Chris Bosh's Mom Blasts Her Son After Drug Raid

A news report came out this past Friday stating that the mother of former NBA star Chris Bosh, Freida Bosh, has been mentioned as a suspect in a drug trafficking investigation down in Texas, according to TMZ.

The authorities are stating that they recovered "a large amount of drug paraphernalia [which is] consistent with narcotics trafficking” from a home that Freida allegedly lives in. The house is actually owned by her son Chris Bosh.

The belief is that both crack and heroin were being sold from the home. As of right now, there’s no belief that Chris was involved.

via sun-sentinel.com

Freida says that she’s been renting the house out to other people in order to be able to afford the legal fees involved with fighting Chris in court over his desire to evict her. She claims that the renters are the reason behind the drug raid.

Chris’ brother, Joel Bosh, is now trying to help their mother clear her name of any wrongdoing when it comes to the drug bust.

Bosh hasn't played in an NBA game since February of 2016 after suffering a blood blot that ended his 2015-16 season prematurely. He was also ruled out for the remainder of the 2014–15 season with a blood clot. Bosh didn't play a single game during the 2016-17 NBA season and his career could be over.


While Bosh hasn't retired yet, the Miami Heat ended up waiving him back in July of this year and stated that they plan on retiring his No. 1 jersey.

Bosh did state on a recent podcast that he doesn't plan on ending his basketball career just yet, according to The Palm Beach Post.

I'm not sure why Bosh would want to keep playing. Blood clots are life threatening and he's already had a great NBA career while helping the Heat win NBA titles alongside LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

When it comes to Bosh's mother, hopefully they can work things out and repair their relationship.

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