15 Children Of NBA Stars Who Just Lived Off Their Dads' Fame

Just because a child was born into a family of a famous basketball player doesn't mean that they're successful in that line of work. Sure, these privileged sons and daughters have access to top-tier schools, stores and vacations, but that doesn't mean that they'll be able to succeed on their own. Money doesn't always promise career success.

There are some children of NBA players who were able to capitalize on their privileged childhoods growing up like Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, but there are also some children with NBA Champion and All-Star fathers who couldn't quite match the achievements, accomplishments and other good works as their patriarchs.

While these kids didn't ask to be born into NBA families, they all had opportunities to succeed, that many other didn't. Whatever the reason(s) may be, these kids weren't just on the same level as their dads.

Here are 15 children of NBA stars who just lived off the fame of their fathers.

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15 Seth Curry

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Yep, Seth Curry is the younger brother of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry and the middle child of former NBA player Dell Curry, but he has yet to get his first big break.

When you have an older brother like Steph, who has a reported net worth of $77 million, you're in for a rude awakening. Seth does have a net worth of $3 million, which is better than the incomes of most 27 year olds, but he underwent a season-ending surgery for a stress fracture in his lower left leg.

Don't get me wrong, Seth was a pretty good guard in college at Liberty University and Duke University. Seth scored a career-high 31 points against Santa Clara on December 29, 2012. In addition, Seth was named to the All-ACC First Team and the Second Team All-American in his senior year. But he has yet to leave a lasting impression on the Mavs.

14 Tiaura Iverson

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Regardless of your age, you should know who Allen Iverson is if you're a true basketball fan. Allen played both the point guard and shooting guard positions during his 14-season NBA career. Allen was an 11-time NBA All-Star who won the NBA All-Star MVP in 2001 and 2005 and was the NBA MVP in 2001. All these feats have helped Allen get inducted to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016.

In popular culture, Allen is best known for his practice rant where he said "practice" 22 times in front of the media covering the Philadelphia 76ers in 2002. However, the fame and fortune in the Iverson family pretty much stops there as Allen's kids aren't anywhere near his level.

Take, for example, his daughter Tiauna who's a minor Instagram star with 48,300 followers and counting. I mean, it's cool that Tiauna does makeup and hair tutorials, but it's not like she's the first girl to do things like that.

13 LiAngelo Ball

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You may not agree with the things that come out of LaVar Ball's mouth, but you're probably going to agree that his son, LiAngelo, is far from a wise young man.

LiAngelo made national headlines after he was detained in China and subsequently withdrew from the UCLA Bruins men's basketball team even though he was a three-star recruit. American President Donald Trump basically had to free LiAngelo by reportedly asking Chinese President Xi JinPing to resolve the shameful case as soon as possible. Right now, LiAngelo plays for Vytautas Prienai–Birštonas of the LKL (Lithuanian Basketball League), but his chances of having a lengthy career in the NBA appear to be bleak.

There aren't a lot of teams who would want a distraction on their respective squads.

In the meantime, LiAngelo is resting easy with his father's riches of $4 million as nothing is 100 percent certain when it comes to his future.

12 Elisa Johnson

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Magic Johnson is a household name in the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. Magic is a five-time NBA champion (1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988), three-time NBA Finals MVP (1980, 1982, 1987), three-time NBA Most Valuable Player (1987, 1989, 1990), 12-time NBA All-Star (1980, 1982–1992) and two-time NBA All-Star Game MVP (1990, 1992). Magic is no longer involved in basketball following his shocking HIV announcement in 1991, but currently works for the Lakers as their President of Basketball Operations.

Magic's adopted daughter Elisa, on the other hand, is an Instagram star with over 346,000 followers. It's obvious that Elisa likes to play dress up as she has been featured in a November 2013 on WhoWhatWear.com titled "Guess Which NBA Legend Has An Incredibly Stylish Daughter?" While it's great that Elisa can rock a lot of different, trendy looks, she's just a newbie to the modeling industry as she recently signed to Wilhelmina Models and she's not one of the highest-paid models in the world. Well, at least not yet.

