8 Reasons Ayesha Curry Is The Best Wife In Sports (And 7 She's The Worst)

Ayesha and Steph Curry’s story is like something out of a rom-com. They met outside a church as teenagers and married before they both hit the big-time. At one point they were the golden couple who could do no wrong. But if you stay popular long enough though, eventually the haters will start to surface.

Ayesha is a big personality, with immense pride and she is fiercely devoted. Sometimes she can be outspoken and it causes her a few problems. For that reason alone she splits opinions. Some see her as an inspirational entrepreneur, and love the fact she is a devoted wife to her superstar husband. Other’s think she is a condescending attention-seeker who is quick to put others down.

The problem is people try to make Ayesha out to be a symbol of something, whether it’s the perfect wife or the pure and faithful woman. And then there was outrage when she Tweeted a few opinions people don’t like. When really all Ayesha does is the live the life she wants with the people she loves. She’s not perfect, just like absolutely nobody is perfect. It’s not her fault men (and women) view her as some sort of symbol of what a woman should be.

Here, we have tried to balance out the good and the bad with Ayesha, and maybe it will add up to a picture of a well rounded human, rather than the hyperbolic praise or the awful abuse you see online. So here are 8 reasons why she is the best wife in the sports, and 7 reasons why she might be the worst.

15 Best Wife: She Loves Bacon

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Ayesha Curry loves bacon and that is awesome. She has many, many recipes that involve the glorious and delectable food item. Anybody who helps contribute to finding new ways to enjoy bacon is an incredibly wonderful person in my eyes. She has recipes for ‘Brown Sugar Bacon, which she calls “a Curry family staple.” She even has a recipe for “Maple-bacon popcorn.” I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I don’t really understand quite what it would be like, but what I do know is I need to try it.

In an interview with The Food Network Ayesha listed ‘bacon being cooked in the morning’ as her favourite smell. “I love bacon so much... Bacon is like my family.’ I just love it,” Ayesha said. For goodness sake, Steph Curry is a lucky man.

14 Worst wife: She Likes To Point Out That She’s Better Than You

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At the end of 2015 Ayesha was the centre of a huge debate on Twitter. In December of that year Ayesha tweeted “Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like the good stuff covered up for the one who matters ”

She also said she would take “classy over trendy.” Ayesha was then accused by many feminists of “shaming”. Consequently, misogynists on the internet used Ayesha as a tool to show their own misogyny by using her as an example others should “strive” for, “get yourself an Ayesha Curry” etc. Ayesha eventually had to take to Twitter to denounce what was going “I want people to know these memes aren’t coming from me and I didn’t endorse them.” Ayesha is obviously confident with who she is, but the classy thing probably would have been not to put others down.

13 Best Wife: She Is Genuine

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Ayesha has amassed nearly 5 million Instagram followers by giving a very candid window into her life with her family. Whether it’s videos of dancing to Drake in the kitchen, or morning drive-through breakfast, Ayesha seems like a totally down-to-earth lady who is enjoying her life.

She likes to tell people how happy she is and how great her life is, and sure that annoys some people, but you can’t say she’s not making the best of things. Of course all this has been calculated. Every candid snap posted on Instagram helped her amass more and more followers and as her popularity surged, more opportunities came for her to cash in. Starting off as a food and lifestyle blogger she has risen to be a Food Network star, and has released all sorts of products from cookbooks to ready-to-drink soups. But her popularity mostly comes down to her relatability. You truly get the feeling that even if her and Steph weren’t mega rich and mega successful, they’d still be dancing awkwardly to Drake in their kitchen.

12 Worst Wife: She Is A Bit Of A Goody-Two-Shoes

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Let’s be honest, Ayesha is quite different to your stereotypical basketball “WAG”. She’s basically the antithesis of everything the Kardashian family stands for, and unlike Amber Rose, you aren’t likely to find Ayesha baring it all any day soon. Ayesha believes in modesty, and her and Steph (both devout Christians) are quite traditional in their morals and way of life.

For this reason, Ayesha does sometimes come across as a bit of a goody-two shoes. She knows that men might want someone like Amber Rose for a night, but they want an Ayesha Curry for life. Sometimes she can come across just a little bit judgmental. It’s not really her fault, Ayesha has been accused from feminists of shaming other women, but she’s just being who she is.

