Lonzo Ball's Girlfriend Vs. Ben Simmons's GF: Who's More Attractive?

Everyone who is at least a casual follower of the NBA has probably heard about Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers. He is one of the brightest young talents in the NBA and is being counted on to help guide the Lakers back to the playoffs after years of being stuck at the bottom of the Western Conference. Ben Simmons, of the Philadelphia 76ers, is slightly less well-known than Ball, but has a couple things in common with Ball. Simmons is also tasked with being a cornerstone of the 76ers team and help transform them back into a contender, after years of being stuck in the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

Those are some tall orders, especially for two rookies! Whether or not they ultimately succeed in improving their respective team’s fortunes, they can rest assured they have some lovely women supporting them. That’s right, both of these young stars just so happen to have very attractive girlfriends!

Ben Simmons is dating former basketball player and current model and rapper Dylan Gonzalez, who frequently is referred to as “Miss Dyl”. Lonzo Ball is currently dating University of California soccer star Denise Garcia. As you will find out, both of these women are very attractive which has, in all honesty, probably helped their men remain faithful despite the usual NBA player temptations.

Lonzo Ball is probably the better known of the two and NBA fans can debate who is the superior player. The real question we want to explore is: Who’s girlfriend is more attractive? To help you make up your minds, we have found ten of the best photos of each of their girlfriends.

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Decided to take an adult vacay😛🌴

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Lonzo Ball probably hates that this photo of his girlfriend was shared with the masses on her Instagram. Since it fortunately was, we must say that Denise Garcia does look nice in a bikini (and so does her friend). There are very few photos of her in a bikini posted on her Instagram but, as you can see, she is in very good shape and has a future in modelling if she ever chose that path!

Lonzo Ball was born October 27, 1997 in Anaheim, California. While we all know about his controversial father LaVar, both his parents were former college basketball players. His father transferred to Cal State Los Angeles, where his mother, Tina, was also playing. It is impressive that everyone in the Ball family has played basketball, at least at the college level.


Simmon’s GF, Dylan Gonzalez plays basketball as well! Gonzalez looks stunning in this modelling pose, while she grasps a basketball and stares into the camera. The UNLV women’s basketball standout is someone to keep an eye on, both in the WNBA (hopefully) and as a model.

Ben Simmons was born Jul 20, 1996 in Melbourne, Australia. His father, Dave, is American while his mother, Julie, was Australian. Simmons’ family had quite an interesting dynamic, since Julie already had four children from a previous marriage before Simmons’ parents met in 1991. Altogether, Simmons has five siblings, but they were raised to think they were full siblings (despite some having a different biological father). Amazingly, the age gap between the oldest and youngest was 15 years!


This is a stunning photo of Denise Garcia. She looks rather nice with her confident smile, and stylish outfit she is wearing. It’s clear to us why Ball is rather smitten with her.

Lonzo Ball started playing basketball when he was only two years old! With his younger brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo, Lonzo frequently played basketball growing up. The three brothers always played on basketball teams that were coached by their father, LaVar. Are you surprised? That is, until they reached high school. In high school, Lonzo performed very well and helped improve his high school team’s fortunes. Ball received several honours, including winning the Naismith Prep Player of the Year award and being named USA Today Boys Basketball Player of the Year.


Who do I get to see @artificebarlv in 2 days? 🖤 📸: @_kiingclutch

A post shared by Dylan Gonzalez (@miss_dyl) on

Simmons’ girlfriend Dylan Gonzalez looks amazing in this modelling shot! She doesn’t really leave much to the imagination in this photo, save for the lacy black top she is wearing. We can only wonder what Simmons is thinking since many of these types of photos are popping up on her Instagram in recent months. Judging by the number of comments, she is attracting quite the audience!

Although Simmons was born in Australia, as previously mentioned, he didn’t spend much time in the land Down Under. As a child, his family moved to Newcastle, South Wales when Simmons was only 18 months old. His first taste of basketball came when he was seven years old. He played for the local Newcastle Hunters’ under-12 basketball team.


