8 NBA Players Who Dated WAY Out Of Their League And 7 Who Could've Done Better

No matter how much we try to spin it, we are a shallow society. We judge people by their looks even if we try not to. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should look down on someone based on your perception, but it's human nature. The NBA is no different, it's a league that markets its stars even more than the teams. How many people know LeBron James compared to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

NBA players are true stars so you can expect people to be judgmental and very noisy about their personal business. Sure, Russell Westbrook can average a triple double on the court, but what does his wife look like? Everyone is curious to learn about these personal details, even if it doesn't affect us the slightest.

Not every single NBA player is as shallow as one might think. In fact, many of them end up marrying the same woman they dated before they gained their fame. For instance, LeBron James married his high school sweetheart.

In this list, we will go through 8 NBA players who dated way out of their league, as in punched above their weight. We're talking about role players, or simply very average looking individuals, who managed to date or marry a much finer woman. We will also discuss 7 players who could've done better. You look at the biggest stars in the world and you immediately assume they're dating a supermodel. As this list will prove, that's really not the case all the time.

15 Out Of Their League: Dirk Nowitzki

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One of the greatest power forwards of all time, nobody can deny that. But he's not exactly a heartthrob. In fact, he was known for having yellow teeth for years and not taking care of his appearance. Since cutting his hair, he doesn't look so homeless anymore, but still far from being a sex symbol.

His first serious relationship didn't end on the greatest terms considering that his former fiancée, Cristal Taylor, was sentenced to five years in prison.

His current wife, Jessica Olsson, is definitely out of his league. They got married in 2012 and have three kids together. By looking at their photos, they truly look like a happy couple. You can also tell that Dirk feels blessed to have a woman so beautiful by his side. And we're willing to bet that Olsson is more than happy with the millions which her husband nets every season.

14 Could Have Done Better: Draymond Green

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When it comes to basketball, Draymond Green is one of the best and most complete players in the NBA. That means very little if we're strictly talking about looks. With a salary of $16.4 million and a number of endorsement deals, Green looks much more attractive.

There's been a running joke about Draymond Green looking similar to the donkey from Shrek. Green has even acknowledged the joke during an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel. It's a pretty accurate comparison.

Despite all his money and fame, Green isn't dating a model like most of his Golden State Warriors teammates. He has a kid with his girlfriend Jelissa Hardy, whom already had a kid from a different relationship. Green must be truly in love with Jelissa if he's willing to overlook these factors, I mean he could have any woman that he desires. Or maybe he's not as shallow as us, so kudos to him!

13 Out Of Their League: DeMarre Carroll

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DeMarre Carroll isn't a great player nor is he good looking, but he has something much more valuable, an NBA income. He was recently traded to the Brooklyn Nets after playing for the Toronto Raptors since 2015. He was initially brought to defend small forwards such as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, but he couldn't even guard his own shadow.

On top of that, he couldn't dribble or hit an open shot. The Raptors had invested $60 million for four years, so it's safe to say that Carroll owes them for life.

Outside of the court, Carroll loves to dress fancy. Perhaps it's to take away the attention from his not-so-attractive face. His wife, Iesha Carroll, has a beautiful smile and a smoking body. If we're being honest, it probably wasn't love at first sight between them. Being an NBA player with such high income will surely make anyone look charming.

12 Could Have Done Better: Nicolas Batum

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Batum is a versatile player, he can score, assist, rebound, and play defense. He does a little bit of everything on the court. The one thing he couldn't do is pull a hotter woman to be his wife. With all due respect, Batum could've done much better. He's French after all so you would expect his wife to be your typical hot French woman. But she's not.

Not that she's bad or anything, but clearly he could've done much better than his second wife. His first one was superior looks wise, but at least he seems happy now. Maybe he just came to the conclusion that looks aren't everything following his first marriage.

Batum is currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets where he's banking on a 5-year, $120 million contract! If his current marriage doesn't work, or if he ever misses his single days, Batum has more than enough money to live it up for the rest of his life.

11 Out Of Their League: Timofey Mozgov

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How does someone like Timofey Mozgov end up with his wife Alla? Simple: Make it to the NBA! If you ever had the slightest doubt, NBA players are living the dream. Women drool over them, whether you're LeBron James or Timofey Mozgov.

