25 Of The Most Expensive Basketball Sneakers Money Can Buy

Ah, good old basketball sneakers. Obviously, not all sneakers are created equal, so you can cross off your list of solely old-school or fresh kicks.

Spoiler: This article is going to revolve heavily around six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan, who not only was the greatest of all time, but launched a sneaker empire.

Anyway, sneakers are not only a fashion statement, but also an eccentric way to prove that you love or like the sport of basketball. Even though the NBA has gotten a bit repetitive in recent years, basketball remains a popular sport to watch in the United States. You may not play for the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers, but you can put in work and play hard with the right pair of kicks because you're probably a cool guy or gal who deserves some luxurious goods in your life. Perhaps you're more of a history buff who wants to get a hold of some pricey kicks to gain bragging rights or maybe even auction off for a higher price. I don't know everyone's situation, but I'm just throwing a couple of possibilities out there. After all, kicks are all the rage and there shouldn't be a reason why you won't fall in love with them at first sight in a shopping mall near you.

With that being said, these are 25 of the most expensive basketball sneakers money can buy.

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25 Nike Kobe Elite: $200

via sneakernews.com

LeBron James may be the next best thing in Los Angeles, but Kobe Bryant was the most recent Lakers legend not named Magic Johnson.

You can grab a pair of Nike Kobe Elites for a reasonable price of $200.

These super stylish basketball sneakers are a must have for all the basketball fans out there.

They're also really comfortable, which is a great aspect considering the fact that you're likely going to spend more time playing on the court than sitting on the couch while wearing these kicks.

24 Nike KD 6 Elite: $200

via edwinngo.com

The Nike KD 6 Elite is a bestseller of the Kevin Durant series.

This particular sneaker is made of synthetic and leather, which means that it'll provide nothing but comfort for your likely overworked feet, who deserve a break from all the exercise. It may not be the most expensive kick in the world, but it still comes with a hefty price tag that has made various lists that focus on the most expensive kicks you can purchase.

23 Nike LeBron XI: $200

via solecollector.com

Let's redirect our attention back to LeBron James, who has came up with some of the most sought after sneakers in the basketball world.

The Nike LeBron XI is an all around type of kick that offers some of the greatest features most fans can afford without breaking the bank. Also, it's made of synthetic and comes with a rubber sole, which is going to be heaven for your feet.

Just like other shoes in the LeBron series, this kick is going to sweep you off your feet, as it'll live up to its name.

22 Nike LeBron XII: $200

via sneakernews.com

Speaking of LeBron James, the Nike LeBron XII is another one of his sneakers that deserves a shout out, as it's an affordable option that won't empty out your wallet.

Like many other kicks in the LeBron series, this kick is made of synthetic.

But here's the twist...this kick also has a zoom air feature installed inside it. That's some really advanced technology right there, and you might want to dash to the store that offers this kick because it'll be worth the money.

21 Air Jordan 2012: $223

via sneakerfiles.com

Michael Jordan is one of those athletes that the fans all over the world love blindly. His sneaker brand, Air Jordan, is also loved just as much.

That being said, the Air Jordan 2012 is a kick that boasts both style and comfort, which makes it a feasible option if you spend more time outdoors than indoors. Also, this particular version features separate height booties along with three options for an interchangeable midsole.

Can the shoe experience get any better than this?

20 Air Jordan XX8: $250

via nikejordan.shoes

Another personal favorite of the majority of athletes is the Air Jordan XX8.

Yes, we know that we're a bit repetitive, but Michael Jordan's line of Jordans have created some of the finest sneakers on the planet, and we can't ignore him and his kicks.

Anyways, the Air Jordan XX8 have a positive reputation that crosses off the style and appearance boxes in your checklist for qualities in a new pair of kicks. You're likely going to want to cop a pair of these high-performing kicks after reading this entry.

19 Nike LeBron X Elite: $260

via modelaviation.com

Yep, there's an elite edition of the LeBron X, which is a wonderful thing for all the LeBron James fans out there.

The Nike LeBron X Elite features comfort and flexibility.

But, unlike the regular LeBron X kicks, this elite version has a symmetrical cut that allows ballers to be fast and stay fast on the court. Its extra carbon fiber also helps ballers gain speed.

So if you're looking for a pair of kicks that'll help you speed up, you've stumbled upon the right one.

18 Nike LeBron XI Elite: $275

via eukicks.com

The Nike LeBron XI Elite is yet another version of LeBron James' elite edition.

