10 NBA City Edition Jerseys And 10 Earned Jerseys That Missed The Mark

The NBA dropped some new-look jerseys this season, and even if you don't consider yourself as a diehard basketball fan, you're likely going to check out the "City Edition" and "Earned" jerseys regardless. According to SB Nation, the league announced that they'd step up their game with brand-new colors, styles and sets as opposed to last season's fashion-based mishaps.

There are a lot of "City Edition" jerseys, but let's show some love to the "Earned" jerseys as well. After all, both jerseys have their good and bad looks and it's worth for us to take a second look at the often out of the box threads just to see how they really look and figure out our real thoughts, like, say, "they're so beautiful" or "they're darn ugly" and the like.

Remember folks, these jerseys can be pricey unless if you have a fat wallet with tons of dollar bills. So purchase these jerseys at your own discretion unless you're a jersey collector and must get your hands on every type of jersey on the rack in any given store. Our guide can possibly help you narrow down your choices, but to tell you the truth, it's up to you to decide what looks good and what doesn't. Just like us, we speak our minds based on our thoughts, so this list will be based on opinions instead of facts.

Here are 10 NBA City Edition jerseys and 10 earned jerseys that missed the mark. After checking out this list, you can thank us later if you'd like.

20 City Edition: Phoenix Suns

First off, we'd like to give credit to the Phoenix Suns, who will pay tribute to the local Hispanic community in the Phoenix area with their new City Edition jersey for the second straight year.

But the Suns' new City jersey looks, well, rather boring and disappointing as it's basically a replica of the City jersey that was revealed last season. The Suns seemed like they didn't even try and that sort of reminds us about the Suns roster on the court in recent years.The Suns could've at least made an effort to do something that'd more appealing to the average eye.

19 Earned: Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers already lost LeBron James in free agency, so the dominance they've had in recent years has pretty much vanished. But the dominance wasn't the only thing that vanished. The Cavs' new Earned Edition jerseys are grayish white and powder blue, which isn't a color scheme that we're used to seeing.

The Cavs should've stuck with their usual color palette of dark red, gold, navy blue and black. Plus the real cavaliers (supporters of King Charles I) in the history books likely didn't wear light colors as they rode off into their homes in the cold, windy nights using their horses.

18 City Edition: Dallas Mavericks

If you thought last year's Dallas Mavericks City Edition jerseys were bad, think again. This year's Mavs City jerseys are just as bad. They're in the Carolina Panthers' type of colors colors of black, blue and silver. They're not that original, but it's all good because at least the franchise will be making money off of a lot of shoppers, right?

Well, the latter ain't right, but hey, the NBA is kind of a business and the dollar signs are equally important in the league's success as a whole. They got to find a way to draw fans from all over the world, so the online retailers help in the process.

17 Earned: Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves, who? Just kidding...

Today's Timberwolves boast stars expected to be on the rise like Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Williams, but the Wolves' new Earned Edition jerseys? Um, we think we'll pass on those threads, which providing an eccentric take on the standard colors of midnight blue, aurora green, lake blue, moonlight gray and frost white...and by eccentric, we mean that in a negative way.

The white threads with neon purple font and trim make it seem like the Wolves were going to hit up a old-school disco party or something that's not along the lines of a modern, top-40 hits club.

16 City Edition: Orlando Magic

We're well-aware that the Orlando Magic may not be overachievers on and off the court, but come on now. The Magic could've done a little better when they came up with their new City Edition jerseys...if they even came up with anything.

The Magic just made it look like they were inspired by last year's City jersey and removed its best part—the sky pattern—to come up with a lazy, lackluster jersey that's not really appealing to the average basketball fan looking for a new jersey.

Sorry Magic, you can't fool us with a less appealing jersey this season.

15 Earned: New Orleans Pelicans

The new Earned Edition jerseys by the New Orleans Pelicans appear to be out of place compared to some other Earned jerseys we've seen around the NBA.

