His Airness: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Michael Jordan's Marriages

Whether you're a die hard hoops fan, a casual sports fan or you have no idea what a slam dunk is, you have heard the name Michael Jordan. As one of the most famous athletes in the world, Jordan once admitted that at a young age he thought of himself to be less than appealing to the opposite sex to the point that he learned how to sew, clean, do laundry and cook, thinking he would forever fly solo.

Throughout his career after leaving North Carolina and becoming a professional basketball player, Jordan has had his share of known and unknown hookups and relationships. Celebrities, adult stars, models, the list can probably go on and on, but there have been two lucky individuals who managed to coral the hoop star and create a holy union and family with number 23.

Although Michael could hardly walk in public without creating a fan and media frenzy, the one thing that he has managed to do is keep his marriages and family life on the down low. There really isn't anything basketball wise that readers of TheSportster aren't knowledgeable about, but chances are there are a few facts about Jordan's relationships and married life that you haven't yet heard about, until now.

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15 When Michael Met Juanita

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Although he was quickly becoming more famous by the minute, the Chicago Bulls star, who was 26 years old at the time, had his first interaction with his future wife at an event that at the time was nothing extraordinary. Introduced to each other by a mutual friend at a Chicago restaurant in the early 1980s, Juanita Vanoy (30 years old) was a former model and executive secretary for the American Bar Association.

After a few more occasional meetings over the next six months, the two would start dating on an exclusive level. Michael Jeffery Jordan would pop the question to Juanita on New Years Eve in 1987 at Nick's Fish Market. Although Juanita would say yes to Jordan's proposal, they both agreed to call off the engagement for a period of time.

14 Shotgun Wedding

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Many would expect that the world's most famous basketball player would have had a lavish, super expensive wedding that would have captured media attention around the world, one that would mirror royalty. Such was not the case with Jordan's nuptials with Vanoy.

After becoming pregnant with their first son, there was some discrepancy as to whether MJ was really the father. Being threatened with a paternity suit, Jordan ultimately decided to tie the knot in an unannounced event at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas at 3:30 am. Not really the Cinderella wedding that Vanoy probably hoped and dreamed of. While there were only four guests at their ceremony, there has been no confirmation as to whether or not Elvis was presiding over the event.

13 The Kids (Part 1)

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Michael's eldest son, Jeffrey, followed in his dad's shoes (excuse the pun), but did not live up to any of the lofty expectations that many had of him when he suited up for the University of Central Florida and the University of Illinois . After three seasons of playing for the Fighting Illini in which he hardly made a dent in the stat sheet, Jeffery would transfer to play two seasons for the Knights, where he had slightly more success.

Younger brother Marcus, would play his entire college career with the Knights, having far more success than his older brother, averaging 12.3 PPG over his three years with the team. However in the summer of 2012, Jordan would leave the team under his own decision to focus on school.

Michael's youngest child with Juanita, Jasmine never found fame or scrutiny on the basketball court. After attending Syracuse and studying Sports Management, Jasmine would become well known for her social media posts and lifestyle choices.

12 Home Is Where The Heart Is

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It comes as no surprise that the world's greatest basketball player owned one of the most lavish Chicago homes ever built. Within his 56,000 square foot Highland Park mansion, the five members of the Jordan family had access to nine bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, a full sized basketball court, a games and cigar room, a home theater, a putting green and an outdoor tennis court.

Set on over seven acres of land, Jordan has struggled to sell the property since putting it on the market in 2012, dropping the listing price from $29 million to just under $15 million. Considering Jordan has all but cut ties with the Chicago era of his life and moved on to reside in Florida and Charlotte, it comes as no surprise that few Bulls fans would want to drop that kind of loot on a home that has the Jumpman logo or number 23 etched throughout it.

11 Side Chick

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During his marriage to Juanita, Jordan was reported to have had several extra marital affairs, which is not uncommon in the NBA. One of the most noted was a long lasting hookup with Karla Knafel, from 1989 to 1991. Story has it that there were numerous offerings of 'hush money' between Jordan and Knafel, not only to keep quiet about their relationship, but also an alleged child that was rumored to be Jordan's.

Although accounts have Jordan handing over $250,000, Knafel filed a lawsuit for a promised $5 million that Jordan was said to have offered in order for her to keep the media and Juanita out of the loop about their love child. Luckily for MJ, DNA tests have found that the child was not his. During their marriage, it was also rumored that Jordan hooked up with adult star Kylie Ireland.

10 The Breakup

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Following seventeen years of marriage, the Jordan's filed for divorce at the end of December 2006 after living separately for nearly a year. While it was announced that Michael and Juanita mutually and amicably called their union quits, many know there were reasons as to why the holy matrimony failed.

Some believe that Jordan’s second return from retirement to join the Washington Wizards is what pushed Juanita over the limit, whereas others point to the ongoing infidelity. However this wasn't the first time that the two were headed for Splitsville, as Juanita presented her walking papers a few years prior but the couple decided to reconcile. While the tabloids had a field day with their reasons behind the divorce, both Michael and Juanita kept their personal life as private as the world's most famous basketball player possibly could.

9 The Cost Of Love

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MJ was smart and well protected heading into his marriage with Juanita as they signed a prenuptial agreement at the time of their wedding. Considering that during the course of their relationship, Jordan morphed himself into arguably the greatest player in NBA history and one of the most successfully endorsed athletes of all-time.