At the end of the day, it depends on your budget, but this pair of kicks is often deemed as overpriced, as it's likely worth the average budget you spend on food and beverages each other. But if you have some extra bucks, you should check out the Nike LeBron XI Elite since it has a Hyperposite construction, Lunar special lon and full-length Zoom Air conditioning that'll maximize your comfort level. There's a reason why it's a little more expensive than the original version.

17 Nike Air Max Hyperposite: $330

via sneakerfiles.com

On the topic of Hyperposite, the Nike Air Max Hyperposite is a fan favorite among basketball lovers.

This pair of mainly synthetic sneakers is one of the many amazing kicks by Nike, and it shouldn't go unnoticed, as its phylon midsole, data informed rubber outsole, and upper foamposite makes it a desirable option for the shoe lover that appreciates the value of a good shoe regardless of the price.

After all, it's important to get the maximum elevation, especially if you shoot hoops.

16 Nike Air Force I: $2,500

via footshop.eu

If you think you can easily get a hold of these gorgeous sneakers, think again.

The Nike Air Force I is usually not in stock in the average, run-of-the-mill shoe stores that are scattered around the country.

Most of these pricey kicks are available through auctions or handed out as giveaway type of gifts.

That being said, you're likely not going to wear these kicks on a daily basis, but instead keep them in a discreet showcase for safe keeping.

15 Air Force 1 Chamber Of Fear: $2,500

via kyrie4bhm.com

Aside from the out of reach price tag, the Air Force 1 Chamber of Fear represents five additional fears: hype, complacency, hater, self-doubt and temptation.

All these fears have previously been used in vintage kung-fu films and posters. Not only that, these kicks were once centered around the Nike and LeBron James' marketing campaign that was focused on LeBron's past battles with mental obstacles.

In 2018, all kicks returned with a sixth edition called the "Fearless Warrior." Each model came in their original colors along with subtle highlights of characters from China.

14 Air Jordan XI: $2,700

via shantimarika.com

Since 1995, the Air Jordan XI has been a staple in the closets of NBA legends and fans alike. Joe Johnson was one of the many examples who sported these luxurious kicks.

Despite the star power of these kicks, they remain a common choice among sneaker enthusiasts, as they're cheaper than their more expensive counterparts and they can be purchased online. So you don't need to push and shove crowds of people just to get your hands on a pair for bragging rights.

13 Adidas KB8 Selection: $3,000

via pinterest.com

As you might've guessed, the initials "KB" belong to the Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

You may not be a fan of Bryant, but you'd likely admit that the Adidas Golden KB8 Selection sneakers are straight fire.

These just aren't Laker colred kicks that are magic in the air. They're also the kicks that were intended to be used in the 1998 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Although Bryant never got around to wearing these kicks, they're still a worthy item for any shoe collector out there.

12 Air Jordan III: $4,500

via theidleman.com

When it first came out, the Air Jordan III featured the iconic Jumpman logo, which is now recognized by NBA fans all around the world.

Of course, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan wore these kicks and went on to have a noteworthy year with them. In case you didn't know, Jordan won a worthwhile Slam Dunk Contest, snatched the All-Star Game MVP award, and grabbed the Defensive Player of the Year title.

Also, the air unit finish and leather heel of these kicks make them an excellent purchase if you do decide to cop a pair.

11 Air Jordan VI: $7,200

via complex.com

In case you need a refresher, the Air Jordan VI was the last of the Air Jordans with the Nike Air logo.

Anyway, the Air Jordan VI features reinforcement materials in the toe area and two holes in the tongue and molded heel to protect the Achilles tendon. It came in five different color combinations: black/infrared, white/infrared, white/carmine black, white/sport blue, and off white/maroon.

It was the pair of kicks Michael Jordan wore when the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship against the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, the white and carmine black pair is worth $7,200, as it was the pair Jordan wore during the 1992 Olympics with the "Dream Team."

10 Air Jordan VII: $7,500

via shantimarika.com

The Air Jordan VII was first released in 1992, which was the same year Michael Jordan, also known as "His Airness" dominated both the domestic and international basketball scenes.

Jordan was one of the NBA's all-time greats, and perhaps the greatest of all-time, but his sneakers also made flamboyant statements of their own.

That being said, the kicks he laced up in his prime years eventually made waves in shelves and sites everywhere, as high-priced collectibles, including the Air Jordan VII.

9 Air Jordan I: $8,000

via pinterest.com

Most, if not all, sports fans want more basketball sneakers, but the Air Jordan I may be out of reach in terms of cost.

