Every NBA Franchise's Ugliest Jersey

NBA teams are defined by their jerseys. Representing their city and their team, a uniform is what they wear every time they grace the NBA hardwood. Classic uniforms and logos is what teams will be remembered by, like the Celtics green or the purple and gold of the Lakers. Whatever it is, a team is proud of their jerseys.

The problem is, some of these jerseys were the uniforms they wore almost every game for years! At least some of these teams only brought these terrible jerseys out once in a while. These jerseys include any home, away, alternate, or throwback jerseys that NBA franchises would like to forget.

There have been more jerseys being produced in recent years, as teams have alternates, alternates with sleeves, throwbacks, etc... This has led the way for even more bad jerseys to surface, as many of these sleeved jerseys just don't look right for the sport.

There are some teams excluded from this list because some organizations have relocated and have not been established for very long. Remember, these are OPINIONS. Hopefully this sparks a debate wherever you are reading this. I bet it will.

29 Atlanta Hawks: Alternate 2006-07

via lakersuniverse.com

These yellow eyesores are the worst jerseys in Atlanta Hawks history. The red looks a little too orange which makes it look like the team was sponsored by McDonald's. They went way overboard on the mustard yellow for a team that is red and purple. Bad jerseys for a bad team that year. The Hawks have since introduced several other alternates and have even altered their logo since that season.

28 Boston Celtics: Alternate 2014-15

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

How could this happen? Celtic pride=green...not grey. These grey sleeved jerseys do not remind anybody of the Celtics and doesn't go with what the Celtics jerseys have been for years. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Teams with histories like the Celtics should never sway from their traditional look. These jerseys just don't look like they belong to such a decorated franchise like Boston. Their black jerseys make a fine alternate, but not these.

27 New Jersey Nets: 1990-1997

via phlsportsnation.com

These jerseys were bad right from the start. The lettering of a jersey is everything and the font for "NETS" was awful. Add the vibrant red and blue color scheme to the rectangle logo on the front and this jersey goes from bad to worse. The 90s were all about being bold and colorful in jerseys and some teams got it right, while the Nets most certainly did not. Let's hope these won't be brought back as throwbacks in Brooklyn.

26 Charlotte Bobcats: 2008-2011

via sportsjerseypedia.com

The Bobcats were never really respected as an NBA team...and these jerseys didn't help their cause. Mostly faded blue, the colors were odd. The white pinstripes didn't have any appeal and the lettering on the front seemed childish. Perhaps the ugliness of these jerseys was suitable for them given how bad they were for all those years, before eventually showing promise and getting the Hornets name back.

25 Chicago Bulls: Stag Throwbacks - 2005

via bulls.com

EW. If these jerseys were worn for Clown Day then maybe, just maybe I could understand the choices made. The red top and the shiny blue pants clashed terribly. The long stretched lettering with the blocked number didn't go together at all either. And the white waistband separating the jersey and the shorts were the icing on the top of this total fail. The Bulls tend to have one of the best jerseys and logos in all of sports and this was just disgraceful.

24 Cleveland Cavaliers: 1970-1974

via bleacherreport.com

I just don't understand how someone thought this jersey was a good idea. The "C" in the Cavaliers is terrible, stretching around the rest of the name and then growing bigger into a feather shape. Both the Home and Away jerseys were afflicted by this feathered "C" ruining the already simple jerseys. Could you imagine LeBron James and company having to wear these jerseys on a regular basis?

23 Dallas Mavericks: Alternate 2003

via mavsmoneyball.com

The silver trash bags...what material is that? The Mavericks are known for their blue or green style jerseys, not silver. The small Mavericks logo gets lost in the shiny material and just adds to the awful of this jersey. Thankfully, Mark Cuban pulled them after one game. These jerseys belong in a Sci-Fi movie, not the NBA. You have to wonder how much those jerseys are worth now, since we only saw them once.

22 Denver Nuggets: Alternate 1981-1985

via toptenz.net

The Nuggets jerseys with the mountains behind the apartments have always seen some hate over the years. I actually think the white and blue ones are pretty good looking, but when the Nuggets tried to make them black and green, that was there mistake. The colorful middle of the jersey doesn't go with the dark black and green at all. You don't have to make an alternate for every jersey, and these definitely didn't work.

