15 Retired NBA Stars That Have Smoking Hot Wives

These retired players have had varying careers in the NBA, but the one thing they share in common is that, in retirement, they still have hot wives.

When you're young, you dream of the playing in the NBA because of an undying love for the sport and visions of an entire arena full of fans chanting your name. You visualize making a last-second, go-ahead, three-point shot to win the NBA championship and that's all that seems to matter. For most young players, that dream fades by the time they reach high school, when it's pretty much been determined that no level of hard work is going to overcome a lack of natural talent. Yet, for those that are on a path toward playing professionally, whether that involves playing AAU, high-level high school ball, and eventually college, it becomes about much more than just the game.

Sure, the love of the game never really leaves, but the bright lights of superstardom and everything that comes with it can be pretty enticing. The better you play, the better the chance you have of making it to the NBA and the better you play there the more more you're going to make. The more money you're going to make the better the chance you have at living an unimaginable life of luxury. Of course, after enjoying that fast lifestyle for a few years, you're going to want to settle down, just like these former NBA players did. The following 15 retired players have had varying careers in the NBA, but the one thing they share in common is that, in retirement, they still have smoking-hot wives.

15 Kobe Bryant - Vanessa Bryant


As if its any surprise that one of the greatest players of all-time has one the best-looking wives in the game, and that's even counting current players. Kobe and Vanessa were just 22 and 19 respectively when they wed and are still together to this day, even after Kobe's sexual assault trial, which was headline news for the better part of a year. Kobe screwed up, but there's a reason he spent $4 million on an eight-carat diamond ring for Vanessa.

14 Matt Bonner - Nadia Bonner


From the Black Mamba to the Red Mamba. Matt Bonner, or the "Red Rocket," as he has often been referred, was a more talented Brian Scalabrine who came into the league with little fanfare but managed to carve out a 12-year career between the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors. The big man was an adept three-point shooter, once leading the league in three-point percentage with .457. He also has great aim off the court, securing himself a beautiful wife, Nadia.

13 Jason Kidd - Porschla Coleman


One of the game's all-time triple-threat point guards, Jason Kidd could do it all from the one; he could score, rebound, and pass the ball with equal ability. The ten-time All-Star averaged 12.6 points, 8.7 assists, and 6.3 rebounds throughout his 21-year career, but as good as he was on the court he had his troubles off of it. He married his first wife Joumana in 1997 and, four years later, he was arrested for domestic abuse. Yet, the couple stayed together until 2007.

Upon returning to Dallas, where he met his first wife, Kidd quickly fell for his current wife, Porschla Coleman. Not surprisingly, Coleman is a former model who previously won a competition on Star Search in 2003. She was also once linked to Russel Simmons, but she married Kidd on September 10, 2011, just before his third-to-last season in the league.

12 Christian Laettner -  Lisa Thibault


Although best known for his collegiate career with the Duke Blue Devils, former third overall pick Christian Laettner enjoyed decent success in the NBA, at least enough to not be considered a colossal bust. The New York native played a combined 15 seasons for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Washington Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons, and Miami Heat. While playing for the Hawks, Laettner married Lisa Thibault and the couple has stayed together ever since. In fact, they've now been married for over 20 years.

11 Chris Bosh - Adrienne Williams

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Chris Bosh has not yet officially retired, but the former Miami Heat and Toronto Raptor's illness that caused him to miss all of last season was recently diagnosed as career-ending in a joint medical review conducted by the NBA and its players' union. Bosh himself hasn't ruled out a comeback, but he would be wise to consider his health going forward, especially since he already has two NBA championships, will likely shine in broadcasting, and has a beautiful wife at home.

10 Juwan Howard - Jenine Howard 


Forty-four-year-old Juwan Howard isn't going to appear on the cover of GQ anytime soon, so the fact his wife is an absolute stunner can likely be attributed to the fact he made millions throughout his career. Perhaps being 6-foot-9 helps too (nice). A fifth overall pick in the 1994 NBA Draft, Howard played 22 seasons in the league. He married his wife, Jenine, in July of 2002 years after meeting at a party thrown by Alonzo Mourning - it turns out Howard has more than just a championship ring to thank the Heat for.

