The Least Talented Player On Every NBA Team

The NBA is all about making consistent improvements. Some of the contending teams in the NBA are always looking to make changes to take that next step toward being a title contender. The Boston Celtics traded for Kyrie Irving, signed Gordon Hayward and drafted Jayson Tatum last off-season and came one game away from an NBA Finals appearance. The Golden State Warriors added Kevin Durant two offseasons ago and so far that move has worked out with a pair of NBA titles under their belts since his arrival. There are plenty of moves that will be made this summer via the draft, trades, and free agency as well. With all of the good players however always comes the bad players.

Let’s face it, every NBA team is going to have that one guy at the end of the bench that is lucky to be holding onto a spot. They are almost in limbo. They are too good for the D-league but also are not good enough to play significant minutes for their respective NBA franchise. It’s not their fault, it is simply the luck (or in this case bad luck) of the draw. This list breaks it down, team by team, to see who that end of the bench player is. Even teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets have their weak players despite being two of the better teams in the league. Let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s look at every NBA team’s least talented player.

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30 Atlanta Hawks: Josh Magette

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks were once one of the premier teams in the Eastern Conference. They had a solid core in place with guys like Al Horford and Josh Smith leading the way. Those days are gone as Horford is with the Celtics and Josh Smith who is currently a free agent. Now, they are a team that is in the stage of rebuilding. They have a few pieces in place like point guard Dennis Schroder, shooting guard Kent Bazemore and power forward John Collins. They will look to probably upgrade in the draft as well. However, they do have dead weight by the name of Josh Magette.

Josh Magette is a point guard currently playing for the Hawks. He went to Alabama-Huntsville during his college days and is 28 years old.

He was only averaging 12 minutes per game during this past season with the Hawks, but didn't do much with the opportunities he was given.

He averaged three points, three assists and a rebound per game. You could even say he was a non-factor for the Hawks. The Hawks will continue to look to get back to their playoff ways. A guy like Magette probably will not be around and should not be around when they get back to that point.

29 Boston Celtics: Abdel Nader

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics are no question one of the most exciting teams currently in the NBA. They have perennial stars like Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, and Gordon Hayward to lead the way for them next season. They have young developing stars in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. They also have quality bench production from guys like Marcus Morris, Aron Baynes, and Terry Rozier as well. They are going to be fun to watch when they are fully healthy next season and look to finally end the Cavaliers run of dominance in the Eastern Conference, assuming LeBron James leaves. The Celtics do however have their end of the bench guys that barely see the floor. The worst of them just happens to be Abdel Nader.

He averaged 11 minutes per game during the regular season, which seems like a stretch, with all of the good players the Celtics have. He averaged three points, two rebounds and an assist per game. Those are good stats...if you're only playing two minutes a game. The winning formula seems to be coming to Boston and they are one season away from being Finals contenders and winning banner 18. But, Abdel Nader is the one guy that the Celtics have that isn't considered a significant help to them.

28 Brooklyn Nets: Nik Stauskas

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are a team that has been at the cellar of the Eastern Conference for a few seasons now. To think, this was the same team that thought trading with the Celtics would be a good idea. Sure, they got Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in the deal but it was short lived. The Celtics made out better by using their picks on guys like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. The Nets have a few pieces like D'Angelo Russell, Jeremy Lin, and Jahlil Okafor for youth development. They also have some bad players on their roster and one of the main culprits is none other than Nik Stauskas.

You have to remember that Nik Satuskas was a first round pick in 2014. In fact, he was top 10, going eighth overall to the Sacramento Kings when he came out of Michigan. He has been in the league for three years, but he hasn't made a big impact for the Nets. He averaged 13 minutes a game and had four points, two rebounds, and an assist per game. That isn't exactly ideal coming from a first round pick. Stauskas better get more minutes next year, otherwise, he will continue to be one of the least talented players on this Brooklyn Nets roster.

27 Charlotte Hornets: Michael Carter-Williams

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Playing Charlotte is very tough for any point guard as they are backing up All-star Kemba Walker. It is even tougher knowing that your owner is arguably the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. For a guy like Michael Carter-Williams, he just cannot win. He is in a very tough spot coming into a situation where guys like Walker and Nicolas Batum along with Dwight Howard and Malik Monk are making contributions. It is no secret that Carter-Williams is one of the least talented players on a team where they are stuck in a weird position. They are good enough to make playoffs, but not good enough to make any sort of postseason run. What they can do is get rid of Carter-Williams.

