8 New NBA Nike Jerseys That Can Stay And 7 That Need To Go

And it’s about time that Nike takes over something else. For quite some time, we saw Adidas be the company to create the official NBA jerseys. This offseason, that contract came to an end, and Nike took advantage of it. With the switch, comes all brand-new jerseys. Now sometimes in sports the jerseys don’t have a dramatic change, as they try to keep it similar so that way they’re recognizable and liked by the fans. However, this time was different. Nike had no problem switching up jerseys, compared to what they once were.

Not every jersey is really too different, and no jersey changed dramatically, but Nike definitely went in there and changed what many of these jerseys looked like. As the home and away jerseys were slightly altered, Nike also introduced statement jerseys, which are completely different than some of any of the other jerseys you have ever seen in the past. While some of these new jerseys are incredibly nice, others need to be taken away. Yes, the material and durability of these jerseys are very important, but the style is just as important. These jerseys are what your team will be seen wearing, and also what the fans will be purchasing. No one wants to buy jerseys that look like grandma’s sweater vest.

15 Can Stay: Atlanta Hawks (Red)

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The Atlanta Hawks may never have any championship success on the court, but their jerseys are always a success. The cool red jerseys with the pyramids inside the jersey are incredible. It gives the jersey this three-dimensional look, which really pops out to the fans. The neon yellow also pops out which is used as the stripes in some area and the jersey number. These jerseys are not only great to watch on the court, but to buy your own. There’s no real star on this team that everyone wants to go out and buy, but the jerseys look so good that you could probably get away with getting any player and still being fine. The jerseys look perfect for people to wear when going out and trying to really stand out.

14 Need To Go: Utah Jazz (Yellow)

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The Utah Jazz never really had the best jerseys, so when they came out with the new statement jerseys for the 2017 season, it was no shock that they were ugly. To start, the Jazz logo in general is very ugly. It goes with the team name and everything, but for some reason it just doesn’t look right. On the regular home and away jerseys it doesn’t look all that bad, but for the statement jerseys it just has the music note with the players’ numbers, and it just looks terrible. It almost looks like the jerseys that they’re wearing are for some sort of concert. On top of everything, the jerseys are yellow. Now, jerseys that are yellow aren’t always bad, as the Los Angeles Lakers have some pretty sweet jerseys. But these new statement jerseys for the Jazz look like a music note with a background of mustard.

13 Can Stay: Detroit Pistons (Grey)

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The new Detroit Pistons grey jerseys are so calm and fresh. It really is nothing special, but the mix of the little bit of red and blue, with a grey jersey really flows. The grey jersey actually helps the blue pop out in the wording, which looks really good. This would be another perfect jersey for fans to buy, as it’s very calm and can match with many different things. The uniforms kind of look like MLB away jerseys, having the grey on grey. But it’s definitely a tough look, rather than looking like a highlighter or something, these jerseys are very calm and fresh. They don’t speak much for themselves, but when you look at them you know you just kind of dig them.

12 Need To Go: San Antonio Spurs (Grey)

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It really just seems that if your team doesn’t have a good logo, these jerseys look terrible. The San Antonio Spurs don’t have a nice logo at all, so when you put a pretty boring logo on to a grey jersey, it looks terrible. The Spurs jerseys usually aren’t all that bad, as you really can’t go wrong with white and black. But these jerseys are just too plain. Honestly, the Spurs should have looked into getting an alternate logo to use for their statement jerseys, as maybe they could find something more appealing. I can’t really picture seeing people buying these jerseys and wearing them all over, unless they really are big Spurs fans. These jerseys are just way too plain, it kind of looks like a logo and number thrown on a blank sheet of paper.

11 Can Stay: Boston Celtics (White)

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The Celtics jerseys always looked pretty nice, but for some reason their new jerseys just look so good. Maybe it’s the fact that Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are now wearing them, as it makes the jersey more appealing to grab. Most of the time when sponsorships go on jerseys, they don’t really look that good. Companies this year were allowed to negotiate with teams to sponsor the team on their jerseys, and for some reason, General Electric’s logo on that white jersey in green looks very sharp. The jersey just seems like it has more to it now that it has a logo, rather than just the team name in green with the number. Also, the Nike logo adds some value to it, as the Nike logo is more appealing than the Adidas one. The small sponsorships on this jersey shockingly add some style to it.

10 Need To Go: Philadelphia 76ers (Red)

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The 76ers should have never ditched the jerseys they wore when Allen Iverson was in his prime. Hands down, those were the nicest jerseys in franchise history. Their new jerseys haven’t been awful, but their new statement jerseys are a bit too much. They try and go with this new fancy look by putting “Sixers” in script, but it just doesn’t look right on the jersey. It just looks like the jersey is trying to be made to look too fancy.

The NBA isn’t trying to have fancy jerseys, they want stylish ones that look good when their athletes are on the court, and for their fans to rock when they head to the stadium. The jerseys just give too much of a 'proper' look, that many people that are trying to wear it for style probably won’t get the jersey.

9 Can Stay: Portland Trail Blazers (Red)

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These new Portland Trail Blazers statement jerseys are sick. Black and red always look good together, especially when you’re trying to wear it for style. Plus, many people have a lot of popular red and black basketball sneakers that could even go to match these jerseys. Their regular jerseys are usually kind of weird with the stripes going along the front, but the black stripes on the statement jerseys look really good. It looks like matte black stripes going along the front, which look so fresh. The jerseys are insanely fresh, and may see a lot of people wanting to buy them just for their looks.