9 Chris Webber - Erika Dates


Chris Webber was entertaining on the court while with the Sacramento Kings and he's just as entertaining in the broadcast booth. The 6-foot-9 former power forward and first overall pick in the 1993 NBA Draft played 17 seasons in the league between five different teams and averaged 20.7 points per game throughout his career. Throughout the last few years of his career, he began dating Erika Dates after a failed relationship with Tyra Banks (ouch). Dates is no America's Top Model, but she's damn fine herself.

8 Steve Kerr - Margot Kerr


Steve Kerr might just be one of the luckiest athletes in all of professional sports. The former second round pick by the Phoenix Suns managed to carve out a lengthy career as a backup point guard and won five NBA championships while doing so, all while averaging just 4.3 points and 1.2 assists in the playoffs. It's often those players who serve as good coaches and Kerr is no exception. In just three years as coach of the Golden State Warriors, the team has been to the NBA Finals every season and won two championships.

7 Shane Battier - Heidi Ufer


It's often the case that a player will use his fame and success as a chance to meet beautiful women, but Shane Battier wasn't your average NBA star. The former sixth overall pick of the Memphis Grizzlies is a highly-intelligent dude who was chosen as the seventh-smartest athlete in sports by Sporting News in 2010 and was once asked to run for Senate by the Michigan Democratic Party.

6 Grant Hill - Tamia Hill 


NBA players seem to really connect with R&B singers. Juwan Howard's wife Jenine was a little-known singer for a brief period in her career and Grant Hill's wife, Tamia, is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose catalog includes You Put a Move on My Heart and a feature on the 2003 Fabolous' song Into You. A six-time Grammy -nominated singer, she is as beautiful as she is talented. She released her sixth studio album, Love Life, in 2015.

5 Andrei Kirilenko - Masha Lopatova


Andrei "AK47" Kirilenko is a former 24th overall pick by the Utah Jazz who became a fan favorite in his ten seasons with the team and led the league in blocks with 3.3 per game during the 2004-05 season. The Russian first came to North America in 2001 and did so just after marrying his girlfriend, Masha Lopatova.

4 Luke Walton - Bre Ladd


Athletes are often attracted to each other and that was the case with Luke Walton and Bre Ladd, who the former Los Angeles Laker married in 2013 after his final season in the NBA. Walton, the 32nd overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, was a star at the University of Arizona, as was Ladd, who was a standout middle blocker on the volleyball team. That much isn't surprising as she's one of the few WAGs of retired players who actually doesn't appear that short when standing next to her 6-foot-8 husband.

3 Michael Jordan - Yvette Prieto


The entire basketball world continues to discuss whether or not LeBron James might be close to Michael Jordan, but the six-time NBA champion could care less as he sits in his beautiful home with his numerous awards and beautiful wife, Yvette Prieto (OK, that's a stretch, he completely cares about being "The Goat," but you get the point). Jordan married Juanita Vanoy in 1989 after meeting her at a Chicago restaurant. The couple stayed together for 17 years, which in today's age is an accomplishment in itself.

2 Charlie Villanueva - Michelle Game

Something feels wrong about slotting Charlie Villanueva in between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but it's completely deserving in this instance. Charlie V might have been one of the weirdest-looking dudes in NBA's recent history, in part owed to the fact he has a rare skin ailment that prevents hair from growing on his body, but even with hair it's hard to picture him being a good-looking dude. Yet, he must ooze personality because he recently married Michelle Game, a model, video extra, stylist, and founder of her own fitness clothing line.

1 Scottie Pippen - Larsa Younan

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Technically, Scottie Pippen and his wife Larsa Younan are still married, though it doesn't appear as though they'll be together for much longer. In fact, as of June 10, Younan was filing paperwork for the divorce. Still, it's hard not to include the beauty on this list, especially given the juicy details of the breakdown of their marriage.

Pippen, of the 50 greatest players to play in the NBA and former sidekick to Michael Jordan, married Younan in 1997, seven years after his first marriage to Karen McCollum ended. Younan is a 42-year-old bombshell who stars in The Real Housewives of Miami and recently had an affair with the rapper Future. Pippen welcomed his wife back after the affair, but Younan recently decided she had enough with the 51-year-old former star.

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15 Retired NBA Stars That Have Smoking Hot Wives