8 NBA Players Who Cheated On Their Woman And 7 Who Were Cheated On

While it's true there are some professional athletes that remain faithful to their wives (and probably more than we think), the popular belief is that any male athlete with money and fame uses it to their advantage to sleep with beautiful women outside of their marriage. Many women are attracted to being a "sidepiece" or just hooking up with a celebrity - look at Tiger Woods - and well, men are simply disgusting perverts; the latter is probably something both women and men have no trouble admitting. But it isn't always the Michael Jordans or Kobe Bryants that do the cheating. Whether it's because they struggle with being alone for much of the NBA season or its for other reason, the wives of NBA players aren't immune to cheating.

In fact, some of the game's best and most popular players have been cheated on throughout the years. Despite the fact it might be hard to believe from the outside that a woman married to a rich celebrity might risk it all by sleeping with another man, there are plenty of reasons and it happens a lot more than you might think. Below are eight NBA players who did the cheating and seven wives who stepped out of their marriage to prove it's not only star players who take advantage of their wealth and fame.

15 Cheated: Dwyane Wade

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While there are plenty of rumors that suggest Dwyane Wade's ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, cheated on Wade during the couple's eight-year marriage from 2002 to 2010, the same rumors exist that say Wade cheated on his current wife, Gabrielle Union, which is a much bigger crime when you consider just how beautiful Union is. In fact, the cheating apparently started while Wade was with his previous wife, if you believe Funches, which might be difficult because she's a highly controversial figure who has filed nearly a dozen divorce lawsuits against Wade, including one against Union, who she believes broke up her marriage with Wade.

In not so many words, Wade copped to cheating on Union in 2014 through a social media post after reports circulated that he fathered a child with a woman outside of their marriage. "My life mistakes gave me you and my life mistakes almost made me lose you but your love has conquered all and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you," Wade wrote. You be the judge.

14 Partner Cheated: Steve Nash

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A lot of this one is speculation and hearsay, but the actions that followed back up claims that Steve Nash's ex-wife, Alejandra Nash, indeed cheated on the Canadian two-time NBA MVP. The couple was expecting its third child years ago, but rumors suggested that Nash might not actually be the father. His wife was allegedly cheating with Nash's teammate Jason Richardson, who was soon after traded to the Orlando Magic. That could have been a coincidence, but often where there's smoke there's fire.

What made the whole incident even more suspicious is the fact that Nash announced he was divorcing her one day after the baby was born. He offered the following statement, which didn't exactly cool the cheating rumors: "This is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I; after five years, we are now in the process of dissolving our marriage. This will be my only statement on this."

13 Cheated: Kobe Bryant

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This one might not be much of a surprise. Kobe Bryant's highly-publicized affair with a front desk worker at a Colorado dominated sports talk for the better part of a year and almost led to a divorce with his wife Vanessa on multiple occasions. What might have actually saved the marriage - other than the $4 million ring Kobe gifted his wife to stick around - is the rumor that Vanessa eventually cheated on Kobe to return the favor. In fact, there was rumors that she had been flirting with Karl Malone while he was with the Lakers, which led to a rift between the teammates.

What we know for certain, however, is that Kobe had at least one affair, which was brought up as a sexual assault case. Seven years later, his wife finally filed for divorce - but later recanted - and stated that Kobe had affairs with over 100 women.

12 Partner Cheated: Matt Barnes

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Whether on or off the court, Matt Barnes is often at the center of controversy and conflict. There have been countless rumors and hearsay from both sides of his relationship with ex-wife and Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan, including reports that he has cheated on her multiple times.

The couple split in 2011 and appeared to be getting along just fine, but that was a facade, according to Barnes, who released the following statement on his Twitter account: "The reason I broke my silence and released the separation statement a month ago, was due to her on going affair with a former friend of mine. Again, I wish her nothing but the best and I will continue to keep our children as my first priority." He appeared to show restraint, but flash forward a few years and his wife now has a restraining order against him after he drove 95 miles to attack Derek Fisher, who was dating his ex-wife. Yikes.

