Celtics took the top spot in the East last year in the regular season, his play started to get worldwide recognition. Still, you cannot get away from the fact that he is one of the few NBA players with whom fans can take pictures and still look tall. Take this kid for example. He wanted to show off to his mom how he got to meet one of the best players in basketball and see the new Cavs gear before it even went to market. But Isaiah Thomas is so short that the kid's mom actually thought that was a friend of his who was also looking at the new gear. You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

2 The Snake

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Kevin Durant quickly went from being one of the most beloved players in the NBA to one of the most hated. By leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder and joining the Golden State Warriors, Durant basically took the LeBron decision to go to Miami to a whole new level. You might agree with it or not, but when LeBron went to Miami, he and the other guys created an entirely new team with the goal winning a championship. Sure, they were great players, but it was not set in stone that they would work out well together.

Durant’s decision was much simpler. He just left the team that gave him everything in the NBA to join the best team in the league. Yes, the Sorting Hat would undoubtedly send him to Slytherin in Hogwarts.

1 One Last IT joke

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Since we have talked about this guy throughout the entire article, and he has been the talk of the media and the fans throughout the off-season, there was no better way to cap off this list than to show you the first encounter between LeBron James and his new point guard. Oops, sorry, that just looked like Isaiah Thomas but is actually just a kid. Or is it Isaiah Thomas?

You know what, just give that kid a ball and let’s see what happens. All jokes aside, we cannot wait to see what a healthy Isaiah Thomas is going to be able to do next to the best player in the game. The same can be said about Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward in the Celtics, Paul George in OKC, and all the other new faces around the league. Cheers to the new season!

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