20 Memes From The Early NBA Season That Are Absolutely Savage

The NBA season is underway and there have been more than its fair share of stories making headlines around the league. The Boston Celtics went through an impressive 16 game winning streak, even with All-Star forward Gordon Hayward sidelined for the season with a leg injury. Giannis Antetokounmpo has had a tremendous start to the season, putting himself into early conversation for the MVP award. Lonzo Ball has had a rollercoaster start to his Laker career while his father, Lavar Ball, can't seem to stay out of the spotlight with his interesting takes. The season is only about a third of the way through and we can only imagine what is in store for the other three quarters of the season. What we can still do is take a look at some funny memes.

Memes are just a way for us to express how we feel in certain situations. It is truly amazing to see how many memes can come out on the internet in an hour, let alone a day. How many times have we seen a meme of the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead, or the Indians blowing a 3-1 lead, or the Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead? There is too many to count. The early part of the NBA season doesn't get a pass from becoming a meme with anything that happens. Might as well take a look at 20 memes from the early NBA season that are absolutely savage to look at. After all, memes are what people live for so this should be fun to look at, right?

20 The 76ers Just Can't Catch a Break

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Coming into this season, the Philadelphia 76ers were seen as the team of the future. All was set in place. Joel Embiid was finally going to be healthy for a full season. Ben Simmons was going to make his long awaited NBA debut. They picked up a few off-season pieces including a good shooting guard in J.J. Redick. To top it all off, they selected Markelle Fultz with the number one pick in the draft. Then Fultz hurt himself in the Summer League games, which makes for a great meme here.

The paper bag over the fans head is a symbol of 76ers misery for the past few seasons. The fans were looking for something to cheer about and when they finally get something, Fultz ends up getting hurt. Fultz is now playing, but appears to be having troubles with his shooting form because of his shoulder. When Fultz returns to 100%, he should be good to go and create the trio we are all waiting to see. But for now, 76ers fans will have to endure the pain that is that fan in this particular meme.

19 Lonzo with the Last Word

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Patrick Beverley was on a mission opening night: to help the Clippers win and more importantly, shut down Lonzo Ball. Everybody knows the deal with Lonzo by now. He was the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Lakers, he came out of UCLA after his freshman year, and has a very outspoken father in Lavar Ball. With all of this in mind, Beverley made it his mission to make sure Lonzo was uncomfortable all night. He definitely did with Lonzo only having three points all night. But it is Lonzo having the last laugh with this meme.

The very next game, Lonzo was one assist away from a triple double. Lonzo also has two triple doubles on the season and has a higher career high in points than Beverley. This meme is savage because it clearly takes a shot at Beverley who wanted to take a shot at Lonzo in the first place. Patrick Beverley better be careful the next time he runs his mouth. Otherwise, Lonzo might have another big game and none of us will hear the end of it from Lavar.

18 K.D. Leaves Part Two?

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Although it might have been last season, this one still brings plenty of highlights and speculations going into the next off-season. We love the chance to heckle Kevin Durant for his decision to leave Oklahoma City for Golden State. It was just such a coward move to go to the team that beat you in the playoffs. There was already Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson running the league. Then to add K.D. to that equation just made things unfair, as seen by the Warriors title run last season with barely any competition. It is always nice to see K.D. lose and wonder if he would actually switch teams again.

As can be seen from this meme, he is representing the L.A. Lakers with his trademark number 35. This is great for a number of reasons. First, the Lakers have a young team to build around. Second, the Lakers have the money to sign a guy like K.D. to a maximum deal. Finally, K.D. can be the main guy again in the bright lights of Los Angeles. Sure, LeBron and Paul George have also been rumored to be targets for the Lakers. But once a traitor, always a traitor, right?

17 Kyrie Had Regrets?

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Boston Celtics fans had a really tough time watching the little guy, Isaiah Thomas, walk out of Boston to be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. But this wasn't a situation like Pierce and Garnett where you were getting just picks. The Celtics ended up getting Kyrie Irving who is arguably one of the best finishers in the game of basketball. Adding him and Gordon Hayward to the fold made them jump to NBA Finals favorites. But after losing Hayward and losing to Cleveland in the same night, it made sense to come up with this meme.

We love the many faces of Steve Harvey. He is a funny man and good host (when he isn't messing up winners of beauty contests). Kyrie could very well have had second thoughts about the trade after losing the first game and even the second game to Milwaukee. But after a 16 game winning streak and sitting on top of the East, it's safe to say Kyrie is happy he left Cleveland to now be in Beantown.

