15 Steamy Photos Of Women Who Got With NBA Stars

It’s probably not going to shock you to learn that NBA players tend to attract a lot of beautiful women. Maybe it’s the fame, the fortune, the athletic bodies, or just that really attractive women happen to be huge basketball fans, but there is something about being a professional basketball player that leads to the opportunity to engage in some world class hookups. Moreso than even football, soccer, baseball, and hockey players, basketball players really seem to know how to combine quality with quantity when sleeping around on the road or eventually deciding to settle down with a longtime supermodel girlfriend.

But who is the hottest of them all? Of the countless number of women that the biggest NBA stars - and even a few bench warmers - have slept with over the years, who are the ones that really make you regret that you didn’t practice shooting a basketball every night when you were a child until you literally could no longer stand? To be certain, it would take years to properly showcase the numerous women that deserve recognition for being the most attractive of NBA player conquests. If you’re short on time, though, check out these 15 not so PG pictures of women who hooked up with NBA stars.

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15 15 . Erin Barry’s Lingerie Photos

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The extent of Erin Barry’s hookups depends on who you ask and who you believe. What we know for a fact is that this Brent and Erin Barry had been dating since high school and decided to get married in 1998 just three years after Brent was selected in the top-15 of the ‘95 NBA Draft. Years later, the seemingly happy couple had called it quits. At the time, the popular theory behind their break-up was that Erin had slept with Brent’s teammate, Tony Parker. Mind you, Parker was with Eva Longoria at this time. All parties involved denied the allegations, but they seemed to have surfaced from some fairly reliable sources who claim that Tony and Erin’s relationship at least included some questionable text exchanges.

14 Eva Longoria - Ultimate Housewife

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Before we move away from Tony Parker and his almost unnatural ability to catch the attention of all-time beautiful women, we do have to talk about his official extended hook-up, Eva Longoria. Longoria had been bouncing around the entertainment industry for years before she finally found national fame after starring in Desperate Housewives. Since then, Longoria has been described as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She and Tony Parker announced their engagement in 2006 and seemed to be an unstoppable power couple. That is, of course, until Parker allegedly decided to sleep with his teammate’s wife. How anyone could ever think of cheating on Eva Longoria is beyond our comprehension, but then again, we aren’t world famous basketball players who regularly deal with such tempting opportunities.

13 Sundy Carter's Bikini Body

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Larry Hughes doesn’t get a lot of love from the average basketball fan. Hughes was selected in the first round of the NBA Draft in 1998 after a promising college career. He bounced around the league for a few years as a journeyman who only ever really showed flashes of stardom. He was a solid contributor, but rarely anything greater than that. Well...at least on the court. Off the court, Hughes was much more of a baller. While he was married, Hughes hooked up with a young woman named Sundy Carter with whom he had an old-fashioned NBA love child. Since then, Carter has done her best to stay in the national spotlight largely by wearing as little as the place she is visiting will allow.

12 Aleka Kamila's Bad Girl Photoshoot

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While some NBA players like to “play the field” a bit when it comes to dating, others recognize when they’ve already won the lottery and just stop buying lottery tickets. After fleeing Belgrade at a young age to escape the war, Peja Stojaković discovered that he was a pretty great basketball player. In fact, the Sacramento Kings selected him 14th overall in the 1996 NBA Draft due to size and shooting ability. Just when you thought life couldn’t get much better for Stojaković, he goes and marries a Greek supermodel named Aleka Kamila. Kamilia is an absurdly attractive who seemingly hasn’t aged in the last couple of decades. Actually, while she was always a good looking woman, she has actually gotten hotter as she’s gotten older.

11 Dominica Westling's Body Makes Shaq Become Even Dumber

via thesuperficial.com

Look, when you become an international superstar basketball player, you’re basically handed a license to hook up with was many blonde girls as you can. It’s part of the reason why young athletes pursue a career in basketball in the first place. Shaquille O’Neal was supposedly a pretty big fan of this arrangement as the man went out of his way in his younger years to hook up with every club girl and beach bunny he could find. That much became clear when Shaq’s personal emails and texts were leaked a few years ago and some risque (and really poorly spelled) exchanges between him and model Dominica Westling were revealed. Westling and Shaq had apparently...known each other quite well in the past based on their conversations about what they’d love to do to each other again.

10 Lauren London's Pink Bikini

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Model/actress Lauren London got her break appearing in music videos for singers like Snoop Dogg and Tyrese. You know when a music video calls for an usually attractive to lounge by a pool or huddle around a car? That was London’s specialty. She eventually transitioned into television and movies, but never lost her “girl that hangs by the humvee while Snoop Dogg flashes money” supermodel looks. While London was married to Lil Wayne for quite a few years, Shaq once alleged that Dwyane Wade hooked up London while Wade was still married. Wade downplayed the allegations, but as this was part of the Shaq leaks, there are a lot of people who have a hard time believing he would just pull this out of the blue. If this rumor is true….way to go Wade.

9 Gabrielle Union - More Than Mrs. Wade

via brownvista.com

Before we let Dwyane Wade off the hook for his alleged indiscretions, let’s talk about the woman he supposedly cheated on. Gabrielle Union has said that many people didn’t believe that she was that attractive growing up, which we find kind of hard to believe given that she was an absolute stunner by the time that she made her first film and tv appearances. Regardless, Union’s talents helped her rise through the Hollywood ranks and enjoy appearances in films like Love & Basketball and Bring it On. While Union used to run around with Jason Kidd, she eventually married Dwyane Wade. Despite allegations of Wade’s extramarital activities, the two remain married and have a kid together. Union also remains otherworldly attractive, in case you are wondering.

