Members Of The Legendary Mid 90s Houston Rockets: Where Are They Now?

The 1994-95 Houston Rockets were truly a legendary team, with both chemistry and determination. The team was successful in capitalizing on their championship caliber talent, and was led by the great h

The 1994-95 Houston Rockets were truly a legendary team, with both chemistry and determination. The team was successful in capitalizing on their championship caliber talent, and was led by the great head coach, Rudy Tomjanovich. Though they did not finish so hot in the regular season, they still had a winning record of 47-35. They placed third in their division, and 6th overall in the Western Conference. This was perhaps a championship hangover, as they had finished with a 58-24 record the year before and had a grueling run to the championship, which ended in a seven game series win over the New York Knicks.

The 1994-95 team was led by the great Hakeem Olajuwon, who towered over defenders in the NBA. Also, Clyde Drexler was an outstanding forward. The Rockets were a deep team, who were willing to dig deep and they eventually beat the Orlando Magic in the finals. The finals series score was 4-0, with the Magic enduring an embarrassing sweep. At least Shaq put up a great fight for the Magic, and averaged 28.0 PPG.

This Houston team is widely considered one of the greatest in NBA history, as the roster in both years was very skillful.  The big question is, where are these standout athletes today? You will be surprised to hear what some of these legends are up to nowadays, and in what endeavors they are involved. Though there were hall of fame caliber players on this team, there were also bench warmers. Guys who didn't get in the game much. This team was as good as the players performed, as is any.

One interesting fact about this season is that Clyde Drexler did not become a Rocket until February of 1995. He was traded for Otis Thorpe, and Drexler helped lead the team to playoff excellence. Without Clyde, The Rockets would NOT have won their second championship, nor would they have been necessarily in the playoffs either. The fact that this team swept the Orlando Magic solidified their status as a great team -- a great team that persevered through the hardships in playoff basketball, and beat out a tough team led by Shaquille O' Neal.

Where are these legends now?

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15 Zan Tabak


Zan Tabak is now a coach in Tel Aviv. Standing at seven feet, Tabak is a great mentor for big men overseas. He did actually work for the Knicks as a scout in 2006, but his skills were better suited as a full-time head coach. He first was a head coach in Spain, and then Poland. Tabak has had a very good career, and been a good teacher overseas.

Zan was never known as an NBA star, or even role player, but overseas he was a good productive big man. His best moments obviously were ahead for him, and he was a better coach then player it turns out.

14 Tim Breaux


Tim Breaux ended up being on the Houston Rockets championship team, but he was mostly a member of the D-league. Breaux enjoys painting nowadays, and sells his artwork on the internet. Sources online say that Breaux is much better with a brush and canvas than he ever was with a basketball and hoop. I guess life just works like that sometimes. Sometimes you're better at the second thing you do, not your first.

13 Chucky Brown


Brown tweets very often now on Twitter. He is currently a resident of North Carolina and has a daughter. His wife, Jocelyn, has sadly passed away. Brown occasionally speaks at events, but if we're being quite honest, not very often. He wasn't a very good NBA player, and it's not like people on the street are like, "hey, look it's Chucky Brown, the Houston Rocket prodigy who scored 5.5 PPG in the NBA." Yeah, you get my point.

12 Adrian Caldwell


Adrian Caldwell was a below average forward, who got lucky enough to be on the Rockets championship team. Caldwell, now 49 years old, lives in Falls County, Texas. He grew up in this town, and feels very at home in it obviously. He commutes to Houston, where he does one-on-one basketball training with talented kids. The business is called Self-Made-Self LLC. If you're ever in Texas, get a lesson from him on shooting.

11 Pete Chilcutt


Chilcutt was a pretty average basketball player, but his true skills are actually in math. He is now a math teacher in California, educating sixth graders on pre-algebra. He actually also teaches science at Folsom Middle School. The science he teaches is mostly an extremely easy version of biology, with life science. It's amazing how different his life is today from when he played for the Rockets. His students must enjoy hearing all his stories from being a part of such a legendary squad.

10 Charles Jones


Charles Jones was not a great player, but he was well-known for his blocking abilities. He once blocked 10 shots in 49 minutes, so you could say he's a machine. Today, Charles Jones is a mentor, and basketball trainer. He coaches the New York Lightning, and you can follow his twitter @CjPtsrus. The man posts VERY often on Instagram. Jones is an advocate of youth basketball groups such as team footprintz.