16 Even Gordon Hayward Can't Escape the Meme World

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Like we said before, Gordon Hayward was one of the biggest names the Celtics landed in the off-season. Before Kyrie to Boston even surfaced, all Celtics fans attention was glued to Hayward. Everyone knew he was going to be a free agent in the off-season. Everyone also knew of the relationship he had with Celtics head coach Brad Stevens as Hayward played for Stevens at Butler University. So Hayward to the Celtics was an easy decision and on July 4th, fireworks went off as Hayward announced he was signing with the Celtics. Everything looked great until Hayward went up for an alley-oop pass from Kyrie and landed on his leg completely wrong.

This meme comes in handy for those that want a sick, yet good laugh. Yes, it does stink how bad Hayward was hurt and we all wish him a speedy recovery. But this was just too good to not post about. It looked like his body was in about five places like this twister board meme gives off. For somebody to come out with it as quick as they did after the Hayward injury happened makes it even more savage. What could have been for the Celtics this season if Hayward was healthy!

15 Before Hayward Went Down

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The Celtics were the team that everybody was waiting on to make the big splash. Well, the 2017 off-season was finally the time that they went out splashing all right. They went out and signed Gordon Hayward and traded for Kyrie Irving. Yes, we know Hayward is now hurt. But take a look at this meme for a second and tell me that fans weren't excited. It is absolutely savage to look at.

Yes, there have been other teammates flipping around lately. Look at the other side of the Kyrie trade with Isaiah Thomas now in Cleveland. Russell Westbrook now has Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in the fold in OKC. Paul Millsap was a big name in Denver this season before he got hurt. But this was the team that looked to finally end the Cavaliers run of dominance in the Eastern Conference. Can the Celtics still take down the Cavs? Maybe. But it would have been more interesting with Hayward in the fold.

14 At Least They Get Along

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It seems like in the NBA, there were always pairings that just seemed to go well together. Michael and Scottie helped the Bulls become a dynasty. Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn were the physical players that helped the late 1980s Pistons become the "Bad Boys". Even rivals were paired off such as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Now we have these names like the "Splash Brothers" in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson for their incredible three point shooting ability and the brothers in Brook and Robin Lopez who get dunked on. But what about the ejected brothers?

This meme is an absolute savage one for calling out Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony getting ejected earlier this season. Carmelo, along with Paul George, were looked at as the veterans who could help OKC contend this year and possibly even overthrow OKC if everything works out. But they definitely do not have it together early on and the meme world has no problem letting everyone know it. The season is still young, but if things don't work out for those two individually, it could be a long season for Thunder fans.

13 Kyrie Does The Math

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As stated earlier, one of the big stories from the early months of the 2017-18 NBA season was the Celtics' 16-game winning streak. Despite the team losing Gordon Hayward for the year, Kyrie took the team on his back and led them to 16 wins, quickly proving that he can in fact lead a team on his own without being in LeBron's shadow. Following the 16 wins, one fan decided to have some fun with math and find an equation in Boston's winning streak that points to LeBron's five NBA finals losses.

It remains to be seen if in fact the Cavaliers can make it to their fourth straight NBA Finals, as the Celtics will likely be the last team standing in their way of getting there. Kyrie will be there to ensure LeBron doesn't get a chance to add (or subtract?) from this record.

12 Poor 76ers

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The Philadelphia 76ers ended up with the number one pick for the second time in as many years. But they didn't get it originally. The Boston Celtics were the owner of the number one pick for the first time in franchise history, but clearly they had different plans than we all expected. A lot of people expected the Celtics to take Markelle Fultz with the first pick. Two people who disagreed with this theory were Danny Ainge and Jayson Tatum. The Celtics traded down to the no.3 pick with the 76ers and even gained a future first round pick for the number one pick. But the 76ers fans know all too well about what getting screwed over looks like as Joel Embiid shows above.

Embiid clearly wasn't happy about the draft lottery results. Magic Johnson is all smiles because he figured he was getting a top two pick and taking Lonzo Ball almost immediately. Embiid might be feeling a bit better now that Fultz is in the 76ers organization for the long haul. The NBA does have its moments where it feels like it could be rigged. But there are always moments where memes perfectly describe an NBA situation and this one of the 2017 draft is one of them.

