Every NBA Team's Best And Worst Jersey

Here, we discern the good from the bad and give you the best and worst uniforms from every NBA franchise.

Who doesn't love a good NBA uniform or mocking a bad one? Uniforms are one of the best parts of sports and they are constantly changing to keep up with trends and keep fans buying the latest jerseys. Every special occasion nowadays gets it's own uniform. Christmas, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick's Day, etc. all get their own uniform.

Also with all of the alternate jerseys these days, there are plenty of uniforms to choose from. Sleeved uniforms have become more common as well, as the NBA feels sleeved jerseys could sell more, given that they have more of an everyday look to them. I'm here to discern the good from the bad and give you the best and worst uniforms from every NBA franchise, and believe me, there have been some extremely bad uniforms.

One thing I'm not looking forward to are the advertisements on team's uniforms. Hopefully NBA uniforms don't turn into soccer uniforms with all of their ads all over them. Let's enjoy these ad free NBA jerseys while they last.

Remember, this list is all my opinion which you may or may not agree with. Chances are your list would look completely different from mine which is why lists like these are fun.

30 Atlanta Hawks


Best - Giant Hawk

The Hawks have had some nice uniforms over the years and just recently they got new ones which I also think look nice. The best uniforms they ever had however are the jerseys they wore in the Mutombo days. A lot of times when there is a picture on the jersey it looks cheap and childish but this is one of the rare times they pulled it off and the red, black and yellow combination looks great.

Worst - Plain Jane


The Hawks jerseys of the Josh Smith days were too plain. The barely had any design and the the colors were too basic. They trashed these uniforms and went in the complete opposite direction with a triangle design on their latest uniform update. They also match the lane and boundaries which looks cool in my opinion, but I could see people hating it.

29 Boston Celtics

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Best - The Classics

The Celtics have had a rich history and they have kept one things pretty much the same the entire time: their uniforms. They have the classic two color uniforms with, "Boston" or "Celtics" stitched across the chest. They don't have many variations and it is hard to even tell when they make a change to their uniforms because they are so subtle.

Worst - Gray Sleeved


As I said earlier, the Celtics have their classic uniforms, but they also have these sleeved alternates. I'm not a big fan of the sleeved jerseys in the first place but to see the C's in anything other than white or green looks weird. Gray isn't even a Celtics color...These alternates were a miss. If the Celtics are going to go sleeved, they could at least stick to their classic colors.

28 Brooklyn Nets


Best - Faded Blue

I may be in the minority here, but I think the Drazen Petrovic era Nets uniforms look very cool. The bright blue with fade marks next to the red name and number makes for a good contrast. At least they stood out compared to some of the other Nets uniforms. Yes, they're not traditional, but that's what the '90s were all about.

Worst - Too Subtle


These are some of the worst uniforms the NBA has ever seen. Maybe after the bright blue people wanted a more subtle uniform, but these are too plain and boring. Even the texture of the jersey is striped which adds to the bad design. Even the colors are boring. A dark blue which looks almost black next to a dark blue makes for an awful combination.

27 Charlotte Hornets

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Best - Bright Blue & Purple

These Hornets Uniforms look electric. The two tone blue, or bright blue and purple whichever way you see it, looks great together. These alternates look especially good with white accessories and shoes. I'm not even a Hornets fan but I wouldn't mind rocking one of these. Standing out wouldn't be hard wearing one of these.

Worst - Old Charlotte Hornets


Although the Hornets were very good in this era, their jerseys weren't. Their jerseys color, which is some sort of dark blueish green, is a bad start. To add onto that they add stripes which are different colors of blue. Stripes on an NBA jersey don't usually look good, and this is no exception. Maybe with a better shade of blue theses jerseys could have been a bit better.

26 Chicago Bulls


Best - MJ Days

Maybe it is just because Jordan wore them, but these are the nicest uniforms the bulls have ever worn. Both the home and away have storied histories and both look nice, but I went with the away uniforms because the shade of red is great. It is a nice bright red but not too bright that it looks orange. With that being said, the GOAT could probably make any uniform look nice.

Worst - Black Alternates


The Bulls should never wear black uniforms again. First of all, the black isn't a good look, and second, they have such a good history with their classic uniforms, why would you switch it up now? I know they are only alternates but going with black jersey and shorts was not the way to go. Maybe a bit of a different design for the alternates instead of the black. Anything other than the black.

