Top 15 NBA Rookies: Who Are They Dating?

Despite being the new guys in the league who superstar players brush off as just rookies, NBA rookies have been the man for a long time before coming into the league. It's not very hard for them to link up with extremely beautiful women throughout their high school and college careers. Once these ballers make it to the big leagues however, all eyes are on them, and it is their decision if they want to keep around the girl that was with them back in college or high school, or move onto the next hot Instagram model who loves them for the money they are about to be raking in.

It's all up to these young players on who they want to date, and in this article, we will be looking at who the top 15 NBA rookies are dating right now. Considering these guys are all 19 to 22 years old, they could very well have more partners in the future, but this is who they seem to be enthralled with at the moment. These rookies have pulled off some awesome accomplishments on the court this year, but some of their biggest wins may be off the court after seeing these women.

If you're wondering about our ranking, this is not our official ranking of these rookies, as some of the top rookies in the league are not dating at the moment.

As always, feel free to leave any comments you have on this article, as we would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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15 Josh Hart - Shannon Phillips

Josh Hart was drafted with the 30th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft to the Jazz, and was later traded to the Lakers where he made a name for himself as one of the most solid rookies of the class so far. He showed he can knock down the three-ball and defend on the NBA level as he is most likely going to be apart of the Lakers long term plans moving ahead. He was able to average about 8 points per game and really stepped things up at the end of the season as he averaged over 25 points per game over the last three games of his rookie campaign.

He had a amazing career at Villanova University, as he was able to end his career a national champion in 2016.

Easily one of the best players in college basketball, Hart met his girlfriend, Shannon Phillips, back in Villanova and is still with her today as they are both living in Los Angeles together.

An avid Fortnite player, Hart recently made headlines as he bought his girlfriend a new flat screen, but said he secretively bought it just to have a new TV to play the game on. Josh and Shannon will most likely be together for a long time, and you may begin to see her more and more as Josh makes a bigger name for himself in the NBA.

14 Thomas Bryant - Hanna Langenderfer

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Another young Lakers rookie, Thomas Bryant was selected with the 42nd pick in the 2017 NBA Draft after a solid career at Indiana, playing as the team's enforcer down low as center. He only played about 5 minutes per game in spurts throughout the season, and he was managed to average 1.5 points per game. He showed that he can rebound and score inside efficiently, and most likely has a long career ahead of him, as he has all the tools to be a solid big man once he finds a good rotation spot whether with the Lakers or another team.

Bryant didn't get much time this season to show his talent, but at least we know he was getting some love off the court, as his girlfriend, Hanna Langenderfer, seems to hold things down for him off of the court. Just like Josh Hart, Thomas Bryant met his girlfriend at his college, as Hanna was a fellow Hoosier when Thomas was playing for the basketball team there. He and Hanna have been spotted walking around Los Angeles and taking pictures together, and it must be a lot different for the couple than what they knew back in Indiana during their college days.

13 Justin Jackson - Brooke Copeland

Justin Jackson struggled during his rookie season for the Sacramento Kings after being drafted with the 15th pick. Jackson was a very solid scorer in college during his time at North Carolina, and many GM's expected him to be one of the most impactful rookies coming into the league. He didn't seem completely comfortable on the court for the Kings this year, even going scoreless for the last 63 minutes of the season, which is remarkable. Jackson could still be a great player in the league due to his length and shooting ability, but he still has a long way to go. He will most likely have more opportunity to show what he can do in the upcoming years, as the Kings won't be in contention for a long time.

Jackson is now a married man, as he married Brooke Copeland, a former Florida women's basketball player.

The two got married in August of last year, and Jackson's entire UNC basketball team attended the event which was probably a great feeling for Justin. Justin Jackson probably feels good that he has the girl of his dreams by his side, as he tries to find his way in the extremely competitive NBA.

12 Terrance Ferguson - Callie Owens

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Terrance Ferguson was taken by the OKC Thunder with the 21st pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Nicknamed "2K" Ferguson, Terrance is a high flyer who can really put on a show when it comes to his dunks on the court. A great athlete, Ferguson is still incredibly young and playing on such a top-heavy Thunder team, he did not get the minutes to produce big numbers this season which was expected. Ferguson averaged about 3 points per game in just over 12 minutes a night. Despite not being a real solid player for the Thunder, he did put on some sweet dunks this year, something he will be doing for a long time in this league.

Terrance Ferguson also has a beautiful girlfriend named Callie Owens, who has also been a basketball player her entire life. Despite not being the high flying dunker like her boyfriend, Callie had awesome careers at both Plano West High School in Texas, and for the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. If the two decide to settle down together, I expect their children to be exceptionally good basketball players if they decide to follow the path that both their mother and father have taken.

