15 Must-See Bella Hadid Photos That Would Make Jordan Clarkson Jealous

Bella Hadid is arguably the most popular model in the world right now. Some of you are well aware of this, while others have probably never heard of her. Yet, in an age where social media is king, the model reigns supreme with an impressive 16.7 million followers, while her posts often receive more than one million likes and hundreds of thousands of comments from creepy dudes. It's not just social media where she shines, however; she's quite obviously an extremely talented model (whatever that means) as she was voted Model of the Year in 2016. All we know, is she's an incredibly beautiful 21 year old who only trails in model popularity to her sister, Gigi Hadid, who has over 38 million followers on Instagram and is dating former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

For her part, Bella has been linked to multiple celebrities, but as of late it has been rumored that she's seeing Los Angeles Laker Jordan Clarkson. Clearly, someone with Bella's social influence could attract a more popular NBA player, but we've got to give it up to Clarkson, who has been spotted with the model on multiple occasions. Homeboy can like, totally get it (you should be happy if you didn't understand that reference).

15 Eyewear Collection

How many people do you know who own an eyewear collection? How many do you know who own two different collections? In fact, how many people do you know who even wear ridiculous sunglasses like the ones Bella is wearing in the photo above? We're going to assume not very many, but that's likely because few could pull them off as well as she can. That's the thing with beautiful women - those glasses look great on her, but they would look ridiculous on the average working woman, or man for that matter.

Yet, the photo received more than 630,000 likes on Instagram with an outpouring of positive comments from her fans. Heck, Bella is so popular right now that the account for her eyewear collection even has over 41,000 followers and it only has 23 posts in the past year.

14 Snowboard Girl


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From what we can tell, Bella isn't the most athletic woman of all-time. And why would she? She spends the majority of her time modeling and making herself look great for photo shoots, which can actually take awhile despite the fact she looks perfect Au natural. However, she clearly has athletic interests as evidenced by her Instagram account. Snowboarding, in particular, is one of those interests.

Her career takes her all over the world, but she found time this past New Year's Eve to enjoy a trip with one of her best friends to the mountains, where they snowboarded and spent time in a remote hot tub. For more of those photos, you'll have to visit her account yourself - we're certain Clarkson has been doing so on off-days.

13 Because Fashion

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Someone who understands fashion can probably better describe the beauty and inspiration behind this outfit, because all we see is an incredibly beautiful woman trying to dress like a peacock. Is it working? Absolutely. But that's only because it's someone as hot as Bella Hadid. Few other people in the world could pull off something this ridiculous, though we're guessing Clarkson may have once or twice in the bed room, if you catch our drift.

Need proof that this photo was popular? It's one of Bella's most-liked photos with more than 1.1 million likes. There are similar color photos that she posted, but the black and white tones work well for the beautiful model. We're guessing that Clarkson is quite familiar with them all, however.

12 Backseat Loungin' 

Save a place for me

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Perhaps coincidentally or not, but this photo was posted around the same time that rumors began floating that Bella was dating Clarkson. Because of that, it's reasonable to read into the "save a place for me" caption. Is she referring to him and their recently-sparked romance or is it just some meaningless quote that follows in the tradition of all other women who do the same? It's probably the latter, but the timing of it is interesting.

Bella looks great in just about every photo she posts, but she's perfecting the model look in this selfie - the "Blue Steel" from Zoolander if you will. The large hoop earrings and cheetah-spotted pants are a great complement to her finely-done eyebrows and hairstyle as well. Who wouldn't save a place for her?

11 One Of Many Covers

🔮 by the Incredible @victordemarchelier

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Believe it or not, Bella actually grew up with dreams of representing the United States in equestrian at the 2016 Rio Olympics, but was forced to give up competing due to being diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, of which her mother and brother also have. When that happened, she moved from California to New York to study photography at Parsons School of Design, but it didn't take long until she realized she was better in front of the camera than behind it.

She has since appeared on the covers of V Magazine, Exit Magazine, Glamour UK, British GQ, W Magazine, Vogue US and just about every other fashion and beauty magazine you can imagine. She's sought after worldwide and her cover photo for Harper's Bazaar is only of many that would have Clarkson missing her desperately.

10 Dior Night

Dior Night for @voguemagazine by @renellaice 🖤

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If you're not up on the fashion game, Dior is one of the world's most popular fashion houses founded by Fresh designer Christian Dior. You may have heard it referenced somewhere online or in a Kanye West song, but it's even more popular than you can imagine, not to mention profitable - as of 2016, it's revenue was more than 41 billion in Euros. Several other prominent models have been affiliated with the company and Bella is the latest to help maintain its popularity.

In the photos above, she's rocking a see-through black dress designed by the company for a Vogue Magazine event and appears to be having the time of her life. The fashion industry is a strange one, but it's clear everyone in it knows how to have a good time.

9 Long Hair Look

Fashion Avatar coming to you live @giuseppezanotti @mertalas @macpiggott

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Bella typically wears her hair up or in other unique variations, so it's almost surprising when she wears it down with bangs covering her forehead. In a way, she almost looks like a completely different person here, but yet somehow just as hot. That's the sign of a talented model and natural beauty and Bella is both of those things. Beyond that, it's the ability of someone as hot as Bella to be able to look incredible without even having to show skin. Perhaps besides her sister, name another model who could post a Sears catalogue-type photo and receive more than 770,000 likes. We'll wait.

