Kevin Garnett Approves of 'Jiggly Boy' in his Return!!

On the trade deadline, Minnesota made a sentimental move, bringing back their former leader, Kevin Garnett. Although, the Wolves won't be making the playoffs, it was a feel-good move, as KG was toiling away in Brooklyn on that sad team. Now, the Timberwolves have a leader to show their young superstars what it takes to win.

His return was certain to be an emotional one, and maknig it more enjoyable was the re-emergence of Jiggly Boy. Yes, Jiggly Boy. He first appeared in 2003 as an insane dancer, but came back for the big return. His hilarious dance was so epic that KG even acknowledged him and laughed. That's right, during a basketball game, KG laughed. That means he did well.

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