25 Cleveland Cavaliers


Best - Orange Throwbacks

Even though these jerseys weren't worn all that often, they have been my favorite Cavs jerseys ever since I saw them. They have the classic Cavs colors and the older logo from the Steve Kerr days. The Blue jersey with the same logo on the chest is also a favorite of mine but the orange just barely edged it out.


Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Today's normal Cavs uniforms are possibly the worst in the league. They have too many colors and the colors clash with each other. The yellow, dark blue and, "wine" as they like to call it is one of the worst color schemes of all time. To top it off, the players wear bright yellow accessories. The Cavs should go back to their classic colors. I'm not sure where these colors came from.

24 Dallas Mavericks

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Best - Current Road

The Mavericks' current uniforms are their best in my opinion. The have a nice two tone blue combination going and they don't have too much going on, but they aren't too basic either. They also have the writing in a different color than the numbers which I think is a cool small feature that not many teams have.

Worst - Green Alternates


The green Mavericks jerseys are putrid. The green color is an ugly green which doesn't look good on its own but it looks even worse when paired with blue. To top it off, the font of, "Dallas" is terrible. These are an all around terrible uniforms that should have been thrown out before they ever saw the court. Sorry to whoever designed these.

23 Denver Nuggets


Best - Rainbow Whites

The Nuggets' rainbow uniforms as I like to call them are definitely unique. No other team that I can think of has ever had a rainbow on their jersey and although it sounds like it would look stupid, they actually pulled it off. It looks awesome in my opinion. In the front they have the Denver skyline in front of the rocky mountains.

Worst - Shiny Midnight Blue


I have never been a fan of shiny uniforms. The Nuggets uniforms look like they are very heavy and uncomfortable. They don't have a great design either. The font of, "Nuggets across the chest just doesn't pop the way yellow should. Not even the great Allen Iverson could make these uniforms fashionable, and he made a lot of things fashionable.

22 Detroit Pistons


Best - Bad Boys

In my opinion the Pistons haven't had many nice uniforms in their franchise's history. This is a very basic uniform but it has nice colors and a great history to go along with it. The bad boys need a uniform that was plain and not too bold or showy. I'm sure the bad boys wouldn't want to wear any rainbow uniforms. That wasn't their style.

Worst - Red Alternates

(Via: Fansided)

What does a horse have to do with a piston? That is the million dollar question. The Pistons logo doesn't make any sense and they have ugly uniforms to match the terrible logo. The burgundy color of these uniforms makes looking at these jerseys unbearable. And I thought the blueish green version of these were bad. Yeesh.

21 Golden State Warriors

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Best - Current

The Warriors have nice jerseys right now. A lot of teams rock the blue and yellow, but the Warriors might have the best of the blue and yellow. The have a unique front to their uniforms with their logo taking up most of the front and the number inside the logo. They aren't too busy or complex, they just look nice.

Worst - Burnt Orange


The Warriors jerseys used to look drastically different and it's a good thing that they took a completely new route because the old uniforms were just terrible. The burnt orange along with the odd shaped design on the sides of the jersey going down to the shorts look terrible. Even the font of, "Warriors" was weird. It starts out large and shrinks down to a smaller size. There were too many ugly colors and designs at once.

20 Houston Rockets

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Best - Current Sleeved

I am not usually a fan of sleeved jerseys, but this is an exception. The grey jerseys along with the checkerboard on the side and the black stripes that wrap around the shoulder also look great. To me, it is a perfect balance of grey, red and black. The red line around the knee makes sure that uniforms don't look too plain and it does a great job.

Worst - Stripes


It's a disgrace that legends like Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler had to wear such ugly uniforms. Luckily for them, they have didn't wear these for their entire career. These uniforms has so much going wrong for them. To start, the ugly logo. It is an awful logo that looks like it was designed by a 10 year old. Then the terrible stripes. Stripes are ugly enough when they are normal but these stripes awkwardly fade in and out when the get near anything on the jersey.