Similar photos appeared on the Giuseppe Zanotti (an Italian luxury shoe designer) Instagram page and have us clamoring for more. We can only imagine Clarkson - and probably even her ex, The Weeknd - slid into her DMs following this post.

8 Ballin'

Bella was first linked to Clarkson in early January of 2018, but a couple months before then she was showcasing her love of basketball and sneaker culture in this photo, which she states is "the real me" in her caption. Rocking a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Hi Just Don's and a 90s-throwback-type jacket accompanied by a beautiful smile, we're assuming this might be the photo that led Clarkson - and probably every other basketball player, for that matter - to begin pursuing her.

Perhaps Clarkson was just convenient as Bella currently resides in California, but also spends time in New York. Given New York Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis' affinity for sliding into the DMs of beautiful models, we can only assume he took his shot as well.

7 Kisses

💖Pony💖 @diormakeup #DiorLipGlow

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Two is typically better than one (unless we're talking about marriages or children) and that certainly applies in the above photo, which shows Bella and a fellow model showing off their luscious lips for the Dior makeup line. As previously mentioned, Bella is a frequent partner of Dior as she models their products. She's one of the most followed models in the world and a simple post with a tag to the Dior makeup brand likely gave them an incredible bump in followers - if it's good enough for Bella it's definitely good enough for everyone else, right?

We already knew Bella was a perfect ten with great physical attributes, but her lips shine in this photo. Sure, they're accentuated by the red lip stick, but it's just as clear in previous photos.

6 Looking Good In Black

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It's not often Bella posts a full-body photo on her Instagram, mostly because a lot of her pictures are either selfies, cover shots, or model work that highlights a particular product. She's advertising nothing in the above photo, other than the fact, in addition to a picture-perfect face, she has an equally stunning body. She's slim, but not the type of model skinny that can turn a man away, and she's even got just enough curves.

Although, chances are there were several women wondering who actually made the dress in the photo above because it's quite sexy and not in a weird model way. It's something you'd rock at the club and not look completely out of place, of course, unless you're as beautiful as Bella - then you're always the center of attention.

5 See My Wish

We previously mentioned Bella's bountiful lips in an earlier section, but it's even more evident here. There simply a sight to behold and another reason we can all be jealous of Clarkson, besides the fact he's living out his dream as a professional basketball player with one of the most storied franchises in the NBA.

Beyond being one of the steamiest women in the world, Bella is also somewhat of a philanthropist. She has supported charities such as the International Rescue Committee and, in the above photo, details her endeavors with the See My Wish campaign launched by BVLGARI to support the international nonprofit organization Save the Children. One dollar from every post using the #SaveTheChildren hashtag was donated to the charity and we can only imagine the influence Bella had on that campaign.

4 Hop In

I'm Back ❤️🇦🇪

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It doesn't matter if you're Hugh Hefner himself (God rest his soul), if a beautiful woman driving a sports car doesn't rev your internal "engine" then there's something wrong with you. We say that in jest, but it's particularly true when referring to Bella and this photo she posted during a trip to Dubai. Honestly, a gorgeous model, a sportscar, and Dubai - we have to wonder if this is a teaser for the next film in the Fast and Furious franchise. And if it isn't, it should be.

Bella was actually born in California to a Dutch-born American woman, but her father, Mohamed Hadid, grew up in Palestine. She's part Muslim and is quite proud of her heritage, having participated in the "No Ban, No Wall" march in New York City in January of 2017 in support of refugees.

3 These Boots Were Not Made For Walkin'

Bella kicked off 2018 by sharing a number of photos from her photo shoot promoting the Giuseppe Zanotti Italian luxury footwear line and all of the photos attracted a tone of attention for various reasons. You should know that every photo Bella posts becomes a news story on the websites of popular publications, in turn generating thousands of clicks. The above photo, for instance, had more than one million likes on Instagram and presumably hundreds of blog posts followed.

She looks great in just about every setting, but she appears particularly sexy in the above photo, perhaps because of the boots. We can't imagine they're easy to walk in, which is probably why she's seated, but they're definitely a good look on the internationally-renowned model.

2 Cheering Him On?

Lakers vs Knicks My hometown VS my new home what a game @nike

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If there is one photo on this list that would truly drive Clarkson crazy it's the above photo, which lends credence to the fact the two are dating. It's also a photo that would make him feel incredibly blessed - who wouldn't want the world's most attractive model supporting him courtside while he's playing for the Los Angeles Lakers? It's a perfect scenario.

The timing of the photo is interesting as well as the couple were first rumored to be dating in January. At least, that's when they were spotted together on multiple occasions. This was from a game in mid-December. Is that when they first hooked up or is it just a coincidence? Either way, it's noteworthy that she felt she needed to attend a Knicks game when the Lakers were in town.

1 Flexibility


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As noted in previous entries, Bella has had some athletic pursuits during her life and she's certainly a sports fan - in addition to her love of basketball, she has been spotted at New York Rangers games recently. So perhaps it's no surprise that she's flexible and has good enough core strength to maintain a pose for a photo like this. It might look easy, but even perfecting this pose long enough for the photographer to take the picture is something the average out-of-shape person cannot do.

It was also nice enough and considerate of her to add some stars to cover up some not-so-PG material, although most of you probably came her anticipating some of that. If that's the case, you'll be happy to know she recently took a topless photo while holding a cute puppy.

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