15 NBA Players Share Details About Their Past

Ah yes, intimacy confessions. Everyone has them, but most people are afraid to air out their scandalous stories to the public. Sure, when you're hanging around with some buddies, you may throw together a tale of your shameful conquests, but that doesn't mean you will broadcast your indecent anecdote to the world.

That's not the case in the sports world though. These athletes are living lavish lifestyles, under constant surveillance by society, so they have got to be careful. While 99% of the dirty deeds that are performed behind closed doors are kept secret, the few alleged stories that sneak out of the darkness snowball into rumors and gossip. For some reason the NBA seems to be richer with such rumors than other sports.

It's hard to verify which of these rumors are valid, but when an NBA star, or close acquaintance comes out and corroborates the hearsay, fans go crazy. Let's be real, we are all waiting for that next big basketball scandal to emerge. Today, we will dive into 15 NBA players with shocking intimate confessions. As always, you have to take some claims with a grain of salt, or you can go by the analogy of, where there's smoke, there's fire.


15 Wilt's "Number"

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No, no, despite the picture, we aren't talking about Wilt's 100 point game, but we are talking about Wilt's conquests of women throughout the world. In his 1991 book, A View From Above, the four-time NBA MVP claimed to have slept with over 20,000 women!  Some people think of this outrageous assertion is just an exaggerated tale. Legend or not, many people have corroborated his story.

Some female athletes have noted him as a refined "pick-up artist," and had no problem organizing threesomes. Teammates of "The Stilt" have claimed they knew that Chamberlain slept with 23 different women in a 10-day span. That's where the 20,000 number came from. Chamberlain took the rate of 2.3 women per day, then divided in half, then multiplied it by however many days he's been alive, minus 15 years. Once you punch in all of the numbers, it comes out around 20K. Crazy!

14 Redick's Relationship Contract

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The former Duke Blue Devil was exposed back in 2013, when a confidential settlement was obtained from his 2007 relationship with model, Vanessa Lopez. In the agreement, Lopez was to get an abortion, and in exchange, Redick would have a fake relationship with her for over a year, or else he would have to fork over $25,000. You know, your everyday abortion contract!

Redick denies the whole thing, saying Lopez "has never been pregnant with a child fathered by me" and "has never terminated a pregnancy of a child fathered by me." But, the contract allowed for paternal anonymity, so I guess it must be true! This wasn't Lopez's only odd legal issue, as the jersey chaser tried to sue Shaq in 2010, but her lawyer dropped her, claiming "the client insists upon taking actions that counsel considers repugnant, imprudent and with which counsel has a fundamental disagreement." Clearly, this lady is bonkers.

13 Lisa Ann Prefers Ballers

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One of the world's most recognized adult film stars has some stories of her own when it comes to NBA players. Lisa Ann is always open about her experience, and discussed her relationships with NBA players in an interview with GQ. They covered most of the aspects of Ann's relationships with these ballers, but one excerpt stuck out.When asked if contact is maintained after their retirement, she said...

"We still keep in touch. They all stay. If they’re not married and they’re single, then I’ll hook up with them. I don’t want to be in anyone’s situation where I have some girl calling me. If I catch them lying, I call them out on it. I will stay friends with them, but I will not engage with them (intimately) anymore. I could be on the road and have someone come at me. That’s a safety thing. Most of these young guys, I’m their mom's age. So I ask them, "Would you want this to happen to your mom?" That guilt I throw at them, I’m training these boys how to be better men."

An adult star with morals; you gotta respect that!

12 Mutumbo's Blunt Pick Up Line


The legendary pick-up line has been confirmed. The finger-wagging, Congolese-born NBAer, Dikembe Mutumbo, was rumored, during his playing days, to walk into the club, and shout "Who wants to sex Mutumbo?" in his raspy, African accent. Simple, quick, and to the point. But, no one had confirmed the mythical pick-up line until his former teammate, Alonzo Mourning, spilled the beans in 2015.

On ESPN's Highly Questionable, when asked about this fabled tale, Mourning laughed his butt off, pretty much confirming the greatest greeting in the history of sports. He even went on to say "And it worked!" It's obvious that Mutumbo is going to continue to deny the story, but we will trust Mourning on this one! Another confession for the NBA record books.