Yeah, the Pelicans' colors are navy blue, gold and red, but the colors on this Earned jersey look more like gray, tan and rose. There's nothing wrong with the latter, but they simply don't look right on a plain white jersey. Also, what's up with the three large stripes plastered over the chest area? That's not much of a basketball-inspired look.

The Pelicans might want to stick with their previous Edition jerseys in the near future.

14 City Edition: Charlotte Hornets

Okay, the Charlotte Hornets have a similar color scheme like the Carolina Panthers, so their City Edition jerseys aren't that bad. And it is a cool concept when teams from the same city share a similar color scheme.

It's just the Hornets' City jerseys aren't that spectacular with the teal in lieu of purple. It seems that the Hornets decided to play it safe and it ended up backfiring as it looked boring than anything other adjective out there. Each and every one of the City jerseys shared a common goal of getting creative and creating something new, but apparently that's not the case with the Hornets. Well, at least not this season, that is.

13 Earned: San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs' uniforms are ultra cool, especially their black and silver away jerseys. However, the Spurs' Earned Edition jerseys remind us of their fourth jerseys, which are a little over the top.

Yes, we get it—the camouflage pattern is a wonderful way to salute the brave men and women who serve our nation, but an all over camouflage pattern on a jersey is overkill. Leave the camouflage out of a jersey's exterior and the jersey wouldn't be such a fashion-faux-pas idea...especially if the camouflage isn't in a shade of the green, brown and black themes.

12 City Edition: Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies decided to go with a "Main Event" jersey with a steel gray base to pay tribute to the city of Memphis's rich wrestling history. Moreover, CBS Sports mentioned the steel gray base represented steel chairs.

The Grizzlies' City jerseys this season aren't that bad, but they could be better. There's a pattern down on both sides that's supposed to mimic a championship wrestling belt, but they're not really about the bling and blitz like in the ring. So, if you take a second to pause and give it another glance, you'll see that the jersey as a whole is more unspectacular compared to spectacular.

11 Earned: Toronto Raptors

As you may already know, the Toronto Raptors are the only team based in Canada in the NBA. This is a good and bad thing, but it depends how you look at the foundation of the franchise.

The Raptors have a strong bond with rapper Drake, who's one of the franchise's partners. Drake has come up with some of the designs and operators for the Raptors and Scotiabank Arena. However, the Raptors' new Earned Edition jersey has a more girly appearance and instead of "We the North" it's just "North" with a large white arrow in the upwards direction. That doesn't give off a traditional Raptors-style flair at all.

10 City Edition: Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons' new black City Edition jerseys were created following inspiration from the local automotive culture and hard-nosed mentality in the Detroit area. Sure, these City jerseys are the better "Motor City" ones to date, but they're also not saying a whole lot. They feature the racing stripes down the middle in black and silver tones, which hasn't garnered much attention compared to their usual red, royal blue and white tones.

That being said, these City jerseys are sort of bland and monotone. The Pistons should've brought back their teal jerseys or their red, white and blue jerseys at the very least.

9 Earned: Washington Wizards

So the Washington Wizards play their home games in the nation's capital (to be specific, the Capital One Arena), which gives us a clear idea of their background. That's why the Wizards' Earned Edition jersey made this list. It has "THE District of Columbia" on it and that's something that most, if not all, basketball fans should already be aware of.

We don't know about you, but this Earned jersey doesn't look like something that we'd want to wear unless if we'd absolutely have to do so. It's not very flattering and its lettering is longer than the usual line.

8 City Edition: Los Angeles Lakers

Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers used their City Edition jerseys to honor Kobe Bryant. this year, the Lakers used their City jerseys to honor Magic Johnson. Both legends were Lakers greats in the past.

Yes, it's a great idea that the Lakers use their City jerseys to honor former star players, but this year's City jerseys might not look good like the Lakers' other purple. Also, the "Los Angeles Lakers" makes the front side look a little too busy to grab someone's undivided attention. That's not really an excellent marketing strategy, especially when it's placed in the front of a store front's window.