19 Indiana Pacers


Best - Current Alternates

These Pacers uniforms are unique. They have an asymmetrical design with a yellow and white side and a blue side. The shading on the numbers look cool and the collar look really good as well. Too bad these are only alternates because I'm not a fan of the Pacers normal uniforms. They should make these the away uniforms and make a white or yellow version for home.

Worst - Pinstripes


Leave the pinstripes for baseball. These look like pajamas. The dark blue with the pinstripes makes these jerseys look like they used to have white pinstripes but they got dirty and turned yellow. There is absolutely nothing good looking about these uniforms. Sorry Reggie Miller, you must know this by now though.

18 Los Angeles Clippers


Best - Baby Blue Alternates

The Clippers had the nicest sleeved jerseys in the NBA before they changed logo a couple of years ago. These are my second exception to my no sleeves rule. The baby blue is a great color that goes very well with the Clippers red. Also, the font of, "Los Angeles" is a perfect font to complement the sky blue color on the jersey. White accessories look great with these uniforms much like the Hornets best uniforms.

Worst - Current Reds


 The Clippers worst uniforms are their current uniforms. They just got new uniforms recently and they look horrible. They made them too basic and added an ugly logo. The logo looks too compact and doesn't take up much space, then they cram the number right next to it and leave a big blank spot underneath. The jerseys look like they took 5 minutes to make.

17 Los Angeles Lakers


Best - Showtime

 Please excuse Kareem's awkward pose for a second and let's take a look at these uniforms. The old Lakers uniforms, while not too different from the Lakers jerseys from today, do have some differences. To start, the most obvious is that they wore shorter shorts which I think is pretty cool. But also, they had more shadow underneath their numbers which I think was one of the best parts of the uniforms.

Worst - Sleeved Midnight Alternates


The new Lakers alternates are something new. The Lakers have never worn black in my lifetime until now and I didn't realize how lucky I was. These alternates not only have sleeves which don't belong on the NBA hardwood but they also don't go with the classic Lakers look. The Lakers should stick to yellow at home, purple on the road and white as alternates. Those three uniforms have worked for them so why should they change?

16 Memphis Grizzlies

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Best - Baby Blue Alternates

 The Grizzlies have a great color scheme which can make almost any uniform look good, but this one is especially nice because the base color is baby blue which is one of my favorite colors. The dark blue secondary color and yellow accents go together like PB&J. The Grizzlies should wear these more often but they wear these as alternates. White and dark blue are their home and away uniforms respectively.

Worst - Vancouver Days


These Grizzlies uniforms are bad for a couple of reasons. The first being how busy they are. The second being that they have very odd neck and sleeves. They look like they have Japanese symbols or letters in a different alphabet. Whatever they are, they aren't cool. They are also on the waistband which is the final thing that makes the jerseys way too crowded. If it wasn't for the weird sleeves, neck and waist they may not be all that bad.

15 Miami Heat


Best - White Hot

The "White Hot" Heat uniforms were always a favorite of mine. As soon as I saw them, probably when LeBron was on the heat, they were immediately one of my favorites. Although they are only black and white, they look extremely nice. They are clean and with all of the white accessories, they complete the "white hot" look.

Worst - Shiny Black


 The shiny look is not a good look for NBA uniforms. The heat uniforms had a shine to them that made them look like one piece pajamas. Although they won a championship in the pajamas, it doesn't make them any better looking. Also, even though this is on all of their jerseys, the flame coming off of the T is stupid looking. If they wanted to go with the fire look, they should have added flames to every letter.

14 Milwaukee Bucks

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Best - Current

The Bucks just got new uniforms a few years ago and they did it right this time. They have a nice simple uniform with some nice colors. Thankfully, they dropped the purple and went with a nice off white color that goes with their green well. They have a nice font for the name on the front and back. My favorite part of the jersey are the stripes down the side of the jersey.

Worst - Big Buck


Not only is the color scheme of the these uniforms terrible, but the design is equally as bad. The Buck image of the front of the jersey is is childish. Having logos or even images or anything other than lines or normal type of design makes NBA jerseys look cheesy. If you look at all of the NBA uniforms, very few if any actually have an image on them and that's because they have seen terrible uniforms by teams like the Bucks and Rockets.

