15 Women These Basketball Players Want You To Forget They Dated

The NBA has found itself involved in several scandals over the last several decades.

A few years back, Tim Donaghy became famous for the wrong reasons. He was a nobody to most of us until the news broke that the NBA referee was betting on games he was officiating. He was even involved with gangsters and passed along insider information leading to his eventual firing.

There was also that time that Ron Artest, before he changed his name of course, ran into the stands at The Palace of Auburn Hills, in Detroit, and attacked a Pacers fan. This led to a gigantic brawl between players and fans which ended up sending Ron Artest home for the next 73 games, one of the longest suspensions ever given out.

What about the time Latrell Sprewell choked his coach? Or the time Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual assault on a 19-year old hotel employee in Denver? Oh, and please don't forget about "The Decision".

See! The NBA knows about embarrassing acts that can lead to some terrible publicity. The players, on the other hand, tend to not think so much about the embarrassing side until after the fact. This is most evident in the dating histories of some of our favorite NBA superstars. At the time, dating some of these women probably seemed like a good idea until it turned ugly.

Here are 15 times a NBA player made a bad decision that he would like for us to never mention again.

15 Khloe Kardashian (Lamar Odom)

via Complex.com

This is the one relationship where each person involved as the same amount of regrets.

What began as an off-the-wall romance between two completely surprising people, according to people that care about the personal lives of NBA stars, turned into a marriage of lies and even a near-death experience that had ESPN all but announcing that Lamar Odom had passed away.

Khloe can blame Lamar. Lamar can blame Khloe. And they can fight about this until no one cares to ask them about it anymore. But since we are here covering the NBA side of this, we have to say that Lamar Odom was a bit more embarrassed about this one. He probably hates answering questions about Khloe, even today, but reporters continue to ask anyways.

14 Carmen Electra (Dennis Rodman)

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The partnership between Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman was about as 90's as it can get, at the time. Everyone remembers their marriage because it gained so much notoriety back then for the shock value. These two people literally dated for for a couple months, if that, and then decided to get blackout drunk and tie the knot in Las Vegas. They were divorced within a year.

The entire relationship can be blamed on the one and only Carmen Electra. At the time she met Dennis Rodman, she had just found out that her mother had a fatal brain tumor and it sent Carmen down a very dark and dangerous road. She partied and drank to the point where she nearly died.

But to say that Dennis Rodman was embarrassed to have been married to Carmen Electra would not be fair. Of course he loved it and probably tells people all the time about it. She is gorgeous. But the whole idea of getting married and divorced in such a quick fashion can leave anyone with a sense of pure embarrassment.

13 Iggy Azalea (Nick Young)

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Nick Young is the exciting basketball star for the Los Angeles Lakers that has the ability to become a great ball player in the league. He just needs to get away from LA.

One of the worst things an athlete can do is play in a city full of celebrities and superstars. Los Angeles has got to be the worst case scenario as it is nothing more than a city packed to the brim with fake people, supermodels, actors, and just plain famous people and others who want to be famous. Nick Young drank the Hollywood Kool-Aid and lived the life by getting himself engaged to the female rapper, Iggy Azalea.

The relationship ended abruptly when the rumors started swirling about Nick Young's infidelity issues. His transgressions eventually led to their breakup after it became public that Iggy found him cheating on her through the security footage in their home.

How did you not remember that their is security tapes in your house?

12 Sarah Palin (Glen Rice)

via Politico.com

Not too many people knew about Sarah Palin until she decided to run for Governor of Alaska, and then she won. Her time running the country's largest state, and coldest, eventually led to her name being attached to the Republican party ticket as the Vice President nominee for the 2008 Presidential election.

During the election, the story broke and was somehow turned into a scandal when, in fact, it was nothing of the sort. According to Glen Rice, when he was asked about the hookup, he said it was two people meeting and having a good time. He even mentioned that he continued to talk to her after the meeting took place during the 1987 Great Alaskan Shootout tournament.

This one might have been more of an embarrassment to the Sarah Palin side than for Glen Rice, who was never shy about discussing the relationship.

