8 Players Who Would NEVER Play With LeBron James And 7 Who Would Love To

LeBron James is always a popular name in the NBA today, as it just seems like no matter what sports channel you turn on that somebody is talking about LeBron James. James has played in the Eastern Conference his entire career by starting his career with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, before spending four seasons in Miami, then coming back to the hometown team. LeBron spent his first seven seasons in Cleveland with no help, and tried to do it all on his own. One thing that LeBron couldn't do was get past the Celtics Big Three (Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen).

LeBron led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in 2007, when he did not have the talent to even compete with anybody in the Western Conference. In the summer of 2010 LeBron James decide to take his talents to South Beach to play with his friends Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade. Since that season veterans have decided that they wanted to play with LeBron James and he has spent the past seven seasons on the so called "super teams".

Some players today are all about forming super teams to compete in this phase of the NBA, while there are other players that would love to do it with the team that they have now. James has basically gotten the players that he wanted during his second tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but have you ever thought about what players would want to play with LeBron James and what players would not want to play with LeBron. Well now you don't have to think about it because here are the 8 players that would not want to play with LeBron James and the 7 players that would.

15 Wouldn't - Myles Turner

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Myles Turner is entering his third season and has been on the Indiana Pacers who lost to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs in 2016-17. Turner is entering his first season as the face of the franchise for the Indiana Pacers as they traded away Paul George in the offseason. With Indiana entering the rebuilding phase why wouldn't Myles Turner want to play with LeBron James to try and help give him another ring.

Well Turner said his rookie year after blocking LeBron James in a game that it was "a huge turning point in his career", which makes it hard to believe that he would want to play on a team with him. Turner is poised for a big breakout season in 2017-18 which will show if he is worthy of a max contract after his rookie deal is up.

14 Would - DeAndre Jordan

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DeAndre Jordan is an elite rebounder, and is very athletic around the rim. Which means he would be a perfect fit in any system that LeBron plays in. Jordan would be Tristan Thompson without the consistency at the free throw line. Looking ahead, I believe now that Chris Paul is out of Los Angeles, it will make it easier for DeAndre to say I think it is time to take my talents elsewhere. One place that he would love to play is anywhere that LeBron is.

Having a chance to win a title is very important to players now-a-days who especially have already gotten their fair share of great payments. DeAndre Jordan would get paid not as much as other places, but he will get paid to play with LeBron to help him win another title.

13 Wouldn't - DeMar DeRozan

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The Toronto Raptors star is entering the second year of his max contract deal that he signed. Which makes it hard to believe that he will not go anywhere, and it doesn't look like even if he would leave that he would go play with LeBron James. You can tell just by every game that these two play against each other that it would not work out with both of their styles of play. Both are very ball dominant and love to have the ball during clutch moments of the game.

Plus DeRozan is not really a good catch and shoot type of player, so he would not fit into LeBron's offense. DeMar does his best work when he creates his own shot rather than having someone else create the shot for him. These two together would be fun to watch, but there is no way that it would ever happen.

12 Would - Joel Embiid

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Now Embiid just did sign a five year max contract extension, but it does have some clauses in there that makes it one of the most unique contracts in recent memory. If Embiid misses more than 25 games in a season he can be waived by the 76ers. With Embiid breaking out last season imagining him healthy and playing with LeBron James would be fun to watch. Joel is a trash talker, and with him running the pick and roll with LeBron would be detrimental to many teams around the league.

Now will it happen? I mean it could happen down the line, but only if Embiid decides to join LeBron. You can't tell me that Embiid would play with LeBron to get a championship ring, because then there would be even more smack talk coming out of his mouth which a lot of fans would love to see.

11 Wouldn't - Paul George

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Now there were reports that a trade was nearly completed on draft night that would have sent Paul George to the Cavaliers as well as Carmelo Anthony, but it fell through at the last minute. Would George have liked playing second fiddle to LeBron? Well, I believe that he is happy that the trade fell through and that he is officially a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Paul George can thrive with the Thunder and can be very effective when it comes to late game situations. Having him play with a guy like Russell Westbrook is a solid thing for not only the Thunder to have, but for Paul George to have as well. Look for the Thunder and Paul George to really be thankful that the trade that would've sent him to Cleveland fall through.

10 Would - LaMarcus Aldridge

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LaMarcus Aldridge is a lot like Kevin Love with his style of play, and would be very beneficial for a guy like LeBron James to have on his team. Aldridge went ring chasing when he left Portland to play in San Antonio. Now with it not working out in San Antonio he could be looking for a new place to play. One place that he would love to play is anywhere that LeBron decides to take his talents.

Imagining the pick and pop plays with LeBron and Aldridge would be a match made in heaven. Now it isn't the traditional catch and shoot like Kevin Love does, but it is solid enough that it could help LeBron's numbers increase both in points per game and assists per game. Look for Aldridge to take a chance and try to play with LeBron when his contract expires after potentially next season, if not in 2019.

9 Wouldn't - Jaylen Brown

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Jaylen Brown entered his rookie season and said to coach Brad Stevens that he wanted to be the one to cover LeBron when the Celtics played the Cavaliers. Brown showed that he was a solid defender while covering LeBron, he had his ups and downs but he did give LeBron a run for his money the majority of the time. With Jaylen entering his sophomore season his outlook on LeBron remains the same.