11 Cheated: Antoine Walker

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Antoine Walker faded quickly toward the end of his career after being a star with the Boston Celtics for the better part of eight seasons. He "retired" (was left without a job) by the time he was 31 years old, but still managed to make $110 million throughout his career. Unfortunately, he wasn't very good at managing money as he blew it all. That was the reported reason his former fiancee Evelyn Lozada left him: "My thing with Evelyn is she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth. And when it got tight, she chose to go a different direction. So that’s the problem that I have with Evelyn. That’s more personal," he said.

Lozada fired back multiple times however, most prominently on Basketball Wives Miami, in which she cited his multiple affairs and other issues as a reason for breaking off the marriage. She has since married and divorced Chad Johnson and Carl Crawford, however, so you be the judge on who's telling the truth.

10 Partner Cheated: Pau Gasol

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Players are usually quiet during and after the NBA playoffs. LeBron James often deletes all social media accounts to allow him to focus on the task at hand, for instance. But that wasn't the case in 2011 for Shannon Brown, who took to Twitter to make clear that he "DID NOT SLEEP WITH PAU GASOL WOMAN!!!" The three exclamation marks probably means he's telling the truth, right? Either way, it was pointless to even acknowledge the rumor to begin with; instead, Brown added fuel to the fire.

The Lakers had just been shockingly swept by the Dallas Mavericks and Andrew Bynum stated the team had trust issues. Gasol, meanwhile, had the worst stretch of games in his career, which didn't help speculation that Brown did in fact sleep with his girlfriend, Silvia Lopez Castro. Brown didn't return to Los Angeles the following season.

9 Cheated: Paul George

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Paul George is an absolute idiot. Yes, everyone on this list is guilty of cheating on their significant other, but George did so in such an idiotic way, not to mention the fact he cheated on Callie Rivers, who is not only one of the hottest NBA WAGs in our personal opinion, but also the daughter of Doc Rivers. In addition to being a smoking-hot bombshell, Callie actually appears to be a respectable, down-to-earth woman. The girl George cheated on her with, however, was a Miami-based stripper and model.

George allegedly offered the woman $1 million to have an abortion, but she refused. That isn't George's only involvement in a cheating scandal. He was also allegedly caught sleeping with former teammate Roy Hibbert's wife. Stick to basketball in OKC, PG13.

8 Partner Cheated: Jason Kidd

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What goes around comes around, but in this instance the opposite is true. Jason Kidd's ex-wife, Joumana Kidd, recently spoke out about her ex-husband's cheating and abusive ways - he was arrested in 2001 for punching her in the mouth and she later used her son to prove he was cheating on her. But early in his career, it was Kidd that allegedly got cheated on, which we can all agree is a good thing given how much of a scumbag he is.

Back then, Kidd was a young up-and-coming player with the Dallas Mavericks. He was dating the beautiful R&B singer Toni Braxton, but upon coming to meet him at his hotel one night for a date, she eventually left with Kidd's teammate, Jim Jackson.

7 Cheated: Lamar Odom

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Lamar Odom had a very public downfall, thanks in part due to the fact he was dating Khloe Kardasian, a member of the reality family known for killing the careers of NBA players. Because he was dating her at the time of his personal struggles, his affairs and drug use were out in the open and a topic of conversation in both sports and celebrity media.

At the height of his troubles, Odom practically escaped death, but was found in a troubling situation. He was found comatose in a Las Vegas brothel in an experience which he detailed in an Us Weekly profile: Looking back, I might have had a drink to get the mood started, but was I drunk or on drugs? Not at all. I remember lying in bed. Two women were in bed and then I fell asleep. That's all... When I woke up four days later, I was trying to pull the tubes out of my mouth." That seems a bit unlikely; regardless, his cheating ways almost got him killed.