9 Carl Herrera


The Venezuelan basketball role player was the first from his country to join the NBA. Herrera coached for Gatos de Monagas upon retirement too, after retiring from the game in 2008, having played in his home country for a while after leaving the NBA in 1999.

He actually was involved in a shooting in 2014, and hospitalized. Herrera was at a club in his home country, and shots rang out at him. He was quickly transported to the emergency room, and shot up with various medicines. Thankfully, he did get better, and healed pretty well.

Herrera is known to be a religious person as well.

8 Mario Elie


In 2003, Elie began coaching with the San Antonio Spurs. He bounced off coaching rosters, from the Mavericks, to the Kings, then to the Nets. In 2015, he worked with the Orlando Magic as an assistant coach. He is married to journalist Gina Gaston, and has three children. He was put in the New York Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007 for his contributions to the sport. The Magic are trying to rebuild, so we'll see if Elie's experience from the mid 90s is of value to the team he beat in 1995.

7 Tracy Murray


Tracy Murray is currently an assistant coach for the Lakers. Before this, he worked for UCLA sports, and commentated on many of the Bruins basketball games. Upon retirement from the NBA, Murray went to UCLA and graduated with a degree in History. Murray was known as a very good shooter in the league, and Lakers coach Byron Scott hired him for this purpose. The Lakers have tumbled down the NBA standings in recent years but seemed primed for a bounce back season next year.

6 Vernon Maxwell

Vernon Maxwell can be found today in jail, or in court. He has had a lot of trouble with the law, and after retirement he was arrested often. He currently lives in Florida. In interviews recently, Maxwell talks about his career, and the trouble he has had staying clear of trouble. He reminisces on his mistakes. Maxwell does his best to stay clean, and avoid adding to his police record, but due to his behavior sometimes, he can be erratic.

5 Scott Brooks

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Brooks coached the Thunder from 2008-2015. Now, he is the head coach over in Washington, leading John Wall and Brad Beal to a potential dynasty one day. He was the 2010 NBA Coach Of The Year, and has been a good coach in his career. His head coaching record is impressive. He is 338-207 in seven years. Brooks hopes to lead the D.C. squad to a title one day, but this may not be so soon. All things considered, he's done very well for himself since his days with the Rockets.

4 Robert Horry


The sports commentator is currently living in Houston. He works at Time Warner Cable SportsNet. Horry is known as one of the most clutch NBA players to ever grace the court. Winning seven NBA Championships is no joke.

Horry lives with his son and wife. Sadly, his daughter passed away at the young age of 17. Horry is one of the great mentors to NBA players, as someone who has been to the highest stage of basketball seven times. He has been up the mountain and over it. He was not a great player, but just clutch when his team needed him to be.

3 Kenny Smith

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

What's not to say about "The Jet?" Kenny has become more popular working on TNT and CBS than he has in his NBA career arguably. Smith and Barkley make a great team, and are liked by NBA fans and college basketball followers. He has two children, and is married to Gwendolyn Osborne, a model and actress. Kenny has done well, and made a name for himself as opposed to many guys on this list. "The Jet" is always a comedic character on television, and I am always excited to see what he has to say next.

2 Clyde Drexler

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Clyde is truly one of the greatest players ever. Drexler works for Rockets games as a commentator nowadays. He is a two-time Hall of Fame inductee, and loved by the basketball world.  Today, Clyde has books published, and has appeared on television. He was on the television show Dancing with the Stars and in the film Like Mike. He even almost won Dancing with the Stars, but was voted off in round five. Drexler works on television, and has a good aptitude for basketball statistics.

1 Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Up until 2002, Hakeem was a dominant force in the NBA. A 12 time NBA All-Star, Olajuwon made his mark in the NBA.

Today, he is retired. He does charity events, and is a devout Muslim. He attended the 2015 NBA Africa exhibition game. He trained NBA centers, such as Emeka Okafor and Yao Ming. He also was a mentor to Kobe Bryant. Hakeem keeps busy by helping out players currently in the NBA as well, like Omer Asik, Kenneth Faried and Carmelo Anthony. He is a good trainer, who knows the game from being a center himself. A true NBA legend, he continues to better the game of basketball.

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Members Of The Legendary Mid 90s Houston Rockets: Where Are They Now?