11 Best Wife: She’s A Very Hard Worker

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You can make a career of just being a basketball wife. Let’s face it, Steph is on a $200 million dollar contract. The Curry’s are not short a penny or two. But that was never the life Ayesha saw for herself. Sure, being married to one of the most entertaining players alive helped her get her feet in some doors, but she created her brand independently.

Ayesha had the drive and confidence to move to LA after graduation to try and make a career in acting, where she did have success. That takes a lot of courage and self-belief. And when she decided to pursue her childhood passion for food her career has exploded. Ayesha is an inspiration to young women and hopeful entrepreneurs.

10 Worst Wife: She Disrespected The President

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That’s right, Ayesha Curry disrespected our President, Donald J. Trump. The proud and fearless defender of liberty, and freedom. The scourge of fake news media. America’s commander in chief. The #POTUS. The healer of our broken country, chosen by the people, for the people, to make America Great Again (all statements he has implied about himself).

It happened earlier this year when the President graciously presented the Golden State Warriors an opportunity to meet him and spend time in his presence at the White House.  Not only did the Golden State Warriors decide they did not want to attend, but afterwards Ayesha took to the President’s own preferred communication tool, Twitter, to disrespect him. Truly, truly deplorable. I’m sorry but you surely cannot be a good wife if you disrespected the President. Right? Okay maybe this one is a stretch...

9 Best Wife: She Reacted To The President In The Best Way

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Ayesha threw shade on the President on Twitter in the best possible way, and it was awesome. President Trump tweeted “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!” The Warriors issued a formal statement on their Twitter page, but it was Ayesha who responded directly, replying to the Tweet with an eye-roll emoji and the word “Okay” before giving a link out to her followers showing where they could donate to the recent earthquake in Mexico.

It was the perfect response because it showed how little Trump’s tweet bothered her and the Warriors. If there’s one thing Trump hates it’s people not being the total centre of attention. The eye-roll emoji should be standard response from anyone who gets insulted by President.

8 Worst Wife: Her Life Is Perfect, And It’s Annoying

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Ok, we get it that Ayesha Curry’s life is freaking amazing. But part of the reason we know how great her life is because she keep’s telling us how GREAT her life is. In her Twitter profile she actually wrote “Living in my indestructible bubble of happiness.” Now maybe it’s fair that Ayesha is a student of stoic philosophy, and she works hard at maintaining a level of happiness, but let’s be honest. She’s happy because she’s married to a basketball superstar and she’s super, super rich. I’ve got nothing against people working hard for their success but you don’t have to ram it down the throats of us poor minions. To be fair to her a lot of her success has been earned, and she is actually extremely talented (seriously try one of her smoothie recipes, they are actually delicious).

7 Best Wife: She’s A Great Mom

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Being a life-style blogger means that Ayesha’s life is basically her job. Whereas most people use social media to only highlight the good things in their life and leave out all the depressing stuff. Ayesha isn’t afraid to share with her followers when things go wrong.

She has shared pictures of Halloween costumes for her kids gone wrong. She has shared pictures of hand-me-downs from her daughter Riley’s old clothes to her youngest daughter Ryan. She’s also shared celebratory tweets when her daughter finally went down for a nap. Ayesha talks about living in her “indestructible bubble of happiness” but she’s also honest enough to tweet “nothing is ever perfect.” Sure her life is easier than 99.99% of the rest of the world, but she still has many of the same struggles all working Mom’s do, and this is why so many people relate to her.

6 Worst Wife: She's Addicted To Attention

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For a while there it seemed that people were completely obsessed with the Curry’s. But the problem is if you stay popular long enough, people try and find a way to bring you down (particularly if you’re a female it seems). But Ayesha takes it all in her stride because as far as she’s concerned any publicity is good publicity. If she is trending online then she is bringing attention to her brand.

Arguably the whole Twitter storm over her “I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters…” Tweet furthered her profile more than anything. So in this sense Ayesha likes to seek out attention. She cultivates a way she is portrayed on social media, and if people don’t like it, that’s fine as long as they’re talking about her.

