8 NBA Players Who Will Never Land A More Attractive Woman (And 7 Who Can Definitely Upgrade)

It’s always very interesting to think about the women that some of these NBA players are with. Some players have dated or are married to the most beautiful women on the planet. On the flip side, there are many players who deserve some much better women than they have. Some women have personalities that just get to you, and you start to click, which is all fine and good. But some of these guys are current or future legends with a ton of money, and they deserve the best they can possibly get. It’s fun to think about what kind of women certain players end up with. For the fans it’s pretty interesting, because it teaches you more about the player that they only know about from on the court.

It’s time to highlight which players can do better and which ones cannot do any better. It’s pretty shocking with some of the players on this list, especially to see what kind of taste they have in women. And some of these reasons aren’t completely related to looks, honestly. Some women just have too good of a personality, while others don’t have any personality. But these women made these NBA players happy at some point, and that’s all that really matters to them.

15 Can't Upgrade: Stephen Curry 

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You really can’t do better than Ayesha Curry, and that’s talking about the most popular player in the game right now in Steph Curry. Ayesha is one of the most beautiful NBA wives, and is Steph’s biggest supporter. You always see Ayesha in the stands during games cheering on her man, being there and supporting him. One time she even tweeted out in frustration, about how she believed one of the NBA Finals games was rigged, which is definitely an extreme for a wife to do.

Not only is Ayesha stunningly beautiful and a huge supporter, she genuinely seems like a great person. She currently has her own cooking show, and honestly, is very successful as her own individual person. Ayesha is one of those women when you’re younger that you can bring home to mom and pops, and know you got a good one.

14 Can Upgrade: Andre Drummond

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Yeah, Andre what exactly are you doing? This man was dating one of the stars from iCarly, Jennette McCurdy. It’s insane to think that Drummond didn’t feel uncomfortable dating the star of a teenage television show star. The weird thing too, is it’s not like McCurdy was any beauty. She’s cute, but for a multi-millionaire, this guy can do a lot better. Of course, she probably has a lot of money as well, but she’s far out of her prime when it comes to acting for her.

The worst part about this whole situation, is that McCurdy actually went out and said all these negative things about how their relationship sucked and whatnot. So not only did Drummond date someone who wasn’t very attractive, but also someone who wasn’t very mature either.

13 Can't Upgrade: Dwyane Wade

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Instead of talking about which NBA players need upgrades, we should talk about which NBA wives need upgrades. Gabrielle Union, the wife of Dwyane Wade, definitely would be on that list. Despite Union having that beautiful smile on her face, she has been very well known for her life as an actress. Union never seemed to do anything wrong to Wade, but of course, Wade went back and cheated on her.That’s just not right, especially with someone who is willing to go through hell and back with you. And well, that is what Union seems to be doing. She’s staying with Wade after finding how that he cheated on her. And to show how loyal she is to him, she even has a sex schedule with him depending on his NBA schedule. If that’s not a true wife, who knows what really is.

12 Can Upgrade: Kevin Love

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The relationship between Kevin Love and Cody Horn has been kept pretty low-key so far, and maybe there’s a reason why. There are some pictures that Horn looks incredible, but many pictures she looks average. Maybe Love's into skinny girls, but Horn just seems way too skinny. You see a lot of NBA players tend to go after thicker women with incredible bodies. Horn just seems like an average catch, at least for a star NBA player. If you look at the guys Kevin Love is hanging around including LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, you can say he is a pretty big deal. All they have to do is take him to some high profile places, and Love may find love. And hanging around with studs like them, he can definitely find himself a stunning girlfriend.

11 Can't Upgrade: Devin Harris

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Whoa. Who would ever think that a guy like Devin Harris could land a beauty like Meghan Allen? This isn’t Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony we’re talking about, this is Devin Harris. Despite a couple good seasons, Harris is nowhere near a star in the NBA, and somehow landed one of the sexiest models as his wife. Allen is a hidden gem who was a part of Fear Factor back in 2006. For Devin Harris, Meghan Allen was definitely a gift from above, because he definitely doesn’t deserve this beautiful woman. Even at 37-years-old, she can put younger models to shame with her beauty. Lingerie, swimsuit, whatever, Allen looks incredible no matter what outfit she’s modeling in. For Allen, there’s no need to do anything except appreciate what he has and continuously treat her right.

10 Can Upgrade: Anthony Davis - New Orleans Pelicans

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Davis’ uni-brow definitely isn’t attractive, which is definitely why he can’t easily score some beautiful models. But with the money he has and how popular he is, there are definitely some less profiled women out there that would date Davis in a heartbeat. Supposedly, he’s currently dating WNBA player, Brittney Griner. Griner is a star basketball player in the WNBA, but regardless, Davis can still do better.

Griner actually was a lesbian, but then decided to start dating men after having a troubled marriage. That usually isn't a common occurrence, as being gay isn't a choice. Here's what Davis had to say about their relationship: “She is everything to me,” Anthony told TheNewsNerd, “We have an amazing relationship and have so much in common. We even wear the same size clothes and shoes so sometimes she borrows a shirt or two from me.”

9 Can't Upgrade: Al Horford

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For a guy like Al Horford, you just have to be happy for him. Horford and his wife, Amelia Vega, look so happy together that there’s definitely no reason that Horford would even want to upgrade, even though he can’t. The happiness is the main thing. Horford looks so glad, and not every woman is going to have that effect on a man like that. Horford seems to be at his happiest, and there’s no way he could find someone who would make him happier. She’s very smart, and beautiful, as she actually won Miss Universe back in 2003. Vega isn’t some attention seeking model that needs to take half of her clothes off to get good pictures. She’s a true beauty, and one that makes this guy very happy.

