7 Things LeBron James Wants Forgotten And 8 He Wants Remembered

LeBron James is universally recognized as the greatest basketball player of this generation, and rightfully so. The King has won multiple Gold Medals from team USA and has captured three NBA Championships during his impressive career. His career averages of nearly 25 PPG, 8 RPG and 7 APG are just remarkable. Not only has he been to seven straight NBA Finals, but he nearly averaged a triple double in this past years Finals, really making his mark on history.

One of the things about LeBron is he is an exceptional passer and has tremendous court vision. Whether its setting his teammates up to score or creating opportunities for himself, the King is great at getting everyone involved. He also imposes a very intimidating factor rushing down the court for opposing defenders with his ability to finish through contact. For his impressive stature and build of 6’9, 250 allows him to be a scoring force anytime he sets foot on the court.

It is without question that LeBron is the most dominant and best player in the NBA today, the question just now remains, will he eventually be able to surpass Jordan as the best of all time? It will be quite the task for The King, but it is something we all look forward to seeing.

With these things in mind, this list takes a look at 8 things LeBron wants you to remember and 7 he does not.

15 Wants Forgotten: He flops and complains a lot

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From his silly or unnecessary falls during games, arguing with the referees or just complaining about a call, this man has had his fare share of bad calls against him. When your able to finish like LeBron around the basket, there is a certain level of expectation from the refs that comes with that, and LeBron has certainly expected more than his fare share of fouls calls.

To put things in perspective of how many times he forces his way to the charity stripe LeBron attempts at least 7.1 free throws per game, which is only second to big man Demarcus Cousins. LeBron finishing ability is undeniably great, and his ability to draw fouls is great, but I’m sure there have been some questionable calls here and there for the King.

14 Wants Remembered: He didn’t go to college

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One of the things I’m sure LeBron would want people to know is that he chose not to go to college, he found seasonal work in Cleveland after playing high school basketball for Catholic high school St. Vincent-St. Mary. While LeBron was clearly the best high school basketball player in the country during that time, I’m sure some people were puzzled by his decision not to at least go a one and done first.

However, LeBron would want his fans to know about this because it solidifies that decision and it puts him in elite company. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and several other legendary players didn’t go to college, so I believe LeBron ultimately wanted to be added to that list. Plus, the fact that Michael Jordan went to college and LeBron didn’t makes a better case for LeBron if he continues to chase to be the best.

13 Wants Forgotten: He’s still considering the Lakers

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LeBron would certainly not want Cavs fans to remember that he might still be considering the Lakers as a potential free agent destination after next season. LeBron has played more than 10 seasons with the Cavaliers and four with the Heat. And although he hasn’t said anything publicly, it has been reported multiple times that LeBron wants to play in L.A. Recently he was even seen checking out schools in the city with his kids.

It would not be a surprise to see LeBron leave Cleveland after next season considering he helped them win a championship, but it would still hurt the beloved fans of Cleveland nonetheless. That is why LeBron would not want his fans to know that he might be leaving Cleveland for the second time and that he might be joining the Lakers after the 2017-18 NBA season.

12 Wants Remembered: He has been an underdog for most of his life

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LeBron would want his fans to know that he has been an underdog for most of his life. Although he was very successful throughout high school and won multiple championships, he did have some shortcomings. LeBron was at one time ineligible to play for a high school game because of suspicious activity behind a expensive car purchase, and accepting clothing with a value of $850 as a gift from a store in the Cleveland area.

Although his team would go on to win that game and eventually the title that year, LeBron has been treated as an underdog for most of his career in the NBA as well. He was doubted to beat the Warriors in 2015 and he was certainly doubted to beat them again this past season. Whatever the case may be or has been, LeBron has embraced the underdog mentality throughout his career. And that is why he would want his fans to know about it.

11 Wants Forgotten: The Decision

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LeBron doesn’t want people to know or remember the decision. Again, choosing to leave Cleveland for Miami was very tough for the fans, evident from his several burned/charred jerseys and the harsh letter from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. It was hard to see LeBron go the way he did and the fans were understandably very upset.

Perhaps what ignored people the most about the move was that the Heat were automatically expected to win once he got there. They already had all stars in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and with the addition of LeBron it clearly made them the favorites to win the East. Not to mention that when LeBron was announced with the two, he said they would win “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven championships” which added an immense about of pressure for LeBron.

10 Wants Remembered: His Ridiculous Stats And Accomplishments

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LeBron has an insane list of stats and achievements that many of his critics refuse to acknowledge. The common criticism is that LeBron lacks the clutch gene, but some of his stats say otherwise, as he has the highest scoring average in Game 7s in NBA history. He also has a 41.58 win shares in the playoffs, which is more than Michael Jordan. He also has the most consecutive points in NBA playoff games and he has the most three pointers in an NBA Finals. He also passed Jordan for total playoff points this past postseason with 6,163 at the conclusion of the 2017 playoffs. LeBron never seems to get his due from critics, but one day pundits will look back at those numbers and realize they didn't give the King a fair shake.

9 Wants Forgotten: Ray Allen Saved his butt in the 2013 Finals

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LeBron would not want his fans to know that Ray Allen essentially saved his butt in the 2013 NBA Finals with his miraculous shot to send the game into overtime. It brings up an interesting point because if Ray hadn’t hit the shot, LeBron could have lost another Finals, bringing his record to 2-6.

To put things into perspective the Spurs were up 3-2 and failed to close them out in a best of 7 series. They had one of the best defenders in the league in Kawhi Leonard and one of the best big men in Tim Duncan and couldn’t get it done. LeBron did improve his three point percentage during his time in Miami, but he failed to hit the shot to tie the game and fortunately for LeBron’s sake, Ray Allen would. So although Ray Allen helped LeBron win a championship that year, I’m sure he would like his fans to forget about that one moment Ray saved him.