11 World Peace's 'Night Of The Lustful Dead'

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The Thunder have an odd home-court advantage in OKC. Folklore in the NBA has it that the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City is haunted! So much so, that some players even buy their own rooms in separate hotels in fear of the living dead. Most players have stories galore about their supposed encounters with the supernatural, but Metta World Peace had a slightly different account.

According to Mark Medina of The Orange County Registrar, who was interviewing NBAers about their experience in the hotel, World Peace said was "touched" by spirits in his room.  The defensive guru stated "The ghosts were all over me. I just accepted it. They touched me all over the place. I'm taking one of the ghosts to court for touching me in the wrong places."

Later on, he claimed that it was all just one big Halloween prank, but we wouldn't put it past Artest to really believe in that other-worldly confession.

10 Magic's Regrets

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While most of these stories are light-hearted tales, Magic Johnson's is on the level of a Shakespearen tragedy. At the height of his game, on November 7, 1991, Magic Johnson retired from the NBA after discovering he was HIV positive. Luckily, both his wife and daughter were free of the disease, but the news shocked the world!

At first, rumors swirled that Johnson was either gay or bisexual, since many people associated HIV/AIDS with the homosexual community. While this was not the case, Johnson's diagnosis shed light on this horrible disease, and made it mainstream. Magic regrets sleeping around in his playing days, and wishes he would have been more careful.  As an advocate to find a cure, the three-time MVP and five-time NBA Champion, has donated millions of dollars to right his wrong, and is still active as Lakers team president today.

9 Charles Barkley Has No Filter

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Chuck is no stranger to controversy, as he's been known to stick his foot in his mouth, time after time. In 2014, he called out San Antonio women for being fat, stating the city was a "gold mine for Weight Watchers." And, in an interview with Jay Leno about Kobe Bryant's divorce in 2011, Barkley preached to players to “keep [their] wives and girlfriends away from each other.”

The confession we are focused on today  stems from Barkley's DUI arrest back in 2008.  Just read the details obtained by The Smoking Gun...

"According to the officer who wrote the report, "He told me that he ran the stop sign because he was in a hurry to pick up the girl I saw get in the passenger seat."

"The officer continues: "He asked me to admit that she was 'hot.' He asked me, 'You want the truth?' When I told him I did he said, 'I was gonna drive around the corner and get a b** job. He then explained that she had given him a 'b** job' one week earlier and said it was the best one he had ever had in his life."

While shocking, it's just Chuck being Chuck.


8 Wade's Wife Spills The Beans


D-Wade, don't you have any manners? You're not suppose to "eat" in bed! If you know the story by now, we aren't talking about food. In an interview with "Sway in the Morning," Wade's wife, actress Gabrielle Union, confessed to Dwyane's preferences. While talking openly about the couple's intimate life, Union told Sway that men shouldn't be ashamed to 'explore' once in a while. While there was no reference to Wade himself receiving any of the action, the internet went crazy with the rumor!

Wade obviously denies he makes the backdoor cut off-the-court, but we can't help but think that this couple's bedroom confession is true. Union has been an open book in the past, and we know  D-Wade has explored group activity in the past. Hey, one man's trash is another women's treasure!

7 Eddie Curry Sleeps With His Teammate

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Whoa, what! Curry did in fact sleep with his teammate in January of 2010, but it's not what you think. We head back to the haunted hotel in Oklahoma City, the Skirvin Hilton, for this story. According to legend, a woman jumped to her death from the tenth-floor of the high-rise, and Knicks big man, Eddie Curry, was the only player placed on that floor.  Struck with sheer terror, Curry confided in New York's point guard, Nate Robinson, for comfort.

He stayed most of the night in Robinson's room, curled in the fetal position with fear.  Due to the unsettling situation, the former fourth-overall pick only got two hours of shuteye, leaving him poorly rested for the team's game against the Thunder the following day. New York lost, and of course, blamed it on the ghosts!

6 Steph Gets Off On The Right Foot

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How can someone who released some of the ugliest basketball shoes to date wind up being a "foot man"? The former MVPs wife, Ayesha Curry, dropped a bombshell on live TV about Steph's unusual fascination. On the daytime talkshow, The Real,  the host asked the NBA WAG to show the audience a weird photo on her phone, in which she pulled out a barefoot glamour shot that she sent to her husband. When explaining the situation, she said...

"My husband really loves my feet and so the light was hittin' them just right that day and so, I was like, let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet."

Well, at least Rex Ryan has some company now, and a lot of Steph's Instagram finally makes sense!