MCW as he is sometimes called has already been a part of several organizations. He spent time with Philadelphia in their process days as the 11th overall pick in the 2013 draft. He also has been with the Milwaukee Bucks along with the Chicago Bulls before he went to Charlotte. He averaged five points and two assists a game in 16 minutes per game.

It is alarming that he has been with four different teams at age 26.

It shows his talent isn't good enough to be a permanent part of any team.

26 Chicago Bulls: Jarell Eddie

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls have seen better days. Their fans probably want to go back to the Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, and Dennis Rodman times. Keep in mind, the Bulls won six championships in the 1990's and could have won two more if Michael Jordan didn't decide to pursue a baseball career for two years. Well, the Bulls are now in a state where they went to the playoffs in 2017 and didn't make it in 2018. They now have to figure out a way to get back to the playoffs and beyond. With young talent like Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn, they have some players that they can build a franchise around. One guy that they won't be able to build around is Jarell Eddie.

If you do not know who Jarell Eddie is, you are not alone. A lot of people do not know him because he barely played this season. He played in three games and averaged three minutes per game during that span. He finished with less than a rebound per game in that stretch. So, he was basically ineffective from the start. It makes you wonder why the Bulls went out and got Eddie in the first place. He probably will not be around much longer.

25 Cleveland Cavaliers: Kendrick Perkins

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone remembers the 2008 Boston Celtics. They had Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen forming another "big three" in the league. They had Rajon Rondo running the show at point guard. They also had their muscle in the middle from Kendrick Perkins. Perkins made a name for himself in Boston before the whole operation got broken up after the 2011 season. Perkins recently has been part of a Cleveland Cavaliers team that cannot help but run through the Eastern Conference and get back to the finals under their big superstar, LeBron James. Perkins has not been a big help to that cause however.

He played in only one game during the 2017-18 season. He had three points along with a rebound as well. Perkins has also not played in the playoffs. He also hasn't even dressed in uniform. He was spotted in a suit and tie on the bench for the Cavs so far in the NBA Finals. It goes to show that times have passed for Perk and he isn't the same guy now that he was in Boston. Perkins should seriously consider retiring after this season and think about a second career potentially as a coach. Otherwise, he will be wasting space as the least talented player on a team's roster.

24 Dallas Mavericks: Scotty Hopson

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Throughout LeBron James's time in the NBA, he has had to deal with some good teams along the way like the Spurs and the Warriors. One team he probably did not expect to beat him was the Dallas Mavericks in 2011. The Mavericks upset the Heat to give Dirk Nowitzki his long awaited NBA title. The Mavericks are looking at a top pick in the upcoming NBA draft as they go into a transitional period. They have young players like Nerlens Noel and Dennis Smith Jr. that will probably lead the post-Dirk years when he decides to finally call it quits. Another guy the Mavericks should hope leaves is Scotty Hopson.

Hopson spent his time in college at Tennessee. He is 28 years old and doesn't seem to be making the impact he thought he would when he was younger.

He played in one game this season for the Dallas Mavericks and played only eight minutes. He had a point and an assist for the whole season.

Hopson has played in three games during the course of his career. It is clear that Hopson doesn't have the talent to keep up with the rest of his teammates and help out. Sometimes, the talent just isn't there and Hopson is a prime example.

23 Denver Nuggets: Kenneth Faried

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This next player might come as a huge surprise to a lot of NBA fans. The Denver Nuggets have a good one two punch in Will Barton and Paul Millsap that brought the Nuggets to the playoffs, only to lose in the first round. One of the main reasons why they had been respectable in the past was Kenneth Faried, a 6'8 power forward out of Morehead State.  Faried is known for his ability to jump incredibly high and rebound with some of the NBA's best. He has been with the Nuggets since 2011 when he was the 22nd overall pick for them. But his days of being a big presence might be coming to an end.

Kenneth Faried is 28 years old which is still pretty young for most players. In fact, some would argue that he should be in the prime of his career. But, it seems like Faried's game is taking a small step back. He only played in 32 games and only played in 14 minutes a game. He averaged six points and five rebounds a game in those 32 games. Faried was a much better rebounder and overall player just a few seasons ago. Now, he is slowly becoming one of the least talented players in Denver.

