15 Things The NBA Doesn’t Want You To Know About Michael Jordan

The less prideful memories are often forgotten due to the fact that Jordan’s excellence as an athlete made us all love him on our televisions.

The legacy of Michael Jordan is still the greatest in sports. Jordan dominated the sports industry with his NBA dominance in the 1990s as a member of the Chicago Bulls. A combination of success, style and determination made Jordan appeal to fans all over the world. A total of six NBA Championship rings came in the form of two three-peat runs. Jordan won the NBA Finals every year thanks to dominant scoring, superb defense and an iconic clutch gene. The sports world still values Jordan as one of their biggest names thanks to his successful brand. It all started on the NBA hardwood court.

LeBron James and any future NBA legends have to compare their careers with Jordan if they wanted to be considered the greatest of all time. That is the true magic of Jordan and the NBA loves it. Sadly, there have been a few instances of negative moments in Jordan’s life and career. The less prideful memories are often forgotten due to the fact that Jordan’s excellence as an athlete made us all love him on our televisions. Those in power at the NBA also hope these things are understated in his career retrospective. We'll break down the top fifteen things about Jordan that the NBA wants you to forget.

13 Horrible Team Owner

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Michael Jordan's success on the court allowed him to branch out in the other world of basketball. Jordan became the President of Basketball Operations and a minority owner of the Washington Wizards. Washington struggled under the watch of Jordan with bad decision after bad decision. One decision saw him trade Richard Hamilton for Jerry Stackhouse. Hamilton helped the Detroit Pistons win the NBA Championship and Stackhouse did nothing to help improve the Wizards.

12 Tacky HOF Speech


The Hall of Fame is usually a proud moment for an athlete, where they can celebrate the best moments and memories of their career. Fans were excited to watch the greatest basketball star of all time on the big stage, but he used it as a petty platform to rant about others. Jordan went the tacky route, insulting the people he disliked from the basketball world.

11 Entire Wizards Run


We have already discussed his ownership role with the Washington Wizards, but that wasn’t even the worst part. Jordan returned to the court after a picture perfect retirement in 1998. Fans love to remember his final moment as hitting a game-winner to lead the Chicago Bulls to a sixth NBA Championship. Jordan ruined the moment by returning to play for his Wizards in hopes of turning around the team he owned a stake in.

10 Kobe Ruined His Final All-Star Game


One cool moment during Michael Jordan’s final year in the NBA featured the All-Star Game being centered on him. The entire weekend saw the league celebrate the icon with various events, including the actual game itself. Vince Carter gave up his starting spot to allow Jordan to start one final time on the big stage.

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Michael Jordan's greatness on the court failed to transfer over to his role putting together a roster. This was shown perfectly during the 2006 NBA Draft. Jordan used the Charlotte Bobcats third overall pick to draft Adam Morrison. Morrison's college career was very impressive, but most scouts didn’t buy it carrying over to the NBA.

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The worst draft pick ever made by Michael Jordan saw him select Kwame Brown with the first overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft. Brown was coming out of high school and Jordan banked on his talent making up for his lack of college experience. Jordan passed on future stars like Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, and Joe Johnson to make his decision look even worse as time went on.

9 Allen Iverson Crossed Him Over


Allen Iverson entered the NBA during Michael Jordan’s final few years of dominance. Their matchups were fun, as we were watching a rising young star against the king of basketball. Iverson couldn’t match Jordan in the standings, but used his style to get the better of him in one of their games. The crossover reaction heard all over the world took place in 1997 when Iverson used his dribbling skills and speed to fool Jordan.

8 Lost In Playoffs To Orlando


History remembers Michael Jordan as completely dominating the NBA through the 90s. The Chicago Bulls pulled off three-peat title runs twice in the span of eight years. Jordan missed the majority of both seasons they failed to win it all with his first retirement, but the basketball legend returned right before the 1995 NBA Playoffs.

7 MLB Failure


The most shameful moment of Michael Jordan’s career, from the NBA’s perspective, is when he retired to attempt a career in the MLB. Jordan decided to change paths at the end of the Chicago Bulls first three-peat in hopes of becoming a crossover star in baseball. The Chicago White Sox signed Jordan for their minor league team, partly due to the Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf also running the MLB team.

6 Gambling Controversy


An addiction to gambling was one of MJ's weaknesses during his basketball career. Jordan was caught gambling in Atlantic City the night before an important playoff game against the New York Knicks to put it out in the public. Reports started to leak about Jordan owing large debts to various folks. A conspiracy theory still exists on the internet that the murder of Jordan’s father came as a result of Michael’s debt, but it's just a theory.

5 Pistons Eliminated Him Three Years in a Row


Everyone tends to only remember the peak of Michael Jordan’s career, when he led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA Championships in eight years. There was one big roadblock that prevented him from winning even more during his earlier years. The Detroit Pistons eliminated the Bulls from the playoffs in three consecutive seasons.

4 Blocked Isiah Thomas From Dream Team


The rivalry between the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons led to the players legitimately disliking each other off the court. Two teams facing off in intense playoff series four years in a row will always lead to personal rivalries and the star players of each squad actually loathed each other. In particular, Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan couldn’t stand each other.

3 Rumors Of His Playoff Flu Being a Hangover


“The flu game” is one of the highlights of Michael Jordan’s career. Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz were tied 2-2 in the 1997 NBA Finals. The story broke that Jordan was suffering from the flu and his status was questionable heading into the game. Obviously, Jordan played and had an iconic game that added to his legacy, along with taking control of the NBA Finals to win it all.

2 Bullied Teammates


Michael Jordan’s greatness on the court did not extend to his personal skills with peers. Many teammates, opponents and employees of Jordan have spoken out regarding his tactics. Former teammate Steve Kerr revealed that Jordan once punched him in the face during practice for having a disagreement about a play. Another Bulls star, Bill Cartwright, felt the wrath of Jordan. Cartwright replaced Jordan’s friend Charles Oakley and was verbally insulted by Jordan, including having the nickname of “Medical Bills” to mock his injuries.

1 Disrespects Fans


Michael Jordan's popularity makes him someone almost every American sports fan wants to meet. Fans to actually met Jordan in public, however, have shared stories to make it less desirable. Jordan often refuses to sign autographs or take pictures with fans for free. Hip hop artist Chamillionaire found this out firsthand when the experience of meeting his childhood hero turned into a nightmare.

Chamillionaire shared a story about asking for a picture with the basketball icon. Jordan not only turned down the request, but cursed him out, stating he’ll take a picture if Chamillionaire paid $15,000 for a jersey right there. Other fans have shared similar stories. Servers that once adored Jordan experienced the same disrespected when the wealthy star tipped them poorly. Basically, Jordan doesn’t treat anyone with respect unless it's someone he cares about impressing. That’s not a good look for the NBA.

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15 Things The NBA Doesn’t Want You To Know About Michael Jordan