11 A Painful Reminder

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Steph Curry doesn't foul out of NBA games very often. But when he does, he makes it more of a big deal than when mom takes away the dessert for being naughty. Steph Curry can turn a game around in a heartbeat by shooting three after three and getting his teammates involved as well. We also just can't get over the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals. Yes, they have won two championships in the past three seasons. But they could have been three time consecutive champions had it not been for a forward being suspended for game five of that series (hi Draymond Green).

Curry sitting on the bench in a key part of the game because of fouling out makes this meme savage. The other obvious factor is referring back to blowing the 3-1 lead. The Warriors definitely quieted some people down by convincingly winning the Finals last year. Maybe this year, the Warriors will actually get a scare. But for now, expect much of the same from the Warriors. We can however always enjoy Steph sitting on the bench in crunch time and going back to the 2016 Finals to wonder what could have been if Draymond plays in game five.

10 Ball Will Never Catch Kobe

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One of the early highlights from this season has been the Lakers retiring both Kobe's no.8 and no.24 jerseys on their rafters. Kobe got a tribute from the Lakers like few we've ever seen in the NBA. It was a true reminder of just how beloved Kobe is in Los Angeles. Since Lonzo Ball was drafted by the Lakers back in June, his father LaVar has been boasting that his son is going to win more MVPs than Kobe and will lead the team to more championships. When Kobe's numbers were raised in the Staples Center, LaVar was probably envisioning a Ball name on every jersey as he lives in his own fantasy world. Even if Lonzo turns out to be a great player, there will only be one Kobe.

9 He Could Use Some Help

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The NBA is quickly becoming a league where superstars need other superstars to win anything. Kevin Durant joins an already stacked Warriors team and they win the Finals in their first season all together. On`e guy that doesn't get enough credit is John Wall. Wall is one of the best point guards in the league, but still doesn't have a championship to show for it. Yes, he has some good players with him like Bradley Beal and Marcin Gortat. But he doesn't have that second superstar with him that can help him reach the promise land.

This meme does a great job of portraying how Wall probably feels every game. He probably feels like he is one of the only guys going to war every game and he needs some help. Imagine if he had somebody like Giannis or Kristaps Porzingis with him? That would elevate him to championship contention right away. But until a big move like that happens for Wall in Washington, he probably will feel like a lone warrior going into every battle like the one fighting above.

8 Who Doesn't Love Oprah?

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Oprah is one of the most inspirational women in all of television history. Her generosity is also never in question either. She is always giving away lavish gifts like cars and such for all of her audience members. It seemed like there were a lot of trades this season, particularly in the Eastern Conference. It is almost like calling out to every player, "You get a trade, and you get a trade, everyone gets a trade!" What a time to be playing in the NBA where playing in the Eastern Conference can be a good thing. This meme is too good to pass up on that end.

The Eastern Conference is ruled by LeBron until somebody can knock him off. Sure, the Boston Celtics won the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, but how much did that really help in the long run? None! LeBron ran through the Eastern Conference without breathing heavily before bowing out to the Warriors. It seems like everyone could get traded to the Eastern Conference at a moment's notice. So is giving the best thing for this upcoming holiday season in the NBA? Stay tuned.

7 Kyrie Was Ahead of the Game the Whole Time

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LeBron is always going to be the man wherever he plays. He was the man in Cleveland, Ohio growing up throughout high school. Kyrie Irving is a phenomenal player in his own right, but never was going to be the man while LeBron was there. Kyrie wanted to be the guy on a different team, hence why he requested a trade to team president Dan Gilbert. Gilbert could have sent him to any team and he decided to send him to the Boston Celtics in a very interesting move. The meme above is savage as our friend with a million thoughts makes an appearance.

LeBron cannot leave Kyrie if Kyrie left first, which is what ended up happening. Kyrie is now the man in Boston with a foreseeable long term future there and Lebron's future is still in question. LeBron could very well leave and head to L.A. and Kyrie would have been stuck on a team uncertain on their future. Sure, they still have Kevin Love as well. But what more do they have after that? Both men seem to be happy with what happened and Kyrie doesn't have to worry about LeBron jumping ship now.

6 The Present and Future of the NBA in One

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Everyone is raving about how stacked the Western Conference is this year. The Oklahoma City Thunder obviously upgraded with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. The Houston Rockets added leadership in all-star point guard Chris Paul. The Nuggers went out and got Paul Millsap. So the Western Conference definitely has its star talent. But do not sleep on the Eastern Conference. Particularly in this photo, there is one man who is the present of the NBA and one guy that is the future.

