15 NBA WAGs Not Named Kendall Jenner

NBA players seemingly have it all. They get paid millions of dollars to play a few games a week over the course of an 82-game season. Earning those big pay checks allows them to live the life of luxury and allows them afford things many of us could only dream of. Luxurious purchases aside, many NBA players also happen to have some extremely gorgeous wives and girlfriends (WAGs). Every NBA team has players with some extremely gorgeous WAGs on the roster, some more recognizable than others.

Perhaps one of the more recognizable WAG in the NBA is Kendall Jenner, who is currently dating L.A. Clippers star Blake Griffin. Jenner, of course, is probably best known for being part of the famous Kardashian family. She has frequently appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, alongside her even more recognizable half-sisters, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim. Don't lie, you know exactly who they are!

Yes, Kendall Jenner is gorgeous. Blake Griffin is certainly a very lucky man, as there are probably a lot of guys out there who would love to go on a date with her. However, there are many other NBA players with WAGs who are simply gorgeous. We have compiled 15 NBA WAGs who are even more attractive than Kendall Jenner.


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Ayesha Curry has been married to Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry since 2011, but the couple have been together for nearly half their lives! They first met and became an item when she was 14 and he was 15. Ayesha was actually born in Toronto, but her family moved to the Charlotte area in 2003. They say everything happens for a reason, and that certainly seems to be the case here. Ayesha’s family moving to Charlotte allowed for her to fall in love with Steph Curry.

Ayesha is far more than just Steph Curry’s wife, and mother to his children. She is a very successful woman in her own right. She has worked as an actress, author, businesswoman, cook, model, and TV personality. Ayesha is a beautiful woman who is also very smart and ambitious. She sounds like the type of woman anyone would want in their life!


Looking at competition like

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Lonzo Ball's name has frequently been in NBA headlines, even before he was drafted by the L.A. Lakers in June 2017. Unfortunately for Lonzo, he often gets dragged into the news because of something his very outspoken father, LaVar, said or did. A lot of hype was placed on Lonzo from the very start, but he has so far failed to help the Lakers in their push to the playoffs.

Off the court, Ball has been quietly in a relationship with the very attractive Denise Garcia. She is a quality athlete in her own right, as she is presently on the women's soccer team at UC Riverside. Despite the fame associated with Lonzo and the seemingly endless controversies involving his father, Denise and Lonzo seem to continue to make their relationship work. After having dated for several years now, Garcia genuinely seems to be truly in love with him and that is certainly not something to take lightly.

13 GABRIELLE UNION (Dwyane Wade)

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Gabrielle Union first started dating long-time Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade in 2008. They broke up in 2013 as a result of their demanding schedules. With her being an actress and him constantly travelling with the Heat, they had little time for each other. Fortunately, they were able to overcome this brief separation and got back together. They later got engaged, and have now been married since 2014.

Since that time, they have moved to Chicago when Wade left the only team he has ever known to join the Chicago Bulls. At the time, Gabrielle Union joined the team’s impressive list of WAGs. After the Bulls and Wade agreed to a buyout of the remaining year on his contract, Wade signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers in September 2017 where he joined his old friend, LeBron James.

12 DYLAN GONZALEZ (Ben Simmons)

Ben Simmons was tasked with the tall order of helping bring the Philadelphia 76ers back to respectability in the NBA. That is no easy task for someone as young as Simmons, especially when you consider the fact that it has been years since the 76ers played meaningful games. Simmons has turned out to be a top 76ers draft pick who actually has been very successful in his young career.

Maybe part of the reason for his success is the support of his attractive girlfriend "Miss Dyl", or Dylan Gonzalez. Miss Dyl is a former basketball player in her own right, so she probably understands the challenges of the sport. Although her playing days seem to behind her, she is still keeping busy as an aspiring rapper and model. If you happen to be following her on Instagram, then it should be clear to see why she lands on this list.