7 Earned: Indiana Pacers

Every NBA team has a complete Earned Edition collection this season, except for the Indiana Pacers. Perhaps there's a reason why, but keep in mind that the following paragraph is solely speculation and not facts.

The Pacers' colors consist of cool gray, navy blue and gold. That being said, the Pacers' new Earned jerseys feature a cool gray that doesn't look like cool gray. In fact, this so-called shade of cool gray looks more like a bright white than anything else. In addition, this Earned jersey looks a little too plain for our liking. The Pacers should try to add some spice to their Earned jerseys, you hear us?

6 City Edition: Golden State Warriors

It's a tad bit difficult to rip the Golden State Warriors for whatever reason it may be, but we have a couple of questions about the Warriors' City Edition jerseys.

It's completely understandable the Warriors want to honor the Asian community in the Bay Area, but why the traditional Mandarin characters on their new City jerseys? Also, the Mandarin text jersey numbers just make these jerseys look out of place as the players' last names are in its traditional fonts. Why mix and match when you can match in order to coordinate accordingly?

These questions may remain unanswered, but we had to ask them anyway.

5 Earned: Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers kind of revolve around point guard Damian Lillard, but this Western Conference team has a plethora of issues like offensive and defensive struggles.

Not only that, the Trail Blazers have another issue. Well, this issue isn't much of a big, on the court deal, but it's a fashion faux pas. Just look at the photo of the Trail Blazers' Earned Edition jersey. It looks more like a blush pink than a bright red and the black line that was placed across and under the white "rip city" slogan just happens to look like it doesn't belong there.

4 City Edition: Los Angeles Clippers

The City of Los Angeles has two NBA teams: the Lakers and the Clippers. Obviously, the latter received the unflattering nickname of "the other L.A. team."

Speaking of the Clippers, the franchise unveiled its City Edition jerseys for this season. Its City jerseys have a purpose and that's to celebrate the Clippers' 35th season in L.A. It features the "L.A." wording on a navy blue, red and white jersey, which makes for a beautiful color scheme that won't blind the average fan.

However, the City jersey's "L.A." wording looks like a bunch of red and white bottles bunched up together to form the "L" and "A" letters. That's not too slick.

3 Earned: Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets appear to be finding their form after a very slow start to the season. This season's Earned jerseys are worth talking about for a little bit. Not necessarily because they're amazing, but because they're borderline bland. We think that the Rockets weren't actually brainstorming ideas when they used the medium red fabric and the white and black lettering and trim in the creating process.

Yep, we're all guilty of procrastination, but the Rockets' new City jerseys pretty much resemble the team's fifth jerseys. Too little effort, yeah? Kind of like how the team started the season.

2 City Edition: Denver Nuggets

I was so stoked when I heard that the Denver Nuggets were going to bring back its old-school skyline jerseys this season in the form of City Edition jerseys. But the initial excitement quickly faded away when I actually took a look at the Nuggets new City jerseys, which appear to be a modern take on the vintage rainbows. That's not the worst course of action in the world, but these City jerseys aren't as cool as the original throwbacks, which were azure blue jerseys with neon rainbow stripes and white mountains on their front sides.

Also, what's up with the navy blue collar and lack of arm stripes? This City jersey hasn't lived up to its expectations.

1 Earned: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat unveiled their Earned Edition jerseys, which come in a magenta-like pink with light and dark font and trim, but why? The Heat's colors are black, red and yellow, so it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. We get there's the whole Miami Vice thing, but haven't the Heat done that enough?

We're all for out of the box jerseys, but the Heat's Earned Edition jersey looks a little too flashy for our liking. But hey, it was their idea, so all we can do is wait it out and see how this jersey's success or lack of success factors into their decision about whether or not to renew a similar jersey next season.

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