22 Detroit Pistons: Jameer Nelson

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons had some great runs in the NBA. Anybody remember the "Bad Boys"? They won back to back championships in 1989 and 1990. Remember the days if Chauncey Billups and Ben Wallace? They won a finals in 2004 and made a few other appearances in Eastern Conference Finals as well. Right now, they are looking to build off of their dynamic front court in Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin. They have guards like Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard that are serviceable, but not good enough to bring the Pistons to contending in the Eastern Conference. One veteran presence that was in the fold was Jameer Nelson.

Nelson has spent his time in more than one city. He started with the Orlando Magic in 2005 and has since spent time with the Mavericks, Celtics, Nuggets, and Pelicans before playing for Detroit this past season. Nelson spent his season as a backup to point guard Reggie Jackson. He played 20 minutes a game and averaged five points and four assists a game. The Pistons do not need to keep Jameer Nelson on their roster. They can rid of his 1.5 million dollars and possibly use it for another signing. Nelson will be 36 this year and he is the least talented right now on a Pistons team looking for any improvement that they can obtain and keep.

21 Golden State Warriors: Damian Jones

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It feels wrong to talk about the Golden State Warriors having a 'worst' player on their team. Their number four, five, and six players would be the one, two, or even three options on a lot of other teams in the NBA. Just looking at the lineup up and down makes you think you are playing with an All-star team in NBA 2K18. Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green lead the way while guys like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston make great contributions off of the bench. The Warriors have managed to win their third title in four years. Sadly, one of their guys has to be the least talented and for them, it is Damian Jones.

Jones averaged six minutes per game in 15 games for the Warriors. He averaged two points and a rebound per game in that span.

In the postseason, he has played in four games and averaged three minutes per game. It is clear that Jones is not a regular role type of player and is only used when the game is out of reach either way. Jones should not be on this Warriors team come next season. Assuming the Warriors finish the job again, at least he'll have a ring.

20 Houston Rockets: P.J. Tucker

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets had an incredible run this season. They made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals against a Warriors team that a lot of people perceive as almost unbeatable. The Rockets caught a bad break when point guard Chris Paul went down late in game five with a hamstring injury. Rockets fans have a lot to look forward to next season with Paul and James Harden running the show. They also have some other key contributors like Clint Capela and Trevor Ariza to help the cause. One guy that did not help out the cause that much was P.J. Tucker.

P.J. Tucker was one of the reserve players that was in every game this season. Literally, he played in all 82 regular season games. He averaged 28 minutes a game and only put up six points and six rebounds per game. That isn't exactly the numbers you are looking for when you are a team trying to dethrone a potential dynasty in Golden State. Tucker should be doing way more with his opportunity to play in a little over half of the games every single game. P.J. Tucker better work during the offseason, otherwise he will continue to be viewed as the a Rockets player with minimal talent.

19 Indiana Pacers: Edmond Sumner

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers were one of the biggest surprises in the NBA this year. With Victor Oladipo running the show at point guard as a result of the Paul George trade, he showed he is a start player. He brought the Pacers to a game seven versus the Cavaliers. Only problem is that he went up against a guy named LeBron James. Oladipo cannot do it by himself though. He needs help with his teammates around him like Lance Stephenson and Thaddeus Young. One guy that was really of no help to Oladipo was Edmond Sumner.

Edmond Sumner has now played two seasons in the NBA. Last season, he spent time with the Pacers and played in only one game. He played for two minutes and had a basket and a rebound. It is clear that he wasn't worthy enough to garner more playing time. Considering he is a point guard, it is tough to get time with guys like Oladipo and Darren Collison in front of him. But, he still should be able to find a way to get his way into more minutes. Sumner better keep working and consider doing summer league. Otherwise, he'll still be considered a lesser talent guy for an up and coming Pacers team.

18 Los Angeles Clippers: C.J. Williams

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers are a team that are now looking like they are heading in the direction of rebuilding. They once had such a promising team with guys like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan leading the way. Now, Paul is in Houston and Griffin is running with Andre Drummond and company in Detroit. Jordan is the only one still remaining from that group that can help the Clippers in this transition period. The Clippers have some pieces in place with Jordan like Avery Bradley, Lou Williams, and Tobias Harris. One guy that is not helping things in Los Angeles is C.J. Williams. Williams is a small forward that came from North Carolina State.

