10 NBA Relationships We're Glad Are Over (And 10 We're Still Waiting On)

Relationships are never an easy thing, no matter how perfect a couple might seem on the outside there will always be some sort of issues deep down, that is just life, but when the spotlight is on brighter than most then those cracks are easier to see. Because NBA stars are constantly being watched by fans, pundits, and the entire worlds media, there is nothing about their lives that is kept a secret, if they simply go to the shop and don't dress up for it the world knows about it, so as soon as there is some major gossip the world is kicked into hyperdrive.

It is fair to say relationships in the NBA seem to have way more drama than those of other sports, and therefore it is no surprise that there have been some high profile relationships that have gone sour over time, sometimes through the fault of the player, other times because of the other person in the relationship. Some relationships have ended because of men wandering out of bounds, others because they simply didn't get along and for some of those NBA players, they will probably be counting their lucky stars which have led to people being happy that they have ended, while others are seemingly on a tightrope that could see them split at any moment.

Throughout this list we will be looking at 10 NBA relationships we are glad to have seen end, as well as 10 that we are simply waiting to end in the near future for various different reasons.

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20 We're Glad It's Over: Dennis Rodman & Carmen Electra

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We're kickstarting this list with an NBA legend and a relationship that we were certainly pleased to see come to an end. Of course, Dennis Rodman has possibly had more failed relationships than any player in NBA history, so one of them had to feature, but his relationship with Carmen Electra is the one we have chosen. Out of all of them (and there's been plenty), this seemed like the one that was doomed for failure right from the start. Rodman was always known for being a wacky character and while he certainly brought a major personality to the world of NBA, that also had its problems.

Because of the way he lived, everything he did was watched and followed.

This also meant his relationship with Carmen was talked about a lot in the media. The pair rushed into an impromptu marriage, something that doesn't tend to work well regardless of who you are, but when you happen to be Dennis Rodman, you know it's only going to end one way. Of course, the relationship lasted less than a year, which came to the surprise of nobody, but Rodman wouldn't let that be a lesson as he went on to enjoy plenty of short relationships during the peak of his career.

19 We're Still Waiting On: Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson

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This won't be the last time that you see Khloe Kardashian's name pop up on this list, as her track record with NBA stars speaks for itself, which is one of the main reasons we are still waiting on her relationship with Tristan Thompson to come to a screeching halt at some point in the near future. Stepping into a relationship with a member of the Kardashian family opens your life up to the general public due to how interested everyone is in what they do, which is something that will be new to Thompson.

It was a brave decision of his, especially after how her previous NBA relationships have ended, but things seemed to be going well this time around, with the pair having a baby boy together it seemed like perhaps this was the one for Kardashian. However, then the news broke about Thompson getting up to no good and it is clear there is trouble in paradise, meaning it might only be a matter of time before this situation comes to a boil, bringing an end to another Kardashian NBA relationship. Although we must admit that it is much easier to stumble in a relationship when you are an NBA star and everyone wants to be with you. Maybe they will fix things up for their child.

18 We're Glad It's Over: Savannah Chrisley & Luke Kennard

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Luke Kennard might be one of the younger and less well-known names on this list, but that doesn't mean he hasn't already been enjoying the romantic side of life that being an NBA star can bring, even in his rookie years. Kennard wasted little time in finding himself a partner in the form of Savannah Chrisley, and while things started off well enough, and they claim to have ended things on good terms, some of Chrisley's comments made it seem like she believes she is better and bigger than him. That can't be very good for his ego or confidence, as one would like to believe being an NBA star is a big accomplishment.

Claiming she knows her worth, Chrisley told the Daily Mail; "But as a young woman of faith I made the decision that with where Luke and I both are in our careers, it was best to part as friends," she said "rather than deal with the pressures of wondering if you are the only one." She clearly didn't seem overly committed to the relationship if she was wondering if he was the 'only one' and therefore we are happy this one ended when it did, allowing him to move on to other things.

