Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, mostly known for his involvement in an NBA betting scandal, was arrested Tuesday in Florida for aggravated assault. The arrest occurred after he allegedly threatening to hit a man with a hammer.

According to TMZ, Donaghy was out to collect his daughter after he was under the impression she was doing drugs with a friend. He went over to the (friend) young man’s house, tried to collect his daughter and got into an altercation with the young man’s father. It is alleged he threatened the father with a hammer if the father came any closer, all charges Donaghy and his lawyer are denying.


The lawyer of the former NBA referee has publicly stated that Donaghy did not threaten or physically harm either the boy or his father in any way and state he was simply there in an attempt to be a “good dad” and remove her from a potentially dangerous situation. There is no word on if drugs were seized at the scene and if any drug-related charges have been laid. While many can sympathize with the scenario facing Donaghy, what could pose a problem for the former disgraced NBA official is where the hammer comes into play. It is the threats with a weapon that makes this such an interesting story.

If your daughter was in danger and you thought you could help, would you grab a hammer for protection and go over to stop the threat? That is the question Donaghy’s lawyer will try to argue.

Donaghy is no stranger to being in legal trouble. While he finished his federal sentence for his involvement in the NBA betting debacle as a referee that rocked the league for years, he hasn’t been seen as the most trusting official ever to grace the sporting scene. Sentenced to 15 months for making bets on games he officiated, he served 11 months and was later returned to prison for violating his probation.

Donaghy has been an interesting case when it comes to basketball and the NBA and has never fully left the spotlight despite being gone since 2007. He’s made claims the league instructed him to make calls against certain teams to extend the series’ and he wrote a book telling his side of the betting scandal entitled Personal Foul: A First-Person Account of the Scandal That Rocked the NBA.


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