Yep, the Air Jordan I was first released in 1985, as a pair of kicks combining metallic white and metallic silver. It also featured a pearled leather, which increased its total value. Also, don't forget that only 1,200 pairs were created, so it's kind of a big deal if you own a pair.

Like designer heels (for the girly sports fans), these kicks (for male and possibly tomboy sports fans) are proof that beauty comes at a price!

8 Air Jordan V: $10,000

via lifeofdad.com

The Air Jordan V is one of the most unique sneakers out there. This pair of kicks feature  a reflective tongue, clear rubber soles, and convenient strap lock.

Michael Jordan wore the only pair of Air Jordan V during his games, which were a rare combination of a black and silver metal design with the number 23 at the back.

It was never sold in stores. So I'm not sure how much pairs have been produced, but you can try to find a pair from a shoe collector for a minimum of $10,000.

7 Nike Air Mag: $12,000

via theidleman.com

Remember the hit movie titled "Back to the Future" back in 1989?

Okay, you might not have actually been alive at the time to see the movie in person, but that's fine since I wasn't even born yet.

Anyway, the movie's hero, Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox), wore a pair of these futuristic sneakers.

After the movie premiered and broke a ton of box offices, Nike decided to sell out a limited amount of these kicks and made about 20 pairs, which sold for $12,000 each.

6 The Original Air Jordan I: $25,000

via solecollector.com

If you're a sneaker head, you're sure going to wish you owned a pair of the Original Air Jordan I kicks unless if you somehow managed to cop a pair back in the day.

So the Original Air Jordan I initially came out in a red/black design and were extremely rare, as only 12 pairs have been made to date. Each one of those 12 pairs were signed by the one and only Michael Jordan with a water-resistant marker.

This is an elevated shoe that no one should ignore.

5 Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1: $30,000

via sneakerhistory.com

With a price tag of $30,000, the Nike Air Zoom Kobe I is one of the most expensive sneakers that money could buy.

First things first, only 12 pairs of the Nike Air Zoom Kobe I have been made, and they were signed by the Los Angeles Lakers' prodigy Kobe Bryant.

Not only that, Nike promised the sparse amount of customers that they'll donate 10% of the profits to various charities, which shows that they're not only in producing these kicks for excess money in their pockets.

4 Reebok Question: $65,000

via nba.com

Move over Adidas and Nike, Reebok has to make a loud statement too!

Reebok made a big fuss when they decided to launch the Reebok Question and the name itself has apparently revealed the large cost that surrounds one of the most expensive sneakers of all time. These blatantly overpriced sneakers came with 25.5 carats of 246 diamonds, which were seamlessly fitted on its shoelaces. Also, the Allen Iverson version of this sneaker featured his signature braids, which would be perfect if you're an old-school Philadelphia 76ers fan.

3 Michael Jordan's Nike Air Ships: $72,000

via jordansdaily.com

While waiting for his signature sneakers to be completed, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan sported a pair of Nike Air Ships in his rookie season game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

For many folks deeply interested in the sneaker world, there was a common misconception that might've gotten to their heads. That misconception was the false yet legit sounding belief that this pair of kicks was banned by the NBA. However, it was the Air Ships that weren't allowed.

NBA deputy commissioner Russ Granik once wrote Jordan a letter about how the red/black shoes violated the league's uniform code.

Granik's letter, however, was delivered months before Jordan donned the Air Jordan 1s in a game.

2 Michael Jordan's Air Jordan 12s: $105,000

via pinterest.com

Contrary to popular belief, former NBA star Michael Jordan didn't come down with the flu when he rocked the Air Jordan 12s, which were also known as the "Flu Game," during the 1995 NBA Finals' Game 5 that was dubbed as the "Flu Game" against the Utah Jazz.

According to Jordan's trainer, Tim Grover, Jordan was actually suffering from food poisoning and was overwhelmed by fatigue, but still put up a whopping 38 points to help the Bulls secure a 3-2 series lead over the Jazz.

1 Michael Jordan's Converse Fast Breaks: $190,000

via solecollector.com

You know what direction this list-based article was going to turn, right?

In case you didn't know, Jordan rocked Converses during his college years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

That being said, Jordan continued to rock Converses from time to time in his pro career and once scored 20 points en route to a 96-65 victory in the USA vs. Spain Gold Medal Game in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

About 30 years later, the exact same kicks sold for a record-shattering $190,373. With that money, we could afford a down payment on a California or New York City home.

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