Klay Thompson On Which NBA Players Would Make The Best Wrestlers

When it comes to sharpshooters, there's Bret Hart, there's Sting and there's Klay Thompson....See what I did there? The Golden State Warrior is one of the best marksmen in the league and also happens to be a big wrestling fan (but not as big as Steph Curry, more on that later).

During the NBA All-Star Game, Thompson was interviewed by UPROXX on all things wrestling and we learned that wrestling is big in the Thompson household. Klay's father, Mychal, was so nervous watching his son play in Game 7 of the 2016 playoffs that he chose to watch Monday Night Raw instead of his son.

The younger Thompson was asked who the biggest wrestling fan on the Warriors is and he singled out his Splash Brother, Steph Curry.

“On the Warriors? That’s a great question,” Thompson said. “Probably, like, Steph.”

Curry has been a part of some great wrestling memes and gifs over the years, but who knew he was such a big wrestling fan?

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Thompson was also asked which current NBA players could go the route of The Rock or Ronda Rousey and transition from sports to sports entertainment. Knowing that Vince McMahon loves big guys, Thompson went with the beefier NBA players, but also ones who aren't afraid to mix it up with opponents.

“Probably Draymond (Green) or DeMarcus Cousins, just because they have the attitude for it,” he said. “They’re good entertainers. I think Joel Embiid would be good too, because he’s a monster of a man. I mean, there’s so many good options. There’s a lot of guys with great personalities in this league, who would shine on that kind of stage.”


All good choices but they all have their flaws as well. Green would always get DQ'ed for kicking other Superstars below the belt, Cousins would be hated by the locker room more so than Enzo Amore and Embiid is brittler than Daniel Bryan.

Nonetheless, we learned that basketball players are big wrestling fans and that should come as no surprise. The two crowds have been known to party together from time to time including the legendary Ric Flair-Charles Barkley tag team that likely shut down a bar or two back in the day.

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