He played in 38 games this season while averaging 19 minutes a game. With that amount of time, he averaged five points and two rebounds per game.

If the Clippers want to get themselves back to a playoff type of situation, he needs to do better than that. Doc Rivers will probably have no problem with getting rid of C.J. Williams if he doesn't step his game up. They know how to win without him and they can do without him being one of the least talented guys on their roster.

17 Los Angeles Lakers: Gary Payton II

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to do well in a sport where your father is well known. That is the case for Gary Payton II. He is the son of former All-star Gary Payton. Otherwise known as "the glove", Payton helped the Supersonics become a team of the 1990s alongside Shawn Kemp. They even made it to an NBA Finals only to go up against Michael Jordan and the Bulls. We all know how that turned out. Payton has been making appearances on shows such as "First Take" as well to talk about the current NBA Finals. His son Gary Payton II however is trying to live up to his father's legacy with the Lakers which isn't working out.

There is a lot of young talent coming up in that Lakers system. With guys like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram, Lakers fans have a lot to look forward to. Payton II is not helping out the cause that much though. He played in 23 regular season games and played 10 minutes a game. He averaged three points and two rebounds per game, which is not the greatest stats in the world. Gary Payton II better get some lessons for his father, otherwise he will continue to be one of the least talented players on a young and exciting Los Angeles Lakers team.

16 Memphis Grizzlies: Briante Weber

Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Next up we have none other than the Memphis Grizzlies. When you think of the Grizzlies, you think of players like Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, and Tyreke Evans. There is definitely a decent mix of scorers on the perimeter, outside shooting, along with posting up down low. The only problem for the Grizzlies is that they are competing in a very stacked Western Conference. When you have teams like the Warriors, Rockets, and Spurs to deal with, it makes your playoff adventure very hard. For all the Grizzlies have, there is one player they have that can certainly be defined as the least talented of the bunch - Briante Weber.

Weber played in 18 of the Grizzlies 82 regular season games. He only averaged 13 minutes per game along with averaging three points, two rebounds, and an assist in there as well. He has two years of NBA experience coming out of Virginia Commonwealth University. It is very clear that he cannot be a viable part of the Grizzlies at this moment. The only good thing going for Weber is that he is only 25 years old, so he has some time left to prove himself. He better get to the gym this off-season, otherwise he will have another long season of being the Grizzlies least talented player.

15 Miami Heat: Derrick Walton Jr.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan basketball has had one of the most underrated programs in all of college basketball. Keep in mind, they have made it to two national championship games in the past six seasons, only to lose both of them. But they do have some players that are making contributions in the NBA. Unfortunately, this is not the case for this next player. The Miami Heat made the playoffs this past season with guys like Kelly Olynyk, Goran Dragic, and Hassan Whiteside leading the way. They ended up losing in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs to the upstart Philadelphia 76ers. One guy that was not a huge help at all was Derrick Walton Jr.

Walton Jr. is a 6'1 point guard that has been in the league now for a year and didn't make a big splash. He played in 16 total games and averaged nine minutes a game during his brief playing appearances.

He averaged two points, one rebound, and one assist per game. The Miami Heat are a team that is looking for some bench help to give them a more solidified chance of contending in the Eastern Conference. Derrick Walton Jr. is the least talented guy on this team, so maybe he should try his luck somewhere else.

14 Milwaukee Bucks: Xavier Munford

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks surprised a lot of people this past season. They were able to obtain the seven seed in the Eastern Conference and play the Celtics in the first round. Unfortunately, the Bucks were not able to overcome the Celtics talent and success at home as they lost the series in seven games. The Bucks have a lot to look forward as they have a good core of players. They have the superstar in Giannis Antekounmpo. They have the balance of complimentary pieces in Jabari Parker, Malcolm Brogdon, Khris Middleton, and Eric Bledsoe. One guy that cannot have the same said for them is Xavier Munford.

Xavier Munford played in 2015-2016 with the Memphis Grizzlies before not playing last season. He is now with the Bucks and didn't put up any stats to write home about. He appeared in six game total, averaging four minutes in those games. He averaged one point and one rebound per game. He is in a no win situation. He is the third string point guard behind Bledsoe and Brogdon. It doesn't seem like there is a huge need for a guy like Xavier Munford to stay around in Milwaukee. But if he is still around, he is certainly the least talented player on this exciting, young Milwaukee Bucks team.