Mozgov isn't a bad player, he is a capable role player. He certainly has something to offer to most teams. But his wife is out of his league, if we're being honest. The blonde beauty has a nice smile and very captivating eyes. Mozgov has a yearly income of $14.99 million, which is always a plus.

The couple have a kid and live in Moscow during the NBA offseason. Alla probably won't be too sad when Timofey is no longer in the league, since they will be able to spend their entire time back home. Meanwhile, Mozgov is going to be playing for the Brooklyn Nets during this upcoming season, following a forgettable year with the Los Angeles Lakers.

10 Could Have Done Better: Allen Iverson

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Allen Iverson's wife won the lottery. How does she get to end up with someone like A.I? The man was known for setting trends and being fashionable. Everyone wanted to be like Iverson so you would think his wife is a top model chick. That's obviously not the case. It's not a bad picture, either.

Maybe she gave him a free pass to have fun on the road? That's the only logical explanation. Or perhaps she has some dirty secrets on him that he doesn't want the world to know. We don't really see any alternatives.

Nicknamed The Answer, one must question his taste in women. All joking aside, she probably has stuck by him through difficult times. Iverson is one of the best basketball players from the last 30 years and has recently been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. If you miss seeing him light up the court, he has made some appearances in Ice Cube's BIG3 league!

9 Out Of Their League: J.J. Barea

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There's really no need to explain this one but I'm going to either way. If J.J. Barea wasn't a merely gifted basketball player, he most likely wouldn't have been married to Viviana Ortiz, aka Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2011.

It's the type of couple that you see at the mall and you wonder how did they end up together? In this case, you already know the answer. Any man with some money immediately jumps from a 5 to a 10. That's just reality, and we could all use it as motivation to succeed in life.

The couple has been married for a year after having dated since 2013. Prior to his current wife, Barea was dating Zuleyka River, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2006. At least we know his type. If his current marriage doesn't work out, there will always be Miss Universe Puerto 2020 waiting for him!

8 Could Have Done Better: Russell Westbrook

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For someone that is so flashy, you would expect his wife to fit the criteria. Westbrook's style of play is very unique, and his fashion sense has been covered more than enough. But I guess that's why you should never judge a book by its cover. Nina Earl, the wife of Russell Westbrook, isn't bad looking by any means, but you won't find her on any hottest WAGs list.

Westbrook is a top 5 player in the league, so naturally, you would expect him to date someone who is also the best of the best. Russell isn't the only basketball player in the family, his wife also had a decent career in college with UCLA.

The couple has a baby boy and her Instagram page indicates that they have a happy marriage. Judging by her posts, they both appear to be fashionistas. Westbrook comes across as mean on the court, and in some interviews, but you get to see a different side of him on Nina's social media accounts.

7 Out Of Their League: Chris Bosh

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Throughout his NBA career, Chris Bosh has always been mocked and treated like a punchline by fans and his peers. Shaquille O'Neal said he's softer than RuPaul while Kevin Durant called him a fake tough guy. It's the very reason Bosh decided to pack his bags and leave Toronto. He wanted to be taken more seriously.

But as always, the exact opposite happened. Sure, Bosh was winning with the Miami Heat, but he was always disrespected by the media, while teammates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade often received all praise.

To make matters worse, his wife Adrienne Williams Bosh, has a past that he wouldn't want you to know about. According to several rappers such as Lil Wayne and Cam'ron, they accused her of being a groupie and sleeping around with bunch of rappers. There was even this gem of a photo that was leaked by Cam'ron.

Whether true or false, one thing we can all agree on is that she's way out of Bosh's league.

6 Could Have Done Better: Kyle Korver

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If Kyle Korver's idea of soulmate is someone who looks identical to him, then he definitely found his. His wife, Juliet Richardson, is an American singer and they have been married for six years. They also have three children together.

But let's be honest, Korver can do much better. He's one of the many role players in the league who has a strong following from females. Not to mention, he's a talented player with a deadly three-point shot.

After stints with four teams, Korver joined the Cleveland Cavaliers after being traded from the Atlanta Hawks earlier this year. He almost added an NBA title to his resume but the Cavs fell short against the Golden State Warriors. His biggest accomplishment to date remains his participation in the 2015 NBA All-Star game. Based on his talent and looks, we expected his wife to be slightly hotter.