11 DESTINY MARIE (Paul George)


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There are just so many puns we could make about this stunning woman's first name. Paul George could simply tell his friends and teammates that he has a date with Destiny, and he wouldn't be kidding either. In all seriousness, Paul George is one incredibly lucky man to be with someone as attractive as Destiny Marie. According to her Instagram bio, she is a firm believer in God and seeks harmony with God through prayers.

Paul George is currently the small forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, as they try to make a valiant push to dethrone the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference. While it remains to be seen if they will be successful in doing so, George has certainly come through for the Thunder this season and has been well worth the cost in acquiring him.

10 KAMIAH ADAMS (Bradley Beal)

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Kamiah Adams is currently in a relationship with Bradley Beal, a shooting guard for the Washington Wizards. While the Wizards have long been one of the worst teams in the league, they have now turned things around and become a respectable team in the Eastern Conference. A great deal of that turnaround can be attributed to 2012 draft pick Bradley Beal. The former 3rd overall pick was re-signed to a lucrative contract in July 2016, and has so far been worth the investment for the Wizards.

Outside of basketball, Beal has been in a relationship with Kamiah Adams for several years now. If you follow him on social media, you will know that he is not shy about posting photos of the two of them together. It's very clear they're deeply in love. Adams, an Instagram model, can often be spotted at Wizards game supporting her man.

9 IESHA CARROLL (DeMarre Carroll)

DeMarre Carroll is probably just an average player in the NBA right now, but he certainly landed a well above average wife in Iesha Carroll, He managed to secure a relatively lucrative contract with the Toronto Raptors a few years back, but was a major disappointment during time with the Raptors. The 31-year-old small forward rarely played in his first year in the Six, frequently battling knee injuries. He only appeared in 26 games, but fortunately for DeMarre, he was at home with the gorgeous Iesha Carroll. While we're sure DeMarre would have rather been on the court, spending your days with someone like her while rehabbing is not too bad at all!

DeMarre Carroll, Iesha, and his children are now presumably living in the Brooklyn area. He was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in July 2017 in what was essentially a salary dump trade. Though he has put up some respectable numbers so far this season, Carroll has once again battled knee injuries.

8 KYLIE BOSSIE (Tim Hardaway Jr.)

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Tim Hardaway Jr. is a second generation basketball star, who has certainly not disappointed on the court thus far in his career. He was stuck on a rebuilding Atlanta Hawks team but found his way back to the New York Knicks during the 2017 offseason. Though Hardaway Jr. is currently out with an injury, he figures to play a key role in the Knicks’ push for a playoff spot.

Hardaway Jr. has also had a lot of luck on the dating scene as well. He is currently dating brunette beauty Kylie Bossie. It is clear that Bossie is in love with him and willing to handle the grueling life associated with being with an NBA player. She has followed him from New York to Atlanta when he was traded to the Hawks in 2015, and has seemingly supported his move back to New York in 2017. It certainly seems as though Hardaway Jr. has found a keeper in Kyle Bossie.

7 AMELIA VEGA (Al Horford)

Amelia Vega is a gorgeous woman who hails from the Dominican Republic. She was named Miss Universe at age of 18 in 2003, making her the first woman from the Dominican to wear the crown. The 33 year old model also tried her hand at singing when she was younger, but has now focused more on business. The brunette beauty is also incredibly smart, which is perhaps not too shocking considering her father was a medical practitioner and her mother was a pilot.

On December 24, 2011, Vega married Al Horford after having been dating for two years. Horford, 31, is also from the Dominican Republic and is currently playing for the Eastern Conference-leading Boston Celtics (at the time of writing). Vega frequently posts photos of herself, Horford, and their young family on Instagram. In fact, the couple just announced that they are expecting their third child!


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26-year-old point guard Cory Joseph has already played for three teams, through no fault of his own. He spent the first five years of his career playing under the legendary Gregg Popovich with the San Antonio Spurs. He turned that experience into a solid 4-year/$30 million contract with his hometown Toronto Raptors. After two seasons with the Raptors, he was he was traded to the Indiana Pacers in July 2017. Though the Raptors became the latest team to acquire the rights to Emir Preldzic (the 6th team so far), it was mostly a salary trade to allow the Raptors to sign other players.