13 Minnesota Timberwolves


Best - KG Days

To be quite honest, I don't like any of the Timberwolves uniforms. They have a history of terrible uniforms, but I had to choose one as the best and here it is. The only reason I like these uniforms is because of the font "Timberwolves" is in. Other than that, I don't really like them, but when you are comparing them the other Timberwolves jerseys, there isn't much competition.

Worst - Most Recent

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The recent Timberwolves uniforms take the cake for the worst uniforms in the franchise's history simply because of the hideous color. The Wolves have now retired these jerseys, as they are soon to unveil a new look for this upcoming season. It looks like they couldn't choose between, blue, green and grey so they came up with this color. If they made these uniforms a purer green or blue, they wouldn't be half bad. I like the design underneath the arms, but I just can't get over the color. I think it is time for a change and fortunately I think changes are coming soon.

12 New Orleans Pelicans

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Best - Red Alternates

The Pelicans best uniforms have to be these red alternates. They have a bright red that really catches your eye and the gold is a great complement. They don't wear these very often because they are an alternate but they are much better than their blue versions. They are certainly better than their other alternates which are next on the list.

Worst - Mardi Gras


Somehow they are one of the ugliest jerseys I have ever seen while also being the most "New Orleans" jerseys I have ever seen. If I had to choose one jersey to represent New Orleans these would be the jerseys. The colors, the design, everything about them screams NOLA. Regardless, these uniforms are way too ugly to ever be worn on the court again.

11 New York Knicks


Best - Striped Edges

These Knicks uniforms have a different twist to them and I like them because of it. They have an awesome checkerboard/stripe look which you don't see too often in the NBA. I like it a lot and it reminds me of Marquette's basketball uniforms which I have always liked. I like the orange and blue combo a lot so Knicks jerseys have always been a favorite of mine. These however stand out.

Worst - St. Patty's Day


These Knicks jerseys were an absolute no brainer for worst jersey. They may even be the worst uniforms on this entire list. The green is such a bad look and they should never go back to it for any occasion whether it be St. Patrick's day, Christmas, Earth day, or any other day. A couple of other teams wear the green uniforms on special occasions as well but these are the worst because the orange and green combination.

10 Oklahoma City Thunder

(Via: Uniform Critics)

Best - Christmas

The Thunder have my favorite Christmas uniforms. These uniforms were from the good ol' days when teams didn't wear sleeves on Christmas. I'm sure the refs and fans at the games didn't like these uniforms weren't huge fans of these because it is pretty hard to see the number on the uniform, but I love the basic blue look.

Worst - Dark Atlernate

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

These are the only Thunder uniforms that I don't like because they don't have the baby blue or the orange that is so crucial to Thunder uniforms. These uniforms are a bit too basic for my liking and the vertical writing also doesn't suit my taste. I don't mind the dark blue alternate but they need to add some other colors in as well to make them better.

9 Orlando Magic


Best - Holographic Star

 I really like these Magic uniforms for a couple of reasons. One, they have a type of holographic star imprinted in the white base of their jersey which gives the jerseys a subtle yet important. The second thing that makes these uniforms stand out from the other Magic uniforms is the star for the "A" and dot of the I. The Magic uniforms today pale in comparison to these.

Worst - Pinstripes


 As I have stated earlier in this article, I don't like pinstripes on NBA uniforms. I also don't like black NBA uniforms all that much so when you combine the two big no-no's, there you have it, one ugly uniform. The only way to make these uniforms worse is to add a huge image or logo on them to make them look unprofessional as well.

8 Philadelphia 76ers


Best - Dr. J Days

These Sixers classics are great all around uniforms. The beautiful red white and blue are Sixers classics and these uniforms were just perfect. The stars down the side of the uniform really put on the finishing touch. One side has 7 stars and the other has 6 to represent the 76ers. The current uniforms took this little aspect of the old uniforms and put them in the new ones as well.

Worst - Shooting Stars


 Most of the Sixers uniforms have looked similar, but they tried to make a huge change with these uniforms but they looked absolutely awful. The only thing that they did right with these uniforms was get rid of them. The uniforms before and after these were fine, but these, were way too cheap looking. The trail of stars makes these some of the worst uniforms ever.

7 Phoenix Suns



The simplicity of these Suns uniforms is probably my favorite part about them. While they don't have any lines or unique aspects, they do look great. The font of the name on the front and the beautiful color scheme are enough to make me fall in love with these uniforms. I don't need all of the fancy stuff, these will do.