11 Brandy (Quentin Richardson)

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When Quentin Richardson was drafted 18th overall in 2000, he was coming in as a highly touted future stud in the league, and with good reason. He played just two seasons with DePaul University and averaged 17.9 points and 10.2 rebounds. He was a dominating force as a Sophomore and eventually declared for the NBA draft that same season. But he spent many of years dealing with various injuries and not being able to get consistent playing time throughout his NBA career. But he still managed to play more than 12 years in the league.

In his personal life, he found himself becoming quite the ladies man and he eventually started dating Brandy, the singer from the 90's that everyone remembers. They did more than just date and got engaged after he proposed to her with a $1.1 million dollar engagement ring. She returned the favor by getting his face tattooed on her back. His face? What? When they broke up, she turned it into a cat and that is about as real as it gets right there my man.

10 Annalynne McCord (Rick Fox)

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Ever since getting divorced from Vanessa Williams, one of the most amazingly beautiful musicians of all time, Rick Fox found himself a single man on the prowl and immediately started dating Eliza Dushku, which lasted all the way until 2014. He then jumped right into the life of supermodel actress Annalynne McCord, who is 15 years younger than the former NBA Champion Fox.

The relationship, which was nothing more than a rumor that was later revealed to be something after they were spotted all cozy and friendly during a Super Bowl party in 2015. Both people were fresh off a long term relationship and found themselves needing someone else in their lives, so that must have been how they ran into each other. Or maybe it is simply because Rick Fox is a player that enjoys dating hot young celebrities. And who can blame him, right?

9 Samone Taylor (Nate Robinson)

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When a NBA player turns out to be dating an adult star, he ends up having to make a decision very quickly about announcing it or denying it because the questions will come and the adult stars, 99% of the time, are going to talk, alot.

For Nate Robinson, that is exactly what happened when rumors started swirling about his relationship with adult star Samone Taylor when she was asked about it. She denied that they were in a relationship but were instead very close friends. That is exactly what he also apparently instructed her to say when confronted on the subject. He later came out on his Instagram account to apologize for cheating on his wife. With who? He did not say but we can assume it had a high probability of being his hookups with Samone Taylor.

8 Gloria Govan (Gilbert Arenas)

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Gloria and Laura Govan are two of the hottest sister WAGs we have ever had the pleasure of hearing about. Laura Govan is famous for dating Gilbert Arenas for many years, and then becoming a reality tv star that loves to stir the pot. She claimed many things throughout her life but she did so much damage to Gilbert Arenas that he sued her and won. Gloria Govan was once married to Matt Barnes and is now currently dating former NBA champion Derek Fisher.

The two sisters have turned their personal lives into an epic show for the media to feed from as they continue to talk smack about one another, unloading all the juicy personal details of one another's relationships to former NBA stars. Laura Govan has even recently claimed that her own sister tried to sleep with her man, Gilbert Arenas.

Gilbert Arenas has spent more time in a courthouse thanks to Laura Govan and probably wishes that he just went back in time and changed his actions to prevent that from happening.

7 Joumana Kidd (Jason Kidd)

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When Jason Kidd married Joumana Kidd, she was not as crazy as she apparently became during his NBA career. It got so bad that he had to file for divorce from her in 2007, about six years after a domestic disturbance battle occurred between the two where each person claimed it was the other one's fault.

The entire divorce was so messy that the details are too long and thick that you would get bored of reading about it long before we got tired of writing it. So just agree that the only reason we mention these two today is because of how embarrassed Jason Kidd must have been, having to file for divorce from someone because she was, as he put it, emotionally unstable.

6 Jennette McCurdy (Andre Drummond)

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At first, the pairing of Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond seemed to be one of those love stories that we would all eventually talk about, years later. They first started talking after Andre declared his interest in her during Twitters, "Woman Crush Wednesdays" and she later replied with her interest and the two began dating.

It was all over social media and it seemed as if Jennette was playing a role that Andre had no idea of. He was legitimately into this relationship and she played like she was too. But, after it ended, she went all over the place and started blasting him to pieces, making him come across as an immature child and even made fun of his style of courtship towards her.

In the end, she is still an actress and he is still one of the best NBA player's in the league, making millions more than she does.

