15 Awesome Photos Of NBA Players' Daughters

NBA players are among the most famous athletes due to the way the league brands them, as opposed to other some other sports. Even people who may not follow basketball can identify and name at least a couple of NBA stars. And when you are a celebrity, it is nearly impossible to hide your personal life from the public, which means these NBA players are always in the spotlight one way or another. But as they get older and spend more time away from the court, fans begin to take interest in their personal lives more than ever especially when it comes to their kids and wives.

We discuss WAGs very often, which is understandable since NBA players tend to be married to the finest women. But as it turns out, the genes seem to have passed down to their daughter in many cases. Being the daughter of a former NBA player is more than enough to earn them thousands of followers, and the finer they are, the more popular they get.

These NBA players probably loved the attention during their prime years, but their feelings have likely changed now that they have gotten older and the focus has shifted towards their fine seeds. You may be familiar with a couple of names on the list, but there will surely be some that will shock you once you see how fine they look today. Here are 15 photos these NBA players may not want you to see of their daughters:

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15 LaTanfernee Hardaway (Penny Hardaway)

via instagram.com

With 28k followers on Instagram, it's safe to assume that people like LaTanfernee Hardaway for more reasons than one. Being the daughter of Penny Hardaway has surely caught the attention of many fans since he was one of the best guards of the 90s. But she is also truly fine and makes sure to show off her attractive features as well as steamy body whenever possible. Of course some men will be disappointed to see that she already has a boyfriend, but she is hot enough to be worthy of a follow.

Many of her photos could land on this list but this particular dress is something she likely wears around her boyfriend rather than her father. It's pretty revealing from top to bottom and doesn't leave too much for imagination - not that we are complaining since LaTanfernee is easily one of the hottest NBA daughters of all time.

14 Cheyenne Kidd (Jason Kidd)

via bossip.com

This year didn't get off to a great start for Jason Kidd who was fired as the coach of Milwaukee Bucks after failing to meet season expectations. But perhaps it's for the best since it gives him more free time to work on some personal issues, especially his rocky relationship with his daughter Cheyenne. She had been battling addiction for years and seems to have cleaned up now, but Cheyenne was really struggling at one point.

And while her personal life may have gotten messy, it seems like she got back on track based on her Twitter account. Over the years, she has shared some photos that Jason definitely didn't approve of, hence why the controversy surrounding some of these posts. And while she may have deleted them from her social media accounts, it's important to remember that nothing is ever erased from the internet.

13 Elisa Johnson (Magic Johnson)

via purepeople.com

Decades since he left the game and Magic Johnson remains the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA. He remains a relevant figure today due to his involvement with the Los Angeles Lakers as well as his activity on social media and television shows, but it's his daughter Elisa who has been making the headlines lately. Although she had previous denied being a model, she has been headed towards that direction as of the past year and has now established an impressive following of 340k on Instagram.

While you can find many steamy photos on her page, the one above surely didn't go too well with Magic since it was captured by the paparazzi as Elisa enjoyed an intimate moment with her boyfriend. Magic and the family aren't very keen on the boyfriend, they have previously had some harsh words to share in the past so Magic would love to have this photo disappear.

12 Madeleine Kerr (Steve Kerr)

via instagram.com

It's rare for someone to have success in both of his playing and coaching career, but Steve Kerry has been one of the lucky few. He was a five time NBA champion as a player and apart of the Chicago Bulls dynasty for many years before he called it a career.He has led the Golden State Warriors to two titles as a coach with the third being very likely this upcoming June. More recently, he became the fastest coach in the top American sports to reach 250 wins.

Kerr's daughter Maddy is a 22-year-old who also happens to be an athlete as a member of the volleyball team at her college. She is very active on social media and seems to love travelling as evident by her posts, but this photo would sure catch the eyes of many people and one that Steve Kerr would like to disappear from her Instagram.

11 Kayla Brianna (Kenny Smith)

via instagram.com

Kenny Smith was a key member of the Houston Rockets teams that won two championships in the mid 90s, but these days he is more known for his work as an analyst on TNT. His daughter Kayla Brianna has been trying to make a name for herself in the past couple years with her musical career as an R&B singer. She has many releases to her name from singles to music videos, but she has gained a following for her good looks as well.

Certainly one of the hottest NBA daughters around, Kayla seems to be well aware of that based on the photos that she shares on Instagram. And while Kenny doesn't seem to be a strict dad at all, we can bet that he wasn't a huge fan of this particular photo since Kayla is showing a bit much to the world while pulling off a steamy pose.

10 Jasmine Jordan (Michael Jordan)

via reddit.com

With being the daughter of the greatest basketball player of all time comes great responsibility. Jasmine Jordan is well aware of that and a sizeable following on Instagram with 61K followers makes sure that she portrays the right image. Her father has been retired for over a decade now, but he is an NBA owner after all with one of the most popular shoe lines named after him. We would guess that Michael Jordan isn't exactly a fan of his daughter posing in bikini for the whole world to see.

She rarely posts steamy photos, but followers always have plenty to say whenever she does. Jasmine is 25 years old, meaning she would barely have any memories of her father in her two three peat runs. But despite being set for life and generations to come, she is looking to build her own image outside of being Jordan's daughter.

9 Mariah Woodson (Mike Woodson)

via twitter.com

Younger NBA fans only know Mike Woodson as a coach following stints with the Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks, but he was also an NBA player whos career lasted a decade. He became a meme during his time with the Knicks a few years ago, but his daughter may have fixed any bad reputation that he may have had.

With all due respect to Mike, it's clear that she didn't inherit his genes because she turned out to be fine in every sense of the word. She clearly loves showing off her long legs on Instagram, and this photo stands out of the bunch since we get to see more than Mike would want us to. She seems to be a blogger based on her Instagram bio, and has a great interest in basketball as one would suspect. There is no doubt that Mariah could work out as a model if blogging doesn't work out.