8 Can Upgrade: Michael Jordan

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This one really has nothing to do with Yvette Prieto at all. Well kind of, but, more so to do with Michael Jordan himself. Prieto is a cutie, with a very pretty smile. For most NBA players, she would be an absolute jackpot. But, this is Michael Jordan we’re talking about. We’re talking about arguably the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. A man who is a chairman of the Charlotte Hornets. Jordan could get practically any woman he wanted (except for Madonna of course).

Michael Jordan is like no other. When you hear that name, you know it, even if you don’t know a single thing about basketball. Michael Jordan is actually even one of the richest sports athletes in history. Jordan can get anyone he wants.

7 Can't Upgrade: Marko Jaric

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Instead of Marko Jaric, it should be more like Marko Jerk. There’s no telling if it’s actually true, but supposedly, Jaric cheated on Adriana Lima. First, Jaric is not a very attractive person himself, so he should have praised whatever gave him the opportunity to marry one of the most gorgeous women on Earth. Next, it’s Adriana Lima, there’s really not much better that you can get besides her. Lima is the third-highest paid model in the world, and arguably, she’s the most popular.

Everything about her is so stunning, and it’s just so unfortunate to thing that someone would actually decide to treat her poorly. It’s sad too, because Lima even admitted that she was saving sex until marriage, which means she must have really cared about Jaric. Lima has since moved on and there's no way Jaric will do any better.

6 Can Upgrade: Russell Westbrook

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It seems recently, that Russell Westbrook's superstar status has grown more and more. And with that, this player can easily get many of the women he would like. He’s currently married to Nina Earl, the former basketball player at UCLA. Westbrook and Earl met each other back in college, which makes sense why they’re together. Earl is cute, but there’s something about her that just makes you look at her and think that Westbrook can do better. She’s not an ugly girl at all, but with how popular Russell Westbrook has become, he could absolutely slam it on the dating scene. But hey, if he found happiness, who are we to tell him to change things up?

5 Can't Upgrade: Nick Young 

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Things have slowly trickled downhill for the shooting guard of the Golden State Warriors, Nick Young. Young was dating pop star Iggy Azalea, until she broke up with him for cheating on her. He then signed with the Warriors, which pretty takes away his chances at being a star on his team, as the Warriors pretty much have their star players lined up. But, there’s no way that Young will upgrade for anyone more popular or better-looking than Iggy. Iggy is honestly like the Australian version of Kim Kardashian, except she’s known for her music rather than trashy reality programming. Iggy seemed very interested in Young, and probably could have allowed Young to keep his fame from her. Iggy is a dime, and Young will never be able to find anyone else like her again.

4 Can Upgrade: LeBron James

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Look at pictures of LeBron James and Savannah Brinson, it honestly looks like he outdresses her and is always the one to stand out every time, and it has nothing to do with his fame. James is a very stylish person, and usually men with good style can get good looking women. Well, LeBron is one of the greatest basketball players to play of all time with style, so he definitely deserves a top-notch looking woman. The thing about Brinson that makes her a great catch for LeBron, is that they have been together since high school. The two basically grew up together, which makes sense why LeBron never decided to find someone considered more attractive. But if we’re talking about looks, Mr. James could definitely find some of the most gorgeous women around.

3 Can't Upgrade: Iman Shumpert 

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Here we go with back-to-back teammates on the list. Iman Shumpert is currently married to Teyana Taylor, a musician. Taylor is absolutely stunning, and very successful if you look at her resume without having to connect her to Shumpert. Taylor, honestly, has many similarities to Rihanna, who is looked at as a goddess amongst all women. Taylor has everything, a great body and many other beautiful features. Iman Shumpert is definitely known around the NBA, but he’s no star. For the amount of work he puts on the court, this is definitely the best he’s going to get. What he may need to watch out for, is which other NBA players are going to be looking to come after his woman. Don’t be surprised, as Teyana is one gorgeous girl.

2 Can Upgrade: Tony Parker

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Maybe Tony Parker doesn’t really deserve any more attracttive than Axelle Francine, but he can definitely find one. This is a star player who has been with some incredibly hot women. Francine is pretty, but she definitely doesn’t compare to some of the other women that Parker has been with. He used to be married to Eva Longoria, who is absolutely stunning. Longoria is an absolute dime, but of course, Parker had to mess that up by cheating. Longoria literally is one of the most beautiful women on the face of this planet, and for some odd reason, Tony Parker felt that it would be a good idea to have fun with someone else. But, if Parker wanted to, he could probably still manage to get a girl that is a lot better looking than Axelle. She’s also very pretty, but there are definitely some other prettier women out there.

1 Can't Upgrade: Tristan Thompson

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Well, it seems like the whole Cleveland Cavaliers team needs to go out together and find the perfect women that suit one another. But when that happens, make sure Khloe Kardashian comes along with Tristan Thompson. After Khloe lost a lot of weight, she started looking better than her sisters. Khloe became breathtaking to look at, and hopefully Thompson feels the same way when he looks at her. There’s no way that Thompson finds someone better than Khloe, and that goes with anyone that dates or marries any one of the Kardashians. They may be filled with drama, and can seek a lot of attention, but there’s no hiding the fact that they are all some of the hottest women around. Tristan, don’t be like the other guys who ended up messing up their relationships and then downgrading.

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