13 Minnesota Timberwolves: Marcus Georges-Hunt

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Timberwolves was probably one of the most anticipated teams coming into the 2017-18 season. They had Karl-Anthony Towns who continues to develop into one of the best young centers in the entire NBA. They had Andrew Wiggins who is one of the more athletic small forwards in the league. They also traded for Jimmy Butler to give them the "big three" that they wanted to be able to make their way to the NBA playoffs. They made it to the first round of the Western Conference playoffs only to lose to the Houston Rockets in five games. It was a great first step to get to the playoffs and actually win a playoff game. One guy that would help by being elsewhere is Marcus Georges-Hunt.

Georges-Hunt is a 6'5 shooting guard in his second year in the NBA coming out of Georgia Tech. He played in 42 games this season and averaged five minutes a game. With those five minutes per game, he would averaged a point per game and would have some games where he didn't record an assist or rebound. It is very clear he does not do well in a backup role behind a guy like Wiggins. If the Timberwolves are smart, they get rid of Marcus Georges-Hunt, their currently least talented player.

12 New Orleans Pelicans: Emeka Okafor

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans are a team that had pieces in place, but were just not talented enough to make it all the way to the NBA Finals. They have the front court duo of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins who would have been lethal had Cousins been fully healthy the entire season. They also had Rajon Rondo who went back to his old form in the playoffs, thus giving him the nickname "playoff Rondo". They had a few good pieces in place. One piece that didn't make a lot of sense was Emeka Okafor.

Emeka Okafor was a force to be dealt with at the University of Connecticut. In 2004, he was the Big East Player of the Year along with winning the national championship and being named the Final Four Most Outstanding Player. He was the second overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets in 2005 and played in the NBA until 2013.

He hadn't played in four years before he signed with the 76ers before the season, only to be waived, then signed by the Pelicans this past February.

He played in 26 games, averaging 14 minutes a game. He had five points and five rebounds a game. The fact of the matter is that Emeka Okafor is older and not as dominant as he once was. Father time is catching up with him, which is making him become less talented than his younger days.

11 New York Knicks: Ron Baker

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks were one a powerful franchise in the mid 1990s with guys like Patrick Ewing, John Starks, and Charles Oakley leading the way. They have not been the same since those days, especially now. The New York Knicks have an amazing star in Kristaps Porzingis that can help bring the franchise back to prominence. He had some guys around him like Frank Ntilikana, Michael Beasley, and Tim Hardaway Jr. to contribute. But they definitely need more to make their way through the Eastern Conference. The Knicks do have their fair share of really bad players as well. But one of their bottom feeders that stands out is Ron Baker.

Ron Baker is a shooting guard out of Wichita State that has been with the Knicks for two seasons now. Last season, Baker played in 52 games and even started in 13 of them. This year was much different. He played in 29 games and averaged 13 minutes a game with one start. He had two points, two assists, and one rebound per game. The Knicks once again didn't make the playoffs, which could mean it is time for some changes. If the Knicks are smart, one of their first changes should be to get rid of Ron Baker as he is their least talented overall player.

10 Oklahoma City Thunder: Kyle Singler

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder once had one of the most talented teams in the NBA. Imagine if the Thunder still had Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and James Harden all on the same team? That would be incredible to watch. The Thunder had a little different looking big three this past season with Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony leading the way. However, they could just never seem to put it all together. Now, we will see if Anthony sticks around and also see if George gets traded or leaves for the L.A. Lakers. One player on the Thunder who has been around for four years and is the least talented member of the team is Kyle Singler.

Singler has never averaged more than four points a game in any of his years with the Thunder. This past season wasn't different. He played in 12 games and averaged five minutes a game. He had two points and a rebound per game. It is very clear that Kyle Singler will never get as much playing time as he would like and it is also clear he will never be a big scorer. The Thunder would be a lot better off just getting rid of Singler.

