15 Tweets These NBA Players Definitely Regret

Social media is a dangerous place for NBA players, or those who aspire to be in the league. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all, and sometimes NBA players can think they are the funniest people alive. Most of the time, they aren't. Often we see tweets that needed to never be sent, as they contain things that many players would not want to share with the entire internet.

At times, it is not things that are tweeted in the moment that can get players in trouble, but rather those that are sent many years before they become known. Players get caught sharing thoughts that are best left unsaid, or things that were meant to never be found be the masses. Sometimes, tweets can give us an insight on a player's personality that is so embarrassing, they have no choice but to delete them or let the entire world know what is going on in their minds.

Many players have received attention for things they have done on Twitter rather than things that have happened on court. This list is to highlight those NBA stars or role players that may have wanted to take a second or two before hitting "tweet."

15 Wesley Matthews

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Wesley Matthews set up his twitter during his second NBA season in December of 2010. He took two months to craft his first tweet, and it was very regrettable. Overwhelmed by the fact that social media exists, Matthews compared the idea of projecting 140 characters out to hundreds of thousands of people to hitting two free throws in crunch time. He even said it was easier. This is a gem, and one tweet that has little exposure, as only five people retweeted it. For his career, Matthews has hit 1,355 free throws, meanwhile over the course of six years he has tweeted 6,491 times. It seems like the Dallas wing-man has gotten the hang out twitter, and it seems to be much easier than he thought.

14 Paul George

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When you Google image search “Paul George tweets,” you can just flail your cursor around erratically and find something highly offensive. Many of George’s old tweets have received flak, and rightfully so. The most talked about would be one he sent after the Ray Rice incident hit the news. George showed a complete lack of sympathy for those affected by domestic violence, as he made it seem like he was defending the former running backs actions. He doubled down on his thoughts later on, with another tweet that made him seem insensitive to the situation at hand:

George’s delete button was working overtime after, and he was forced to apologize. During his apology, he mentioned that he had no intent to downplay the situation, but after George defended Ray Rice multiple times, it is hard to see how that was the case.

13 Kevin Love

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Kevin Love, in true Adrian Wojnarowski fashion, made waves with a single tweet that announced that Kevin McHale was not going to be the coach next season. The problem was, that no one knew about this outside of Timberwolves executives. That summer, the decision on bring back McHale or letting him go was a big deal, and it was not even finalized before Love’s premature tweet. Having knowledge of someone about to be fired is one thing, but Love accidentally told the whole world. McHale may have not even known that he was going to not be the coach next season. Once the news came out that the news wasn’t out, Love tweet an apology and said that he wasn’t the type of person to break news. This is also a testament to how chaotic the Minnesota front office was at the time if they told Love about it, but didn’t tell him that it was not finalized or not common knowledge yet.

12 Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant has been subject to many regrettable tweets, as the former MVP has said some very questionable things on the website. Many of them have been popularized, like him criticizing everyone joining the Lakers or Heat, only for him to join up with Golden State. He said he has no chance of leading the league in scoring, with stars such as Danny Granger still in the league. Any guess on who won the scoring title in 2009-2010? Durant, with 30.1 points a game. So, what exactly was Durant going for here? We can argue a case of humility but that is not really KD's style. 

11 Kevin Durant Again

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The second tweet Durant has not been able to shake, as it was the start of the controversy with Oakland rapper, Lil B. According to Lil B, Durant has been cursed by him over the last few seasons, with the rapper referencing his inability to win in the playoffs due to it. Most notably, Lil B tweeting during last season's Warriors-Thunder series, in which the Thunder were up 3-1 and the rapper continued to say that the Warriors would come back.

Recently, the curse has been lifted supposedly once Durant joined the Warriors. Now in Golden State, Durant is part of an All-Star cast of basketball players who could tear up the league for years to come.

10 Bobby Portis

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Future NBA players tweeting negative things about certain players while they are in high school or college is dangerous. Bobby Portis was a victim of this hilarious occurrence when he tweeted anti Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose tweets in 2011. It started with Portis claiming that Pau Gasol was overrated. This was before Gasol’s numbers dipped, and as a member of the Lakers in 2011 he averaged 18.8 points. Later that week, he started going after the Chicago Bulls because at the time he was an apparent Heat fan. A string of anti Bulls tweets followed in the month of May, as the two teams seemed to be on a crash course to play each other in the Eastern Conference finals. Portis was given the opportunity to be in the NBA after being drafted by the Bulls four years later, and has since been aware of the tweets and apologized for them, even offering them donuts:

9 DeMar DeRozan

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This tweet makes no sense, as it was tweeted in September 2009, when no basketball was being played. This tweet was made before DeRozan even played in an NBA game, and there is no particular event this tweet was referring to, as there was no preseason games played that early in the season. DeRozan was not playing on any team against LeBron James when this was tweeted, and it feels very unwarranted to call out James after his MVP season in 2008-09. The only real logical explanation for this tweet was possibly DeRozan bragging about him playing a video game? Either way, rookies should not be calling out the MVP before they play a single minute in the NBA. This tweet ages horribly, as DeRozan and the Raptors have been eliminated by LeBron James the last two seasons.