That outlook is that he is a great player and I don't want to join him, I want to be a part of the team that stops him. Now the Celtics made some serious moves this offseason that could very well help their chances of defeating LeBron this season. Brown will do whatever it takes to stop LeBron and there is no reason for him to want to play with the best player of the generation, because he wants to be the best player of the new generation.

8 Would - Eric Bledsoe

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There were rumors of a trade being in place that would have sent Eric Bledsoe to the Cavaliers to play with LeBron and it got some fans wondering how great of a combination that would be. This offseason, the two players worked out together and started to make everyone believe that he was coming to Cleveland. Well the Cavaliers went another way and there is still a chance that these two will play together down the line.

Imagining these two on the same team is crazy to think about, and a lot of basketball fans, preferably LeBron's fans would love to see it. He would be a great fit, because yes he does not have the size, but the effort that Bledsoe brings every night is unbelievable. Look out in the future as these two could play on the same team somewhere.

7 Wouldn't - Andrew Wiggins

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The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Andrew Wiggins with the number one overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, but he never played a game for the Cavaliers. Wiggins was part of the deal that sent Kevin Love to Cleveland and that made Andrew Wiggins a little peeved. Since that day Andrew Wiggins has been out to prove that Cleveland made the wrong move by trading him away. That trade was a motivation for Wiggins to get better year after year, because he is out to prove something.

He recently signed a max extension to stay with the Timberwolves, which is step one of his process to prove to Cleveland that they made the wrong move. LeBron wanted them to go out and get Kevin Love at the time and made Wiggins expendable. The two could have been a very good dynamic duo, and Wiggins could have been huge for Cleveland. But there aren't any fuzzy feelings today.

6 Would - Chris Paul

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Chris Paul and LeBron James are best friends off the court, and would be great as teammates on the floor. These two leaders would be absolutely unstoppable if they ever found a way to end up on the same team. Paul is a great floor general that can create shots for his teammates so having LeBron and Chris Paul on the floor at the same time would be brutal for any team that would be playing them.

LeBron is one of his best friends off the court and could be one of his best friends on the court as well. Looking at it now, if these two were on the same team not only would they be instant title contenders, but they would be big time together on the floor. Imagining a team with these two is unreal to think about, but you have to make sure that they actually can do it.

5 Wouldn't - Kawhi Leonard

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Kawhi Leonard is quiet when it comes to talking, but he would definitely not want to play with LeBron James. These two have slowly become rivals on the court, and would not work well together. Both of them play small forward, even though LeBron can play anywhere on the floor. Which right away makes it hard to believe that these two could work together, because Kawhi is very good at making his own shot while LeBron loves to distribute.

Kawhi also looks like he will be one of those lifetime San Antonio Spurs players due to the respect that he has for the organization, and for his head coach Gregg Popovich. Unless LeBron came to San Antonio, I don't see there being any reason that Kawhi would want to leave San Antonio to play with LeBron.

4 Would - Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are apart of the "banana boat" brothers that are best friends off the court and would be even better friends on the court. Both guys would thrive by playing with the other one, as both numbers would go up tremendously due to the fact of the defense having to be accountable for both Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. This would create some chaos for defenses because they would struggle with who to guard at any given moment on the floor.

Imagining a team with these two players is a dream, but it almost became a reality when there was a trade on draft night that would have sent Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland, but it fell through last minute. Look for the potential for these two players to play together before both of the guys decide to call it quits.

3 Wouldn't - Damian Lillard

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Damian Lillard is not all about these "Super Teams" and wants to win in Portland. He will do everything in his power to bring his team a title, but there is no chance that he would team up with LeBron to do that. Lillard has nothing against LeBron, but he wants to win with what he has not adding on his friends around the league. Damian Lillard wants to win a championship

Damian Lillard loves to create his own shot, while LeBron loves to be able to facilitate. These two wouldn't know how to work together due to the fact that they play two different styles of basketball. Lillard is a off the dribble shooter, who can excel when he gets going. While LeBron is just an all-around athlete that can take over whenever he pleases. These two would be good together on paper, but in reality in would never work out.

2 Would - Lonzo Ball

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft Lonzo Ball would absolutely love the chance to play with one of his favorite players in the league today in LeBron James. With the rumors swirling of LeBron going to the Lakers after the 2017-18 season it makes it hard to believe that Lonzo wouldn't want to team with his favorite player in that purple and gold uniform.

With Lonzo being the great passer that he is, adding him to play alongside LeBron, who is one of the better passers in the league today is unreal to think about. This duo would provide spark and Lonzo Ball would benefit to learn from a great basketball mind like LeBron James. If these two have a chance to play together they will not only be fun to watch, but they could be one of the more unique duo's in NBA history.

1 Wouldn't - John Wall

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall is the player who is the most against "Super Teams" as he has said the word "nah." when it comes to building a quote on quote "Super Team" in Washington. Wall and LeBron like Lillard and LeBron have nothing against each other, but it wouldn't work with their style of play. With how explosive John Wall is with the ball would make it hard for LeBron to adjust to his style of play.

Wall is one of the best passers in the game today, and would be a big time factor on any team that he plays for. LeBron has a very high basketball IQ which is part of what makes him a great player. On paper these two would be great together, but in reality it would not work out.

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