9 Orlando Magic: Wesley Iwundu

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic certainly need some magic to get themselves back to the Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O'Neal dominant days. Remember, they were Eastern Conference champions and in the Finals in 1995. They have a young power forward in Aaron Gordon that has continuously improved every year he has been in the league. They also have guys like Jonathan Issac, Nikola Vucevic, and Marreese Speights to help out as well. With the good comes the bad and there are definitely some bad players that are part of this Orlando Magic team. One of the worst players on the team without any doubt or question is Welsey Iwundu.

Iwundu is a 6'7 small forward that just finished his second season in the NBA. He was taken in the second round with the 33rd overall pick by the Magic in the 2017 NBA draft.

Keep in mind too, he is playing behind guys like Mario Hezonja and Jonathan Simmons.

He played in 62 games this season and averaged playing 17 minutes a game. He finished the season with four points and two rebounds per game. It is clear that Wesley Iwundu is not going to get more minutes, so they should make him somebody else's big problem.

8 Philadelphia 76ers: Furkan Korkmaz

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers were a team that finally put the process together this season. Joel Embiid was finally healthy. Ben Simmons was finally ready to compete after he lost his true rookie season due to injury. They also had just drafted Markelle Fultz out of Washington with the number one overall pick. They also have key contributions from Robert Covington and J.J. Redick. The 76ers made it to the Eastern Conference semifinals, only to lose to the Celtics in five games. They still have some work to do in that process. Someone they should get rid of as another part of the process is Furkan Korkmaz.

Korkmaz was taken in the 2016 draft with the 26th pick overall by the 76ers. It seemed like he wouldn't do much considering he was a late first round pick. He is proving that the predictions were right. He played in 14 regular season games and averaged six minutes a game. He averaged two points and a rebound in those games. It is clear he will not get much playing time with guys like Redick and Marco Belinelli getting the majority of the reps. The 76ers still have a long way to go in the process, but having Furkan Korkmaz as your least talented player should not be a part of it.

7 Phoenix Suns: Davon Reed

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Where do we even start with the Phoenix Suns? The Suns are clearly miles away from the days when Charles Barkley and Danny Ainge were leading the team to NBA Finals appearances. They do have a little bit to be excited about. The young talent on this team is something for Suns fans to be happy about with guys like Devin Booker, Josh Jackson, and Elfrid Payton in the mix. The Suns clearly have a lot more work to do though, and having the number one overall pick definitely helps matters a little bit. One guy that the Suns should probably get rid of however is Davon Reed.

Reed was the 32nd overall pick by the Suns in the 2017 NBA draft. He played his college basketball at the University of Miami. He played in 21 total games this past season, while averaging 12 minutes per game. He averaged three points and two rebounds per game in his first season with the Suns. That clearly is not going to be good enough to get the Suns back to contending. The Suns will add more depth to their youthful core when they draft first overall in the draft. Subtracting Davon Reed from the equation would be a good step as he is the least talented player on this team.

6 Portland Trail Blazers: CJ Wilcox

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine being so bad that you never see playing time in any game for an entire season? You go to practice, weight lift, watch film, just to shoot around in warmups and then sit on the bench for 48 minutes. That is the reality for CJ Wilcox. One of the best backcourts in the game belongs to the Trail Blazers in Damian Lillard who just made an All-NBA 1st team along with C.J. McCollum who is becoming one of the better shooting guards in the whole league.

Wilcox is another player that has a really rough deal. He is playing behind one of the better shooting guards in the whole league.

The season before in 2016-17 with the Los Angeles Clippers, he only played in 22 games and averaged five minutes a game. He finished that season with one point, rebound, and assist per game. Wilcox did not even appear for one minute this season, which seems a bit alarming. Unsurprisingly, he was sent down to the D-League midway through the year. So, why keep him around if he is really that bad? Wilcox is simply the least talented player in the Trail Blazers organization if he isn't even getting garbage time to play.

5 Sacramento Kings: Iman Shumpert

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are a team looking for a new identity since they parted ways with their superstar DeMarcus Cousins out of town. The Kings finished 27-55 which was good for the 11th spot in the Western Conference. The King clearly have some work to do. It isn't like they are a totally depleted team. De'Aaron Fox, Harry Giles, Buddy Hield, and Justin Jackson are just a few of the names on this Kings roster that could help them be good down the line. But for now, they have to figure out how to be competitive. One thing that could help is getting rid of their least talented player, Iman Shumpert.