8 The Houston Rockets

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Rockets social media has had some terrible mistakes. Not just the Rockets official Twitter account, but the players as well. The official twitter account saw themselves under a large amount of controversy after digital communications manager, Chad Shanks, tweeted this while the Rockets were in the process of eliminating the Mavericks in the playoffs. The tweet went viral, and was deleted instantly once a large amount of people realized how violent the tweet was. The problem for this tweet wasn’t necessarily the content, but the emoji’s. The fact that a horse and gun emoji was put next to each other, referencing the Mavericks being killed in the playoffs, was seen as unacceptable, and twitter exploded after the tweet. The next morning, Shanks was fired and the Rockets gave a public apology to the Mavericks and the NBA for the content.

7 Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons

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Speaking of Rockets social media miscues, let’s take a look at two former teammates in Houston. Jeremy Lin sent a tweet that was bound to get some strange remarks, as the question itself was very random, but teammate Chandler Parsons decided to take the response a little too far. Parsons sent a borderline racist tweet, and that should have been the end of that, but Lin took the conversation to the next level. During the middle of the Donald Sterling saga for the Clippers, Lin called out Parsons for his response, nicknaming him after the Clippers owner. Parsons didn’t mean anything negative behind his comments, rather just making a terrible joke, but the internet did not see it that way. Shortly after the exchange, both players were asked to delete the tweets due to the backslash from twitter. Since then, both players haven’t made any big splashes online due to questionable tweets.

6 Larry Nance Jr.

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Mark Cuban suggested that NBA draftees need to delete tweets before they become part of an NBA roster, and this tweet is at the forefront of that argument. Nance went after one of the most storied players in the league, and also a future teammate with his most famous tweet. Referencing his allegations of rape that happened in Denver, Nance took to social media to call out the Laker legend. This tweet went viral immediately after it was announced the Lakers drafted Nance Jr. The backslash was not as bad as Nance thought it would be, saying that he was terrified of what Bryant would say. He sent a message to Bryant sending his sincere apologies, addressing him as Mr. Bryant at the start. Kobe said it was water under the bridge and the two never had bad feelings about the incident.

5 J.R. Smith

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J.R Smith has been in the news recently for his social media blunders rather than his on court production it seems. This instance, he took shots at Austin Rivers, who was just a freshman in college at the time. The night that Smith retweeted this, Rivers dropped a nice stat line for Duke, scoring 20 points in a game against Michigan. The tweet does not even mention his name, only referring to him as Doc Rivers’ son. To be fair, that is what he is known for right now, as he shouldn’t be on a roster, but the disrespect Smith showed is real. This tweet hasn’t seen too much exposure, so Smith and Rivers may have forgotten about it completely, but do not expect Smith or Rivers to be on the same team any time soon.

4 Jerami Grant

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Other casualty of tweeting about NBA players before eventually becoming teammates with them. Grant seemed like the president of the Russell Westbrook Hate Club with his tweets in 2011. During a conference finals matchup against the Mavericks, Grant went to twitter to share his thoughts about the Thunder guard. Grant pointed out most of Westbrook’s flaws, such as a poor shooting percentage and unwillingness to pass the ball. The Thunder did lose the game that night, and Grant kept tweeting about Westbrook that month, totaling five negative tweets about his future point guard. They both became aware of the tweets earlier this NBA season and said “Jk, that’s the league MVP” in response. Maybe this is why Westbrook decided to drive to the lane or pull up for three while Grant was standing wide open in the corner all season?

3 Cody Zeller

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It is obvious from this tweet that Cody Zeller may have not lived a glamorous life as the big man on campus while at Indiana. Let us just hope that this tweet was not serious, as Zeller seems to be really reaching here from some lip action. From this tweet it looks like Zeller was the only one being left out from kissing, and this seems to be a desperate half serious less than half joking way of going about it. Zeller deleted this tweet before it became viral, which is a good thing, because it makes him look like a huge goof. In 2014 he shared a tweet that further proves that Zeller hasn’t been the best when it comes to the ladies, stating that he has never had a new year’s eve kiss either. Zeller’s fortunes may have changed since being in the NBA, but we can never forget this tweets and how he was in college.

2 Nick Collison

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Nick Collison’s tweets are few and far between, tweeting only five times since June of 2015. When he does go one social media, he tweets some of the weirdest things that an NBA player has ever shared. This tweet is no exception, as Collison explains that he has a toy dealer, as opposed to those who have a drug dealer. As a father of one, Collison felt the pressures of going to a store for toys and instead put it in the hands of a professional toy dealer. Three leap pads for one person seems rather shady, as Collison may have sold the other two for a higher price. In reality, Collison’s story probably is not true, but it paints him as a very weird personality that he even came up with the tweet. This shows a deep dive into what is going on in his mind, and those on twitter probably did not need to know what is going on in the forward’s head.

1 Damian Lillard

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Another star where there is a variety of regrettable tweets to choose from. Lillard has had a knack for roasting haters on twitter, but before he was in the NBA, Lillard went after other NBA players more viciously. The summer of 2011 is a great example, as Lillard attacked LeBron James after losing in the NBA finals to the Mavericks. Calling James a version of soft, and later going on to say that he left his talents in Cleveland, rather than taking them to South Beach like he claimed. At the time, Lillard seemed like a long shot to be a NBA prospect, and an even longer shot to be a star in the league, which could explain how vulgar the tweets are towards James. After the tweets were found, they were quickly deleted. No love was lost after, as Lillard mentioned that luckily him and LeBron are friends, and that he is a huge fan of him and was just disappointed at the time due to being surrounded by Dallas fans during the series.

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