A high school basketball game took place in Central Texas between the Whitney Wildcats and the Robinson Rockets. The score of the game was 50-50 with 1.3 seconds left. Once the ball was inbounded, a player on Robinson was fouled. He went to the free throw line and connected on one of his two shots to give his team a 51-50 win, according to KWTX.

What happened next will shock everyone who reads this.

Then the coach of Whitney was so upset about losing the game that he ended up kicking a ball towards the opposing team’s bench. And of course, someone caught it on video.

Photo of Coach Troy Doyle confronting Robinson high school basketball players after kicking a ball at them via KWTX.com.

After Coach Troy Doyle kicked the ball, the players on Robinson became very upset and tempers started to flare up. One player said he even used profanity.

“I’ve been a varsity player for three years. I’m graduating early and I’ve started every year of my high school career. I’ve never seen a coach act this way before,” said Rockets center Kayne Follender.

Follender also said that he felt like Doyle would have possibly done even more damage if he wasn’t held back by his assistant coaches. It sounds like he was ready to start a fight with the opposing teams, which is very troubling.

Doyle has supposedly been coaching for 27 years. I wonder if this is his first outburst. If not, he needs to attend some anger management classes. He also need to issue an apology to the opposing team.

On Monday, the Whitney school Superintendent Gene Solis declined to comment on how and whether or not Doyle will be disciplined. He did say Doyle will coach his team’s next game and that things will be handled “in house.”

It’s sad that a grown man doesn’t know how to control himself after a loss. Now Doyle shouldn’t lose his job, but he should at least be suspended for a a few games.

As a coach myself, it’s truly unfortunate to see other adults act worse then children during sporting events. I’ve seen it as a football and soccer coach and it’s truly pathetic.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on this coaches actions. How do you think he should be punished, if at all?

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