Knicks Looking To Trade Enes Kanter But Offers Are 'Underwhelming'

The New York Knicks are reportedly looking to trade center Enes Kanter but have found that there's not much on offer where return prospects are concerned.

That is according to NBA reporter Chris Sheridan of Get More Sports, who claims that the fact that New York made the Turk available has lowered his value somewhat.

The player is disgruntled due to his current role on the team and has publicly complained. It is now believed that the Knicks would rather move him on ahead of February's trade deadline.


Sheridan notes that a trade with the Chicago Bulls for Jabari Parker could be an option for the Knicks as the team is looking to either negotiate a switch or buy him out of his contract if they can't find any takers.

“As always, it is a buyer’s market when it comes to a player that the entire NBA knows is on the trading block, so the Knicks are not exactly being overwhelmed with great offers,” Sheridan reported. “Also, New York is taking the public posture that none of the young talent on the team is available, nor will any future draft picks be included.

“A Bulls-Knicks trade involving those two players makes more sense for New York than Chicago, but the Bulls may feel they would be able to re-trade Kanter prior to (the trade deadline) Feb. 7."

Earlier this week, Kanter revealed meeting with Knicks General manager Scott Perry but insisted he did not ask to be traded.

"I did not say, 'Scott, trade me.' No I did not say that," he said to reporters. "Because I like it here a lot. And I probably won't say to Scott's face, 'Scott I want to get traded.' Because I like it here a lot.

"But again, in the end, we all are competitors, basketball players. I like it here so much, but again I want to win. I want this team to get to the playoffs one day. This is my blood, man. ... I'm going out there to get a win every time."

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What This Means

Neither party seems all that pleased with the other where the Knicks and Kanter are concerned. The player seems like he would be happy to stay as long as he plays satisfactory minutes but the team could be ready to sever ties and bring in new blood.

They also do not want to give up any picks along with Kanter so it could be a bit difficult to find a suitable trade. Yet there's no doubting his worth and the Knicks are likely to get good enough of a return if they're really serious about trading him.


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