LeBron James Sends Copyright Infringement Letter To Alabama Football

LeBron James may be the best professional basketball player in the world right now but he's also an astute business person. Padding his corporate resume with credits like producer for The Wall on NBC and business partnerships that are landing him huge money outside his work on the basketball court, James started a video platform called Uninterrupted and it has caught a lot of attention.

One organization that appears to like his multimedia ideas, namely a show called The Shop, is the University of Alabama who appear to have stolen the idea and created their own series of videos. James has decided he's not a fan and threatened legal action since the video and ideas in them potentially infringe upon show's series copyright.

By taking a look at the two videos below and you can see just how similar the ideas are.

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The video above was posted by Alabama Football promoting their upcoming series called Shop Talk. Even the name is not terribly creative considering James' show is called The Shop. Below is a video posted on James' Uninterrupted platform.

In a letter written by James's reps, he writes, "Your continued exploitation of 'Shop Talk' infringes 'Uninterrupted's' copyright, trademark rights and other valuable intellectual property rights in 'The Shop' and significantly damages 'Uninterrupted's' commercial prospects for 'The Shop."

It was reported this letter was intended to promote the University of Alabama do the right thing by not promoting or airing the videos and changing the concept, potentially scrapping the idea altogether. Should they not, it sounds like James is fully prepared to take the next necessary steps. The letter states James' group would rather discuss the matter with the University before "rushing into legal proceedings."

Alabama Football should know that James has made a career out of busting his butt harder than most NBA players. In a time where NBA players are blowing through their money as if it will last forever, James is smart, investing and getting into projects that will provide the best return on investment. If he believes Alabama has stolen one of his ideas, they better be prepared for a fight.

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