11  Zach Collins - Angelica Payne

Zach Collins was one of the best big men in college basketball during his days at Gonzaga University, even becoming the first player to leave the school after just one season, which is really saying something. It may not have been the best decision for the young big man, because another year at Gonzaga really could have helped his game and stock grow, because he is not fighting for minutes in the league and his play hasn't translated the greatest for the Portland Trail Blazers, the team that drafted him with the 10th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. He averaged averaged just over 4 points per game in about 16 minutes per night, and didn't shoot as efficiently from the field as Portland fans would like to see. Obviously still young, hopefully he can come into his own sooner rather than later, because guys who were drafted behind him like Donovan Mitchell and Kyle Kuzma are making much more of an impact.

Collins is dating Angelica Payne, a UCLA Alpha Phi member. Angelica is still in college at the moment, as she is enjoying her second year in sunny California. Collins and Payne most likely get together when Collins' Blazers travel to Cali to play either the Lakers or the Clippers.

10 Luke Kennard - Anna Castro

Luke Kennard is now a Detroit Piston, after being drafted by the franchise with the 12th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. A great scorer in college at Duke University, Kennard has shown in his first NBA season that he can score the ball from deep and even from inside the three point line. He was able to average about 8 points per game in his rookie season, and despite being drafted right before Donovan Mitchell, Pistons fans are excited about what Kennard has to offer them for years to come as he offers a great scoring punch for them either starting or coming off the bench.

While he has been active on the court this season, Luke has also made headlines off the court.

He started dating reality star Savannah Chrisley from the show Chrisley Knows Best. After only dating for a bit, Kennard went back to his old high school girlfriend Anna Castro. Savannah was apparently heartbroken over it, as Kennard left her for his old hometown girl. I am not suprised Kennard went with this move, as the limelight of NBA stardom can make you go for someone famous like Savannah Chrisley, but he soon realized he wanted the girl that he dated for years throughout high school.

9 Jordan Bell - Carissa West

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Jordan Bell was selected with the 38th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors. Despite being drafted late in the draft and to the best team in the league, Bell was able to make a name for himself this season after showing his athleticism and leadership on the court for the team. Labeled a "Draymond Green 2.0," Bell was able to have a great rookie campaign to build on for his career. He scored, rebounded, and defended beautifully all season, and the Warriors may have found a gem. Bell, whether he stays with the Warriors in the Golden State, will have a long and prosperous NBA career if he can continue to stay active on the court like he did this season.

Like many of these rookies, Bell met his girlfriend, Carissa West, at his former college. The two both went to Oregon together, where they met and fell in love. Carissa is 22 years old right now, and is pursuing a human physiology major. When her time at Oregon is over, you can probably expect to see Carissa at most of Bell's game, as they will most likely begin living together for Jordan's second season in the NBA.

8 Dennis Smith Jr. - Dominique Wilson

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Dennis Smith Jr. is one of the biggest up and coming stars in the league today, as he had a wonderful rookie season after being drafted with the 9th pick by the Dallas Mavericks. Many scouts were surprised he slipped all the way to the 9th pick, because he really had an excellent season at NC State. Easily one of the most athletic players in the league, Smith Jr. put on a show for the Mavericks with his awesome dunks. His speed helps his a lot on the court, but he really is a well rounded player, even putting up a triple double during the season as he showed he can do it all on the basketball court. He averaged around 16 points per game for the Mavs, and will be the franchise player for the team moving forward. Expect to see a lot of DSJ in the upcoming years.

You can also expect to see more of his girlfriend, Dominique Wilson, a former NC State basketball player as well.

Dominique is older than her man, because she played all four years at NC State. She still takes her game seriously, and regularly post videos of her working out in the gym late at night.

7 Markelle Fultz - Kaila Charles

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Markelle Fultz's rookie season was a wild ride with the Philadelphia 76ers. Easily labeled the top player in college basketball after his amazing season with Washington, Fultz was selected with the 1st pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. A shoulder injury put a lot of question marks on the young 19-year-old early in the year, as he played a few games to start the season where his jump shot looked absolutely broken, nothing like it did in college. After getting shut down for most of the season, Fultz made a great comeback at the end of the season where he showed flashes of superstardom, even recording a triple double during one of the last games of the season. Fultz is incredibly young, and will most likely be one of the best players in the league sooner rather than later.

His girlfriend is also making a name for herself in the women's basketball world, as Kaila Charles is one of the top players in college basketball for the University of Maryland. Her dream is to play in the WNBA, and after scoring 32 points versus Ohio State as a freshman last season, her dream may not be soon become a reality after all.

6 Kyle Kuzma - Sofia Jamora

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Kyle Kuzma took the league by storm this year, as he instantly became one of the best rookies in the league after being drafted with the 27th pick. He is one of the young Lakers cornerstones, and had a wonderful year as he averaged over 16 points per game on efficient shooting all season. He was dominant in the NBA Summer League, and his talents translated right into the regular season as he is already one of the more popular players in the NBA right now. Thanks to a few 30-plus-point games, there is without a doubt in my mind Kyle Kuzma is going to be a star in this season for a long. That statement is something that his new girlfriend, Sofia Jamora, probably thinks so as well.

Sofia is the lone girl many fans may have known before reading this list due to her large social media presence, and it's surprising to hear she is dating young Kuzma.