Beachin spring season 😛

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Ball’s girlfriend Denise Garcia looks gorgeous in this photo of her enjoying the springtime California weather. This photo just proves that she can make even the blandest of backgrounds look much nicer with her in the photo.

Lonzo Ball was a consensus five star recruit out of high school. After receiving several offers from colleges, Ball signed a National Letter of Intent with the University of California (UCLA) in November 2015. Ball became a star for UCLA pretty much right away, as he led the nation in assists and helped to transform UCLA. In his first, and only, season with UCLA, Ball appeared in 36 games and averaged 14.6 points, 7.6 assists, and 6.0 rebounds – the first in the conference to achieve those statistics since Jason Kidd in 1993-94!


A Christmas kinda time 🎄🎁❤️ (p.s.!look at my poor puppy 🤧🐶)

A post shared by Dylan Gonzalez (@miss_dyl) on

The Holiday Season is here and usually that means dressing up warmly wherever you go. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good while doing so, as Dylan Gonzalez shows us. Gonzalez looks great in her Pink Christmas onesie in this Instagram photo taken on Christmas Day, 2016.

Ben Simmons was an impressive all-around athlete in his youth. By that we mean that he played many different sports. He focused much of his efforts on rugby and basketball, having played both in leagues since age 10. In junior high school, he received multiple MVP awards as well as awards for demonstrating superior sportsmanship. It was only at age 14 when Simmons decided that he was only going to concentrate on playing basketball.


D$ is so baaack

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Ball’s girlfriend tries her hand at taking a bathroom selfie and we must say that she pulls it off quite nicely! Garcia looks lovely in her fashionable outfit on her night out on the town. She certainly seems to know how to pose to show off her figure and share it with her thousands of followers, probably to Ball’s chagrin.

Last season, UCLA was eliminated in the Sweet 16 round, having lost to Kentucky 86-75. Ball performed terribly in the loss, compared to how he had performed all season for UCLA. In the game, he had 10 points and 8 assists but committed 4 turnovers! After the game, Ball confessed that he had strained his hamstring. Although it clearly affected his performance, Ball refused to offer the injury as an excuse for being outplayed and outmatched by Kentucky.


Former WWE superstar Eva Marie isn’t the only model who believes in “all red everything”. As you can see in the above photo, Dylan Gonzalez clearly has loves wearing red lingerie. Not that we’re complaining, mind you.

Simmons made the very bold move to travel to the United States in his sophomore year of high school. Simmons apparently wanted to be able to compete against others of comparable athleticism and size, something he felt he wouldn’t get the opportunity to do in England. He attended and played for Montverde Academy in Florida. As a junior, he averaged 18.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 2.8 assists as Montverde had an undefeated season. Simmons went on to win MVP laurels.


via trendtwitter.com

This is yet another example that the gorgeous Denise Garcia cannot take a bad photo, regardless of who she is with or where she is. Garcia is not shy in front of a camera, as we can see in the above photo.

Lonzo Ball has one of the strangest and most unorthodox jump shots in the NBA right now. His jump shot basically consists of Ball moving the basketball from his left hip, to the left of his forehead. He then rotates his elbow in toward his chest, which is when he shoots the ball. There are many different ways NBA players have taken jump shots in the history of the NBA, but Ball’s is by far one of the most unique ones. At least it works well for him so far!


via starrcards.com

Wait, what!!?? Dylan Gonzalez has a twin sister?! In case you couldn’t tell the difference in the above picture, Dylan is the one on the left. The stunning Gonzalez twins are so similar in looks and (mostly) in basketball ability, that we wonder how Simmons can tell them apart.

Simmons committed to LSU but ended up spending only one season, 2015-2016, with the team. His stat line, across 33 games, was 19.2 PPG, 11.8 RPG, 4.8 APG and a .560 field goal percentage. He declared eligibility for the 2016 NBA draft after LSU failed to qualify for the NCAA Tournament. Though some questioned Simmons’ attitude and character, but the Philadelphia 76ers drafted first overall anyway. In doing so, he became the third Melbourne-born number one overall pick, and the first player to be taken first overall despite never playing in the NCAA Tournament.


