15 Pictures Of Basketball WAGs You HAVE To See

NBA wives and girlfriends are often some of the hottest looking women that the sports world has to offer.

Whether it is their eyes, their bodies or anywhere in between, NBA wives and girlfriends are often some of the hottest looking women that the sports world has to offer. Some of these lovely ladies are longtime friends of their famous athlete boyfriend/husband, whereas other happen to be hookups found in the crowd at games or in the hotel or at the club.

Regardless of where they meet their love interests, some have to wonder how exactly some of these NBA guys manage to score these smokeshow hotties when they can hardly even put the ball in the basket. Sure, some of these guys are a given, they're in shape, good looking and successful both on the court and at the bank, but others just want to make you shake your head in amazement as to what (read: money and fame) some of these ladies find appealing.

When it comes down to the who's who of the sports world and their "better half", NBA players have been known to stand a rung above NFL, NHL and MLB players. Below is just a taste of fifteen of the most beautiful women that the NBA players are currently hooked up with. While the definition of "PG" is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes a seductive look is equally as alluring as showing a little (or a lot) of booty.

15 Kamiah Adams (Bradley Beal)

Out here trying to get my daddy color 😅

A post shared by Kamiah Adams (@kamiahadams) on

The Washington Wizards shooting guard is not the best player on his team (that title belongs to John Wall, who we will see later) but he does have the privilege of having the hottest partner on the team. The 24 year old Puerto Rican beauty is mostly been known for her role on the reality show Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood and for being a social media model. While most of the credit for the Wizards success goes to their All-Star point guard, Beal plays a great Robin to Wall's Batman.

14 La La Anthony (Carmelo Anthony)


A post shared by LaLa (@lala) on

This picture makes one want to scream Honey Of An O! So what's Carmelo thinking when he impregnated a stripper. What about this outfit and completely stunning La La would make a man want to cheat on his wife? Were things that bad in New York that Melo completely lost his mind and forgot who and what he was going home to?

13 Hazel Renee (John Wall)

This might be the sexy red dress that Johnny Gill sang about on his chart topping 90s hit "My My My".  Is it the plunging neck line that distracts your eyes or is it the tantalizing high slit that exposes her sexy legs and potentially more. Whatever your flavor, John Wall knows that his lovely 31 year old actress girlfriend is heading home to him each night.

12 Khloe Kardashian (Tristan Thompson)

Looking at this picture of Khloe Kardashian leaves little doubt as to why Thompson struggled to match his 2016 NBA Playoffs performance last summer as the team failed to repeat as champions. Much was made of the fact that the Canadian forward had just received a hefty payday based on his breakout season two years ago, but then fell short of living up to the standard he had set for himself.

11 Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade)

Long ass foot 💃🏿

A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) on

She may be one of the elders on this list, but trust us, like fine wine, Gabrielle Union gets better with age.  Turning heads when she first appeared as your favorite member of the East Compton Clovers in Bring It On, Union has a lengthy resume of film and television features. You know what else she amazing body!

10 Meghan Allen (Devin Harris)


Great Googly Moogly, what a fantastic sunset!  Okay, seriously, whatever the heck Devin Harris did to score a looker like Meghan Allen it more than makes up for what he hasn't done during his entire NBA career. While this photo is certainly steamy by The Sportster standards, trust us, there are a lot more (with less) floating out there.

9 Daniela Rajic (Paul George)


There's a lot of good things going on recently for Paul George. First off, he got his wish and was moved out of Indiana to roll with his boy Russell Westbrook in OKC. Then the team just added Carmelo Anthony to the roster without really giving up any valuable pieces. Now sure there is only one ball to go around with three ball hungry players, but that is a story for a different day.

8 Kate Bock (Kevin Love)

The fact that Kevin Love gets to wake up to this sight every day makes him one lucky SOB. As simple as the bathing suit combo is, there is an innocent sexiness that exudes from Kate Bock.

Sure he was fortunate to leave a losing situation in Minnesota and join a powerful Cavaliers team that would play in two straight NBA Finals (he was injured for the first of three) after failing to even reach the playoffs during his six years with the Timberwolves. Sure his stats aren't as impressive as they were when he was "the man" with the T-Wolves, but hooking up with Canadian born Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model more than makes up for the fact that he has had to play the third musketeer to LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

7 Brittany Renner (Ben Simmons)

Easy for a good girl to go bad

A post shared by Brittany Renner 🕷🦋 (@bundleofbrittany) on

There are a lot of lofty expectations placed on the former number one overall pick in the NBA Draft. Not only does Ben Simmons have the City of Brotherly Love looking at him to be one of the main components of the rejuvenation of the Philadelphia 76'ers, but the stereotype of a star athlete is to have a smoking hot dime piece on his side. Well, Renner certainly fills that role.

6 Teyana Taylor (Iman Shumpert)

Flash back fuckin Friday smhoood 🦊💦

A post shared by Jimmy Neutch- Shumpert (@teyanataylor) on

When Kanye West dropped his video for Fade during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Teyana Taylor finally became a household name. You would have to believe that after that steamy performance that millions of viewers rushed to their computers, tablets, phones to "research" who exactly the 26 year old Harlem native is.

5 Ashlee Parkinson (Brandon Rush)


In terms of "Not So PG" pics, this one is pretty PG, but for some the subtle exposure of upper body skin made visible by her tank top gives reason to add Parkinson to this list. That and the extra full lips and eyes that you can get completely lost in. Sometimes more is actually better than less!

4 Viviana Ortiz (JJ Barea)

Now how JJ Barea managed to score this stunning Puerto Rican beauty is beyond belief. We're not saying that JJ doesn't have game, he's proved that time and time again both overseas and in the NBA, but really?!! Looking at this gorgeous human's Instagram account, the player deserves major credit for landing her.

3 Jessyka Janshel  (James Harden)

" birthday girl 🎁👸🏽💦 "

A post shared by Miss Jessyka J (@jessykajanshel) on

The best thing about this picture is the fact that Janshel seems to be missing pants.... After hooking up with Khloe Kardashian for a cup of coffee, The Beard has since moved on to the 26 year old social media model.

2 Stefanie Gazmin (Cory Joseph)


It doesn't matter that this picture is a couple of jerseys old, being that Gazmin's boyfriend Cory Joseph now plays for the Indiana Pacers, the off the shoulder look more than makes up for the retro jersey choice. What's equally great about this pic, is the fact that Gazmin is the second Canadian on this list of stunning NBA WAGS.

1 Alaina Anderson (Derrick Rose)

If you like pina coladas & getting caught in the rain.. 💖

A post shared by Alaina A. Anderson (@alainataughtyou) on

Oh to be a shadow! Or Derrick Rose. Either one will do in the case of the skimpy bikini pic of Alaina Anderson. After being traded from the basement dwelling Knicks to the heavily favored three-peat Eastern Conference Champions, it looks like D. Rose will be able to chase that elusive ring, NBA Championship ring that is without having to carry a franchise.

Although they have known each other for a few years now (both being from Chicago), Anderson and Rose officially became a couple just over a year ago. One has to believe that the Instagram model will probably be as elated as her boyfriend that he is out of the drama that is the New York Knicks franchise. While Anderson has been rumored to have homes in Chicago, New York and LA for her modelling gigs, chances are she will join Rose in Cleveland this year, her bikinis may be staying in LA for the winter.

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