She has been tagging just him in her photos of the Lakers games she has been attending, and as you can see above, she is incredibly beautiful. Because she is one of the most famous women on this list, Kyle Kuzma needs to hold onto her as long as he can.

5 Lauri Markkanen - Verna Aho

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Lauri Markkanen is one of the best young players in the league. He was drafted by the Timberwolves with the 7th pick in the draft, and was apart of the big Jimmy Butler trade which sent him to Chicago to play for the Bulls. Standing at 7-feet-tall, Lauri has the size of an NBA center. The thing that makes him special, however, is his ability to shoot the ball from deep. He had a great rookie season for Chicago, as he averaged over 15 points per game and shot nicely from the field. He is able to defend bigger players, and uses his quickness and touch to score on them with ease. Lauri will most likely be named to the All-Rookie first team, and is going to be a nice young piece for the Bulls moving forward. Considering the Bulls are in total rebuild mode, you can expect to see Lauri in Bulls red for a while, as he is definitely apart of the reason Chicago basketball fans are excited for the future.

His girlfriend, Verna Aho, was also born in Finland. She is a women's rights activist, vegan, and loves to share cooking recipes on social media. She is still living in Finland, but I expect her to come to the states soon, considering this is where Lauri will be living for a long time to come.

4 Jayson Tatum - Samie Amos

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Jayson Tatum is one of the top rookies of the 2017 NBA Draft Class. A great player during his one season at Duke University, Jayson Tatum has all the tools to become a superstar in the league in a few seasons. He was a frontrunner for Rookie of the Year in the beginning of the season, and despite taking a backseat to both Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell, Tatum was a great rookie. He averaged 14 points per game, and showed he can rebound and defend at the NBA level as well.

Get used to the name Jayson Tatum, he is going to be a star in this league for a long time.

He is making noise on the court, but is also making some noise off the court. Given that he's had a child, he's still in contact with the mother of his child, Toriah Lachell. He met a new girl in college, Samie Amos. Toriah was his girlfriend in high school, and things obviously got more serious as they are now mother and father to a baby. However, Tatum is now in a relationship with Duke volleyball player Samie Amos. Hopefully everything is civil as it must be challenging to have a child at a young age.

3 Lonzo Ball - Denise Garcia


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Lonzo Ball was the biggest name coming into the NBA. His dad and family became huge names in the news due to his father's outlandish comments, and there was a huge spotlight on Lonzo heading into his career. He was selected 2nd by the Los Angeles Lakers, and had a pretty solid rookie season despite the hype that surrounded him. He showed he can do it all like he did in college at UCLA, and was manage to average about 10 points, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds per game for the Lakers. Lonzo struggled with his shot all season, but he showed improvement. The form of his jumper looks a bit odd, but he knocked it down all throughout high-school and college. Once that shot is settled in and Lonzo builds some more confidence, he will be a top tier player in no time.

Confidence off the court comes easy to Lonzo, as he has a very beautiful girlfriend in Denise Garcia. The two linked up in high-school at Chino Hills High School in Los Angeles. Denise is now pregnant, and the two are expecting a baby girl. The Big Baller Brand will be getting a little bit bigger this summer when the baby arrives.

2 Donovan Mitchell - Deja Lightly

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Donovan Mitchell was drafted with the 13th pick to the Utah Jazz, and it looks like he is going to be the steal of the 2017 draft class, as we are watching him become a superstar very quickly. He averaged over 20 points per game this season, and even took home the dunk contest at all-star weekend. His ability to shoot and get to the rim is unmatched by other young players in the league, and he ended up taking over the Jazz's offense later into the season once the team got hot. He absolutely dominated in the first round of the playoffs against the Thunder, and is going to be a superstar in this league for years to come. It will come down to the wire on who wins the Rookie of the Year award, because both he and Ben Simmons are easily qualified for it.

Donovan is making waves in the NBA, and so is his girlfriend, Deja Lightly.

She is an account executive for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and has worked with other basketball organizations such as Temple University. They are currently in a long distance relationship, as she lives in Cleveland and Mitchell in Salt Lake City.

1 Ben Simmons - Tinashe

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Ben Simmons is arguably already one of the best players in the league. Compared to the likes of LeBron James and Magic Johnson after his lone season at LSU, Simmons has lived up to all of the hype and has had a legendary NBA season. Drafted with the 1st pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Simmons sat his first season out due to injury. Don't worry though, he is still a rookie, as this is his first year actually playing. The year off probably helped, as he doesn't resemble a rookie at all honestly, as he has had one of the best rookie seasons of all-time due to his excellent all around play on the court. Simmons is already a superstar player in this league, and he could end up being one of the best players to ever do it when it's all said and done.

Ben Simmons is currently dating recording artist and actress Tinashe.

The two were introduced to each other in Los Angeles, and are now a item. Ben has posted several pictures of them together on Instagram, as the two are both up-and-comers in their respective careers, certainly creating a young power couple.

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