5 Out Of Their League: Boban Marjanovic

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You know what comes to mind when we look at this couple? Beauty and the Beast. Milica Krstic is a certified beauty, you won't find anybody disagreeing with that notion. As for Boban Marjanovic, he hasn't been exactly a beast on the court. Coming into the league, there were high hopes for him following some great seasons in Europe.

His game hasn't transitioned into the NBA. Despite playing under Gregg Popovich for the San Antonio Spurs, who's capable of making any player look decent, Boban has struggled to make a name for himself. Some may argue that he hasn't been given the right opportunity, but he failed to impress for the Detroit Pistons as well.

Boban will probably be back in Europe within the next two to three years. Thankfully for him, he won't miss the NBA or its lifestyle too much with such fine wife by his side. The couple got married in 2014 and have two sons.

4 Could Have Done Better: Al Jefferson

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Nobody ever said that Al Jefferson was a model but he's an NBA player, which makes him attractive by default. With all his millions, Jefferson has opted to not go for your typical NBA girlfriend. Seeing as how so many NBA marriages end up in divorce, he has probably made the right choice.

But it doesn't change the fact that he should have been doing much better. Al Jefferson's stock has fallen over the past few years, becoming an after thought. He was a borderline All-Star for some years and even managed to make an appearance on All-NBA Third Team in 2014.

As dominant as he was in the paint, his services aren't needed in today's NBA. Add the fact he has struggled with injuries and one must wonder if he has a lot of time left in the league. Perhaps he could use his last minutes of fame to experience some fun on the road.

The couple had their problems in the past with Jefferson's girlfriend getting arrested for biting his ear. We're not sure exactly how she managed to reach him but even Mike Tyson would've been impressed!

3 Out Of Their League: Jeremy Lin

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Years since Linsanity, fans still have conflicted feelings about the player. Was it the system? Did Carmelo Anthony kill his momentum? Was it just a matter of being at the right place at the right time? It's probably a combination of all the above, Jeremy Lin is definitely a talented player who belongs in the league. But he's not the star that we thought he was for about a period of 2 months.

When it comes to personal matters, Lin is a very private person. He's very religious and you won't see him messing around as so many athletes do. Lin is currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets although he struggled to stay fit during the 2016-17 season, where he only played 36 games.

Very little is known about his girlfriend except for the photo above, there was also a video of the couple cooking together and having fun while doing so. One thing is for certain, Lin would probably struggle to find someone as cute if he hadn't been an NBA player.

2 Could Have Done Better: Kendrick Perkins

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Two things we learned from this photo, the first being that Kendrick Perkins is always angry. It doesn't matter if he's on the court or taking a selfie with his wife, his facial expression doesn't change. The second thing is that Perkins is not a shallow man. With all the millions he has made throughout his career, you would think that he would have a model laying in his arms, but that's clearly not the case.

Perkins and his wife, Vanity Alpough, have been married since 2009. She has been spotted at several NBA games but she has also made headlines on her own. In 2015, Perkins and his wife were involved in verbal altercation in public. Police were called to interfere and there were no charges although the couple was investigated.

The reason behind the argument is unknown but maybe she asked him to smile in a selfie, which clearly didn't go too well with Perkins. Or maybe she just realized that his NBA career is ticking.

1 Out Of Their League: DeMar DeRozan

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DeRozan can ball. Sure, he's a flawed player who still can't shoot the 3 at a time when nearly every guard is doing so at an efficient rate. His shot selection might even make Kobe Bryant scratch his head. But he can ball.

DeRozan is a skilled player who can get to the free-throw line better than most. And his footwork is among the best in the league, even Kevin Durant admitted to watching footage of DeRozan's impressive footwork. But this list isn't about whether DeMar can ball or not. And I think we can all agree that he belongs on this list.

From his homeless man haircut to his facial acne, DeRozan doesn't exactly make women swoon. His wife, Kiara Morrison, is one of his biggest supporters. She attends nearly every Toronto Raptors game to cheer her man. She's the definition of a "ride or die" chick, and on top of that, she's very cute!

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