Giannis and LeBron are two of the most dominant players this season so far. The Eastern Conference has its fair share of stars as well. Not to mention, guys like Kyrie Irving, John Wall and others are not even pictured here. These two men could battle every night and fans would love to see it. Keep an eye out because in a few years when LeBron starts to slide off a bit, Giannis will take over the league by storm. For now, we will enjoy their battles when we can.

5 KD's Next Chapter

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Back when Durant announced his intention to sign with the Warriors, he wrote a piece for The Players' Tribune titled "My Next Chapter" explaining his decision. However, that explanation was far from satisfactory for angry OKC fans and fans of the NBA in general, as the majority felt Durant was taking the easy path to a championship by joining a 73-win team.

This offseason, the New York Yankees made quite the big splash by acquiring Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton and sports fans decided to have fun with KD, who probably would sign with the Yankees right now if he were to change sport. Durant is signed with the Warriors for another couple of years but you wonder what he'd do if a better team came along at the end of his deal.

4 Isaiah's Small, But Not that Small

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The Boston Celtics fan base took an extreme liking to Isaiah Thomas. Actually, liking is an understatement; they loved the man. Isaiah Thomas always knew when it was time to step up in the fourth quarter, giving him the nickname in Boston as "The King of the Fourth". So it was understandable when he was traded to Cleveland that Celtics fans were a bit hurt. One guy who wasn't hurt by the trade was LeBron James as it gives him a different type of All-Star to play around with when Thomas returns from injury. But LeBron seems to show a bit of disrespect for his new teammate in this meme.

Here, he is simply shaking a young fan's hand. Now on the surface, it looks like LeBron just being a good person toward the kids. But we all truly know why this is savage as Isaiah Thomas stands at a small 5'9, if he's lucky. Isaiah Thomas has been called "the little guy" before numerous times by Tommy Heinsohn. But c'mon LeBron, Isaiah isn't that small. Show your new teammate some love and appreciation! That in itself makes this meme very savage.

3 It's Really All on LeBron Now

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The Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Finals thanks to a dominant performance by LeBron James. But it was Kyrie Irving who won the pivotal game seven with his three over Steph Curry to give Cleveland its first professional sports championship since 1954. Kyrie was a guy who could take over games whenever LeBron James had an off night. But now, Kyrie is the main guy in Boston and LeBron realizes he has to be the guy to take a game winning shot now.

The kid who always says, "So you're telling me..." makes his first appearance to the list criticizing LeBron as only the kid can. LeBron is known to do everything, except hit game winning shots in a consistent matter. All we know is that this kid is hilarious, it makes fun of LeBron and doesn't worship him like everybody else does, and it makes for a savage meme. Maybe LeBron can erase this thought by hitting clutch free throws late in a Finals game.

2 Knicks are Now Lead by the Latvian Unicorn

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For years, the New York Knicks were a team that were centered around building pieces around All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony. This off-season, the Knicks decided to go in a different direction. They traded Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder and the life after Carmelo officially began. Immediately, all of the pressure landed on rising star Kristaps Porzingis. The "Latvian Unicorn", as he is called, has made many people change their opinions on him as opposed to when he first came into the league. Now he is the main piece of the Knicks, which calls for a hilarious meme.

Here we see Kristaps giving the camera a small glimpse of his funny side. His face looks absolutely hilarious as can be with the expression, "I'm the captain now" making its way in there. As funny as the picture and caption are, they are also true. Porzingis is now the leader of this Knicks group looking to change the culture. Patrick Ewing couldn't seal the deal for a Knicks title, so maybe Kristaps can be that guy to lead them to the promise land.

1 LeBron About to Trust the Process?

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We couldn't end this list without another LeBron meme. We just love to pick on him any chance we can. There has been a lot of speculation about where LeBron could end up next season as he will be a free agent, again. Could a return to Cleveland be an option? It is realistically possible. Could he go for the bright lights of Los Angeles? Another realistic possibility! But how about trusting the process in Philadelphia? Wait what?

LeBron can go to any team he wants to and instantly make them championship contenders. But this meme of him going to Philly is truly interesting. Imagine a team of LeBron, Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, J.J. Redick, and Joel Embiid? That would be something out of NBA 2K18. Regardless, LeBron definitely knows how to get the media's attention. To make a bold prediction like LeBron going to the 76ers and rocking the uniform is definitely a savage move in itself which then turns to this savage meme.

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