8 Meghan Allen's Fearless Form

via basketinfos.com

In case you ever doubted young attractive blonde girl’s ability to become at least somewhat famous at some point, let’s look at Meghan Allen. Allen’s first notable public showcase came when she participated in the reality show, Fear Factor. After that, Playboy approached her to see if she’d be interested in appearing nude for the magazine as part of their “women of Fear Factor” special. Allen agreed and soon became one of Playboy’s favorite models. After appearing in some softcore videos and online photo shoots, Allen eventually appeared on the Howard Stern show where she revealed that she played a game called “Dumb as a Rock” and revealed she was dating Dallas Mavericks shooting guard, Devin Harris. Since then, Harris has married Allen and the two have a pair of children.

7 Nawal Ayoub Barely There Top

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Have you ever seen someone that was so attractive that you felt compelled to give a high five to the person that was dating them? That’s pretty much who Nawal Ayoub is. Ayoub is a professional model/beauty queen of Lebanese and Colombian descent. Her accolades include a run as Miss Bogota, a win in the Miss Earth Lebanon 2014 competition, and a strong showing in the Miss Earth 2014 pageant. What we’re getting at here is that Ayoub is the kind of attractive that people will throw money at in the hopes that she’ll stick around just a little longer. At some point, the very lucky Andrea Bargnani was officially named as Ayoub’s lucky boyfriend. It’s not known if the two are still an item or not.

6 Elsa Benitez Is the Ultimate Bikini Model

via si.com

In a time before ridiculously attractive women could take to the internet to show their bodies off to the world, Elsa Benitez achieved global fame as a professional model. She got her start after winning several beauty and modeling contests in Mexico and soon appeared on the cover of magazines like Vogue and Glamour. When she appeared in Sports Illustrated, she pretty much took over the modeling world. Benítez's exotic looks have attracted everyone from film producers to some of the richest men in the world. For a time, however, Benitez was linked to former NBA journeyman Rony Seikaly. The two ran around during the late ‘90s, had a daughter together, and eventually separated in 2006. Don’t feel too made for Seikaly, though, as he eventually married a Brazilian model named Martha Graeff.

5 Carla DiBello Bathing in Sunlight

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So far as we can tell, Carla DiBello has seemingly made a career out of being attractive and Kim Kardashian’s friend. That combination has landed her modelling gigs, advertising opportunities, and other ways to make money off her good looks. However, most people seemingly become aware of her sometime during those glorious months when every single attractive woman in the country revealed that they had, at some point, slept with Kobe Bryant. It seems that Bryant and DiBello apparently hooked up sometime after Kobe’s divorce, but some allegations suggest that the two had been together before the divorce was official. Details aside, DiBello stands as one of Bryant’s most attractive - alleged - conquests and a pretty great testament to the drawing power of an all-time great NBA career.

4 Michelle Money is Money and Knows It

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Michelle Money may have an adult star name, but her looks are a step above even the best looking women in that particular industry. Money’s first real brush with fame came when she participated in the reality show, The Bachelor. She was your average crazy reality show contest who once threatened to beat the bachelor up if he didn’t date her. When she wasn’t on reality shows or serving as a hairdresser, Money reportedly slept around with NBA star Carlos Boozer. Money admitted in an interview that she slept with Boozer sometime around the time that Boozer was still married.

In typical NBA player fashion, Boozer denied the allegations, but we’re willing to guess that Boozer simply couldn’t resist Mrs. Money if for no other reason than the fact that there are so many good puns he could have made using her last name when bragging about the conquest.

3 Vanessa Curry's Kobe-Tempting Body

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Whether you saw her as a member of the Pussycat Dolls or know her for her performance of the - somewhat - hit single Watch Me, there’s a good chance your first look at Vanessa Curry left quite the impression. Of course, if you’re like most NBA fans, you never knew Curry existed until you heard the rumor that she was one of many Kobe Bryant mistresses. The pair apparently met when Curry was working as a Laker Girl. In fact, some say that the affair happened when Curry was only 18 years old. Kobe’s lawyers tried shutting the whole thing down before anyone could prove that the relationship actually happened, but by that time, Curry’s undeniable sex appeal had captured the imaginations of NBA fans everywhere.

2 Amelia Vega....Whoa

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Amelia Vega didn’t hesitate to cash in her winning genetic lottery ticket as the Dominican beauty began modeling and participating in beauty competitions from a very young age. Eventually, she went on to win the Miss Dominican Republic title and even won Miss Universe in 2003. After doing some more modeling work, charity work, and whatever kind of work it is that is offered to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Vega decided to finally settle down with boyfriend Al Horford and have some children. While marriage and motherhood have slowed down Vega’s modeling work somewhat, Vega’s looks have not faded away whatsoever. You really could make the argument that she’s the most attractive basketball wife in the league and certainly an all-time great NBA hook up.

1 Jessica Burciaga's Birthday Suit

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We’ve referenced Kobe Bryant’s mistresses quite a few times during this list largely because Mr. Bryant had exquisite tastes in his hook ups. However, the one woman who is usually singled out as being the “one mistress too many” that ruined Kobe’s marriage may also be the hottest of them all. As per usual, Jessica Burciaga denies ever having an affair with Bryant or being the one whose exploits killed Kobe’s marriage. However, the evidence suggests that she may be stretching the truth there just a bit. Shortly after her name was revealed, NBA fans searched for more information about Burciaga and quickly found that she had done some high-profile full spreads for Playboy that rank among the hottest shoots of the publications modern era. We’re not saying Kobe did or didn’t hook up with Burciaga. We’re just saying that if he did, then she’s the hottest hook up of them all.

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