17 We're Still Waiting On: Blake Griffin & Kendall Jenner

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Ever since Blake Griffin began dating the reality TV star and model, Kendall Jenner, fans have been keeping a very close eye on the relationship, keeping up with every moment awaiting them to announce a split. After spending time together neither actually came out and announced their relationship until the media began discussing it so much that Kendall broke the silence, and nothing says trust and confidence in a relationship like keeping it a secret. The way they got together might have played a part in that, with Griffin leaving his fiance a week before their expected wedding date, running off to Las Vegas instead. He left his ex and their kids in order to be with Jenner and that immediately puts pressure on.

The fact that his ex, Brynn Cameron then slammed Griffin with a palimony suit has only made things worse with Jenner feeling the brunt of some major backlash.

Cameron has also claimed that Griffin became obsessed with the Hollywood lifestyle and fame, which puts a lot of blame on Jenner's shoulders. There isn't much news on the couple out there, as they have kept a relatively low profile. Given how messy the NBA star's life currently is, Jenner may opt out sooner than later.

16 We're Glad It's Over: Klay Thompson & Hannah Stocking

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While the majority of relationships we are glad are over on this list are because the NBA player in question was treated poorly or things simply didn't work out, this time it is because we felt sorry for the female in question, who was not treated well by her partner. Klay Thompson had struck gold when he found himself in a relationship with Hannah Stocking, who was way out of his league. Stocking is one of the most gorgeous internet stars in the West Coast and someone that most people would be incredibly happy to be in a relationship with, but that wasn't the case for Thompson.

The two-time NBA Champion, Klay Thompson decided that Stocking was not enough and spent his time finding something else to keep him occupied, hoping that he would never be found out. However, Thompson clearly didn't cover his tracks very well as he was caught red-handed by Hannah in bed with another woman, and she then happily outed Thompson all over social media, making sure he regretted the decision. What made it worse it that Klay then attempted to get back with Hannah, bugging her after being caught out for the world to see.

15 We're Still Waiting On: Luke Kennard & Anna Castro

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We mentioned Luke Kennard earlier on in this list, putting him in the category of 'glad it is over' from one of his former relationships, but he proved that he wasn't too broken up about the situation when he quickly moved on to date Anna Castro. Kennard once again did well for himself, finding another beautiful woman, but it is clear that while he may have success in finding women and dating them, actually keeping that relationship is something he isn't as good at.

Kennard and Castro have already broken up on one occasion (publicly), and who knows if it has been more than that behind the scenes. The pair were sweethearts when they were younger but Luke gave Anna the cold shoulder to date Chrisley... and we all know how that worked out. While it was great news to fans of his when it was revealed he and Castro were an item once again, you do have to wonder how long that will last the second time around, given he has already chosen someone else ahead of her. Then again, he does have the benefit of being a famous NBA star, which might help her strategically forget those details.

14 We're Glad It's Over: Rhianna & J.R. Smith

via tvguide.com

Celebrities dating each other very rarely ends well, with major personalities being put together with both people involved having big fan followings and serious pressure from the spotlight via their chosen industry, it isn't something that tends to go down well. On the odd occasion, these types of relationships work out, but for the most part, they simply don't and the relationship between Rhianna and J.R. Smith was one of those that sadly did not. While it is always a shame to see a relationship breakdown, this wasn't a bad thing.

It's clear that something went massively wrong with this relationship based on how sour things appeared to go between them after they broke up, proving that they weren't a good fit for each other and that they are better apart. Rhianna quickly turned he feelings toward Smith from love to hate after the break up with the singer often using social media to trash the NBA star. During one Play-Off game where J.R. underperformed, Rhianna let loose on the New York Knicks star. It wouldn't be the first time Rhianna would throw shade at an NBA star via Twitter, later taking aim at Joel Embiid. Though Embiid would get the last laugh in that case.