Through all this, Joseph has had a stable personal life. Stefanie Gazmin is Joseph's gorgeous girlfriend, whom he has been dating ever since he entered the NBA. They have frequently been spotted out together in public and can sometimes be seen in photos together on their social media accounts.

5 ALEX REID (Andrew Wiggins)


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Andrew Wiggins is not a perfect player by any means, but he is one talented Canadian basketball player. After being dealt by the Cavaliers to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love, Wiggins has taken it upon himself to try to push the T-Wolves to the next level. He just signed a very rich contract last year which makes it a very good time to be Andrew Wiggins.

Do you know what else makes it good to be Andrew Wiggins right now? The 22-year-old is currently dating aspiring singer/songwriter Alex Reid. As the photo above proves, Reid is one incredibly gorgeous woman whom Wiggins is lucky to be dating! She also happens to be a basketball fan who supports the Jayhawks, where Wiggins played in college, which makes her all the more attractive to someone who is so devoted to basketball.

4 KATE BOCK (Kevin Love)

Remember that Kevin Love/Andrew Wiggins trade that happened a few years back that we just mentioned? While both are talented NBA stars, the two of them also happen to share one thing in common. They both have incredibly attractive girlfriends. Kevin Love's girlfriend is Sports Illustrated model Kate Bock. She has surely made several jaws drop after posing for Maxim and Victoria's Secret as well.

Kevin Love may not necessarily be the player he once was, but at least he is on a championship contender with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Between playing on a top team with LeBron James and going back home to his gorgeous fashion model girlfriend, it should be safe to say that Love is loving his life right now.

3 TEYANA TAYLOR (Iman Shumpert)

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Another Cleveland Cavalier, Iman Shumpert, also has a very attractive partner. Seriously, what is it with Cavs players having attractive partners? Shumpert is lucky enough to be able to call Teyana Taylor his wife. Though she hasn't received any big roles yet, Taylor is an actress and recording artist. Perhaps her most notable role was her appearance in Kanye West's music video "Fade", where she showed off her mesmerizing dance moves (and body).

As for Shumpert, the shooting guard is unfortunately dealing with a left knee injury that required surgery and consequently cost him a large chunk of the 2017-18 season. While Shumpert would probably prefer being on the court helping the Cavs recover from their slow start to the season, he probably isn't complaining about being at home with Teyana!


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Viviana Ortiz was crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2011, where she won "Best Catwalk". She then went on to elegantly walk the catwalk at Miss Universe 2011, where she placed in the Top 16. Ortiz has also ventured into acting a little bit, although that has not paid off for her yet. Ortiz is married to Dallas Mavericks' point guard J.J. Barea. He also hails from Puerto Rico, which probably makes it a lot easier for the couple. Barea and Ortiz have one child together (Barea's second), named Paulina, who was born in March 2016.

The 33-year-old Barea has spent much of his career in the NBA with the Dallas Mavericks, having returned to Dallas as a free agent in 2014. Injuries have started to catch up to Barea in recent years, though he has still been a reasonably effective player. Barea might be playing for one of the NBA's worst teams right now, but he is married to one of the most attractive WAGs in the NBA.


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What better way to top off this list than with Kendall’s step-sister, Khloe Kardashian? Kardashian is in a relationship with Tristan Thompson, of the Cleveland Cavaliers. While Thompson hasn’t really lived up to the expectations of being the 4th overall pick in 2011, he has managed to find himself in a relationship with one of the most popular reality TV stars in Khloe Kardashian. While many Kardashian relationships do not last (or end well ala the Kardashian Curse), the two of them have been going steady together since around July 2016.

In fact, it was just in late December that Khloe announced her pregnancy in a baby bump photo on Instagram. This will be Kardashian’s first child and Thompson’s second, as he has a 1-year-old boy, Prince, with his ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig. While you can never be sure how long a relationship with a Kardashian will last, It is good to see Khloe genuinely excited to become a first-time mother.

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