Mourning Confirms Mutombo's Epic Pickup Line

Skip to 4:01 for the good stuff.

Dikembe Mutombo was always known for the "no no no" finger wag, especially after he made a big block under the rim. Turns out Mutombo's finger could also do the "come here" motion pretty well, too.

Like most pro athletes, Mutombo was able to play the famous sportsman card whenever he was trying to pick up the ladies during a night out on the town. Mutombo gave a bit of insight into his "strategy" on Dan Le Batard's ESPN show Highly Questionable awhile back, but claimed that he never uttered the line "Who wants to sex Mutombo?"

Unfortunately for Dikembe (but fortunate for everyone else), Alonzo Mourning has come around to save the day and give us all reason to celebrate.

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Mourning Confirms Mutombo's Epic Pickup Line