8 Wants Remembered: He has spoken out on social and political issues

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LeBron has never been shy to speak his mind. Whether it is speaking out on various social or political issues, the King hasn’t stayed silent in voicing his opinion. One example that comes to mind was when he spoke with good friends Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade at the ESPYS show. During the ESPYS LeBron took center stage with his friends and spoke on racial violence and other worldly issues.

We also know he’s certainly not shy about voicing his opinion about our commander in chief, or as he likes to call him, “so called president”. When it comes to social or political issues, the King is never shy about speaking his mind. And this should be no different. LeBron is a powerful figure in the North American landscape and it's important he leads the way.

7 Wants Forgotten: Rocky relationships with his teammates

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We all know that LeBron’s relationship with his teammates isn't the best at times, just ask Kyrie Irving. On the First Take show recently, Kyrie Irving was questioned why he did not talk to LeBron James prior to his decision to leave, and he responded with “Why should I have to?.  It was clear during the show that he wasn't going to give reporters anything, but his opinions/responses certainly indicated that there was something more serious going on behind the scenes between him and LeBron which is why he wouldn’t want fans to know about it.

Irving later in the show said “"I don't think you owe anything to another person in terms of figuring out what you want to do with your life. It's not anything personal.” With this in mind, Kyrie wanting to leave Cleveland could have burned the bridge between him and Kyrie and that's why he would want his fans to forget.

6 Wants Remembered: His shoe deal with Nike

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The King's a businessman, and he would want fans to know about his shoe deal not only because it is worth over $1 billion, but also because he didn’t jump at his first opportunity to sell a shoe. Turns out the King turned down a $10 million shoe contract from Reebok at age 18.

“It comes from my uncle,” James explained. “He said to never put all of your eggs in one basket. Give people an opportunity to say what they got to pitch themselves. We always said we’re gonna hear all three companies. We wanted to hear all three companies and what they had to say, but I still can’t believe I left that $10 million on the table.”

With this in mind, James teaches an important lesson to his fans here. He teaches them the importance of waiting and not jumping at the first opportunity. He didn’t jump at the first opportunity to make a lot of money then and look where he is now. That is why he would want his fans to know about it.

5 Wants Forgotten: 2007 Finals loss to San Antonio

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LeBron would not want his fans to know about his 2007 Finals loss to the Spurs because the Cavaliers got swept. They ran into a much better San Antonio team that had Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli and Tim Duncan all in their prime, and LeBron didn’t have much help with his team. He had teammates such as Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Daniel Gibson and several other players who hadn’t played in the Finals before. Not to mention it was LeBron’s first finals appearance himself, so he was relatively inexperienced as well in that kind of play at that level.

Regardless of how one wants to look at this Finals loss for LeBron, it certainly didn’t help his resume, but it was good experience. His averages of 22 PPG, 7 RPG and 6 APG really helped him set the stage for the Cavaliers. And it helped him develop more as a leader going forward as a member of the Cavs.

4 Wants Remembered: He’s a better actor than MJ

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LeBron James would want you to know that he not only succeeds on the court, he succeeds off the court as well. During the King's career he was in Trainwreck, and other movies. He's also set to star in Space Jam 2. He would want his fans to know about this because it shows that he has other talents and has a passion outside of basketball. The clips of him playing basketball with Bill Hader were absolutely hilarious. And casting in movies like that echoes LeBron's ability to succeed in other areas beyond basketball, which is quite unique. Many also argued that LeBron's acting performances have been far better than Michael Jordan's attempt in Space Jam, so at least LeBron has that on His Airness.

It is very interesting that LeBron will be in Space Jam 2 when Michael Jordan was in the first one, so we’ll have to see if LeBron continues his career in film production.

3 Wants Forgotten: 2011 Finals loss to Dallas

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LeBron would not want people to remember the Heat's 2011 Finals loss to the Mavericks because it was the year after “The Decision” was made. After losing to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference playoffs, LeBron had chosen to leave the Cavaliers to play with Wade and Chris Bosh in South Beach. And that alone put a lot of pressure on LeBron to win a championship there.

Dallasnews.com called it a “choke” by the Miami Heat in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. It said “Call it a Mavericks miracle or an utter choke by the Heat. Either way it had to be one of the most astounding losses in South Florida sports history, one that snatched a 2-0 NBA Finals lead from the Heat and now sends a 1-1 series back to Dallas for three consecutive games.” In light of the Heat's collapse, with the emergence of a Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron would ultimately lose his 2nd Finals.

2 Wants Remembered: He’s a three time NBA Champion

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LeBron would want his fans to know that he’s a three time NBA Champion, two with the Miami Heat one with the Cavaliers. While what he has accomplished is very impressive to say the least, everyone is going to be questioning whether he will be able to catch Jordan at six titles. LeBron is aging at about 32 years old so time will tell, but for the moment, LeBron has accomplished a lot in his impressive career.

To put things into perspective of the last time an team brought a championship to Cleveland was the Cleveland Browns winning the 1964 NFL Championship which was a very long time ago.

In light of this history, LeBron would want his fans to know that he was added to the legacy of this list.

1 Wants Remembered: 2016 Finals victory

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This will probably be LeBron's lasting legacy on the city of Cleveland, so of course, he wants this etched in stone forever. Stephen Curry was the two time MVP and the Warriors were coming off a record setting 73-9 season. The Warriors were clearly a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with that year so it was great for LeBron and his legacy to win the title that year.

Not to mention that the Cavaliers were recorded as the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit in Finals history which that in itself is very impressive. LeBron willed his team to come back and it was as impressive a performance by any basketball player that the world had ever seen. LeBron fulfilled his goal from when he was drafted and that was to bring a title to The Land.

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