11 Jeffrey Jordan

Via en.wikipedia.org

As the eldest son of Charlotte Hornets owner and former NBA star Michael Jordan, Jeffrey walked in his famous father's footsteps for a bit as he played high school basketball at the Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, and played as a walk-on at the University of Illinois before transferring to the University of Central Florida to be with his younger brother Marcus.

Jeffrey didn't wrap up his basketball career at UCF to enter the NBA Draft. He actually left UCF due to personal reasons and moved to Portland, Oregon, where he entered Nike's management training program.

He also kicked off 2018 by getting engaged to his girlfriend, Radina Aneva, with a ring featuring a round diamond surrounded by a cushion cut halo of smaller stones set on a diamond band.

Jeffrey is similar to his father in a way, but he's definitely more reserved and low-key when it comes to his everyday life.

10 Jasmine Jordan

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I have to bring up another member of the Jordan family. This time, it's daughter Jasmine, who is indeed continuing MJ's legacy when it comes to Jordan brand shoes. Jasmine has also debuted a feminine edition of the classic Jordan shoe called the Air Jordan "Heiress" XI just days before Christmas 2017.

While it's impressive that Jasmine is following her father's footsteps, she hasn't garnered as much attention as MJ and even her mother and MJ's ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy, which is a good thing if she prefers to keep a low profile, but I hate to say that she won't reach her dad's net worth of $1.65 billion anytime soon. I can say that I am glad that she decided to make her education a priority as she graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in sports management in 2014. She's slightly better than your average heiress, but she's still a heiress.

9 E.J. Johnson

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Here's another one of Magic Johnson's kids that I have to bring up in this list.

EJ Johnson is the son of Magic and Earlitha "Cookie" Kelly. EJ was raised as a Pentecostal Christian, but left his childhood church, the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, after privately coming out to his family when he was 17 years old in 2009.

After publicly coming out in a TMZ report in 2013, EJ joined the cast of E! reality television show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and then starred in his own spinoff reality TV show EJNYC. While it's nice that he works as a reality TV star, he's not making the most out of his career. He's pretty much just a socialite who belongs to the so-called Rich Kids of Instagram since he likes to dress up in flamboyant outfits and lives off his father on a regular basis.

8 Destiny Odom

via sportingnews.com

Retired Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom could've passed away in 2015, but somehow, he was very fortunate to have recovered from his medical health scare following a near-fatal overdose on drugs. That, however, didn't make his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, stay with him. Kardashian re-filed for divorce from the baller in May 2016. The divorce was finalized in December 2016.

Lamar still has the love and support of his two kids: daughter Destiny and son Lamar Jr.

Divorce is never an easy process, but Destiny was blunt about her father's, saying that she couldn't be happier that he was going to part ways with his wife of four years.

Some fans called her out and said she should've toned it down, but she refused to apologize for her words.

Anyways, Destiny is an aspiring model who is creating a portfolio and is on a search for a modeling gig in New York City. She still has plenty of time to succeed, but for now, I'll just wish her the best of luck.

7 Mychel Thompson

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Sometimes, being born to an NBA star doesn't mean that you'll also become an NBA star in the future. Just take a look at Mychel Thompson, the eldest son of first overall pick of the 1978 NBA Draft Mychal Thompson, who had a lengthy 14-season career, and the older brother of Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson, who won two NBA championships with the team in 2015 and 2017.

As you might've guessed, Mychel went undrafted in the 2011 NBA Draft, but was selected by the Erie BayHawks in the 2011 NBA Development Draft. He also had brief stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sioux Falls Skyforce, Santa Cruz Warriors, and Pallacanestro Varese. He most recently played in Santa Cruz, California, in 2017, but it doesn't look like he'll get to see any playing time anytime soon.

I'm not saying that Mychel won't make a comeback in professional basketball, but he's not making a whole lot of noise either.

6 Shawn Kemp Jr.

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

We all remember how dominant Shawn Kemp was in his NBA career, but unfortunately, he's fallen on some hard times in retirement, having declared bankruptcy and seeing some of his business ventures fail to succeed. Kemp also fathered many children during his career and one of them was his son, Shawn Kemp Jr. It's always tough for a son of an NBA player to meet expectations because they're immediately dealing with the huge shadow their father casts on them. Kemp Jr. managed to land a scholarship with the Washington Huskies, but never made it to the next level. Now at 26 years old, Kemp Jr. will have to find another way to make his own name. He would finish his NCAA career averaging 5.4 points per game.

