Michael Jordan's Top 15 Worst Moments

There is no denying that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players to ever live, and frankly, one of the greatest athletes of all time; he was even voted by ESPN as one of the top five 

There is no denying that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players to ever live, and frankly, one of the greatest athletes of all time; he was even voted by ESPN as one of the top five greatest athletes of all time. With that being said, Michael Jordan was not superhuman, and was not always as good as his reputation would lead you to believe.

Jordan was known for having one of the most intense killer instincts that the sports world had ever seen, and sometimes, that intensity played to Michael's detriment. There are many stories about him going off on teammates and friends, spending long hours before games at the blackjack tables, and having extramarital affairs behind his wife's back. Jordan was able to keep all of the negative publicity relatively quiet during his playing days with alleged bribes, and with the help of NBA officials keeping the reckless behavior on the down low.

It is really quite remarkable how well Jordan was received despite his flaws, and most people are unaware of the bad choices he made throughout his life; but lucky for you, this list will expose MJ for the saint he is not. Now this article will not just be filled with slandering stories about the player behind the jump man logo, we will also hit on some of Jordan's more sorry performances as a player too. After all, this list is ranking his worst moments, and there is no doubt he had plenty of bad moments on the basketball court.

Jordan himself is slow to remind people, but there was a time when His Airness had serious troubles simply dunking a basketball. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, and before I give you the whole list here in the intro, I think we should jump into the countdown. As always let us know what moments we forgot in the comments below.

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15 Losing To The "Bad Boy" Pistons Three Years Straight


From 1989-1991 Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls had their season ended by the "Bad Boy" Detroit Piston teams. In some ways those Piston teams helped Jordan become the Jordan we have all come to know. The repeated failure Jordan experienced motivated him to actively strength train, to withstand the beating the Pistons put on him. Though his dynasty was destined to come after, during those three seasons, Jordan could not figure out a way to overcome the 'Bad Boys".

14 Long Range Struggles


During his first four seasons in the league, Jordan shot a horrible 16% from the three-point line. This percentage is one of the worst ever to be put up by a top 50 player (Jordan was voted as one of the top 50 NBA players of all time). Jordan did, however, work on his three-point shot enough to become a threat from deep, but in his early days, defenders welcomed the three-point shot from MJ, knowing that a rebound attempt would soon follow.

13 Sporting The "Hitler Stache"


There was a time when Michael Jordan could do no wrong, except when it came to his facial hair. For a while in the 2000s, Jordan thought it was cool to sport a Hitler style mustache. Jordan claimed he was inspired by Charlie Chaplin, not Hitler, but be this as it may, Jordan still wore one of the worst facial hair styles a man can have, and for that, he should be chastised. Thankfully Jordan has since gotten rid of that mustache, but for a while, it was very odd seeing him with that.

12 Gambling Before Playoff Games


In 1993 Jordan was spotted in an Atlantic City casino until the wee hours of the morning; this was the night before a playoff game vs the New York Knicks. Jordan reportedly lost a lot of money that night, and he also lost a lot of sleep in the process. The Knicks took full advantage of Jordan and his lack of sleep, as the Knicks went on to win the first two games of that playoff series. Jordan would recover in time to lead his Bulls to four straight wins to close out the Knicks.

11 The Missed Dunk


In 2002 during the NBA All-Star Game (Jordan was a member of the Washington Wizards), "his airness" got a steal and had a fast break all by himself with no defenders in sight. Jordan, always the showman, wanted to show the world he could still get up and dunk that ball. Unfortunately for Jordan, things didn't go as planned, and he missed the wide open dunk. The whole world was exposed to just how much of an effect that father time had on one of their sports heroes in that moment. To his credit, Jordan was able to laugh it off, joking with the other players about the goof.

10 21 Points On 25 Shots


In Game 6 of the 1992 playoffs, Michael Jordan had a chance to close out the New York Knicks. Jordan must have had plans to get into real estate that night, because he had enough bricks to build a couple houses. On that night Jordan put up 25 shots, only making nine of them, which is a pitiful 36% shooting. He would finish the game with four more shots than he had points, and the Bulls would lose the game because of it. As the great ones always do, Jordan bounced back the next game, in Game 7, dropping 42 points in a 110-81 blowout.