6 Partner Cheated: Brent Barry

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The entire world was devastated when it was announced that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were splitting up. You know how white people were completely dejected when Chris Pratt and Anna Farris announced their divorce? That's how everyone felt about Parker and Longoria. Rumors suggested that Longoria cheated on Parker with noted scumbag Lance Armstrong, but those appear to be baseless. Parker, meanwhile, cheated multiple times according to Longoria. He even, at one point, allegedly slept with teammate Brent Barry's wife, a rumor which was fueled as Barry and his wife split around the same time as Parker and Longoria.

Barry's ex-wife Erin denied the rumor, naturally, but Longoria opened up about it a couple years back, noting that she found hundreds of inappropriate text messages shared between the two.

5 Cheated: Klay Thompson

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Klay Thompson's biggest assets on the court are his ability to defend and stay hidden on offense, allowing him to find the open spot in the corner to hit wide-open three-point shots. Unfortunately, his biggest weaknesses off the court are also his ability to defend and stay hidden. That's because one of his recent affairs became public knowledge after his then-girlfriend, model Hannah Stocking (who is at the very least an 11 out of 10) walked in on him "naked in bed with a groupie," or at least that's what she tweeted in 2015.

Stocking followed that tweet up with another: "I told him I'd @ him if he kept harassing me. So I guess he really wanted that tag to get his number up." Klay's life seems fine at the moment, but it's hard to imagine cheating on a woman like Stocking.

4 Partner Cheated: Tim Duncan

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As great as he was on the court, Tim Duncan just seems like a dude that would get cheated on. He's about as mundane and boring as they come in regard to his personality, but in a way that makes him cool as hell cause you can tell he truly doesn't give a damn about anyone's opinion. Tim's gonna rock those incredibly baggy jeans and wear socks and sandals and not worry about what you think. Unfortunately, not all women respect that. At least his wife didn't.

Duncan was married to his Wake Forest University classmate Amy for 12 years and the couple had two children, but she reportedly cheated on him countless times. He didn't care because, according to Hollywood Street King, "he didn't want Amy to tell the world that he's bisexual." Needless to say, their divorce wasn't exactly amicable.

3 Cheated: Nick Young

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It's easy to get lost wondering what would the world be like if the Lakers didn't draft D'Angelo Russell? Would he have been selected third overall by the Philadelphia 76ers? Would that have fast-tracked The Process? Would Nick Young still be engaged to Iggy Azalea? Those are the questions we struggle with every day, and thanks to Russell we'll never have the answers.

Chances are by now you've heard of how Nick Young's relationship with rap-pop-whatever star Iggy Azalea came to an end. The former Lakers player was discussing the women he has cheated on her with while Russell was filming it for Snapchat. Shame on Young for cheating, but you can't help but fault Russell for breaking the number one rule of the bro/teammate code.

2 Partner Cheated: Scottie Pippen

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From one story involving a pretend rapper and an NBA player to one involving a former NBA player and an actual rapper. Former Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen has been married to Larsa Younan since 1997. The 51-year-old Pippen might not be the best-looking dude around, but his 43-year-old wife is an absolute stunner and knockout MILF. In fact, her amazing body, big chest, and beautiful face recently attracted the attention of rapper Future, who had a brief affair with the NBA WAG.

Pippen and Younan appear to be back together and working on their marriage, but that didn't stop Future from declaring his love for Younan in a February 2017 Instagram post, in which he commented on a photo of her on her account with a heart emoji followed by "forever."

1 Cheated: Michael Jordan

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Considering he's the G.O.A.T, it's only right that Michael Jordan comes in at number one on our list of cheaters as well and not only because of name recognition. In fact, Jordan was just as efficient at cheating on his ex-wife as he was at winning championships. He was so good at getting away with cheating - although he was eventually caught - that, according to Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, he even mentored the PGA G.O.A.T how to successfully get away with adultery. We know how that turned out, however.

Whatever Jordan did while married to his ex-wife Juanita, it was extensive. He's a noted gambling addict who supposedly cheated on Juanita hundreds of times. We can only assume that to be true given he handed her nearly $200 million in the divorce settlement, which is still one of the most expensive settlements in celebrity divorce history.

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