13 We're Still Waiting On: Chris Bosh & Adrienne Williams Bosh

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The pair of Chris Bosh and Adrienne Bosh appear to be very happy together on the surface, but underneath there certainly could be some issues, with many of them linking back to Adrienne's past, which could cause some tension. While seeing them together is incredibly odd given the height difference, some of the rumoured things from Adrienne's past are much stranger and potentially unforgivable if true, which is why this marriage may not last until the finish line. While Bosh himself is quite an interesting character, his partner is definitely one of the more interesting women on the arm of an NBA star (or former star in his case).

The issues and dramas didn't start coming out until after their marriage, but it wasn't one of her multiple ex-basketball player boyfriends, which is also something Chris probably wants everyone to forget, but was instead rapper Lil Wayne. He claimed that Adrienne had run off with his money after faking having cancer, which is an incredibly insensitive claim to make when not true, but if true that is something that is tough to look past and anyone who is capable of that could be capable of much worse, which might lead to problems.

12 We're Glad It's Over: Keri Hilson & Serge Ibaka

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What have we said about celebrity couples that is not already common knowledge... they often do not work and look here, another example with NBA star, Serge Ibaka's relationship with the singer, Keri Hilson coming to an end to the surprise of nobody at all. It would appear that the main issue for Hilson and Ibaka was the fact they were a celebrity couple and were constantly in the spotlight, with tabloids and gossip magazines constantly writing about them. We aren't sure what they expected, as the tabloids live and breathe to write about power couples like them day in and day out.

“I will make different decisions in future relationships. When you put things on Front Street, it opens the door for opinions,” Hilson explained to Rolling Out. “It opens the door for wolves to attack. I certainly have been placed in that position where things have been written about me as it pertains to relationships that are so far from the truth. To me, that’s a personal attack.” It's clear that the couple didn't enjoy the fact they were always being watched and from those comments, it would appear that, while the comments may not have been the truth, they certainly had an impact on the relationship.

11 We're Still Waiting On: Paul George & Daniela Rajic

via mtonews.com

The way Paul George and Daniela Rajic's relationship began was under incredibly difficult circumstances with George undergoing tough publicity at the time which was only made worse by the situation that took place with Rajic. The pair met while George was still in a relationship with Callie Rivers, another incredible beauty, but he wasn't overly careful about things when he decided to get Rajic pregnant, which brought with it the obvious complications that always arise when a guy is expecting a child with a woman who isn't his wife (or even his girlfriend).

George worked hard to ensure things were kept quiet and actually offered Rajic a sum of money to keep things quiet, lay low, and stay out of his life.

What a way to charm your way into a relationship, he should probably write a book about courting women. In the end, the pair ended up together despite the strange way they began the relationship and actually had another child together, in an attempt to keep things working it would seem. Given the odd circumstances that surround their relationship, it could easily come to an end at one point. However, seeing as George at least did the right thing for now, all seems to have worked out pretty well so far.

10 We're Glad It's Over: Khloe Kardashian & James Harden

via popsugar.com

This isn't the last time you will see a member of the Kardashian family on this list, with the family seemingly having a bit of a thing for NBA players, with Khloe Kardashian herself having dated several players throughout her life. James Harden is one of the NBA's top players and brightest names in the sport right now and perhaps that is what attracted the Kardashian to him, although they actually dated each other back in 2015 in what proved to be a terrible relationship.

Now that Harden is at the top of the sport, Khloe might be regretting her actions to the NBA star during the time they were in a relationship with one and other as he has made it very clear since their split that he didn't enjoy the period of time when they were together. In an open interview with Sports Illustrated, Harden made it clear that the year they dated was  probably the worst of his entire life, which gives you a good idea as to how much he didn't enjoy being in a relationship with her and is exactly why we are glad it is all over for him. Although we do feel for Khloe, who just can not catch a break.