9 22 Points On 27 Shots


Jordan had one of his worst NBA Finals games in the 1997 series against the Utah Jazz. Jordan hoisted up 27 shots that night and finished the game with only 22 points. Luckily for Jordan, he was able to win the series in six games, or this performance could have stuck with him for a long time. Jordan did pick up the slack for his team after this horrible showing, but even Jordan himself would say that this type of performance is unacceptable for a player of his talent.

8 Drafting Adam Morrison Third Overall In 2006


Michael Jordan is obviously one of the greatest players to ever play basketball, however his record as a general manager is sketchy to say the least. In the 2006 NBA Draft, Jordan decided to select Adam Morrison out of Gonzaga University for the Charlotte Bobcats. Morrison would go on to become one of the biggest flops in NBA history. Morrison lasted three seasons with Jordan and the Bobcats, until injuries and roster space forced Charlotte to trade him.

7 Punching Will Perdue In The Face


Jordan was known as one of fiercest competitors basketball have ever seen. During the 1990 season, while running a practice session, Jordan was hit with a hard screen by Will Perdue. As teammate Horace Grant recalled it, Jordan was "expecting Perdue to give way as usual, when Bang! Jordan slammed into Perdue and stopped, almost sliding down to the floor like some life-size cartoon character. Jordan stopped, looked hard at Perdue, and swung. One! Two! Right to the side of the head. Perdue's knees wobbled, but he remained upright."

This type of behavior isn't exactly becoming of a guy who many would call their "leader".

6 Playing Baseball


Jordan retired for the first time in 1993, and decided to try his hand at baseball. Jordan retired following his dad's passing, who had always envisioned his son playing baseball. Jordan felt he should at least try to fulfill his father's wish. MJ was an amazing athlete no doubt, but his ability to hit a baseball was just not there. During his brief career as a minor league baseball player, MJ batted .202. He finished his career with 436 plate appearances, and of those he struck out 114 times. Send him to the minors! Oh wait...

5 Hall Of Fame Speech


Jordan reached an all-time low during his Hall of Fame acceptance Speech in 2009. Rather than thank his teammates, trainers, and coaches, Jordan decided to insult and ridicule some of his competitors. He went after guys like Jeff Van Gundy, and Byron Russell, men who had very little to do with his career.

Jordan even had the pettiness to go after the high school coach who cut him from the basketball team as a freshman. It is clear that Jordan has a hard time letting things go, and maybe that is what helped him become so great, but at a certain point Jordan needs to get over it and grow up.

4 Shooting 9/35 In A Playoff Game


On May 26, 1997 Jordan had the worst playoff game of his career. MJ played 45 minutes on the dubious night, and in those 45 minutes, Jordan recorded just a single assist. That is not the worst of it as Jordan jacked up 35 shots that night, and only made nine of them, (including missing all eight shots from the three-point line). This is clearly Jordan's worst playoff performance, but luckily for number 23, his team went on to beat the Miami Heat in the series, and eventually win the championship.

3 Getting Crossed By Allen Iverson


Jordan was on the All-Defensive team nine times in his career, so obviously he was no slouch on the defensive end of the court. However, when he was matched up against a small rookie guard named Allen Iverson, Jordan was put into the spin cycle. Jordan picked up Iverson at the top of the key, and with two crossovers Iverson left Jordan reaching at air while the ball was falling through the net. This moment propelled Iverson to early stardom, and left Jordan wondering what happened to his ankles.

2 Drafting Kwame Brown


Regarded by many as the worst draft pick of all-time, Jordan selected, high school star, Kwame Brown to the Washington Wizards in 2001. Jordan passed on players like Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, Zach Randolph, and Tony Parker to get the eventual bust. Brown never materialized and was a flop from the day he was selected.

Jordan has been ridiculed for this disastrous selection for years, and the reverberations of the mistake were felt for many years afterwards.

1 The Crying Jordan Meme


There is a generation of kids growing up who only know Jordan for two things, his shoes, and his crying face attached to a funny picture. During his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, Jordan shed some tears, and the pictures of him crying  have since become gold on the internet.

The meme of Jordan crying has been put on the body of almost every celebrity going through turmoil; and they are all hilarious. If you live under a rock, and have never seen these, go look up Michael Jordan crying, you will not be disappointed. In fact we had the urge to put Jordan crying faces on every entry in this list, luckily we were able to stay strong.

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Michael Jordan's Top 15 Worst Moments