Doesn't get better than this #myvalentine ❤

A post shared by Lonzo Ball (@zo) on

This is actually a really sweet photo Lonzo took of Denise Garcia on Valentine’s Day. This lovely photo of Ball’s girlfriend makes it seem like the couple enjoy a quiet night in on Valentine’s Day.

Everyone in the NBA world knew who Lonzo Ball was well before he was even drafted. That’s because his father is his promoter and salesman and agent all wrapped into one. LaVar is very good at causing a stir, and, boy, did he do that! He made it clear that Lonzo would only work out for the L.A. Lakers, who had the number 2 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. As it turned out, LaVar got his wish and the Lakers drafted Ball second overall. Could you imagine if the 76ers passed on Markelle Fultz and selected Ball first overall? Or if the Lakers felt Lonzo’s father was too much and passed on Lonzo? Things almost certainly would have gone crazy.


The classic bathroom selfie is (unfortunately) a growing trend in recent years. It’s not all bad though, as sometimes we get to see selfies such as this one of Simmons’ girlfriend.

Prior to the 2016 NBA Draft, many basketball experts compared Ben Simmons to some of the all-time basketball greats. LSU Assistant Coach David Patrick revealed that some scouts felt that Simmons could draw comparisons to LeBron James and Tracy McGrady. Moreover, Patrick said, “At the Nike camp, I ask basketball experts whether his game reminds them of a particular player. A few say Magic Johnson or Tracy McGrady – big men with point guard skills – but the most common answer is his hero, King James.” Those are some mighty big shoes to fill, Ben!



A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Here is a nice photo of Lonzo Ball with Denise Garcia, out on the water on vacation in Hawaii. Even with a life jacket on, it is clear that Garcia’s natural beauty can always shine through.

Lonzo Ball and his family also have their own reality show, well sort of. In August 2017, the Ball family started their own reality show that airs only on Facebook, called Ball In The Family. In much the same way as the Kardashians series, the show follows the personal and family lives of all the members of the Ball family. The premiere episode gained around 26 million views, and the first season recently ended after airing 10 episodes. A second season has just recently been announced, so clearly there is a dedicated and loyal fanbase.


Last minute 👀⚾️🎃👻 #hopeyouhadaniceone #dontjudgeme

A post shared by Dylan Gonzalez (@miss_dyl) on

Miss Dyl (as she goes by on Instagram) is clearly a fan of the New York Yankees, as we see her donning on the pinstripes and sporting a black Yankees baseball cap. Gonzalez also made sure to show off her toned figure in this photo, something that didn’t go unnoticed judging by the roughly 39 thousand likes.

Like many other young basketball players, Ben Simmons considers ‘The King’ LeBron James his idol. Simmons’ revealed that he wears LeBron’s shoes and frequently wore them in all his games prior to entering the NBA. He also owns many LSU-themed LeBron 13’s. Simmons actually first met James at his Skills Academy in 2013. Simmons even told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2015, “He’s [LeBron] like a mentor to me. We call every now and again. I’ll text him if there’s something I need to know.”


Issa vibe

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Denise Garcia sure likes being by the water, and we sure like seeing photos like this of her! There is no doubting that Garcia is very attractive, but she also happens to have some other good looking friends as we can see in this photo.

This may not be a huge surprise to anyone who has at least casually followed the Ball family this year, but his father is his most vocal supporter. Normally, that’s not a bad thing but LaVar takes it to a whole different level. Lonzo could have made a lot of money in endorsements from major apparel companies like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour, but he hasn’t. The reason is that Lonzo only uses and supports his father’s Big Baller Brand sports apparel company. Lonzo would not sign unless the company licensed merchandise from Big Baller Brand. Lonzo even designed his own shoe, the ZO2, which came with a staggering $495 price tag. That’s just insane!