At the time that the couple decided to go their separate ways, Jordan was worth well over $500 million. As part of their divorce settlement, Juanita received an estimated $168 million of his earnings (one of the most expensive divorces in celebrity history). In addition to the financial loss, Jordan also parted with the Chicago area penthouse one worth over $3 million. Details of the state of the art designed penthouse include four bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and a media room.

8 Rebound

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While there are probably countless others, Jordan has been noted to have at least four rebound girls following his divorce from Juanita. In 2005, Jordan was said to have hooked up with Lisa Miceli, who claimed that MJ was the father of her son, but multiple DNA tests proved otherwise.

A year later, Ashley DiPietro, a former call girl and sex columnist for The New York Post was the object of Jordan's eye, even though MJ was 22 years older. In 2007, photos and rumors circulated that Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy's ex-wife was out on the town with Michael. Apparently Jordan was changing girls like he did his game shoes as a year later Yvette Prieto became his new flame, one that would appear to burn longer than the others.

7 Meet Yvette Prieto

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In 2008, Jordan and Prieto caught the other's attention at a Miami nightclub. An occasional fashion model, the now 36 year old Cuban American became even more well known after establishing her relationship with the world's greatest basketball player and moved in together within a year. After taking business studies in college, Prieto spent a short time working for her father’s medical company. Although Yvette was not convicted, her parents were rumored to have spent nearly a year and a half in jail for running a billing scheme related to their business.

Jordan isn't the only famous name that Prieto has been romantically linked to though as she once dated Julio Iglesias Jr. If your kids reading this and don't know who that is, ask your parents, they probably have some of his dad's records stashed away in a box somewhere in the attic.

6 Wedding Ceremony

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On Saturday April 27th, 2013, Jordan and Prieto tied the knot in a ceremony at Palm Beach, Florida. Taking place at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-By-The-Sea, the ceremony, which was coordinated by celebrity wedding planner Sharon Sacks, welcomed by nearly 300 guests.

With the stunning bride-to-be dressed in a French silk voile corseted sheer gown designed by J'Aton Couture, the ceremony site has been known to hold other celebrity weddings, including President Donald Trump’s union to Melania. Flanked by security guards to conceal fans and press from taking pictures and disturbing the event, the newlyweds were ushered out the back door in order to avoid any paparazzi and upset. While Jordan appears to be deeply in love with Prieto, he made sure to sign a pre-nuptial agreement that will protect his fortune, a lesson learned from his first marriage.

5 The Reception

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At the cost of nearly $10 million, the lavished wedding reception followed the ceremony, taking place under a tent at the Bear's Club Golf Course in Jupiter, Florida. With candles, white roses, peonies and purple tulips, the reception tent spared no expense. Included in the dinner was an all-white seven layer white rum wedding cake to help commemorate the occasion.

What kind of wedding gifts do you buy for a man who is worth $1.2 billion? Nothing, as in lieu of gifts, the couple asked that donations be made to the James R. Jordan Foundation, a program that helps children in underdeveloped communities. In addition, following the event, the wedding flowers were donated to the Jupiter Medical Center.

4 The Guest List

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Unlike his first wedding, in which less than a handful of people helped celebrate Jordan’s marriage, the guests for his second wedding were plentiful. A month before the wedding, guests received specific information to not share details about the event. With a star studded guest list that included the who's who of the sports world, it may have seemed like a sports Hall of Fame event rather than a wedding.

Former Chicago Bulls teammates Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper and Toni Kukoc joined fellow Dream Team member Patrick Ewing, golf buddy Tiger Woods and Ahmad Rashad among the 1,500 guests to take in the celebration dinner and dance. Also in attendance were Hollywood and music celebrities such as Spike Lee, MC Lyte, Usher, Robin Thicke and K'Jon, who all performed throughout the evening with K'Jon having the honors of serenading the couple's first dance with "One the Ocean."

3 The Kids (Part 2)

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After announcing the pregnancy in November 2013, seven months after their wedding, on Sunday February 9th, 2014, Michael and Yvette became proud parents to an identical set of twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel. Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, the twins now join Jeffery, Marcus and Jasmine to complete Michael's starting five and are the first children for Yvette.

While Michael and his ex-wife Juanita still remain in contact about their three children, Jordan apparently failed to mention to her that not only was he getting remarried, but that he was going to be welcoming more children into his family. No word has ever been released as to whether the girl’s first onesies were Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls or North Carolina colors.

2 Home Sweet Home

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If you thought his former Chicago compound was huge, Jordan's new South Florida home is massive. After two years of planning, construction and decorating, the new Jordan family moved into their home in early 2013. With a price tag of over $12 million ($4.8 on the property and $7.6 on the construction), the happily married couple enjoy a two story 11 bedroom home that sits on over three acres of land, complete with a basketball court and an immense workout facility of course.

As part of the same Bear Club Golf Course where his reception was held, Jordan's 28,000 square foot home, which is probably the most expensive non-waterfront home in the Palm Beach area, includes three separate structures, a guard house, guest house and pool house.

1 Work Hard, Play Hard

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While Yvette has her hands full taking care of their young children in addition to occasionally working modeling and social events, Michael continues to bring home the bacon in a number of different ways. As the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets with 89.5% stake in the franchise, Jordan has yet to see his team make its way passed the first round of the playoffs since taking over as the controlling owner of the team in 2010.

After originally investing $175 million, Jordan has seen his value of the team jump to nearly $500 million. In addition to his role in the NBA, Jordan still rakes in money from endorsement deals with Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Gatorade and that Nike shoe thing he made famous. If that wasn’t enough, Jordan’s numerous restaurants and Nissan car dealership help make sure that his family will be taken care of for years and years to come.

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