5 Ron Artest III

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The old proverb "like father, like son" doesn't describe the father-son duo of Metta World Peace (born Ronald William Artest Jr.) and Ron Artest III, respectively.

You see, Artest III didn't show any interest in basketball as he was growing up in Zionsville, Indiana.

He, showed more of an interest in basketball while he was a student attending Zionsville High School and ended up becoming a fairly praised prospect, but he's nowhere near being one of the top prospects in the United States.

Maybe Artest III will come around and be more like his dad Metta World Peace. Maybe Artest III won't come around and land a job in another field that's not basketball or sports related. Either way, Artest III isn't going to be a household name anytime soon, so he can continue his job search as he lays back and relaxes with his dad's net worth of $35 million.

4 Karlee Malone


A post shared by Karlee Alyeah Malone (@karleemalone) on

Karl Malone, better known as "The Mailman," is a former NBA star who played in the league for 18 seasons as a power forward. Although Karl has never won an NBA championship with the Utah Jazz (1985-2003) and Los Angeles Lakers (2003-2004), he had himself a stacked career to be proud of. Karl was a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player (1997, 1999), 14-time NBA All-Star (1988-1998, 2000-2002), two-time NBA All-Star Game MVP (1989, 1993) and 11-time All-NBA First Team (1989-1999).

Karl has six kids of his own, but let's focus on his daughter Karlee. Yeah, it's nice that Karlee is a Wilhelmina model, but if you check out her Instagram page, her photos and videos aren't that unique and you probably wouldn't say "wow!" She was briefly a gossip-related topic when MTO News reported that she had a crush on Drake (rapper). I'm not sure how her dad feels about it, but I do know that she has a long way to go when it comes to her own modeling career.

3 Marcus Jordan

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So yeah, I have to mention yet another member of the Jordan clan. This time, it's Marcus Jordan, the oldest son of the NBA's arguably greatest player of all-time and third-richest African American, trailing just Oprah Winfrey (billionaire media giant) and Robert F. Smith (businessman and investor).

Marcus did have the same devotion to basketball like his father did, but he didn't finish his college career at the University of Central Florida.

He played at UCF for just three years out of the supposed four. He showed loyalty to his dad's shoe brand, Air Jordan, but that led Adidas to end their sponsorship deal with UCF. He continued to take classes at UCF, which later helped him open up his own shoe store called Trophy Room in May 2016. He's still embarking on a basketball-related career path, but he won't be earning similar profits compared to his dad. Well, at least not anytime soon.

2 Connor Bird

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Hall of Fame forward Larry Bird may have resigned as the Indiana Pacers' president of basketball operations, but he continued to stay with the team in an advisory capacity.

Larry did well for himself though. As a son whose ex-father committed suicide just a year after his divorce, he used basketball as an escape from his family issues at home as a youngster. He went on to get drafted sixth overall by the Boston Celtics in the 1978 NBA Draft. From there, he became a part of the "Dream Team" who dominated at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, and was inducted to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998.

On another mpye, Larry's only son, Connor, wasn't the greatest example for little kids to idolize. Connor was arrested in 2013 at Indiana University and then reached a plea agreement on a misdemeanor recklessness charge in 2014.

1 Drew Barry

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Drew Barry (former shooting guard) was simply unable to live up to the legacy of his famous father Rick Barry (retired small forward).

Rick was easily one of the best players in his generation, while Drew played just three seasons in the NBA for the Atlanta Hawks (1998), ex-Seattle SuperSonics (1999) and Golden State Warriors (1999-2000) after being drafted by Seattle with the 57th overall pick in the second round of the 1996 NBA Draft.

Drew spent a couple of years playing basketball abroad for Metis Varese, Celana Bergamo and Prokom Trefl, before hanging up his sneakers in 2003.

Oh, and Drew's older brother, Scooter, never played in the NBA, and his younger brother, Canyon, went undrafted in the 2017 NBA Draft and decided to play basketball for the Vilpas Vikings of the Korisliiga in Salo, Finland. So it's safe to say that all four of Rick's sons aren't shining stars in the basketball world.

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