As some of the original Trail Blazers fans may not like the new style that is getting added, other fans around the NBA will definitely be doing what they can to get their hands on these jerseys.

8 Need To Go: Orlando Magic (Blue)

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The Orlando Magic didn’t change much about their new road jerseys, but what they should have changed was everything. Their blue jerseys weren’t that bad when they had the star in the middle, but even then, the jerseys seemed like they were a bit much. The worst part about the jerseys are the pinstripes. Pinstripes go perfectly for baseball jerseys, not as much for basketball. NBA jerseys usually are really cool looking and have some sort of style, where these jerseys look like their meant primarily to play the game. If you want to grab a Magic jersey, you might as well buy a baseball jersey while you’re at it. The only real cool part to this jersey, is the fact that there is the Disney logo in the top corner of the jersey.

7 Can Stay: Phoenix Suns (Black)

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There’s not only just the weather that is on fire in Phoenix. Those new black Suns jerseys are straight fire. The Suns have always had black alternate jerseys, but Nike has definitely blown them all away. What used to be just white outline with black inside the lettering, now also has this cool grey shading that is inside the “PHX.” The style of the “PHX” looks so smooth now, that it almost makes the jersey on its own. Then, instead of the inside of the number being white, they now made it orange. The two additions to this black jersey just put it over the top, as one of the nicest jerseys in the NBA. The Suns may not be scoring much on the court, but they will be scoring with jersey sales as these new jerseys are sick.

6 Need To Go: Minnesota Timberwolves (Neon Green)

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It seems that after the Seattle Seahawks succeeded with their neon green jerseys, the Minnesota Timberwolves wanted to give it a shot. Let’s just say, they failed. The cool thing about the Seahawks neon green jerseys isn’t the fact of just the color, but the style that goes along with the jersey. These statement jerseys have absolutely no style, as it seems that the neon green is just supposed to sweep fans off their feet because of the color. Then there’s just the random navy blue at the shoulders, that just seem so out of place.

The jerseys definitely have potential, but it seems that Nike should have redesigned these jerseys with some more thought into it, before assuming the neon green would just work out because the players would now look like highlighters.

5 Can Stay: Oklahoma City Thunder (Blue)

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What else is new, besides the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder have more really nice jerseys to add to their collection. It almost gives players a reason to head to OKC, just because they always have really nice jerseys. Well, the new statement jerseys really did make a statement. The different colors on the OKC jersey just make up the whole jersey, with a mix of navy blue, orange and baby blue. These jerseys are a cool way to get away from the typical teal blue color that they usually wear, as this gives it more of a dominant, but still fresh look. It’s going to get really exciting seeing Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Russell Westbrook dominating on the floor wearing these jerseys.

4 Need To Go: Indiana Pacers (Yellow)

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It looks like the Indiana Pacers are trying to replicate the Michigan Wolverines jerseys, but failed. The new Pacers jerseys kind of look like a yellow area and you’re looking from far away at the letters at like an eye glasses place. The whole concept behind the jerseys are just very weird and don’t go at all. The jerseys have potential as the yellow with navy blue color scheme usually goes really well together, but the way that the jersey was made just doesn’t really fit. It just seems so plain compared to some of the other statement jerseys that were released for this season. Maybe something that deals with their logo or just putting the team name across the chest would look better, as it seems that they tried to do too much which made the jersey look worse.

3 Can Stay: Charlotte Hornets (Purple)

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The Charlotte Hornets really deserve a round of applause for all the new jerseys they got. Going with the Jordan brand for their jerseys definitely paid off, as they came out really nice. Purple jerseys always seem iffy, but the mix of the purple and teal play off perfectly. And then what better thing to add to a jersey from a Carolina team than Michael Jordan’s logo on the shoulder. The jersey isn’t trying to do too much, even though the colors on it are pretty flamboyant. The jersey kind of speaks for itself, as it doesn’t really need anything special to add to it to make it any nicer. Sometimes, a nice cool color is better than going crazy with all kinds of different designs to a jersey.

2 Need To Go: Dallas Mavericks (Navy Blue)

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Why did Mark Cuban ever let these jerseys become a thing? Hands down, the worst new jerseys in the NBA are the Dallas Maverick’s statement jerseys. Part of it is that it just doesn’t really make sense. Using the skyline for a team’s jersey is a brilliant idea, but more so for a team that lives in a city with a more recognizable skyline. Cities that would make more sense for this idea would be New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The Dallas skyline isn’t really that recognizable by the average person, so when looking at it, it just looks like a blob of blue lining all over the jersey. I guess if you’re from Texas, you could appreciate these jerseys more. But if you’re not, you don’t really want a random cities’ skyline on a jersey to be walking around in.

1 Can Stay: Cleveland Cavaliers (Maroon)

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The Cavaliers definitely upgraded their jerseys the most this offseason, and they look phenomenal. The addition of three new jerseys that include a Goodyear Wingfoot sponsorship are really nice. The Goodyear Wingfoot sponsorship is a really cool logo, which adds some cool colors that make up these jerseys. The jerseys just look a lot tougher now, and look like they’re ready to play ball.

All three of the new jerseys that they just got are really nice, but the away maroon ones are definitely the nicest. They really show all the new additions and allow them to pop with some cool looking colors. These jerseys definitely make this new team look a lot cleaner when on the court. Maybe we will see LeBron James win his fourth ring in these jerseys.

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