8 Karlee Malone (Karl Malone)

via instagram.com

Karl Malone was one of the most dominant forces of the 90s and considered to be the greatest Power Forward of all time before Tim Duncan came along. His personal life has been filled with controversy from his past relationships to abandoned kids, but his daughter Karlee seems to have escaped the hardships as she maintained a good relationship with her dad. She has turned into a model and uses Instagram as the main platform to advance her career.

Karlee has a case for the finest NBA daughter at the moment, so it's not shocking that her career seems to be advancing at a fast pace. We are certain that Karl is well aware that Karlee will be involved in some steamy photo shoots from now although we are unsure whether he will be truly prepared. The photo above is prime example as to why Malone might have second thoughts after all.

7 Lindsay Stockton (John Stockton)

via twitter.com

Karl Malone's former running partner John Stockton also finds himself on this list with a daughter of his own. They formed one of the deadliest duos on the court in the 90s, and now they have produced two of the finest daughters in the NBA. Much like her dad, Lindsay plays basketball for her college team and seems pretty serious about it. To her credit, she seems to be much more conservative than the rest of the entries and doesn't appear to be interested in pursuing a modelling career.

But when you are the daughter of one of the most famous basketball players, there will always be some attention towards what you post. And despite what some may believe, we think that John would have probably deleted that photo from her social media accounts if he could. But just like his old teammate Malone, they don't really have a say anymore.

6 Jasmyn Wilkins (Gerald Wilkins)

via si.com

Gerald Wilkins had a respectable NBA career spanning 15 years, but these days he has become mostly known as the father of Jasmyn Wilkins. She is also the niece of legendary NBA player Dominique Wilkins, so she has quite the basketball background to say the least. It appears that many NBA daughters have model aspirations, but Jasmyn has to be among the top. She already has an impressive resume and was very recently featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

With her career on the rise, we have began seeing much more of her over the past few months and while we would never complain about such pretty sight, her father may not share that very same feeling. He is familiar with what comes with being a model, but photo shoots like the one above probably have him second guessing himself. Jasmyn seems determined to continue her journey as one of the hottest young models today.

5 Tiaura Iverson (Allen Iverson)

via instagram.com

Allen Iverson took the NBA by the storm in the 90s up to the mid 2000s, and was one of the better players around with a strong case for most influential. If you happened to be a fan during his prime years, then you probably remember him carrying his daughter Tiaura around in games and press conferences. Fast forward to 2018 and she is now a grown up that will make most Iverson fans throw on their jersey once again.

She doesn't share the model aspirations as so many NBA daughters, but she does post countless of selfies on Instagram. Tiaurai also has an impressive following of 42.6k, which is a relatively high number considering that she is only known for being the daughter of Iverson. And with such a strong following, Iverson may not be keen that she shared this photo to the world.

4 Sydel Curry (Dell Curry)

via instagram.com

Although she is the daughter of Dell Curry, Sydel is more known for being the younger sister of Stephen Curry. It has earned 533k followers as a result, which isn't surprising since Stephen is the most popular NBA player after LeBron James. And while Curry is crafting a legacy as an all time great, his father Dell was also very good throughout his NBA career. As for Sydel, she leans more towards volleyball which she played for several years from high school to college.

Dell and his wife seem to have done a great job raising their kids, but they would have probably advised Sydel against sharing this photo on Instagram for obvious reasons, And if you happen to have a crush on her, you will be disappointed to learn that she recently announced her engagement to NBA G League player Damion Lee, and they seem to have a great relationship.

3 Callie Rivers (Doc Rivers)

via instagram.com

Callie Rivers has many close associates in the league. The daughter of Doc Rivers, sister of Austin Rivers and girlfriend of Seth Curry - she is connected in so many ways. Doc was one of the many players who transitioned into a coach, and ultimately won a championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008. As for Callie, she appears to love basketball although she opted to play volleyball during her college days.

Callie has gained a large following on Instagram and we can boil it down for two reasons: family name as well as her looks. We are not sure that Doc is one of the many thousands of followers of her Instagram page since she posts plenty of raunchy photos, but the one above is likely to bother Doc the most. But then again, he may be too busy coaching the Los Angeles Clippers who are competing for a playoff spot.

2 Christiana Barkley (Charles Barkley)

via vladtv.com

Charles Barkley was a force to be reckoned with during his NBA days, and one of the premiere talents of the 90s. Although he doesn't have a ring to show for it, Barkley is still highly rated by fans, players and experts alike. A few years ago, his daughter Christiana was making the waves on the internet following some photo leaks that showed her getting steamy with her girl friends.

She also posted some very revealing photos that shocked people, as they barely even knew who she was prior. She quickly gained thousands of followers who had more than one reason to be fans of the Barkley name. It seems like Christiana has decided to take it back a notch since she disappeared from the spotlight in recent times. Her Instagram account is now private, but those leaked photos will never be erased from the internet regardless of how hard Sir Charles may try.

1 Abby Hornacek (Jeff Hornacek)

via instagram.com

Depending on your age, Jeff Hornacek probably means something different to you. Most of today's fans know him as the head coach of the New York Knicks, but that's simply because they were too young to have seen him play an impressive 14 years in the league with an All-Star campaign to his resume in 1992. And as great as he was as a player, we are even more impressed with his daughter Abby who works as a host for ESPN.

She is undoubtedly one of the best things about ESPN these days, and has stolen the hearts of many fans. Certainly one of the prettiest NBA daughters, Abby has also become known for her outspoken persona. And while her father is surely very proud of her accomplishments in a relatively short time, the photo above might have him surfing the internet in hopes of erasing it.

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