Blake Griffin Makes Great 180-Degree Block

I'm sure most of you reading the headline had a second when you just assumed it said, "Black Griffin Makes Great 180-Degree Dunk." And I wouldn't blame you.

Griffin has been best known, since he came into the league a few years ago, as a power-dunker. The guy who dunked over the car in the dunk contest and the guy, along with Chris Paul, most responsible for the L.A. Clippers becoming "lob city."

But this dude has worked on his game and is more than just a dunk machine. He can also make some awesome blocks like this one against the Celtics.

Check it out as he falls for the pump fake from forward Jonas Jerebko but as Jerebko goes up for the shot (thinking Griffin is by him and out of the play), Blake uses his athletic ability to do a 180 in the air and, on his way down, block the ball out of Jonas' hands.

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