Charles Barkley Discusses His Close Friendship With Ric Flair

When it comes to the All-Party first team, Ric Flair and Charles Barkley are charter members. Besides being two of the greatest ever within their respective sports, Flair and Barkley both love having a good time and it usually involves a drink or a dozen drinks.

Recently Flair had major organ failure after years of alcohol abuse while Barkley is also no stranger to binge drinking. Just last week he shared a story of when his agent told him he was being traded, so Barkley went out and got drunk, only to later find out that the trade was cancelled. Barkley then had a game to play that night and still put up 23 points in it while Flair could also put on a five-star wrestling clinic while hungover.

During NBA All-Star weekend, Barkley talked to UPROXX about his friendship with Flair which dates back over 20 years. The two appeared in the ring together on an episode of Nitro in 1995 and Barkley also visited Flair during his recent hospitalization.

“I’ve known Flair forever, man,” Barkley said to UPROXX. “I was a big wrestling fan going back to the ’70s and ’80s. He’s just been a great friend, and I’ve seen him in his heyday, and we’ve had a lot of fine nights together. And I went to visit him in the hospital, obviously.”

It seems a given that Flair and Barkley spent a couple of nights out on the town but Sir Charles is just hoping that The Nature Boy stays healthy these days.

“We got a lot of traction, whatever man, he’s just been a great friend. And I wish him nothing but the best.”


Barkley was asked if he could share a story about partying with Flair or any of the good times that the two legends shared back in the day. Barkley may have played in the post in the NBA, but he also showed he can be a good wingman as well.

“Rick is happy with his new woman, and I’ll leave it at that,” said Barkley, grinning widely. “Let that man live.”

Thankfully for the two, social media wasn't around back in their heydays so we'll just have to speculate as to what they got into.

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