5 Best Wife: She Gives Back To The Community In A Big Way

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Every Christmas Ayesha and her family take part in the Feed the Children Organization in the Oakland area where they distribute boxes containing food and personal care items to hundreds of families within their own community. Ayesha also does work for Glad to Give campaign, which helps more than 16 million children in America who go hungry in their everyday life. Ayesha also took part in ‘The Imagine Bus Project’, a charity that looks to help youth who have been affected by the juvenile justice system. For the project Ayesha cooked the food for a special charity dinner which raised a lot of money for the organization.

Charity and giving back to the community means a lot to Ayesha and Steph, a couple who met at church group, both care deeply about giving, and more than most they walk the walk when it comes to giving back.

4 Worst Wife: She's A Sore Loser

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Steph Curry is highly competitive, and it clearly rubs off on Ayesha who hates losing, and has a reputation for lacking grace when the Warriors lose. Infamously after a Game 6 defeat to the Cavaliers at the 2016 Finals, Ayesha took to Twitter to write “I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money…Or ratings in not sure which. I won’t be silent . Just saw it live sry”

Now Ayesha was clearly very upset and or/intoxicated, but you can’t be tweeting stuff like when you’re the high profile wife of an NBA superstar. Previously she had live tweeted from outside the stadium where Cleveland officials were not letting them get off the bus, something she called an “interesting tactic.” She then said a casino would not let her cousin in because he was wearing Warrior’s jersey. She eventually apologized for the tweet saying it was written in the heat of the moment.

3 Best Wife: She Isn’t a Fake TV Chef (She Actually Can Cook)

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Ayesha’s love affair with cooking began when she was 12-years-old. She spent many, many hours in the kitchen long before she met Steph, cooking for her four siblings and parents. Ayesha isn’t a “fake celebrity chef.” You know, one of those celebrities who has an acting or a TV career decline so they reinvent themselves. When Ayesha’s San Francisco restaurant “international Smoke” opened, bookings for the first month sold out within minutes.

Ayesha also has a huge fan in Williams-Sonoma director Amanda Haas, who has been mentoring Curry since she went on the scene. “I was blown away by her recipes, her voice and her strong point of view.” Curry still gets snide remarks from some who say that she is only where she is in the industry because of her husband, but that is clearly not the case. As Ayesha has said recently, “It has been fun to prove people wrong.”

2 Worst Wife: Always A Perfectionist

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They say that on social media we only put our “highlights” but never our “backstage.” It’s a depressing symptom of this technology obsessed world, we all look and see everyone’s awesome life and worry our own life doesn’t match up. Well this is Ayesha Curry’s life in a nutshell right? Literally nothing ever goes wrong. Her life is just too perfect. She has time to make her family a gourmet breakfast, Tweet out smoothie recipes, shoot a TV show, then go watch her husband drop 40 points, all while her impossibly cute kids strut around perfectly adjusted and happy. And every moment is captured perfectly on Twitter or Instagram! Come on, this can't be real life. She’s basically the ultimate version of that incredibly annoying Facebook friend everyone has who posts non-stop how awesome her life is.

1 Best Wife: There Aren’t Any Real Reasons Why She Is The Worst Wife

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Let’s be honest, we’ve tried to be balanced in this list. But the reasons why she is the best wife were far easier to write, because truthfully, it’s quite clear that Ayesha is a great mother, inspirational role-model, and a great wife. Most of the reasons she is a "bad" wife on this list don’t really make her a “bad wife” (ok, so she sent a tweet saying that the NBA was rigged and she wouldn’t be silent about it, but I mean we’ve all done that when our team loses, right?).

People who don’t like Ayesha are basically jealous and way more judgmental than she has ever been. She doesn’t care about the haters, and she certainly isn’t going to care about another website listing 7 reasons why she’s the “Worst.” Her relationship with Steph is genuine. They’ve been going together since they were basically kids. And Steph is clearly obsessed with her. As far as he’s concerned there are no reasons why she is the “worst wife”. And that’s the only opinion that counts. As much as you try to fight it, and even though it’s wrong to put celebrities on a pedestal, it probably is the case that she is the best wife in sports.

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