5 Amber Rose (Several NBA Stars)

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Thanks to Kanye West, Amber Rose became an international supermodel after modeling his new sneaker line in a Louis Vuitton print advertisement. From that moment on, she slowly started to become a name synonymous with WAGs and NBA players.

Since 2010, she has been rumored to have hooked up with celebrities, rappers, and athletes of all kinds. She was with Eddie Murphy, Reggie Bush, Darrelle Revis, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Brooklyn Brand, and several NBA stars, all of whom wish the hookup would have stayed private. But they were not thinking when it happened, otherwise, they would have avoided it at all costs.

Amar'e Stoudemire, James Harden, Terrence Ross, and a rumored hookup with LeBron James, that was never confirmed and just ended up being a rumor, have all regretted the moment they joined a very big club of men.

4 Mary Carey (Dwight Howard)

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Whether or not Mary Carey and Dwight Howard dated is up for debate, it depends on which camp you ask. But one thing is certain, Mary Carey has seen his penis and she quickly ran around the country talking about it. She referred to him as a human tripod. As if an NBA superstar needed even more awesome things to happen in his life. Can't he leave a few of the breaks for the rest of us?

Regardless on the size of his Dwight Jr., Howard still never fessed up to dating a adult star and with good reason, who would?

There is nothing wrong with being in adult films. In fact, it is the one job in the entire world that lets people do the one thing we all think about 24/7 and get paid to do it. But to date an adult star? You wouldn't go to Wendy's and ask someone sitting at a table to finish off their half-eaten cheeseburger would you?

3 Hannah Stocking (Klay Thompson)

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As if Klay Thompson was not already winning at life enough, he had to go out and steal one of the hottest human beings to ever exist, Hannah Stocking. Hannah Stocking became famous for her body thanks to Instagram and the entire world of men is thankful for it too. But one day on Twitter, Klay Thompson reached out to make a statement about how he thinks she is gorgeous and is his WCW, or "Women Crush Wednesday" for that week.

Klay had a great life at the time, he was fresh off his first NBA title with the Golden State Warriors while also posting very lovey dovey photos with him and his girlfriend Hannah Stocking. Then, out of the blue, the couple stopped dating and it eventually broke that the reason for the break up was due to his infidelity.

He cheated on Hannah Stocking? Is he serious? But it did not stop there. She ran to social media to blast him open for all to see and it was epic. So much for secrets, Hannah was about to throw-up all of them for us to all enjoy.

2 Kim Kardashian (Kris Humphries)

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Just 72 days after the infamous, and well televised wedding between NBA player Kris Humphries and famous for being famous Kim Kardashian, the couple filed for divorce. It kind of takes away from all of the emotions and love that was shown during the reality series that used their marriage as the series finale. It was just plain gross and was confirmed by the short marriage, lasting just about two months.

Not long after the divorce, and this is the part that does not make sense, Kris Humphries became a joke for falling for the entire shame of a wedding and marriage. It was later rumored that while the relationship was going on, and after they were married, Kim was cheating on Kris with Kanye West. Regardless of what she was doing, Kris went from becoming a celebrity to becoming a joke, and it even hurt his promising NBA career.

There is an obvious reason why Kris decided to get into a relationship with Kim Kardashian. She is beautiful. But that was about all we can say positively about it. He knows it was a shame and if he could go back in time, we promise you he does not chase that tail again.

1 Erin Barry (Tony Parker)

via Reddit

At one point in time, Tony Parker was a perfect man. The news media outlets covered him all the time because of his worldwide fame from playing in the NBA and also being married to Eva Longoria. It did not hurt that he played for the San Antonio Spurs, where he has become a legend, either.

But then a story broke about an alleged affair he had with a teammates wife and all of that "good guy" stuff went away. The worst part about the entire scandal was that Erin Barry and Tony Parker were allegedly sexting one another, which is the process of texting another person in a sexual manner. In other words, he was barking up the wrong tree and there is written textual proof.

Not only is Tony Parker a member of one of the NBA's most talented teams, the San Antonio Spurs, he is also a leader. And whenever a leader is seen as taking advantage of a fellow teammate's wife, that is beyond uncalled for and if he could wipe that story from the internet, he would.

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