A lot of you probably recognize his name. He was one of LeBron James's teammates during their NBA Finals runs the first times they played the Warriors. Shumpert could hit shots from the outside which was a big help for the Cavaliers. He is now with the Kings and not doing as much. He was averaging 20 minutes a game, but wasn't the same in Sacramento as he was in Cleveland. He was averaging just four points and three rebounds per game. The youth movement is really happening in Sacramento and 27 year old Iman Shumpert is dealing with being the least talented player on this roster.

4 San Antonio Spurs: Matt Costello

The San Antonio Spurs did not go as far as they would have liked to this past season. But, they still are one of the better teams in the Western Conference with the right people in place. Having Gregg Popovich as one of the best head coaches in the game is certainly a good starting point. Then, there is Kawhi Leonard. He was hurt for most of the year, but also didn't come play when he was healthy enough. It is tough to play behind Leonard, but somebody has to do it. In this case, that somebody is Matt Costello.

Matt Costello is a 24-year-old small forward out of Michigan State University. During the 2017-18 season, he played in four games and averaged only eight minutes per game. And that's on a Spurs team that's known for resting starters more often than other NBA teams. He averaged one point and two rebounds per game. The only hope Costello has of more playing time is if Kawhi Leonard gets traded. He still will have guys like Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay to play alongside of. Right now though, he is easily the least talented player on this Spurs team. Even then, he may not sniff much action.

3 Toronto Raptors: Lucas Nogueira

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The Toronto Raptors are that NBA team that is running out of time to win a championship. They have a great backcourt in Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan and some good guys up front in Serge Ibaka and Jonas Valanciunas. The Raptors were good enough to get the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. They rolled through the first round over the Washington Wizards to get another chance at LeBron and the Cavaliers. The Cavs swept the Raptors four straight. Dwayne Casey got Coach of the Year, but was then fired several days later. The Raptors need a new direction. That new direction can start with getting rid of Lucas Nogueira.

Lucas Nogueira is a seven foot center that was taken with the 16th overall pick in the 2013 draft by the Boston Celtics.

He has been in the NBA for three years and doesn't seem to be even a key bench guy for the Raptors.

He did play in 49 games while averaging just nine minutes a game. He averaged three points and two rebounds per game. The Raptors have a lot of questions to answer going forward. One thing that should be resolved in Toronto Raptors management is getting rid of their least talented player in Lucas Nogueira.

2 Utah Jazz: Ekpe Udoh

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The Utah Jazz surprised a lot of people this past season. Remember, they lost Gordon Hayward the last off-season as he went off to play for Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics. A lot of people counted the Jazz out as far as playoffs were concerned. They had different thoughts though. With guys like Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors, Joe Ingles and others, the Jazz came together as a true team. The Jazz even have a coach in Quin Synder that is up for a Coach of the Year award as voted on by the league. The Jazz need just a few more pieces. One piece they don't need is Ekpe Udoh.

Ekpe Udoh was selected with the 6th overall pick in the 2010 draft by the Golden State Warriors. He went to Baylor University and has played in the NBA for five seasons. He played in 63 games this season for the Jazz and averaged 13 minutes per game. With those 13 minutes he was given, he added three points, two rebounds, and a block per game. The bottom line is that Udoh was not that great with the time given to him. The Jazz will hopefully continue to climb up the Western Conference ranks, but they might need to get their least talented player Ekpe Udoh better to make that next step possible.

1 Washington Wizards: Ian Mahinimi

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The Washington Wizards are a team that hopefully is not going in the wrong direction. In the 2017 playoffs, they lost to the Celtics in seven games in the Eastern Conference semifinals. This past season, they lost to the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Similar to the Raptors, the Wizards seem like they are a team that is running out of time to legitimately compete for a championship. John Wall and Bradley Beal are a great back court duo. Their front court could use some work, especially with Ian Mahinimi.

Mahinimi was a member of the Indiana Pacers for a while when they were battling with the Miami Heat in the playoffs when LeBron was a member of South Beach. Mahinimi is not doing in Washington what he did in Indiana at all. He played in 77 games and averaged 15 minutes per game. He averaged five points and four rebounds per game which seems to be underachieving for him. Unfortunately, he is looking more and more like the least talented player on this team. If he can go back to being the Ian Mahinimi that he was in Indiana, then the Washington Wizards can be in serious business for contending in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

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