About time my friend about time... 🤗

A post shared by Dylan Gonzalez (@miss_dyl) on

Here we see a picture of Dylan Gonzalez at a party, wearing a lacy, see-through top, and black shorts. Simmons is probably wishing this picture of his girlfriend didn’t exist, as he wonders who this “friend” is.

You could have counted Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown as being excited that the 76ers landed the 1st overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. He, as many others had anticipated, was excited to be able to work with Ben Simmons – the clear consensus for the number one pick. He hoped Simmons would be the player to help turn around the team’s fortunes and finally get them out of the basement of the Eastern Conference – or at least improve over their combined .191-win percentage between 2013/14 and 2015/16. So far so good, as the 76ers seem to be on the upswing!


New season, who dis

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

Denise Garcia is a great athlete in her own right, as she plays soccer for UC Riverside. The midfielder looks nice in her soccer uniform and, although this is one of her rare actual photoshoot photos, seems genuinely happy playing soccer. Everyone talks about Lonzo’s abilities, but it seems Denise is a high quality athlete too!

So, Lonzo Ball is a basketball player in the NBA, appears on a reality show, and has designed a shoe. What else is there for the 20-year-old to do? Apparently, Lonzo is also trying his hand at rapping. In September 2017, Ball released “Melo Ball 1”, his first rap single dedicated to his younger brother, LaMelo. It has so far received about 3 million views on YouTube. He has since released a follow-up rap single entitled “Super Saiyan”, a reference to the Dragon Ball Z series. As you might expect by now, both singles have been produced under the family-owned Big Baller Music Group record label (because of course).


Dylan Gonzalez enjoys keeping active, as we can tell from this photo of her at the end of a hiking trail. She is clearly in excellent shape and the hike up the mountain did not tire her out enough to be able to strike a pose. That is quite the view though (we’re talking about the scenery in the background!).

Fun Fact: Ben Simmons is far from the only person at the family dinner table with ties to the pro sports world. His father, Dave, was actually a basketball legend in Australia. He played thirteen years in the NBL, Australia’s equivalent of the NBA. He won a championship in 1993 and has had his jersey retired. In addition, Simmon’s half-sister is married to ex-NFL running back Michael Bush. Yes, that same Michael Bush who spent eight seasons in the NFl with the Bears, Raiders, and Cardinals.


Looking at competition like

A post shared by Denise Garcia💋 (@dmoney0414) on

We think it’s only fair to end off this list with one steamy photo of Denise Garcia. This one certainly fits the bill! There shouldn’t be any worthwhile competition for Ball’s affections, if he is smart, especially when he is dating this very attractive woman.

Admittedly, it’s still early in his NBA career but the small sample size that we do have shows some inconsistent play on Ball’s part. He was named the 2017 NBA Summer League MVP and, in the actual NBA Season, he has had some games where he looks like a top star. Then, he has games where he looks completely lost. In all fairness to Ball, there is often an adjustment period for rookies in the NBA and how he performs over the course of an entire season will be what is most telling.


Missing from last post for some reason... read caption 🙏🏽

A post shared by Dylan Gonzalez (@miss_dyl) on

This is a nice photo of Gonzalez wearing her UNLV jersey, and she looks good in it! As her caption states, this photo was meant to be included in her previous post. In that post, she talked about how the NCAA wouldn’t let her and her sister, Dakota, pursue music and basketball so they made the tough decision to pursue music and do what’s best for them. It’s good she is following her dreams despite working hard to do well at basketball. At least she will be around basketball with Ben Simmons!

As for Simmons, he played for his birth country at the 2012 FIBA Under-17 World Championship. Playing for Team Australia, he led them to the gold medal game against Team USA. Team USA ended up destroying Team Australia in the finals though, by a score of 95-62. Coincidentally, he ended up facing off against Jhalil Okafor, a prominent member of Team USA. The two of them would of course end up becoming teammates on the Philadelphia 76ers, albeit for a brief period with Okafor recently being traded to Brooklyn.

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