5 The Gold Club Scandal


We all knew that NBA stars get preferential treatment, but didn't know they got paid out in "favors". In 1994, a gentlemen's club in Atlanta, the Gold Club, was charged with prostitution, among other financial crimes. During the trial, details emerged about how the owners would allow celebrity patrons to get it for free with the dancers in exchange for their loyalty. Among those celebrities were several notable NBA stars!

While there have been rumored escapades about Reggie Miller, John Starks, Dikembe Mutumbo, Jerry Stackhouse, and other athletes, we want to focus on Patrick Ewing, who testified in 2001 against the joint. According to The New York Times, Ewing's testimony lasted 25 minutes, in which he admitted to attending the club about 10 times, but only receiving "favors" twice. A former dancer corroborated his story later on the stand, and added a few of the naughty details. A true shocking confession, and all of it under oath!

4 Shaq's Weird Preference


Remember, Redick's crazy "fake relationship" abortion contract involving Vanessa Lopez?  Well, she also dated Shaq, and spilled the beans on him, too. So, take this crazy WAG's words with a grain of salt. Lopez had released bits and pieces of her deposition stemming from her harassment lawsuit against "Big Diesel". As you would guess, it was a total smear campaign based on the transcript.

"The lawyer inquired about any of Shaq’s freaky habits to which Vanessa replied, “When he would call and want to get together, I was reluctant to see him when I had my period. . . . And [Shaq] would say “I don’t care."

Well, if it's true, Shaq, you are better man than most. Luckily for the big man, the judge threw out Lopez's case, because it turns out she was creating fake news.

3 Yo' Mama Jokes Aren't Funny In The Cavs Locker Room


We all know this age old NBA rumor, but how much truth is there to it? After the Cavs were eliminated from the postseason in 2010, partly because of James' poor play, fans tried to piece together exactly what happened. During the whole mess, scandal erupted, with several people claiming that "King James" was dethroned because he found out that his teammate, DeLonte West, was sleeping with his mom. You may think that's not true, but a multitude of sources close to the situation backed the hearsay.

If that's not enough for you, West sat down with Vice Sports a few years later, and addressed the rumor. He obviously denies it, but his actions all but confirm. In reference to Gloria James, he stated "for a strong black woman like that, for people to try to tear her down, that’s terrible. That’s terrible in so many ways.” On top of that, he refused to named his son after himself, in fear of being bullied in school. When asked why he didn't name his kid Delonte, he said:

“I don’t want my son going to school and people making fun of him for something his daddy did. He goin’ to school and ‘didn’t your daddy have sex with LeBron’s mamma?’ I don’t want him to deal with all that man.”

Sounds like a confession to me!

2 Pippen Was Better Than Jordan At Something

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Jordan and Pippen were the best of teammates on the court, bringing home six NBA championships to Chicago in the '90s. Off the court, while they remained friends, they always tried to out-do one another. Whether they were just shooting around, or gambling, Pip and MJ would have a figurative measuring contest. But, when it came to the literal aforementioned contest, many have confessed the dirty secret, that Jordan couldn't measure up to Pippen.

According to an email received by Deadspin, from a friend of the late Bulls assistant, Johnny Bach, Jordan was denied by Madonna, in favor of the well-endowed Pippen.

"Madonna used to pick him up in a limo with a hot tub every time we went to L.A. Michael used to tell Madonna he could satisfy her better, to which Madonna would tell him “not a chance.”

Come on Jordan, you of all people should know that you can't defeat God-given talent.

1 Dennis Rodman Tells All

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Dennis Rodman is just as well-known for his antics off-the-court as he is for his attitude and tenacity on it. The five-time NBA Champion, and unofficial North Korean diplomat, is known for opening up about his private life. You've got his off-the-cuff marriage to Carmen Electra, and his shocking confession to suspend a craps game to jet off and impregnate Madonna. Oh yeah, let's not forget the one time he "accidentally" broadcast a group session at his house in the Hamptons! "The Worm" is no stranger to airing out his dirty laundry.

Of all the stories though, the most shocking of Rodman's confessions, is about his fractured member. Just the thought of it should make you cringe.  But that's not, all, he broke little Rod-man three separate times! He opened up to Vice Magazine about his devastating injuries.

Nowadays, the cultural icon, and top shocking confession on our list, says "I’m good to go now. It’s all good." But, knowing Rodman, we are pretty sure it will happen again.


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