21 Detroit Pistons: 1995-2001

via mithcellandness.com

What isn't wrong with this jersey? The Pistons are a classic bad to the bone team, and these wimpy teal jerseys completely took away from that. The Pistons are royal blue, not teal. Also what's up with the flaming horse, what does that have to do with the Pistons at all? Thankfully the Pistons have since gone back to the blue and red, but for a while, these were easily one of the worst uniforms in all of sports.

20 Golden State Warriors: Alternate Pinstripe Sleeves

via uniwatch.com

The current Warriors are one of the best basketball teams of all time. But you almost forget that when they are wearing these jerseys. These yellow sleeved "t-shirts" are just bad and matching this yellow top with some pinstripe shorts, awful. I guess there not that ugly if Steph Curry can still drop 40 wearing them. Let's hope that if the Warriors do in fact make history this year and pass the Bulls' 72 wins that they are not wearing these when they do it.

19 Houston Rockets: 1996-2002

via sportslogos.net

After the Rockets back-to-back championship seasons, they decided to change their image to dark purple with pinstripes. Bad move. The logo looks like it's right out of a kids coloring book. I don't know why after winning it all would the Rockets think they needed an update, especially not to these. Is it a coincidence that the franchise soon started to experience a downfall after making this switch?

18 Indiana Pacers: "Hickory High" 2015-

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Celebrating the film Hoosiers, the Pacers thought that these jerseys were the best fit to commemorate the movie. These are just bad. The "Hickory" is wrapped around the number in a odd use of space and the weird red jersey top is not good looking at all. Just like the Bulls Clown Day mistake, never have your pants a different color then your jersey. It never works. Also, the pants are very shiny and chrome which doesn't work with the extremely bland red top.

17 Los Angeles Clippers: Alternate 2015-

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers had a major rebrand during the 2015 offseason. There new home and away jerseys were pretty bad, but the new "celebrate downtown LA" jerseys take the cake for the ugliest of the three. The Red LA is crammed inside of a blue C which is lost in the black behind it. They try to fit way to much stuff in the center of the jersey. Then, the small number was placed under the logo debacle.

16 Los Angeles Lakers: Alternate 2004

via lakerstats.com

The Lakers have had pretty much the same jersey style for about 60 years and all of them have been pretty stylish. The only ugly ones I could find that were when the Lakers threw it back to a jersey that was from their last season in Minneapolis. The Lakers purple and gold were ditched for this light blue color scheme. The 4 stars around the writing was not a great choice and overall it just didn't feel right.

15 Memphis Grizzlies: Tam Throwback 2012

via yahoosports.com

In 2012, the Grizzlies sported these yellow and green jerseys as a nod to the short time they were the Memphis Tams. With the yellow top and the green bottom, the Grizzlies didn't even try on this one. I really hope we don't see these again. If you're doing any Grizzlies throwback, it should be a nod to those Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys back in the 90s. Please, no more Tams.

14 Miami Heat: Floridian Throwback 2005-2006

via basket-infos.com

The Heat decided to pay tribute to the original Miami team, the Miami Floridians with these jerseys. Black, with red and orange stripes down the side, these jerseys aren't very hot. Pushing the writing and the players number to the side, the stripes of the color takes away the symmetry of the jersey. Teams need to stop designing bad jerseys trying to remember their old teams, it's just not working.

13 Milwaukee Bucks: 1994-2001

via pinterest.com

Boring. These aren't totally disgusting but the all purple color for a green team just isn't right. They made an attempt at some style with giving the "BUCKS" some odd sharp edges but it was all in vain. Too simple, too purple. Say what you will about their green jerseys with a deer draped across it, at least it had some character to it. These are just so boring an very uninspired.

12 Minnesota Timberwolves: 1989-1995

via sportslogos.net

The Timberwolves have not been plagued with bad uniforms over their years but these were pretty bad. The light blue and lime green numbers didn't fit with the dark colors the teams logo portrays. These jerseys give off more of a puppy look then a wolves look. When you think of a name involving wolves, it needs to strike fear into an opponent, which these did not do.

11 New York Knicks: St. Patrick's Day 2006-2012

via nbafanjerseys.com

Why would they ever? Don't give the Knicks a green jersey. Just don't. St. Patrick's Day jerseys in general just seem to scream of a cash grab by teams and even the proudest of Irish folk shouldn't waste their money buying one of these.