Worst - Orange Crush


 There are a few main reasons why I don't like these Suns uniforms even though they are a great shade of orange. The first being they look like V-necks, second, they have sleeves which I hate, and third, they don't have any purple in them. These have potential to be great uniforms but they ruined them with a few small mistakes and it's a shame.

6 Portland Trail Blazers


Best - Rip City

 Even though I have no clue what "rip city" even means, the rip city uniforms have always been my favorite Blazers uniforms ever since they debuted. To me they look clean, have great colors and they have a great font and color combo for "rip city." They are pretty sweet and I wouldn't mind getting myself one of these jerseys.

Worst - Vertical Text


 Vertical writing on basketball uniforms isn't hot. Neither is the font they chose for it. They didn't even capitalize the "B" in Blazers. How lame. Not only the name, but the whole uniform is lame. They are way too basic and they look like plain red tank tops with plain red shorts. They need to add something to these to make them look more like blazer uniforms.

5 Sacramento Kings


Best - Purple Sac

The Kings have had their fair share of ugly uniforms throughout the years but they finally got it right with these right here. They have a great hue of purple along with a great complementary grey. I love the side of the jersey that flows right into the shorts. Also these are unique because they say "SAC" instead of Kings or Sacramento which I find cool.

Worst - Gold


Look at these uniforms. Please tell me you hate them as much as I do. I don't even know where to start. Even these guys look like they are embarrassed to be wearing them in front of thousands of fans. How could the other team take you seriously while you wear these? Please burn these and never wear them again. Ever.

4 San Antonio Spurs

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Best - Current

 The Spurs don't have much variety when it comes to their uniforms. They match the team's mentality and play style: simple and effective. I like the Spurs black uniforms the best, I don't have a reason why but they have always been my favorite. These uniforms in particular I chose because I also like the NBA Finals badge which I know isn't a part of the Spurs but it is a cool edition of the uniform.

Worst - Camo

(Via: Insidehoops)

 These uniforms don't represent the Spurs well at all. They just don't look right. I understand they are honoring the military, but these uniforms aren't honoring anything because they are bad looking. They have the same exact design as their normal uniforms but instead of their base color, they have camo. I've never been a fan of camo either.

3 Toronto Raptors


Best - Originals

 These may be the most popular NBA uniforms of all time. By now they are so famous and almost every NBA fan knows about them even though they are just uniforms. The Raptors still wear these throwbacks every now and then because the fans love them so much. These are one of the only exceptions to my stripes rule.

Worst - Camo


These uniforms fall into the same category as the Spurs uniforms. Good idea, bad execution. I like the idea of honoring the military, but this is no way to honor them. These may be even worse than the Spurs uniforms because they have so much green in them. How would you even see your teammates on the court they would blend in so much that they would be invisible.

2 Utah Jazz


Best - Mountains

 These Jazz uniforms are the perfect combination of style and substance. They were awesome uniforms and the Jazz were a great team while wearing them. The Stockton and Malone era, while yielding no championships was as close to a dynasty as you could be with no rings. These uniforms were great and they came in a time when the team was great as well.



 Now these uniforms are the exact opposite of the ones I just showed you. They are very bad uniforms in a time when the team was terrible. These uniforms are too plain, have an ugly design, and have an an ugly color scheme. There wasn't much going right for the Jazz at this point. I mean, with a name like Jazz, shouldn't the uniforms have some flash to them?

1 Washington Wizards

(Via: Washington Post)

Best - Stars and Stripes

These are my favorite Wizards uniforms because they don't have the huge ugly stripes than run across the chest. That is the pet peeve I have with the home and away Wizards uniforms. The alternates however, have very nice stars and stripes down the side and have a cool font for "Washington" across the chest. These uniforms are something I can get behind.

Worst - Gold


These on the other hand are some of the ugliest uniforms the NBA has ever seen. A gold uniform just like the worst Kings uniform. I think I am starting to understand why not many teams use gold in their uniforms. Not only are the tops ugly but the shorts are plain black. No design or anything except for a couple of stripes around the knee. But anyway, what do these uniforms have to do with DC? They aren't red, white and blue.

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