9 We're Still Waiting On: Carmelo Anthony & Mia Angel Burks

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The way that Carmelo Anthony started his relationship with his current partner, Mia Angel Burks is a clear sign that this might not be a relationship that will last a lifetime, with the NBA star making some questionable decisions. Anthony was married to actress La La in 2010 and while they didn't exactly have a solid relationship themselves the way he ended things was a real mess. Meeting Mia in a nightclub after doing press for the NBA draft, he wound up getting her pregnant, even though he was married. That is always going to be a bad idea no matter who you are or what you do.

The pair split up and the pregnancy news was revealed only 24 hours after when a former friend of Mia decided to leak the information and air their dirty laundry all over the internet to the public. While Carmelo has ended up staying with Mia and being a father to his child, there must always be a bit of doubt in the back of both of their minds about how the future will go for them. It must sting for Carmelo knowing he had a real stunner in La La walk out on him, but he had it coming in the end.

8 We're Glad It's Over: Nick Young & Iggy Azalea

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As we previously mentioned, relationships between two major celebrities never tend to end well and here is another example of that with the relationship between Nick Young and singer, Iggy Azalea coming to an end after just one year, a decision that proved best for everyone. Most people were surprised when Young broke up with his high school sweetheart Keonna Green, despite the fact they had a child together to be with the pop star, Iggy Azalea, with the pair, quickly becoming engaged in what was clearly a rushed decision.

The news breaking that Green was actually pregnant to Young for their second child certainly didn't play a positive impact on the start of his new relationship, in fact, he ended up going back to Green after this ended, proving just how fleeting he can be. A video of Young talking about sleeping with other women proved to be a step too far for Iggy to commit to and they eventually broke up. It was something that was for the best for Young, as he was clearly getting swept up in the the world of NBA stardom and hopefully it brought him back to earth a little.

7 We're Still Waiting On: Jason Maxiell & Brandi Maxiell

Photo: mstarsnews.musictimes.com

This marriage might be one of the longest relationships in the NBA, but is also one of the strangest which is why it would not come as a shock if it was announced tomorrow that the pair were getting a divorce, as it is quite staggering that it hasn't happened already. They might have been married since 201, but their relationship isn't exactly the best and a lot of that is down to reality television and the pressure that has brought, with Brandi Maxiell often coming out with controversial lines and causing drama between them for the cameras.

She was a major star in VH1's Basketball Wives: LA, which showcased to fans exactly what Jason had to put up with on a daily basis, with Brandi often creating arguments between them, with the show often focusing on them falling out and having to patch things up. Of course, you can never tell how much of the situation is real life with reality television and some of it is certainly just for the cameras, but there is no doubt that there was an element of real life in this, which doesn't seem like a fun way to live.

6 We're Glad It's Over: Brent Barry & Erin Barry

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The number one thing in any relationship is trust, once that has gone, so has the relationship and that is what Brent Barry found out all too well, facing a difficult time in the hardest way possible in an ultimate betrayal when his wife decided to put their relationship at risk behind his back. When Brent decided to marry Erin, he likely thought he could trust her, introducing her to friends and family, but that proved to be a crucial mistake, because not only was he backstabbed by her, but also one of his teammates, with whom she had the affair with.

Tony Parker was caught red-handed having an affair with Brent's wife in the ultimate betrayal the provided a double blow for him, learning that one of his friends had gone behind his back in such a despicable manner, leaving his life turned upside down. Of course, the fact that the affair happened with one of his teammates made the situation even worse as it became an even bigger news story, meaning it was covered constantly ensuring that he couldn't escape the situation, no matter what. Even though it was likely a very tough time, we are glad it happened as he deserves better than this.

5 We're Still Waiting On: Lonzo Ball & Denise Garcia

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Hopefully, we are way off the mark on this one and simply judging a book by its cover as Lonzo Ball and his partner, Denise Garcia are currently expecting their first child together and it would be good to see a top NBA star's relationship finally work out. However, when you consider just how much Ball is in the spotlight, from such a young stage in his life, the obvious way to think is that it will eventually go to his head, making him do something very poorly thought out that he will likely regret.