Oh and did we mention the Knicks should never wear green? Why would you wear green when one of your biggest city rivals in the Celtics are known for green?

10 Oklahoma City Thunder: Alternate 2015-

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

These sunset shirts look like some carrots...traffic cones...pumpkins...I could go on for a while. Also the names of the players are on the bottom, so that was just another odd choice they made. OKC have had the same nice blue and white jerseys for seven years, stick to them. The Thunder will have worn this jersey 18 times by the time this season has ended and once again it screams of a cash grab to sell more jerseys.

9 Orlando Magic: 1998-2000

via sportsjerseypedia.org

The Magic ditched their classic pinstriped jerseys for these childish duds. The "A" in "MAGIC" is a odd white star and also the "I" is another star. With the stars blending into the white jersey, if you're not close up you may not even see them. The font is not clean and the stars are too big and too white. Probably why these jerseys were only in use for a couple years. Thank goodness Shaq left Orlando before having to don one of these.

8 Philadelphia 76ers: 1991-1994

via foxsports.com

Trying to show their patriotism, the Sixers thought these jerseys showed what made Philadelphia one of the most important cities in America. Wrong. These foolish jerseys had way too much going on and were just plain ugly. They looked like an elementary school kids t-shirt, not an NBA uniform. Perhaps it was just the nature of the 90s but there's a way to be colorful and still look like a professional team.

7 Phoenix Suns: 2003-2012

via lakersuniverse.com

These jerseys were just weak. The weird oval/halo behind the number was a very peculiar choice of design. Also for the orange Suns team, there was much too grey for my liking. The jersey doesn't even say "Phoenix" or "Suns", it says "PHX" like they were an airport or something. The Suns have since changed uniforms and for the better. Ironically enough, the Suns had some of their better years while having these jerseys.

6 Portland Trail Blazers: 1972-1976

via prohoopshistory.com

Even though Bill Walton wore these ugly things, it doesn't change the fact that these were the worst in Trail Blazers history. The Lateral "Blazers" down the side was un-appealing and with the little detail around the arm and neck holes, it really just looked like pinnies, not a uniform. The Blazers have since had several nice jerseys, as it's pretty hard to screw up a red and black color pattern.

5 Sacramento Kings: 2011

via solecollector.com

This two color jersey is the ugliest uniform the Kings have ever worn. The black and purple two color jerseys are just not cool. The colors aren't even split down the middle with the purple covering about 70% of the jersey. Not to mention these uniforms have NASCAR checkerboard sides. Different kind of jersey...and not in a good way. The Kings have a long history, filled with different cities and looks, so the fact this was the worst says something.

4 San Antonio Spurs: Alternate 2012-13

via bleacherreport.net

The Spurs have had the same classic black and white jerseys forever. Another team that tried to give themselves a silver/grey alternate. They just don't look good and even the logo and the number are in weird places. There's a lone Spur in the bottom corner and the player's number in the opposite top corner. Stick to the black and white uniforms, you can never go wrong with those.

3 Toronto Raptors: 2011-2012

via nbafanjersey.top

A lot of teams have tried to pull off the camouflage look. It doesn't work. These jerseys are simply just hard to look at and the numbers are really just lost in the green. Thankfully these uniforms were only worn once. Let's hope it stays that way. Sure showing pride in the military is a positive, but would the military be proud to see those atrocities?

2 Utah Jazz: 2004-2009

via stylebistro.com

There is nothing jazzy about these Jazz uniforms. These jerseys are incredibly simple and have absolutely nothing to make us remember them. The font is boring which goes perfect with the lackluster color. This should be a team that has one of the flashiest jerseys in all of sports given their name, but this was so dull and uninspired. Why take the name Jazz if you won't do anything with it? No wonder the Jazz have always bored me.

1 Washington Wizards: 2015-

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

These new Wizards alternates are trying to recreate the old Bullets uniforms. Bad. I mean I can't get over the lines connecting throughout the shorts and the jersey. It ruins the jersey completely and looks just too strange. What if the shorts aren't adjusted properly? What if the shirt moves offset and the line is disconnected?

Sometimes, things are best left in the past.

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