8 NBA Players Who Constantly Cheated On Their Partners And 7 Who Were Always Faithful

When you are on the road as often as NBA players have to be, it's difficult to maintain a relationship. With most of their time spent away from home, tensions may rise due to the complications that come with being in a relationship with these athletes. NBA players are perhaps the most famous of all American sports since the league markets them individually, which means they are true celebrities. Since they are easily recognized by the public, it means they are more likely to have groupies who aim to meet these stars.

When you are on the road as often as NBA players have to be, it's difficult to maintain a relationship. With most of their time spent away from home, tensions may rise due to the complications that come with being in a relationship with these athletes. NBA players are perhaps the most famous of all American sports since the league markets them individually, which means they are true celebrities. Since they are easily recognized by the public, it means they are more likely to have groupies who aim to meet these stars.

Add in all the social media stories that we hear about players sliding in DM's and it's pretty easy to see why so many of them are constantly cheating on their partner. That doesn't excuse their actions but you should know what to expect before getting in a relationship with an NBA player. That's not to say that all of them cheat on their partners, there are plenty who have been committed to their partner to earn their reputation as faithful.

Throughout the years, there have been many publicized affairs that led to bitter divorces, while some partners have been willing to give a pass to their star lovers. Not every player enjoys that lifestyle with some spending years with the same woman without ever having been involved in any cheating rumors. You might be disappointed to see many of your favorite stars on this list, as we look at 8 NBA players who constantly cheated on their partner and 7 who remained faithful.

15 Cheater: Kobe Bryant

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There is no doubt that Kobe Bryant is an all-time great, his impressive resume speaks for itself. He finished as the second top scorer of all-time but it seems like Bryant was scoring even more outside the court with numerous affairs linked to him.

Obviously, there was the 2003 sexual assault case to which Bryant admitted to having slept with the accused, although he claimed it was mutual. Bryant would manage to convince Vanessa to give him another chance, vowing to stay faithful to her.

In 2011, his wife Vanessa Laine filed for divorce after reportedly catching him cheating and it was the final straw for her, as he had been involved with several women over the years. Vanessa was also informed by the wives of Bryant's teammates that he had been bragging about the women he was sleeping around with, which only added fuel to the fire. Bryant again managed to convince Vanessa to call off the divorce. Hopefully, Kobe has stayed faithful in retirement.

14 Faithful: Dirk Nowitzki

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Not only is Dirk Nowitzki one of the most loyal NBA players, but he's also one of the most faithful husbands in the league. He's remained with the Dallas Mavericks since being drafted back in 1998, and has taken pay cuts to improve the team. As for his personal life, he's been married to Jessica Olsson since 2010 and the couple have three kids together.

While plenty of stars have been accused of cheating, you won't find a single rumor about Nowitzki which speaks volumes about his character. Appearing to be a private person, he isn't one to talk much about his personal life, opting to only let the media know certain information.

Nowitzki doesn't have much gas left in the tank and will be retiring within the next two years, the league will certainly miss him not only as a player but as a role model as well.

13 Cheater: Tony Parker

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After three years of marriage, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria called it quits. Fans were surprised since they had been relationship goals for so many people, and they appeared to be a good fit. Although Parker has been loyal to the San Antonio Spurs by remaining with the team since getting drafted, the same can't be said about his marriage. According to Longoria, Parker had an affair with an unknown woman, which she found out after seeing hundreds of text messages between them.

It's been rumored that Parker was having an affair with the wife of his former teammate Brent Barry, although they have both denied it. Strong links have continued to exist with many sources confirming the rumors. It goes to show that if Eva Longoria wasn't safe from cheating, then nobody really is.

12 Faithful: Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has been one of the premiere players in the NBA as of the past few years, and he always manages to be in the spotlight. Although he is admired by the majority of fans, very little is known about his personal life. Westbrook is prime example that you can never judge a book by its cover. When considering how flashy he is on the court, and his style of play, one would probably assume that he is the type of person who gets around.

