15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ayesha Curry

The rise of Stephen Curry over the past few years has led to a higher profile. Curry took the leap from a very good shooter to the reigning two-time MVP and a NBA Champion. Fans enjoy the smooth shooting touch from Curry and his overall success. Both entertainment fun and fantastic on-court results made him one of the top stars in sports. The Curry family is also seeing their celebrity grow outside of basketball. Stephen’s daughter Riley Curry became America’s sweetheart in 2015 when she appeared with him at press conferences in absolutely adorable fashion.

Ayesha Curry is the wife of Stephen and she has become a popular name as well. The stunning Ayesha appears at the majority of Golden State Warriors home games and many playoff road games as well. Ayesha’s social media following also sees her voice reach millions of users on various platforms. The success and popularity of Ayesha continues to reach new peaks with her own career and business ventures adding to her brand. Both members of the Curry couple are stars in their own worlds. We'll specifically take a look at Ayesha Curry here with fifteen facts you may not know about her life.

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14 Claimed NBA Was Rigged

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One of the stories that made Ayesha Curry a target was her complaints of the officiating during the 2016 NBA Finals. Stephen Curry fouled out in the final minutes of Game 6 that featured the Cleveland Cavaliers defeating the Golden State Warriors to extend the series to a Game 7. Ayesha posted on her Twitter account that the NBA was rigged for money and ratings regarding the Game 6 fouling out of her husband.

The reaction created headlines that made the Warriors look even more like crybabies as they collapsed in the NBA Finals. Ayesha posted her comment in the heat of the moment like other fans do, but the high profile just added controversy towards her husband. A retraction would come later on with Ayesha revealing she knows the game wasn’t fixed. Unfortunately, the tweet will always be associated with her.

13 Named After Stevie Wonder Song

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The name Ayesha Curry was given by her parents thanks to a song by legendary singer Stevie Wonder. Ayesha’s father worked in the music industry and was a huge fan of Wonder’s work. The Stevie song “Isn’t She Lovely” referenced the name Aisha in regards to Stevie’s daughter. It inspired the name Ayesha from her father to name her in tribute of the iconic musician.

Both of Ayesha’s parents felt it was the perfect name for her and it definitely suits the current NBA WAG. As her brand grows, the name Ayesha both sounds great and sets her apart from others with such a unique name. The outstanding music of Stevie Wonder influenced many great things in the world, including the name of Ayesha Curry.

12 Refused To Date Athletes Before Stephen Curry

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Many women aspire to date an athlete given the perks that come with the relationship. Ayesha Curry is not someone that followed that train of thought. In fact, she had a personal rule to avoid dating any athletes during her younger years. The word “arrogant” was used by Ayesha to describe her prior assumption of every athlete. Stephen Curry continued to work at changing her mind and eventually did by changing her perception.

Ayesha claims Stephen was the opposite of everything she assumed about athletes. The personality of Steph shining through allowed him to convince her to abandon the prior rule. Ayesha actually placed the “no athletes” rule for a paper that required discussing what one looks for in a potential partner. That shows just how impressive Stephen was in swaying her to give him a chance.

12. Childhood Friend Of Stephen Curry Before Dating

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The relationship between Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry didn’t start with romance. They met during their childhood years at youth camp and formed a friendship. Stephen has discussed in interviews that both of their parents thought they looked cute together. Fate would have it that the two kids would go on to become one of the most famous couples in society.

Stephen and Ayesha remained friends and eventually got together during their college years after both moved out of their hometown. The feelings of Stephen were discovered first as he attempted to win over his friend turned love interest. Ayesha agreed to give him a chance as mentioned before and the two fell in love. It just goes to show your parents usually know what they're talking about, even when completely embarrassing you as a child.

11 She Is Canadian

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A very little known fact about Ayesha Curry is that she wasn’t born in the United States. Ayesha was born in Toronto, Canada and lived there for the first few years of her life. Her family eventually made the big move to the United States residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ayesha met Stephen for the first time in North Carolina but her first home was Toronto.

Stephen and Ayesha currently make their home in California. The location makes sense given Stephen’s career with the Golden State Warriors and the couple believes it's the best place to raise their beautiful family. Things often fall in place the way they are meant. Ayesha’s journey from Toronto to North Carolina to California shows how three very different places can help one live a fun life.

10 Appeared In Music Video As A Teenager

The original dream of Ayesha Curry was to be a star in the entertainment industry. Ayesha’s first noteworthy break came in the form of a music video appearance at a young age. As a teenager, she appeared in Suga Prince’s music video for the song “Too Young for Love.” She played the main love interest in the video as a gig to help get her experience.

Ayesha’s father working in the music business is likely the reason she was given the small opportunity to debut as an actress. Despite Stephen being the most famous person in the family today, Ayesha beat him to the punch getting her face out there at a younger age. Funny enough, their adorable daughter Riley is already a huge star capturing the hearts of everyone to witness her.

9 Spent Time As An Actress

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The passion for acting was the major goal of Ayesha Curry’s young adult years. Ayesha moved to Los Angeles specifically to get more opportunities to progress her acting career. It never took off but she did get a few small roles on some noteworthy television shows. Disney Channel hits Hannah Montana and Good Luck Charlie both brought her on to play minor characters in single episodes.

Ayesha never caught her big break and decided to move towards her other passion in the culinary world. Still, she clearly loved the world of acting enough to make a major move. The marriage to Stephen and their desire to start a family likely influenced the decision to quit acting. Stephen traveling for his career makes it nearly impossible for Ayesha to attempt to get a full-time acting career. Ayesha made the decision to be the one that starts a new career while remaining at home to raise her children.