Hopefully, that comes in the form of wasting some money on expensive watches or something harmless like that, and he doesn't slip and slide down the path many other elite NBA stars have done and decide to bask in his fame with one of the many women who will no doubt be lusting after him. The Ball family is constantly in the news, largely because of Lonzo's father with the way he promotes them all, especially Lonzo, so if he ever does make a mistake, you can bet that he will be caught out immediately, but let's hope this one doesn't happen.

4 We're Glad It's Over: Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

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If you choose to date a member of the Kardashian family, you really do so at your own peril as you have to be living under a rock to not know the amount of baggage and problems the decision will make, but either way that is the risk Kris Humphries took when he got into a relationship with Kim Kardashian. Seeing Kris be thrust into a media spotlight that he wasn't used to was something many fans weren't onboard with from the start, but he clearly gave everything he had to the relationship, appearing on the talk shows and other media appearances his partner had.

While this certainly made Kris a much bigger star than what he already was through his NBA career, it also opened him up to a lot of negative abuse from people who had no clue of him, with gossip magazine and people who devote their lives to rumours all finding flaws. Eventually the pair broke up, with their marriage not lasting long at all and while is certainly played an impact on Humphries with his career being worse off after the split had happened, it was good to see him get back to focusing on what he does best and not just being dragged along for awkward chat shows just because of a relationship that he was in.

3 We're Still Waiting On: Lou Williams & Rece Mitchell

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This is the man who openly admitted he was in a relationship with two women at the same time we are talking about here, so of course, we are awaiting the announcement that Lou Williams' current relationship is going to be coming to an end because he is a natural at messing them up. While there's nothing wrong with that if that's how you choose to live your life then more power to you, but someone like that doesn't typically end up in a relationship, and if they do it doesn't tend to be for a very long period of time.

Incredibly though, Williams is actually still seeing one of the women who he was in a relationship with when he was in one with two at the same time, as Rece Mitchell appears to be a rare find, with Williams striking gold. She was open to the situation when he was dating another woman so he must have some form of connection with her, but now she finally has him to herself, would she be pleased if he returns to his old ways, that would be the real test, and we may find that out one day down the road.

2 We're Glad It's Over: Tony Parker & Eva Longoria

via wikimedia.org

We mentioned earlier how Tony Parker cost Brent Barry his marriage when he decided to get a little bit to close with his wife, but what we didn't mention is that also cost him his own relationship, one of the NBA's greatest until that point. The power couple of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria was one of the most talked about in NBA history. In a way, it is clear karma for Tony Parker who deserved what he got and the reason we are glad the relationship is over is because of that, as Eva Longoria deserves much better than what she got, just like Barry did himself.

Parker betrayed his San Antonio Spurs best friend and shocked the entire NBA world when the news broke, but for all the devastation he caused Barry and his family, he certainly wrecked his own, causing actress Longoria major heartache. For her sake, we are glad that this relationship came to an end as she can happily move on and find someone that she deserves as Parker threw away everything he ever wanted, from sporting success to a beautiful marriage, and he blew it all away.

1 We're Still Waiting On: Kobe Bryant & Vanessa Bryant

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It is a minor miracle that this relationship is still a thing in 2018, with Vanessa Bryant having filed for divorce and teased a break up on multiple occasions due to Kobe Bryant's insane behaviour, who seems to never learn his lesson no matter what is happening. While Kobe might tell the world he loves his wife, his actions would lead you to believe the complete opposite, either that or he just doesn't care. The first issue came when a case was opened up against the NBA star.

While he never had to face any sort of discipline for what happened, Kobe did admit to having an encounter with her, admitting to the world that he he had let down his wife, something that he has done multiple times since then, and whether it be with a fan or a cheerleader, his reputation is well known in the NBA. The pair has come as close to breaking up without doing so as is humanly possible and one more mistake from Kobe is surely going to be the straw that breaks the camels back. That or she really is in it for the long haul and nothing can drive them apart, no matter how hard Kobe drops the ball.

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