Westbrook is actually married to Nina Earl and they have been together since their college years. They also have a kid, and Westbrook is noted to be as good of a husband and father as he is on the court. There have been no rumored affairs for Westbrook with his focus shifting towards basketball and family rather than groupies, which is pretty rare for athletes of his age.

11 Cheater: Dwyane Wade

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Dwyane Wade is nearing the end of his NBA career with father time catching up to him at an alarming rate. But thankfully, his personal life is in order at the moment, as opposed to years ago. Wade started dating Gabrielle Union in 2009, and the couple would tie the knot in 2014. But just a year prior to their marriage, Wade had fathered a child from a different woman. Wade was also unfaithful in his first marriage to Siohvaughn Funches, as was mistakingly revealed by Shaq in leaked emails.

As for Wade and Union, the couple would go on to claim they were on a break, but it was proven to be false since photos on Union's Instagram had appeared during that period and they often featured Wade. The couple did go through a rough patch afterwards but they eventually managed to stay their together. Perhaps the bond that united them was too strong to break as Union forgave Wade for his cheating ways, and they remain together as of today.

10 Faithful: Tim Duncan

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Tim Duncan has been a role model since coming into the league, maintaining one of the best reputations due to his personality and actions off the court. Duncan was involved in a cheating scandal, but unlike most, he was on the other side with his ex-wife being the one who had an affair. As for Duncan, he remained loyal throughout their marriage as one would expect but unfortunately for him, things didn't end as he had hoped. He would get in another relationship after the divorce, and the couple have a kid together.

Duncan has also been faithful to his current girlfriend, although there isn't plenty of information about the couple. He is known for being very private, preferring to stay away from the spotlight despite all his fame. As an NBA player, he did all his talk on the court through his play instead of relying on antics or interviews.

9 Cheater: James Harden

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For years, we've heard plenty of tales about James Harden's love life, ranging from celebrities to fans. There has even been a leak from one particular groupie who snatched a photo while he was sleeping. It seems like Harden scored even more off the court than he has been with the Houston Rockets, so it came as a surprise to most when he was reportedly in a serious relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

But eventually Harden returned to his old lifestyle, leaving Kardashian behind for more groupie love. During an episode of the reality show, she indicated that Harden wasn't committed to their relationship as he had promised, which is why she ended things with him. Harden wasn't happy with his personal matters being put on display on national TV, although he should've known better since he chose to date a reality star.

8 Faithful: DeMar DeRozan

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DeMar DeRozan is one of the better scorers in the NBA today and has been a vital part of the Toronto Raptors core. He's also engaged to Kiara Morrison and they have been together since meeting at USC in 2008. They have two daughters together and have maintained a low profile for the most part. Morrison attends most of his Raptors game and she can be seen sitting at courtside.

If you ever hear loud screaming, or someone counting down the shot clock, then you have found DeRozan's fiancée who happens to assist him in every way she can. Despite becoming a three-time NBA All-Star in recent years, DeRozan hasn't changed his ways and remains as loyal to Morrison as he is to the Raptors. But then again, she does attend so many of their games, so she probably keeps an eye on her man at all times.

7 Cheater: Ray Allen

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The more you know about Ray Allen, the more you find yourself disappointed. While many names on this list have been caught in person by their partner or someone who knows them, Allen was responsible for his own exposure. In 2009, he accidentally tweeted a message that was clearly meant to be sent privately. The graphic tweet happened to be an inappropriate form of sexting that wasn't meant to be seen by the public. As usual, Allen deferred to the most commonly used excuse, claiming that his account had been hacked.

His followers didn't buy it and the tweet is now in the Hall of Fame of failed DMs. Over the years, Allen has also been linked to several women despite having been married to Shannon Williams since 2008. It seems like his wife has turned a blind eye to Allen's cheating ways, possibly for the sake of their four children.

6 Faithful: Al Horford

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It seems like his personal life just as his basketball career, regardless of where he is playing, Al Horford always seems to fly under the radar. After leading the Atlanta Hawks to moderate success for several years, he moved on to the Boston Celtics where he has been a force.

But Horford remains underrated among most fans, and while most recognize his talents, he isn't exactly a popular name. Moving to a bigger market hasn't helped him in transitioning into a star, which means that very little is known about his personal life.