8 Successful Online Personality

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The new career path of Ayesha Curry focuses on her love for cooking. Ayesha started sharing her recipes and culinary secrets online leading to her becoming a popular online personality. The videos and blogs created huge success in both the blogging and YouTube platforms. One of the cooler things about her success is the beginning of her journey was basically to just share her tips with those online looking for help in the kitchen.

At one point, Stephen started appearing in a few videos helping create viral hits to show off the couple’s sense of humor in the middle of the cooking. Ayesha went on to achieve fame on her own merit in the culinary community. The recipes and advice have impressed her audience enough to genuinely support her for her own talent rather than for being Stephen’s wife.

7 Limits Children's Time With Technology

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The job of a parent in the current era of society is a bit difficult to figure out. Technology dominates everything we do and plays an important part in succeeding as an adult. However, the debate about children spending so much time on smartphones and computers makes it a difficult decision for parents. Ayesha Curry has revealed that she has placed a limit on the amount of technology her children takes part in.

The parenting of Ayesha encourages her children to play outside, get lost in a coloring book and sing for their entertainment. Technology is used for many things, but a limit is placed to make sure the children actually enjoy the perks of being kids. Riley appears to be one of the happiest kids you’ll ever see proving Ayesha knows what she's doing.

6 Wanted Charity Donations Instead Of Wedding Gifts

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The wedding of Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry took place back in 2011. Stephen only needed two years of NBA life get married and officially enter the next stage of his adult life at a young age. Ayesha and Stephen came to the decision that they did not want any wedding gifts. Stephen was still early in his NBA career but the couple didn’t want their friends or relatives spending money on gifts for them.

The happy couple requested their loved ones donate money to charity instead. Stephen and Ayesha selected ThanksUSA to help provide scholarships to spouses and children of U.S. military personnel. Charity is important to the Curry family and this generous idea clearly shows their characters. Regardless of your feelings of Ayesha and Stephen in the basketball world, you have to respect them for their wedding gift idea.

5 Created Meal Delivery Service

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One of the biggest ideas of Ayesha Curry featured her launching an app catered towards her culinary passion. The Gather app was the concept of Ayesha to create a meal delivery service specifically in the Bay Area. Golden State Warriors fans clearly adore the Curry family for Stephen’s on-court success meaning they're more likely to give Ayesha’s app a chance.

The project of Ayesha has not been releasing any news as of late making us wonder about the future of it. Still, the fact that she reached the stage to launch an app and innovative idea that could potentially succeed is to be commended. Many wives of NBA Superstars no longer care about their passions, but Ayesha clearly attempts to use it to find her own professional success.

4 Homemaker Controversy

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Ayesha Curry unintentionally became a controversial talking point on social media despite not approving of it at all. The topic of sexism and misogyny saw certain males on Twitter use Ayesha in a meme regarding the ideal woman. Ayesha’s life revolving around raising her children and diving into her passion for cooking caused her to be the example that sect of men believe women should aspire to be.

It led to a negative reaction from Ayesha due to the way her life was being used to demean others. The arguments got out of control and Ayesha was forced to speak out about it. Ayesha has made it clear she didn’t want to be the reason anyone would put down another person and has remained insistent she believes women should do whatever their passion and happiness revolves around.

3 Food Network Show

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The peak of Ayesha Curry’s success as a cooking personality came when Food Network gave her a show. Ayesha’s Home Kitchen takes a look at her various recipes and tips for elaborately themed nights. The fact that she does the cooking and uses her own recipes is a nice change of pace from various celebrities that use cooking networks to just host with their name value.

Stephen Curry and Riley Curry frequently appear on the show with most of the meals prepared being for family dinners. The culinary skills and charming personality give Ayesha the chance to become an even bigger star in the genre. Step aside, Steph. You’re no longer the only member of the family on national television. Season two of Ayesha’s Home Kitchen will debut in late April with a look at "Taco Night" at the Curry household.

2 Matching Tattoos With Stephen

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Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry decided to take their love to the tattoo shop when they got matching ink. The tat' choices are not anything drastic like getting their names tattooed on each other. Ayesha and Stephen instead chose to get the same tattoos on their wrists of two small arrows meeting in the middle. It was their way to live in the moment and enjoy their lives rather than look at the past and future.

The idea of getting matching tattoos is always a tricky subject. They can easily become regretful if things end, but Stephen and Ayesha genuinely don’t believe there’s a chance their relationship will end poorly. Luckily, the tattoos aren’t pivotal to their relationship and it's a relative concept that wouldn’t lose its meaning if they did break up.

1 Talks Trash At Road Games

Ayesha Curry is typically one of the more polite personalities, but she has lost her cool on certain occasions. The aforementioned Game 6 loss by Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors to the Cavaliers in Cleveland last year showed her trash talking side. Cavaliers’ fans cheered in delight at Stephen getting ejected late in the game leading to the big win.

Along with Stephen’s mother and sister, Ayesha engaged in talking trash back at the fans heckling her husband. The Curry family talked trash while sarcastically cheering the ejection. This also happened to be the game Ayesha went on to claim was rigged. She clearly didn’t enjoy the officiating and lost her temper by engaging in trash talk with the Cleveland fans. Ayesha has not been shown to trash talk since then, but the history shows she's willing to get into it.

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