Cavaliers Looking At Paul George, Jimmy Butler - And May Be Working On Multi-Team Deal

After their 4-1 finals loss to the Golden State Warriors, everyone knew that the Cleveland Caveliers were going to be busy this off-season trying to add some pieces. And with LeBron James in the later stages of his career, and in the last year of his current contract, there was no doubt that they wanted those pieces to be big names.

The question is, with their payroll already the highest in the league, what were they going to be able to do and who would they have to give up?

Most of the talk has lately focused on Indiana's Paul George, especially since it came out that he has told the Pacers that they should trade him and get something for him because he will not be re-signing with them next year.

The general assumption is that George wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers so anyone who trades for him this season will basically only have him on a 1-year rental before his contract ends and he heads to L.A. But according to ESPN's Dave McMenamin, the Cavs are okay with that.


LeBron James and the Cavs want to win as soon as possible, after all. If that means trading for only one year of Paul George they are willing to consider that. Also, McMenamin is reporting that the Cavs have confidence that their championship culture could also convince George to stick around after that one year rather than head off to the Lakers as a free agent.


But George isn't the only big name out there. Another name supposedly in the Cavs' sights - according to sources speaking to ESPN - is Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls. Butler is 27 years old and just had his best season in 2016-2017, but in order to get him the Cavs are trying to put together some kind of multi-team deal. Cleveland is thinking that if they offer up Kevin Love to another team they could get some young players or draft picks that would appeal to Chicago for Jimmy Butler more than anything Cleveland has on their current roster.

The Phoenix Suns are yet another potential candidate, given that they have the 4th pick in the draft and a very good point guard in Eric Bledsoe.



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