Horford has been married to Amelia Vega since 2011, known to most people as Miss Universe 2003. Being one of the finest WAGS in the NBA, it's probably easy to see why Horford has been faithful to his wife. Horford is clearly aware that it doesn't get better than Vega, and has earned a reputation as one of the best husbands in the league.

5 Cheater: Dwight Howard

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There was a time when Dwight Howard was viewed as the second best player in the league after LeBron James, and was a beloved figure by most fans who nicknamed him Superman. Those days are long gone, and although he remains a quality player, his popularity has taken a severe hit in recent years with him jumping from one team to another.

But it seems like Howard was also switching women throughout those times with 8 baby mamas to his name. Many of his former partners have called him out for his lifestyle with one of them claiming to have been a sidechick of his. Howard prefers to keep his personal matters to himself but that's nearly impossible when he's out there trying to break Wilt Chamberlain's record.

There has also been a rumor that Dwight was involved with an underage girl back in 2014 with several photos surfacing on the internet. Dwight has never commented on the matter but that probably takes his cheating ways to an entirely different topic if true.

4 Faithful: Gordon Hayward

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Gordon Hayward's season got off to an unfortunate start when he picked up an injury that will keep him out of action for the rest of his season. After joining the Boston Celtics in the offseason, they were expected to challenge for the Eastern Conference title but their chances have certainly taken a hit. While his wife Robyn Hayward was heartbroken upon seeing her man down, she's probably happy that he will be spending even more time with her at home.

The couple has been married since 2014 and have two kids together. Robyn is very supportive of the NBA All-Star and has defended him against critics who had plenty to say when he left the Utah Jazz. Her Instagram profile is full of photos of Gordon and she constantly talks about how great of a husband and father he is. That's more than enough to confirm that Hayward has been faithful to his partner.

3 Cheater: Klay Thompson

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Klay Thompson's stardom has somewhat diminished since Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors but he remains one of the top talents in the league. Although it's difficult to share the spotlight with so many All-Stars on his team, Klay is still one of the most popular players today. Thompson dated Hannah Stocking for around a year before the couple broke up, as she called him on Twitter for cheating. According to Stocking's post, she caught him in bed with a groupie.

Thompson never really responded to the accusations but he did respond with a subliminal tweet, warning men about dating Instagram models. Stocking would add that Klay had constantly cheated and she eventually moved on from him to become a popular figure on the internet with more than 9 million followers on Instagram. She probably isn't losing too much sleep with her newfound fame, while Thompson continues to put in work on court as well as outside.

2 Faithful: Chris Paul

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Chris Paul is one of the most respected players in the league, not only for his talent but his behavior off the court as well. He was elected as president of the NBA players association for a reason, he's admired by the majority of his peers. Paul is also married to Jada Crowley, whom he met in college at 19 years old and they have been together since then. They also have two kids together, who have become famous in recent years due to their appearances with Paul at press conferences.

Paul's marriage doesn't seem to have many problems, certainly not one of infidelity as he has never been caught or rumored to be having an affair. They aren't just happily married as you can see on their social media accounts, but they also constantly refer to each other as being best friends. When it comes to relationship goals, the Paul family is second to none.

1 Cheater: Shaquille O'Neal

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If you followed Basketball Wives, you probably know the full story by now. Shaquille and Shaunie O'Neal had been married since 2002 until she couldn't handle his lifestyle anymore, with the NBA star having plenty of affairs during their relationship.

While most players would be quick to deny it, Shaq has admitted to cheating on his ex-wife, claiming that he had too many options while on the road and he couldn't keep it in his pants. Shaq is another name who was caught thanks to text messages that he had sent to his sidechick, but trouble started brewing in their marriage once Kobe Bryant basically told on his former teammate during his rape trial, claiming that Shaq sleeps around. One could say that Kobe didn't just end the Lakers dynasty, but he also had a hand in destroying Shaq's marriage. But that certainly doesn't excuse Shaq, who claims to be a changed man after learning from his mistakes.

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